Mac color fan apps: Aquarelo, Couleurs, Skala Color & Vaunt in the test

Are you looking for the right tools for your graphic project, would you like to design your website professionally with suitable colors or are you just getting started with digital design? Then virtual color fans and color pickers for your Mac might not be the worst idea. In the following I have summarized some Mac color fan apps for you. So just browse through and discover your new color finder software for macOS;)

By the way: If you are looking for RAL colors and RAL color fans, then this way!

Color fans and color pickers for macOS

Without much ado, here is the overview of the Mac color fan apps and color picker (also for the menu bar):


Let's start with an app that works as a free trial version can be loaded onto the Apple computer: Aquarelo. The little program by Giovanni Maria Cusaro brings you two text fields in which you can enter a color (in English or as a code). These two colors are then mixed and displayed with three to 15 levels (you can set it yourself) in the different nuances. There are a number of settings for the output of the colors and color fields. I briefly tested the Aquarelo color fan app for the Mac and recorded the output of a small color mixture as HTML:

[appbox appstore id1263012549]


Couleurs is less of a color fan than a pipette tool / color picker. It works quite intuitively by clicking in the large color field, holding the mouse button and then dragging the cursor over the pixel whose color you want to extract. The color is copied with just one more click. A small slider button also calls up the color scale (see below). There you can also select colors and then copy them using Couleurs and read out the color code.

The small Couleurs app for macOS is a practical helper with few functions.

The small Couleurs app for macOS is a practical helper with few functions.

Click here for the developer page!

Color scale

You may already know Skala Color. It is a standard tool for color selection in macOS. When choosing colors and especially font colors in word processing, you may have run into it. If you don't know it yet, then take a look at bjangowhere you can find the free download. You can use the tool, which can be called up from various apps, to implement the color selection through various overviews, color circles and even pens:

Vaunt / Color Juicer

As a free Mac color fan app, Vaunt could be particularly interesting for the designers among you. Whether for the website design, the stylized graphics or the color palette for the retro-modern pixel game - if you drag a picture into the Vaunt app, it will give you the dominant colors that you can then use. The Color Picker App supports many formats like HEX, Android RGB, NSColor RGB, Swift NSColor RGB, Swift NSColor Device CMYK, Swift NSColor HSB, UIColor RGB, UIColor HSB and so on. The software can be found in the App Store - for whatever reason - as "Color Juicer". On the developer side she is still called Vaunt. Anyway; it works and waits for its use directly in the menu bar after installation.

[appbox appstore id1191209926]



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