Reader's question: Some keys on the Mac / MacBook no longer work

If certain keys on the Mac or on the MacBook keyboard no longer work and texts can no longer be written, then this can be a real problem. I recently received a question from a reader about this problem on an Apple computer: What can you do or what error is present when Mac keys no longer work, i.e. no longer write? How can the text input / the use of control buttons be implemented again? When researching the topic, I saw that these questions are not asked that seldom - so here is a help post with the answer (s).

Is the Mac keyboard defective or does the MacBook keys not work? Here you will find causes and solutions!
Is the Mac keyboard defective or does the MacBook keys not work? Here you will find causes and solutions!

Are the Apple MacBook buttons broken?

If you find defective keys on the Apple Mac, iMac or most likely on the MacBook Pro / Air and therefore cannot write anything or use the macOS functions on the F-keys, then a defect is rather unlikely. If the laptop or keyboard has not been dropped and there has been no water, heat or cold damage, then it is likely that something has been set incorrectly in the system settings. This can have different causes - the cat ran over the keyboard, the system update made unnecessary settings on its own or the children overzealously ticked a few additional ticks here and there.

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Mac fn key is permanently on

The first mistake or problem could be that the fn key (“fn” for function), which you can find at the bottom left of the keyboard, is permanently activated. This means that the keys for screen brightness, key lighting, multimedia control, etc. no longer work, but instead perform the F1, F2 and so on tasks. 

Have the function keys lost their function and no longer control brightness, volume and other tasks? Here's the solution!
Have the function keys lost their function and no longer control brightness, volume and other tasks? Here's the solution!

To bring the buttons back into harmony with the symbols shown on them (brightness, volume, play, pause, etc.), proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the in the top left Apple icon
  2. Select the item in the drop-down menu System settings ...
  3. Click on in the overview Keyboard
  4. In the first tab "Keyboard" you remove the checkmark next to Use the F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys

7, 8, 9, u, i, o, j, k, l, m and period no longer work

If there is a very special case with your Mac keyboard or MacBook that the keys 7, 8, 9, u, i, o, j, k, l, m and dot no longer work, then there are two possible explanations. Rarely will the cause be that these keys, but none of the others, have been damaged by moisture, impact or crumbs. The “keyboard mouse” is more likely to be activated. This is because this is placed on the named keys if no number pad is available, which is otherwise intended as an alternative for mouse and trackpad.

Are 7, 8, 9, u, i, o, j, k, l, m and period on the Mac keyboard or as MacBook keys broken? Probably just the keyboard mouse is activated in the macOS system settings ...
Are 7, 8, 9, u, i, o, j, k, l, m and period on the Mac keyboard or as MacBook keys broken? Probably just the keyboard mouse is activated in the macOS system settings ...

So if the shown keys on your Apple keyboard no longer work, then the solution - of course - can also be done via the system settings of macOS or Mac OS X. And these are the steps to process:

  1. Click on the in the top left Apple icon
  2. Select the item in the drop-down menu System settings ...
  3. Click on in the overview Accessibility
  4. Select in the menu on the left Mouse & trackpad from
  5. Removes the checkmark from Activate the keyboard mouse
  6. If necessary, click on Options ... and unchecked Keyboard mouse on / off: press the selection key 5 times - in this way you avoid accidentally activating the function again

Source 1 / Source 2 

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206 Responses to "Reader question: Some keys on the Mac / MacBook no longer work"

  1. Unfortunately, the paint is peeling off the keys on my MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, early 2015).
    My two year older Mac Book Air doesn't have this problem.
    I now use a common silicone keyboard protector, but it's an American one
    Keyboard has. I also prefer the feel of the keys from the old Macs.
    With all the enthusiasm for Mac, I have to say that there is always some mostly minor problem with
    every new Macbook generation that could have been ruled out in advance.
    Otherwise I clean my keyboards gently but thoroughly every two weeks.
    I've also had the glitch with the "enabled keyboard mouse" a few times. In contrast to the peeling color of the keyboard, this is a trifle for me, which I can now smile about as a person who is already overwhelmed.

    1. I have a huge problem and I hope for help. Up until now, my macbook air was still working without any problems. Suddenly, the B key no longer does it. There is only a sound when I press it and when I am on pages it changes directly to bold font when I press B. I need this every day and I depend on it. Please help me ????

      1. Hi Melanie,

        this reads like the command (cmd) key is stuck or locked. Because the bold formatting results in Pages with the key combination cmd+B (for “bold”). If there are also undesired functions with other keys, e.g. B. “i” (italics) or “+” and “-” (font larger and smaller)?

        Best regards!

  2. Hello
    Many thanks to you guys .. I could fix the problem and keep writing .. Please Notice: This is an automatically translated article!

    7, 8, 9, u, i, o, j, k, l, m and period no longer work

    under macOS High Sierra version 10.13.5 looks a bit different

    1. Click on the apple symbol in the upper left corner
    2. Select the item System Settings ... in the drop-down menu.
    3. Click on Accessibility in the overview
    4.Press ⌥ + cmd + F5 together (a small window opens: Accessibility options)
    5. Under Mouse and Keyboard >>> Removes the check mark next to Activate keyboard mouse
    6. Press Done

    1. Hallelujah Jeffrey

      Blessed are you that you gave your tip to the
      ” 7, 8, 9, u, i, o, j, k, l, m and dot no longer work”

      posted to Sir Apfelot 4 years ago. This generous act of yours in the past has worked in the present future as a salvation for my Mac Mini and I and after at least 20 hours spread over 1 week it magically brought an end to a miserable torment! (back to the Future)
      After the previous keyboard took a sip of latte and even after a few days of drying it didn't display these and other numbers and letters on keystrokes, I spoke to Apple support, who really put in an hour of effort and finally recommended that I reinstall MacOS . So let it run overnight, but nothing had improved. Another 🍏 employee proved to me after 1 days that the newly purchased keyboard was in order and that he had a clue - the missing characters were displayed correctly on my cell phone, so breathe a sigh of relief.

      And just searched the net for 3 days and puzzled - write texts with about 15 missing letters - at least the remaining characters can be copied and pasted somewhere. And called the support and waited and waited - after all, they help for free. Last night I came across your message from 1 years ago and lo and behold: despite the differences compared to Monterey1: similar procedure:
      — go to System Preferences — click on Accessibility
      — there left into the pointer control and right up
      — Alternative control methods and there in the 1st of 3 boxes
      — remove the tick in front of keyboard mouse operation.
      Redeemed and then all characters were displayed again by pressing a key.

      Thanks for your help from 4 years ago. The alternative would have been to organize a replacement and set everything up again over a period of weeks.

      1. Hello bass tree nurse! Thank you for this comment. 😊 These are the things that always make me particularly happy about blogging: you help people. In this case Jeffrey did it. I hope he's still reading along. 😊

  3. THANK YOU Jeffry!
    Your comment finally solved my problem !!!
    had the problem since last night because I came up with a keyboard shortcut and had no idea how to undo it.
    None of the other proposed solutions worked.

    Thank you!

  4. A thousand gods of vengeance Jeffry: It kind of worked. I don't know where the "selection key" is that I should press 5x.: it worked anyway.

  5. Hubertus Badinski

    Hello Apfelot Community, the left alt key has recently stopped working, but the right key has no errors; appeared when typing the @ symbol. Does anyone have any idea how to fix the error?
    Thank you for every good tip.

    1. Hello Human! If exactly one key no longer works, it sounds very dirty. Do you happen to have a reasonably up-to-date MacBook with this flat butterfly keyboard? If so, then I would give you compressed air spray (here at Amazon) recommend for cleaning. That was before in this post here recommended for those bitchy MacBook keyboards.

  6. Hello dear people!
    Since the contribution is very good but unfortunately does not solve my problem, I would like to describe my problems to you in the hope that someone of you can help me further!

    On my laptop (MacBook Air), the dot and comma keys suddenly stopped working, I tried to clean them by blowing out and taking the keys out and wiping them out with a brush. They still don't work :(
    In the meantime, the M key no longer always rules and is no longer flat, but rather arches a little high in the middle.

    I hope someone of you can help me further! Unfortunately, I'm totally rid of my bike!

    Best regards,
    Mr capital

    1. Hello! I think that if keys gradually fail, that is a clear indication of failure due to crumbs and dust. If blowing it out doesn't help anymore, the only thing you can do is an external keyboard or a repair.

  7. Dear Sir Apfelot, thank you very much. The keyboard mouse function was completely unknown to me - and I was almost desperate.

    Now everything goes again !!

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  8. Hey!
    Great tips! The -N key on my keyboard refuses to work. I'll try air and hope for success!
    Greetings to everyone at SIR APFELOT !!

    1. Hello Rolf! Then we will keep our fingers crossed for you that you will soon be able to write words with N again. : D

    2. Hello! I have exactly the same problem with the N! My MacBook is relatively new and it's not dirty either. Could anyone help me, please??

      1. Hello Patricia! That has little to do with dirty. That's the thing with the keyboard: it often fails for no reason, and not just when you've crumbled your bread into it. I would recommend that you take advantage of the exchange program. Otherwise you can only start one more attempt with compressed air and hope that it goes away. But this is usually only temporary. I would definitely have the swap done.

      2. For me it is also the N key. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Crumbs can hardly be the reason. Maybe dust, although I always close the laptop when not in use. I didn't quite understand about the compressed air. How do you get under the keys? Sounds silly, but I've never had such a problem before. Stupid, if you have to be careful with every word whether the N's are there too.

        1. Hello Niccel! By compressed air I meant that you hold the compressed air can on the cracks and get crumbs away from under the keys. But in the case of such failures, that is probably not the cause.

          1. But then what could be the cause? Unfortunately, I can't unscrew the laptop ... Or do I have to seriously consider having it repaired?

          2. Yes, in that case I would have it checked out. Some of my readers already had their devices at Sadaghian. There you will get a free check with a cost estimate for the repair and they will even cover the shipping costs.

  9. Who can help:

    On my MacBook Air, the top row of letters only works in the right-most part, while the left QWERTZUI keys usually do not work or only work irregularly if you press the key several times or for seconds.

    What can help

    1. Hello Thomas! If so many buttons don't work, it must be massive pollution or an electronic problem. If it's dirty, you could try compressed air, but I don't think it's worth repairing. Or is it the 2018 MacBook Air? In that case I would use a Bluetooth keyboard so that you can still use the MacBook.

    2. I have the same problem with the same buttons. So I've been using an external keyboard for the past few months. Two weeks ago the buttons suddenly started working again for 3 days, which for me speaks against the fact that they are actually broken. Unfortunately I haven't found a solution yet.

      1. Yes, that really doesn't sound like a mechanical problem that would be permanent. But you never know whether a small crumb has slipped to the side ...

    3. The same with me. After a few minutes they will work like new again. As if the compi had to warm up first. The lower 2 rows of letters always work - numbers too.

      1. In fact, heating up the calculator and keyboard could cause Kontakt to suddenly work again. But of course it is not a state that one would like to have permanently.

  10. Hello. Thanks for the interesting report. On my USB keyboard with numeric keypad, the keys 2,5,8 no longer work (only on the numeric keypad right). Had removed the keys but found no dirt or the like. Any idea what else I could do? Unfortunately I cannot order a German keyboard in Thailand…. I am grateful for any help. Greetings from sunny Koh Samui

    1. สวัสดี ครับ
      It's kind of weird that only buttons 2, 5 and 8 are affected. Perhaps the contacts or the circuit board in the keyboard in this row have been damaged? Maybe during transport, pressure during storage or the like. If possible, you could open the keyboard and see if there is any damage inside. Or maybe the contacts just need to be cleaned because fluid has entered. Otherwise the only option is to use the numbers above the letter field. Alternatively, you could go to a repair service - Google Maps shows me some computer fix shops on 4169 street.
      Best regards

  11. Hello

    with my MacBook Air13 from 2015 all keys work, only the power key (on) no longer works.

    now I get the part extremely bad.

    Does anyone know the problem here

    1. Hi Michael! That doesn't sound like a key problem, but rather hardware damage. :-( I'm afraid the Mac needs to be repaired. Probably something with the mainboard. I keep my fingers crossed for you that it won't be expensive.

  12. Hello I have a problem with my s key. When typing, the laptop accepts the key either twice, not at all or in the wrong order with other letters. I have a fairly new MacBook Pro 15 inch from 2016. The keyboard is covered with a keyboard protector and I handle the laptop very carefully. What can I do?

    1. Hello Michelle! You can definitely use Apple's repair program here. I think there is little you can do yourself, as it is the typical malfunction of this keyboard when it has a flaw. I think there is no getting around taking the MacBook Pro for repair. Sorry ...

  13. Hello, 2 key combinations on my keyboard “shift” + “r” and “cmd” + “v” (shortcut for insert) no longer work. The "r" and "v" keys work alone. “shiftlock” + “r” = “R” works. Both "shift" and "cmd" in combination with other keys work. Anyone have an explanation?

    1. Hi Daniel!

      If the problem occurs in all of macOS and in all apps: Have you installed an app or a menu bar extension that uses these key combinations? Installed software may have claimed Shift + R and cmd + V, which would be extremely unusual, but not impossible. So if you recently installed something new, you may be able to see in its settings which keyboard shortcuts are assigned to the respective functions.

      If the problem only occurs in certain apps (Word, Excel, etc.): Perhaps the respective shortcuts have been assigned new functions or the functions with new shortcuts? The respective settings should also provide information here.

      Unfortunately, I can't think of anything else spontaneously.

      Good luck and best regards!

        1. Hello Karin! Does this no longer happen in all programs or only in a certain one? To be on the safe side, I would completely restart the Mac and then test it again in different programs. If that doesn't help, it will probably be a hardware failure.

          1. Hello, on Mac the numbers 1 to 9 don't work (all other keys work fine), does anyone know what's going on?

          2. Hello Kevin! Can you connect an external keyboard and see if the keys work there? Another test would be to create a new user under System Settings → Users and Groups and see if the keys work when you are logged in with this user. Then we would know if it is a hardware issue or if there is something in your user account that is causing the problem.

  14. Hello Sir Apfelot, thanks for the quick response. The problem occurs throughout macOS. I haven't installed any apps or menu bar extensions recently. Can I see and customize the keyboard shortcuts for the entire macOS?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Daniel! Yes, if you look in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts, it's all in a single "package". Only things like CMD + C and CMD + V from Finder you can't see there. I assume because they are global shortcuts that (should) work anywhere in any app.

  15. Hello Sir Apfelot, thanks for the help. Yes, it's all about these global shortcuts that should work in every app. That can probably not be adjusted manually. I just found out that CMD + V and Shift + r work when using the onscreen keyboard if I press shift on the keyboard and press r on the onscreen keyboard guide I get the "R" I want. The same goes for CMD + V

    1. That sounds a bit like a hardware problem, but if the R and V keys are still working, it can't really be either. You could try to create a new user under System Settings> User and log in with it. Then you see if the key combinations work there. If so, you have some software active that intervenes. Will you let me know when you've tried this? Thank you!

      1. Hello Sir Apfelot, thank you for staying tuned! The r and v buttons work alone. The combination shift + r and cmd + v does not work for a newly created user either. If you have another idea, please contact us. thanks

        1. Hi Daniel! That is interesting. But basically do the CMD and SHIFT keys already work? So CMD + C is going so far? And can you see whether you have set the German keyboard layout? You should be able to see it under System Settings> Keyboard ... Somehow we have to find out what the error is. : D

          1. Hello Sir Apfelot, thank you. Yes cmd + c and shift with other letters will work. Keyboard is set to German (I also set up a Greek keyboard that I can switch to. The same combinations don't work on the Greek keyboard).

          2. Then it cannot actually be a hardware fault. I would install macOS over it or, alternatively, reinstall it on an external hard drive and test what happens there. If there are problems there too, maybe go to the Apple Store?

          3. Hello Sir Apfelot, I'll get in touch with you again about the problem that the key combination shift + r and cmd + v don't work. I have now connected another keyboard and lo and behold, the keys work. Apparently it's because of the keyboard. The mystery of why r works alone and shift with other letters, but does not stay in the combination.

          4. Hi Daniel! Thanks for the feedback. This is really a weird thing ... but obviously a keyboard problem. : D It's good that you're running again!

  16. Hello for me it is these buttons according to the instructions procedure does not work but for example the l is in my password because it no longer works after logging in

    1. Hello Simone! It's extremely strange that a key still works when you log in and then doesn't work afterwards. That can really only be a software problem. I would try to create a new user (System Settings> User) and log in with it. Then, if the button works, you have some strange system extensions that are producing the error here. We can then continue researching there. But now you have to test that with the user first.

  17. Hello, the key to delete numbers or letters on my Air no longer works.
    And just like that !!!
    What can I do?

    Greetings tommy

    1. Hello tommy! I can't think of much besides compressed air spray. Or - if you want to save yourself repairs and often work at home - use an external Bluetooth keyboard.

      1. OK thank you for the info,
        I heard that this is a known Apple problem and that Apple is replacing the defective keyboards?!?

        1. Yes, exactly ... the butterfly keyboards that Apple has built into MacBook (Air / Pro) models in recent years are all very vulnerable and Apple generously exchanges them when you contact us. But now they finally have a revised keyboard at the start, which will probably be found in the new models that are coming out soon. Everyone else from last year is over one Apple repair program covered. My MacBook Pro from 2017 was just gone and got a replacement keyboard.

    1. If some keys do not work permanently and do not work when you use another user in the system, then you may have to assume a hardware problem. Then only repair or the use of an external keyboard as an alternative to the internal one will help.

  18. With my external keyboard, the second line from the bottom (the line with the letters YCXVB, etc.) no longer works completely. The keyboard itself is in top condition and has hardly any signs of use. The buttons can be pressed easily. Unfortunately nothing happens. Can someone help me there? ; /

    1. Hello Stefan! That sounds to me like a defect on the circuit board if a complete line fails. Compressed air or the like will probably not help either. A new keyboard will probably be the only solution. :(

  19. Moin, my problem is that my MBA (Mid 2012) keeps restarting, unless I use the mouse or hold down the shift key permanently. I have already removed the shutdown button. Is it possible to permanently deactivate a single key? That would be my last solution ...

    Thank you very much and best regards

    1. Hello Jan! I think that's not possible in terms of software. And messing around with the hardware to disable the power button, I wouldn't recommend it either. I guess a workshop has to take a look at it. :(

      1. The problem is solved. The keyboard was broken. Since the MBA is now vintage, I ordered a keyboard (approx. EUR 17,00) and installed it myself. Now everything works fine again.

    1. Hi Michael! Just these 6 buttons? Which MacBook model do you have? From which year ... I would be interested in whether it already has the bitchy butterfly keyboard or a decent one. : D

        1. Hello Michaela! Well, then you still have a "good" keyboard... but unfortunately it seems to be defective. I guess there's nothing you can do about it other than get it fixed or use an external keyboard.

  20. Hi

    I have the problem that on my MacBook Pro 17 Inch Late 2011 (A1297) the vertical row with the keys 9, o, L and the. (Period) no longer work, but all other buttons do. Do you have any ideas how I can solve this problem?

    With kind regards,

    1. Hello! Unfortunately, these failures, which come in a row, are probably a hardware defect. Unfortunately, you then have to switch to an external keyboard or use the repair service. :(

      1. Thank you for your prompt reply. Could it be that after removing it, I inserted the mainboard in such a way that it now presses against the keyboard at the bottom and bothers it or something?

        With kind regards,

        1. I've never dismantled a MacBook Pro, so unfortunately I can't answer your question. In principle, however, something can happen when screwing, which produces such errors. Could also be a cable that wasn't fully plugged back in.

  21. Hi
    Unfortunately, all function keys no longer work for me (i.e. adjust brightness, etc.). Keyboard is not ticked. And when I set it they still don't work, even if I hold down the fn key. What can I do?
    Thank you in advance,

    1. Hello Lina! Do you have an Apple keyboard or one from another manufacturer? I suspect the driver needs to be updated ...

        1. Then it cannot actually be due to the driver. Do you still have the old system as a backup? Can you start from it and test if the keys all work there?

          1. How do you mean? Or how can I start from it?
            So the buttons actually work, just not for the actual function. For example, if I press F11, the open window shrinks upwards.

          2. Hello Lina! Now I understand. : D Look under System Preferences> Keyboard.
            At the bottom there is an option to “Use the F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys.” You have to put a tick there. Then it works with the “fn key” again.

          3. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work: D when the checkmark is set, I press the fn key and press an f key, there is only this apple sound that nothing happens. So this weird dong. Don't know how to describe it.

          4. The "dong" comes up whenever you press something but the Mac isn't able to do it right now. So an example: You just have a dialog open in which the Mac asks you "Yes" or "No". Instead of pressing a button with the mouse, you type a key on the keyboard that he can't use. Then this tone sounds. My tip at this point would be: restart your Mac and try again. It may be that the error is resolved with a restart.

          5. The restart did not work, but switching it off and turning it on again 5 minutes later actually worked ????
            Thank you!

  22. Hi

    I have the following problem with my Macbook Air (3 years old):
    The 1QAY and Back buttons do not work at irregular intervals.
    As far as I know, there was no water damage, a fall or anything like that.
    What could that be?

    Thanks and best regards,

    1. Hello Thomas! The device also has the butterfly keyboard. It doesn't take a fall for the buttons to stop working. Unfortunately…

  23. Hello Sir Apfelot,

    For me it is unfortunately the keys 1 - 9 that suddenly no longer work. I have a MacBook Pro from the end of 2011. Do you have any advice?

    Best regards,

    1. Hello Mareike!

      Unfortunately, that sounds like a hardware defect. If you don't have to rely on using the MBP on the go, I would couple an external keyboard so that you can at least continue to work with the MacBook.

  24. Marie Therez Lorenz

    I have the following question: The key combination fn and Backspace (i.e. the Remove function) does not work for me on my Mac SOMETIMES, sometimes it does. I have not yet discovered a pattern of when it works and when it doesn't. In a computer workshop, they checked the functions of the two buttons with a tool and thus they work.
    Do you have any idea what might be the cause?
    Thank you,
    Marie Therez Lorenz

    1. Hello Mrs. Lorenz! Unfortunately, I don't have any tips left either. With some MacBooks it is probably the case that these disturbances are triggered by the heat under the keyboard. But I can hardly say whether this is the case in your case. Perhaps you can see if this only occurs after a few minutes of operation or right after the Mac has started.

  25. Marie Therez Lorenz

    Thank you very much for your answer. According to my observations, it is irrelevant whether the computer is already warming up or whether it has just started.

    1. Hm ... I'm overwhelmed. Keys that sometimes work and sometimes don't sound like a faulty butterfly keyboard to me. What kind of Mac is it and when? You may still get the keyboard exchanged for free.

  26. Hall with my MacBook Air (mid 2010) many first the “.” and “,” buttons off. Then other different letter keys. These work partially if you hold them down for a very long time (5-10 seconds) or if you press them in combination with other keys, so the keyboard is almost unusable. For a short time, some keys even on the Bluetooth keyboard no longer work. I'm really clueless :(

  27. Thanks for the fast respond. There are other keys, the Bluetooth keyboard may also be defective. Unfortunately could not test it with other devices because there were connection errors. Looking at the external keyboard, you think it is hardware or software
    Problem? Would it make sense to change the keyboard? Thanks and best regards

    1. What I meant by that: If it's an iMac or Mac mini or Mac Pro, on which the keyboard can be swapped separately, then you could try a new external keyboard (USB or Bluetooth). I like to use the Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad from Apple. Unfortunately, if it's a MacBook, you'll have to get the entire Mac serviced.

  28. Ah okay, yes is a Macbook Air 13 from mid 2011. I would have ordered the replacement keyboard (~ 30 €) and installed it myself. It is a bit expensive but since it is an older device and is supposed to be sold next year anyway, I don't want to pay around 200 € for the service.

  29. The screen brightness can only be regulated after a restart using the corresponding buttons and after a short time the screen brightness can no longer be regulated using the buttons. After the next restart it works again. Other things (e.g. volume) can always be regulated. I have a MacBook Pro (13 inch, 2016, four Thunderbolt 3 ports).
    How can I regulate the screen brightness without restarting?

    1. Hello Stefan! Unfortunately I do not know that either. If it works at the beginning, I don't understand why it doesn't work after a short time. It almost sounds like a program is starting in the background that intercepts these keys.

      Can you set up a new user in the system and test in this account whether the buttons work permanently?

  30. Hello, I also have the problem that my keyboard no longer works properly. Namely the “delete” key, the “ae” (unfortunately I can’t type anymore ;-) and the “plus” key.
    At the same time, everything in “System Settings” is in English…which was normally always displayed in German. Can the problem be related to this?
    Would be very grateful for quick help.
    By the way, I cleaned the keys ... WITHOUT any success.

    1. Hello Beate!
      So, when you go into "System Preferences," are all the items in English? Then I would this guide here follow. Because of the buttons, I don't have a good tip. That sounds more like a problem with the keyboard, where there is little software to help. As a test, you could create a new user and see if you (if you are logged in as this user) can press the buttons there.

  31. Hi
    I have a slightly different case. On my MacBook Air 13′ model 6.2, the column with “9”, “o”, “l” and “.” not always off. Since the keys almost always work in a "warm" state, I suspect contact problems on the conductor track. I'm thinking in the right direction. There is no water damage or fall damage.
    Thanks for the assessment.

    1. Hello Johannes! Yes, that really sounds like electronic contact problems or a defect in the circuit board. Do you still have a warranty? Then I would take the computer away.

  32. Hello Sr Apfelot

    We you can see funtoneren be mr ikl and, ncht.
    Macboo pro 2013. It's nice and warm too. Do you have a Tp for me?

    1000 dans!


    1. Hello Anna! The tips are usually always the same: Blow the keyboard through with compressed air and hope that it helps. When the MBP gets warm, you should have a look in the Activity Monitor utility to see what is using the CPU. Simply sort the list in descending order by CPU and look at the top entries.

  33. Hi all,

    my numbers one to nine no longer work on the keyboard of my MacBook Air .. it also doesn't work with the change setting, as it was already mentioned above .. keyboard mouse control etc.
    I already had the problem a year ago ... at some point after three or four months it was gone ... but why is that, why does it keep coming back.

    Please help. thanks

    1. Hello Greta! The keyboard is probably defective. Unfortunately, only a repair will help. I currently have an inquiry from a company that also replaces individual parts on MacBooks and offers cheap repairs. When I learn a little more from them, I will include the reference here in the article.

  34. A pity. My problem is not mentioned. For me, the “FN” has no effect, regardless of whether the checkmark mentioned above is set or not. Neither the three "Sound" buttons, top right, nor the brightness buttons respond.

  35. Hello Sir Apfelot,
    I can no longer write a hash mark on my Macbook Air. How so? so I have the impression that all characters / keys are working.

    1. Hello Julia! I think the only way to do this is to send compressed air through or bring the device for repair. If you want a workaround, you could still use the # key Elements carabiner to another key that you rarely or never use. LG!

  36. Hello expert;) Unfortunately, the Enter key on my Mac Book Air (2014) no longer reacts. All other buttons work properly? Do you have a tip here? Thanks and LG Susi

    1. Hello Susi! Unfortunately no clue. Sounds like a hardware problem to me. I would like an alternative repair provider Sadagian Send in and have it checked. The postage costs and keyboard repairs are usually around 160 euros.

  37. Thank you a thousand times Sir Apfelot! Great helpful site also for “mac non-specialists”…no one could help me with the wrong button setting, I was totally lost just before the online conference. Embarrassing... Now everything works again on Mac,
    Help with setting the mouse / keyboard layout worked immediately.
    I can work normally again!
    Thank you very much! iris

  38. Sire, a strange phenomenon occurred to me on the MacBook Pro Early 2015 with Mac OS 10.10.5 (Yosemite). The screen brightness can no longer be adjusted with the keys provided (for me, fn-F5 and fn-F6). The corresponding symbol appears with the bar, which also reacts, but the actual brightness does not react. I can regulate the screen brightness via system settings / monitor / brightness.

    I have tried the suggested tips that may apply here, but no result. I also reset the NVRAM, restarted the laptop, turned it off and waited 5 minutes: no change. Do you have another idea, Sire?

    1. Hello Subhash! The problem seemed to popped up in 2017. There were a lot of reports from Apple. Back then it was a problem with the macOS update. So either install it again or on an app like Brightness slider fall back, as some others had done. But otherwise I don't have any tips either. Maybe try macOS Catalina. : D

      1. Hello!
        But that's strange: I haven't updated anything. I (almost) never do! It's always a shame with the updates; When a system works, I leave it as it is until I can't help it: Every update requires a careful look-up to see which programs will then no longer work, what it will cost, and whether it is even possible to get them compatible again . I'd rather have a working computer than a new one.
        I'm looking at “Brightness Slider”, thanks for the tip!

  39. Dear Sir Apfelot, I unfortunately also have a problem with my keyboard and I would like to ask if you have any tips for me. I have a Magic Keyboard with a numeric keypad and unfortunately some of the blocks do not work:

    left side: 1 2 3 - qwe - asxc

    right-hand side: silent - 0 - p - ö -

    in the numeric keypad: 0 9 6 3

    Can you figure it out here? I've already removed and cleaned the keys - unfortunately that's not the reason.

    I would be very happy if you have an idea and find time to answer me! Have a nice day!

    Best regards, Mona

    1. Hello Mona! If such "routes" do not work, it unfortunately indicates a hardware defect. A new Magic Keyboard will certainly be necessary. :-(

      1. All right! Thank you for the remote diagnosis ;-)
        By the way, your site is great - keep it up! Many greetings, Mona

  40. Ahoy,
    I have an Apple USB keyboard on my Mac and have had the following problem for two days: The keys 6, 7, z, u, h, i, j, n & m no longer work.

    1. Hello Paul! The failure of keys that are in the same area indicates a hardware problem for me. Compressed air does not help either, presumably only exchange. :-(

      1. I feared that. My last hope: It is a small water damage. Some water has dripped on the keyboard. Only then did the problem occur. The letter i is now working again.

        1. Then maybe there is hope that the rest will dry up and work again. But after 1-2 days it should actually be done.

  41. Hello Sir Apfelot,
    not a single letter works on my MacBook Pro 8.1 (13 inch early 2011). The joke is, when I hit the Alt key, EVERY special character works.
    When I open the on-screen keyboard I also see that every key pressed lights up, only the letters are not written.
    When I display the on-screen keyboard and press cmd, all letters also disappear; I can only call them up again if I press ctrl on the on-screen keyboard.

  42. I don't want to write my name

    Hello, I have a problem. My enter key does not work. I need urgent help. Can someone help me ? Many Thanks

    1. Hello unknown! I think that might be a hardware defect. For the quick fix, I would like an inexpensive, external USB keyboard this one from VicTsing to take. With this you can first log in and work. If your Mac is a MacBook, you will need to repair it. If you have an iMac, you can buy another wireless keyboard and that's it. But please don't buy a wireless keyboard straight away, because you have to pair it first and you have to log in (with the Enter key). So you wouldn't get very far ... that's why you should definitely use a USB cable keyboard.

  43. Hello, I have a MacBook Air Mid 2011 and have a keyboard problem. The qwertzuio buttons do not work very often when logging in, and more often than not. Sometimes it helps to wait and they'll work again. But there is no rule when they don't work. I've searched a lot, but can't find any help. Is there anyone who has an idea?
    Thank you

    1. Hello Thomas! When parts of a complete row of buttons fail, it always looks like a hardware defect to me. It could be that there is a broken conductor somewhere that closes again when the Mac warms up, but in the long run it will only get worse, not better. I would recommend the MacBook Air too Sadagian to send. I have already received positive feedback from some readers - especially with older devices. They repair quite inexpensively because they do not replace half of the MacBook Air, but only the modules that are actually defective. There is also free shipping to and from the device, as well as checking the device. And using the code in this article I also give you a 10 EUR discount.

  44. Hi
    Last Sunday my partner was on the MacBook Air (2017 model 13 inch) and when I tried to use it, the F1 - F12 keys stopped working. The above solution with “use as standard function keys” also has no effect.
    Can anyone help me further? Or is my laptop having a serious problem?

    Thank you in advance and greetings
    Michelle Kamer

    1. Hello Michelle! Look under System Preferences > Keyboard > option “Use the keys F1, F2, etc. as standard function keys”. There may or may not be a tick there. Just put it in or take it out... maybe it will go back to normal.

  45. Hi

    On my Macbook Pro 2012, q, a, y, brightness, decrease volume and backspace have recently been unable to work.
    Is there anything i can do? In between it went again for a few seconds, but now it's completely dead ...

    1. Hello Florian! That sounds like a hardware defect. I would work with an external keyboard and back up all data. Then you can get the device from a service provider like Sadagian send in and have it repaired.

  46. Dear Sir Apfelot,

    I have a similar problem, but none of the ideas solve it.

    Since I did the last update, “Command + c” has miraculously stopped working. I need this shortcut umpteen times a day and am a little desperate.

    Do you have any idea?

    Best regards,

    1. Hello May! I think something changed with the shortcuts. Please do the following:
      1. System Preferences> Keyboard> Shortcuts
      2. There you go through different sections like “Services”, etc and click the “Reset” button when it is visible
      3. Restart your Mac

      I think restarting the Mac might help alone. Or have you already tried that?

  47. Hi
    thank you in advance for the many ideas.
    I have a very strange phenomenon with my (external) Apple USB keyboard: some key combinations no longer work, e.g. cmd + c, shift + e (E), shift + c (C) (affects both left and also on the right) ... but the individual keys work on their own and the combination with other keys, e.g. cmd + v and shift + r, also work ... Do you have an idea why this could be?

    At the same time, some individual keys have also failed: all arrow keys, esc, + / *, cmd, alt, left ctrl. But I find the thing with the keyboard shortcuts particularly strange ...

    1. Hello Marco! It all sounds weird. : D I would try to create a new user (System Settings> Users & Groups) and then see whether the user has the same problem. If it doesn't, something is over in the settings. Then you would have to sit back everything that works under System Settings> Keyboard.

      1. Hello Jens, thanks for the quick answer! Unfortunately none of this helped, another user had the same problem ... very strange ..

        1. Ok, that sounds like either a problem in the system (maybe restart and press CMD + R) and then install the system over it. You won't lose any of your data, but it might solve the problem. Otherwise I would guess a hardware defect. As a final solution, you could try again to reinstall the system from scratch on an external hard drive. If it doesn't work there, then there is really something wrong.

  48. Hi
    I have a similar problem, the keys 5 ß t ü gb and f5 no longer work on my Macbook Pro (I am currently typing with an external keyboard). Since the keys aren't exactly close together, that speaks against water damage or the like. After a restart everything worked again, but then the problem reappeared and now the restart no longer helps.
    Does anyone have any idea what that might be?
    Best regards,

  49. Jacob Schepers


    I've recently had a problem. And although my Mac always switches to mute or hold on volume when I press the "ß" key. The letter is always written anyway, but my Mac keeps babbling. The same also if I press Shift+ß, i.e. a “?” want to write. Also, if I press alt + ß, i.e. “¿”, the sound settings will open. with cmd or ctrl + "ß" it is only muted, without further output.

    1. Hello Jacob! Have you ever checked the keyboard shortcuts to see if anything was created? Unfortunately, I have no other idea what that could be. :(

      1. Jacob Schepers

        Hi Jens,
        I've already looked through everything, turned it on and off and talked. There is nothing to it. I have tried to google this a lot, but I have the feeling that I am unfortunately the only one with this problem: D my Mac is already from 2015, the battery is down and just super slow. I think it's time for a new one anyway.
        Thanks anyway for your fast reply,

        1. Hello Jacob! In fact, I haven't heard of the problem either. But the new iMacs are also very tempting. : D

  50. Angelica Zellhofer

    Hi Sir Apfelot! I have a question: on my son's MacBook Pro (mid 2015), the keyboard no longer works after vacation. Almost no key on the MacBook itself, if you connect an external one, only the a key is not. What's going on there? Since there are a few as in the password, we get no further. Various restarts did not bring anything. It is also fully charged by now. It was completely empty after the vacation ... What can we do? Thanks very much!

    1. Hello Angelika! I think I would restart with CMD + R and then iron the system over it. Your user data will be retained, but sometimes the procedure solves one problem or another. And since both the internal and an external keyboard cause problems with the Mac, I would rule out a hardware defect. It can only be due to the system and luckily you can reinstall that.

      1. Angika Zellhofer

        Unfortunately, CMD + R cannot be used either. I've already tried that ... .. nothing happens ... .. the only place I can get to when I'm playing is the recovery, because all the buttons go, I can change the password so that no A occurs, but he still does not take it when registering .... I'm desperate.

    1. Angelica Zellhofer

      For all of you for information, unfortunately it was a hardware error for us, some connection cable of the keyboard was broken. During the repair it was noticed that the battery was completely inflated. So we have had both repaired now. Nevertheless thanks for the help!

  51. Good evening.
    I also have a question about problems with my keyboard on my IMac.
    Up to yesterday it was still running wonderfully, but since tonight the keys a to h no longer work or only very rarely, which of course is extremely stupid, as I can now not get my data because my access is password protected.
    I can no longer enter that properly.
    Do you have any idea what else I could do? Has cleaning. until now also not helped.
    I'm almost afraid I'll need a new keyboard ...

    1. Hello Lydia! Do you have a MacBook Pro? If so, it could be that you unfortunately have a model with the vulnerable keyboard. But you should get them exchanged for free at APple. It is typical that these keyboards have failures that cannot be traced. With luck you can do it again with a bit of compressed air, but it usually doesn't last forever.

  52. Hi everyone, sometimes my number keys don't work. So now, too, but not always. Sometimes they work again after a short time and recently it helped to press a key for an extremely long time. Sounds like hardware right? Does a repair make sense if it was built in 2015 or is it time for something new? Otherwise I don't have any problems

    1. Hello Sarah! I guess the keyboard has to be swapped. I would still have it fixed if you are otherwise happy with the Mac. A cheaper provider for repairs is Sadagian (Affiliate link). I think they charge around 160 EUR.

  53. Hi

    I have the first version of the Magic Keyboard and everything works and everything is displayed in the control panel, but I had to replace it because a few keys have stopped responding over the years.
    I have now bought a new Apple Magic Keyboard for my IMac (version 10.12.6), so far everything is ok with writing etc. but the keyboard does not respond to the F1-F12 keys for brightness etc. I always get a tone as an error message if I press the keys ...also when I open the menu for the keyboard, the message "The F1/F2 keys as standard function keys..." disappears.

    Does anyone of you have a tip what I can do?!

    Thank you

    1. Hello JB! Well, my tip would have been to deactivate this menu or this option “Use the F1/F2 keys as standard function keys”. But if you don't have them, you obviously can't turn them off. :(

  54. Hi Jens,
    Thank you for your feedback. Yes, that's really strange, then I'll have to return this keyboard. :/

    A heartfelt thank you!

  55. Sophie Hillinger

    I've been struggling with the p, 2015, and cmd keys on my Macbook pro retina mid 0 for a few weeks now. These all work sometimes and sometimes not, the p key practically doesn't work anymore (max. 10% of the time). the keys drop out in different combinations with each other, but sometimes also individually or all at the same time. The problem appeared from yesterday to today, so to speak, without having made any known damage or an update. Do you have an idea what could be the problem here?
    Thank you!

    1. I'm afraid it's a keyboard issue. However, you can quickly check it by creating a new user and trying whether you have the same problems under this user. If so, then unfortunately you have to send it away for repair.

  56. Debora Roesti

    I have a problem with my external keyboard. Something has changed. Because the h&m keys each make a hm and the c key takes screenshots. But everything else works perfectly. Does anyone know what that could be? And can this be fixed?

    1. Jen Kleinholz

      Hello Deborah! I'm afraid that if a little air blowing doesn't help, then maybe a new keyboard is due.

  57. Hello, I have the problem with my Macbook pro 13 M1 that from now on the keys yxcvbnm,.- no longer work. Anyone a tip?

    1. Johannes Domke

      Hi Sebastian,

      there could be a hardware error here. But I can't tell you which one. It is possible that the keyboard cable is damaged. Depending on the source you find on the subject, the reason may be a swollen battery (dangerous), damage caused by liquid getting in, or a cable that was damaged from the start. Maybe the problem in the Mac workshop Sadaghian known. There you can also send your MacBook Pro for error analysis free of charge. I wish you success!

      Best regards

  58. Hi
    I have a three year old MacBook Pro and somehow the question mark key hasn't worked properly for a few weeks.
    If I press the shift key and the question mark key at the same time, instead of a question mark, nothing comes up.
    However, if I press the Shift key several times in a row, the sharp “S” comes up at irregular intervals.
    Can someone help me?

    1. Hello Dominik! So if I'm not badly mistaken, there is still the exchange program for this model because it has the beautiful butterfly keyboard, which has a quirk all along the nose. So I would take it to the Apple Store or ring Apple Support and ask if they fix it. Should really be free.

  59. Hello! I also have a problem with my keyboard. I want to log in to my MacBook, but I can't get any further. Some keys like a, d, i, p, k, l, ä, c, m do not work, other keys have “new” functions (ö = left; ü = right; h = delete).
    If I connect another keyboard, the external keyboard works according to the same "rules".
    I am not able to log in to my laptop and/or change the password.

    Can someone help me there?

    Best regards,

    1. Hello Sarah! It almost sounds as if the keyboard layout was misaligned. Have a look under System Settings → Keyboard to see whether “German” is also set for “Input Source”. What could also be: Do you have keyboard navigation enabled? The option can also be found in the keyboard settings.

    2. Hi Sarah,

      I'm not quite able to figure out the new functions of Ö and Ü yet (but I'll keep looking). H serving as delete could mean triggering a key combination. By default, control+H (or Ctrl+H or ⌃+H) is used to delete. Could it be that the control button is stuck or liquid that has entered it has clogged it?

      Otherwise I would also try what Jens wrote. Maybe the MacBook too start in safe modeto rule out that one Login object forces the new keyboard layout or new key combinations.

      Please let us know if and how you are progressing with the problem.

      Best regards

      1. Thank you very much for your quick feedback Jens and Johannes :)

        Unfortunately, I can't implement Jens' tips because I can't get to the desktop. I can't enter the password...

        I was already in safe mode and was able to specify as a third option that my keyboard is defective and was then prompted to use a different keyboard. The external keyboard worked normally in the input mask. But then I come back to the normal login screen, where neither of the two keyboards works anymore. It is to be crazy.

        Unfortunately the shortcuts with H didn't work, it still deletes.

        I can actually rule out water damage.

        Love (and desperate) greetings

        1. Hello Sarah! This is apparently a difficult case. I would try the following again: install macOS over it. If that doesn't help, I would install macOS on an external hard drive and then try migrating the data from your current user to the new one. Maybe then the error will go away. If you need more information here, feel free to contact me and I will try to describe the procedure in some detail.

  60. Hi all,

    I've searched the entire web for a solution, but this is the only place I finally see a chance to finally find it. I hope you know what I mean,

    For 1-2 weeks I have had a problem with the r, t, z, u, i, o keys.

    From time to time these seem to be inactive. But always only for a few minutes. Inactive for a few minutes, then back, then not again. And then everything is OK again for a few hours/days. do you know the problem

    It can't be dirty or sticky, as I only had the inside cleaned a month ago. The mouse key operation mentioned above is not enabled. If the keyboard was broken, or a cable was loose, the problem would appear all the time, not just 2-3 times a day, right?

    It is a mid 2012 MacBook Pro with OS Catalina. A few weeks ago I also got an iMac and connected it to the MacBook via Apple ID. Can it be because of that?

    So far I haven't been able to find any connection between browser, app or extensions. The problem occurs in all apps and browsers.

    I would be very grateful for a tip!

    1. Hi Lennard! Unfortunately, it can still be a hardware problem. This can still mean that it only occurs every now and then. At least that's what I've heard from several people. In those cases it was necessary to replace the keyboard. With the 10 year old MBP I would recommend you to send it in to Sadaghian. They check it first and then make you an offer that you can accept or reject. The readers who have landed there so far have been happy and pleased with the low cost.

      1. Thanks Jens for the quick reply, unfortunately I don't live in Germany, so sending it in would be too expensive. And that's no longer worth it with the old thing.
        Are there any tests I could run to find out what the problem is?

        1. Hello Lennard! Yes, then it's probably out of the question. I think tests don't help much there, since they probably won't catch the error if it only occurs here and there. Of course you can Apple hardware test run, but that would be more interesting to see if other hardware has an issue that might affect the keyboard.

  61. Hello, this is a call for help. I just bought my second new iMac a few days ago. 27 inches from 2020. Everything is set up and working, but tonight I can't enter my password because the u and l keys don't work. How can I use your method? I can't enter my password or a backup password...

  62. Hi all,
    on my Mac Book Pro mid 2015 no buttons work anymore, except for the on and off switch. Is there any lock or can I assume the keyboard is defective? The hardware test also didn't bring anything or couldn't find anything.

    I would be happy if I got an answer. Best regards GFG

  63. Hi Jens,
    Ok there is nothing to do, thanks for the confirmation.
    I'll probably have to send it to the repair shop because it's probably not that easy to replace the keyboard and apparently you have to disassemble the entire device.
    Best regards Gregory

    1. Jen Kleinholz

      Hi Gregor! If I can recommend a workshop to you, it would be it Sadagian. They actually only repair the parts that are broken, while Apple's authorized workshops are obliged to replace entire modules. This means that if you have a current MacBook, the entire top case will be replaced instead of just the keyboard - keyboard, batteries, trackpad, loudspeakers etc... You can calculate which is cheaper. 😊 Ah, and if you say you're from Sir Apfelot, there's a 10 or 20 euro discount on top of that.

  64. Hi
    With my wireless keyboard model A1314, the numeric keys 1 to 0 including their shift function no longer work after the holiday. Is this a hardware problem???
    Thank you for inputs and best regards

    1. Johannes Domke

      Hello Frank,

      it could be a hardware problem, but it could also be software or Bluetooth connectivity. It's impossible to judge from afar.

      While researching the topic I found several solutions:

      1. Turn off the keyboard (press the power button on the right side for at least 3 seconds), then remove the device from the Mac's Bluetooth browser, turn the keyboard back on and pair again. Pairing may require you to enter a numeric code. If the procedure does not solve your key problem, it will of course be difficult or impossible.
      2. Delete the plist files related to the Bluetooth connection. We have already summarized these and other solutions for problems with Bluetooth equipment here: Bluetooth Problems on Mac - 5 Measures That Can Help!
      3. Have it repaired at Apple for a lot of money or buy a new keyboard.

      Best regards

  65. Good day :-).

    The return key no longer works for me. Have now activated the virtual keyboard via the system settings. I can at least create a paragraph with it, but the enter-return key on the Macbook Pro (2012) becomes unresponsive.

    An idea?

    Many thanks and best regards, Carola

    1. Hello Carola! So a non-functioning return key sounds very much like a technical defect. I think the only option is to connect the wireless keyboard or repair it. :(

  66. Hello and good morning,
    My o (I-Mac keyboard) only works with the insert key, which significantly disrupts the flow of writing. ;)
    I'm going to go out right now and get compressed air spray, but I would like to know whether contact spray might also help in my case.
    I'm here on the damp north side of Tenerife, and all the metal here, except aluminum, will eventually rust away. In addition, the keyboard is not used for half a year, the room gets warm in the summer, and not to forget, we often have sandy winds from Africa.
    It's just stupid, it makes no sense to buy a keyboard here, I'll get my fingers tangled up on the Spanish one. ;)

    I hope for enlightenment, thank you very much
    sunny greetings from the island

    1. Hello Elke! I just had to read up on what contact spray actually contains. According to Google it is probably a mixture of isopropanol and water. And not managerial. So probably distilled water. Since I recently used this mix to bring a key on my iPad Magic Keyboard back to life, it might work.
      But I would like to point out that I have no idea and what could break if you spray alcohol and water into the keyboard. So everything at your own risk. 😊 Greetings to the island from rainy northern Hesse!

  67. Hall0 Jens,
    Thank you very much, unfortunately compressed air didn't help (it was also pretty hard to get here). I'll find contact spray at some point, somewhere, I'm confident. I report that 0bs helped.

    Maybe I'll get used to using 0 too. Goes faster. I could scream at people and then they wouldn't be noticed. ;)


    1. Hello Elke! Yes, you still take it with humor, that's good. 😊 Or should I say GOT! ;-) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the contact spray helps, but I'm also looking forward to your feedback as to whether it worked. Hold on!

  68. When using the numeric keypad on the MacBook Pro 2017, my sister sees these characters: `”å…≤≥÷≠-ľ¼-¶§¶§įß’Ñ.
    E.g. instead of: is there...
    cannot use @ and numbers
    please help!

    1. Hello Antonia! All the tips we know can be read here in the article. If none of this helps, the MacBook needs to be repaired.

  69. Good morning, I have a Magic Keyboard numeric keypad that I use with a 13.6 MBAIR 2023.
    On the wireless numeric keypad, key 2 doesn't work when I'm logged in. When I log in it works and with another Mackbook. I've updated the operating system on Sonoma and checked all the accessibility features, but I can't find anything enabled. I would be very grateful if you could help me. Thanks in advance!!!

    1. Hello Elena! Then I would test something again: Can you create a new user (under System Settings → Users and Groups) and then check whether the button works when you log in with this user? That would be interesting. If it then works, there is something in your user profile that is causing the error. LG, Jens

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