Mac message: "CUH" wants to access the removable disk

Mac asks for access for CUH

A reader asked me today what to say when his Mac tells him that a program called "CUH" wants access to his removable disk. The message in the pop-up window is as follows:

"CUH" wants to access files on removable media.
Buttons: "Do not allow" or "OK"

Since he was completely unfamiliar with an app called CUH, he asked me for help.

If the Mac tells you that a program called CUH wants to access a storage medium, that's nothing bad.

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"CUH" is part of the Corel Suite

After a little research on the Internet, I came across a short entry in the Apple support forum. In this, a user also asked what the was all about. The solution is that CUH is a Corel Suite program.

This app apparently runs in the background and always wants to access the files directly after inserting a new medium, which is of course prevented by macOS Mojave or Catalina. As a result, the Mac throws a message indicating that a program called "CUH" wants to access the new medium.

Make choices carefully

As a user, you can now allow or deny access. It makes perfect sense to look here to see which app would like access, because it is not always a harmless program that is at work here.

In our case or in the case of my reader, however, it was only the Corel Suite that wanted access here. So he could click "OK" without hesitation so that the app could read the storage medium.

This is how it looks when the gatekeeper completely prohibits access to a program.

This is how it looks when the gatekeeper completely prohibits access to a program.

Gatekeeper intervenes when starting new programs

Another candidate who likes to prevent downloaded programs from opening is the so-called gatekeeper. This security feature checks whether a program comes from the App Store or from a verified developer. If this is not the case, Gatekeeper prevents the program from starting. I explain how you can start such programs anyway in this post.

If you receive such a request from your Mac - even if it is a different file name - then you are welcome to email me your screenshot. I would be happy to give you my opinion on the app and the report.

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