Mac OS 10.10 - my first impressions and known problems

OS X Yosemite screenshot

Actually, after the iOS 8 debacle, which caused me some problems with my iTunes library, I would wait 1-2 weeks to see what kind of problems other users would have before installing major updates. But after an old Mac buddy made me hot last night, I quickly made a backup of my MacBook Pro and loaded the new MAC OS all night. It is always exciting to see how long I charge with an alleged 16.000 Mbit on the DSL line at 5 GB ...

OS X Yosemite screenshot
It took a while to load the 5 GB of data, but the installation was worth it: OS X Yosemite from Apple.

Installation went without problems - Java update is mandatory, however

This morning it was time to install OS X Yosemite. The new system was ironed on within 15 minutes and ran without any problems at first glance. There were three Appsthat were not compatible. Among other things, these were iStat Menus 4, Glims and the Kindle app. And my much-loved native "color picker" that I used to get colors from whatever graphics on the desktop disappeared with the install. As a free replacement, there is a tool of the same name called "Color Picker" in the App Store. iStat Menus 5 I also have the same retrofitted, because the display of hard drive space, RAM and network activity in the menu bar has become very dear to my heart. So far so good…

Improvements across the board ...

What I was particularly interested in now was testing the software that I work with every day. Among them is Photoshop CS5, Coda 2, Dreamweaver CS5 and a few others, which I don't think are critical because they are smaller tools that are easy to replace.

After I got a pretty stupid bug with Photoshop a year ago with the update to Mavericks captured, my main focus was on Photoshop. After installing Yosemite, however, it was still a Java update is necessaryto make it compatible with Photoshop CS5.

After starting Photoshop, I immediately tried to see whether the error with the disappearing texts in the text layers was still there. To my amazement, the whole thing has turned for the better, because now - at least for me - everything works fine again in Photoshop.

Great features that make everyday life easier

Nice features like that too Markup in graphics, which are sent in Apple Mail, I have tried and found useful. Surely you will notice even more beautiful things in everyday dealings that you didn't necessarily have "on the screen" at all. If you want to read more about this, you will find a book here that provides information about these features and how to use them:

OS X Yosemite - The standard work for Mac OS 10.10
With Apple OS X Yosemite, Apple has launched a powerful operating system that creates a unique connection between Mac and iOS. The book author has been writing about Apple for over 25 years and presents the use of OS X Yosemite in a well-prepared way without dry descriptions for everyday practice.

I'm also excited about the collaboration between Mac OS and iOS, made possible by the new Continuity feature. In this way, the iPhone or iPad is even better integrated into the work with the Mac. I think that in the future you will notice more and more how practical the smooth exchange of texts and bookmarks you have started between iOS and Mac OS is.

Anyone who looks again at the excerpt from the Apple Keynote want to watch, in which the Yosemite is presented with its features, you can watch the embedded (quite funny!) video with Hairforce One here:

MAC OS X Yosemite Known Issues

Even if everything went smoothly for me, there have been some reports of problems that report, for example, about a broken WLAN. These Reports but seem to occur mainly in connection with the Speedport W723 V router from Telekom. In some cases, restarting the system also helped to ensure that the WLAN is reliably working again.

I only had one problem with my Bluetooth Apple mouse, which lost its connection and was simply no longer connected. I changed the mouse batteries, switched Bluetooth on and off, and switched the mouse on and off several times. Ultimately, only restarting the Mac helped so that the mouse was reconnected. However, a number of updates were also displayed, which I then made. So BEFORE complaining about problems with Yosemite, you should first install all updates and then test again before you start the Support hotline annoying. :-)

My conclusion

So I am currently more than satisfied with the new Mac OS, as everything is running better than before. And I also have the impression that restarting my MacBook Pro retina is also much faster than before. Maybe something was "cleaned up" in the background - I wish someone in my office would do that too. ;)

Carbon Copy Cloner
A handy tool for bootable backups.

If you are not sure whether you should already install the new system or not, you are certainly well served by making a backup of your current system so that you are not left "without pants" in the event of serious problems. I always do this with the tool (which is now subject to a fee, but still very good). Carbon Copy Cloner and a external USB3 hard drivewho serve me well.

Update 23.10.2014

Yesterday I got a response from a reader that he obviously has problems with Dreamweaver because it keeps crashing when it has finished starting. He also has a practical tip for everyone with whom Adobe Illustrator is at odds. But read for yourself:

Hi Jens,

I just read your entry on Yosemite on October 18th. I was particularly interested in your statement on the compatibility of the CS5 - especially Dreamweaver. Unfortunately, it was not quite clear to me whether you are doing this without errors? (Comment from Jens: yes, it works for me without any problems!)

I have the Design Premium and everything runs smoothly except for Dreamweaver, so I haven't found a solution yet. It crashes immediately after it has "finished loading". (Note from Jens: My tip was to delete Dreamweaver files in the Preferences and Application Support folder. Unfortunately, that didn't help either.)

If you also have or need Illustrator: There is the error that the font list in »Character drop-down list» is not displayed correctly. Switching off the transparency under System Settings / Accessibility / Reduce Transparency helps here.

Best regards,


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20 Responses to “Mac OS 10.10 – my first impressions and known issues”

  1. So Dreamweaver CS4 and CS6 have some problems. There would be a constant flickering / reloading / correcting the tree structure.

    Working in the source code: marking, copy & paste problems. Highlight content is no longer "released" without clicking.
    Bad contrasts in Dreamweaver CS4

  2. hi, the automatic line breaks in the mail window are no longer available for me since then. The line goes endlessly to the right ... can you change that again?

    greet everyone around Piet

    1. Hello Piet! Are you sure that it is in every mail? For some, the problem is highlighted because the mail contains long strings that cannot be separated (no space, no hyphen, comma or the like). I've just looked in Apple Mail, but there is no way to activate or deactivate the automatic line break in the display of mails. :-(

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  4. Hallo,
    unfortunately i have the same problem. And no: this is not the case with all emails. But for most of them, the width of the monster mail window can no longer be reduced (as it used to be), but the length can. This is really annoying. What can / must one / woman do?

    1. Unfortunately, I also have this here and there with e-mails, but very rarely. I think it's due to graphics and such, which is mostly found in HTML mails. It would be worth a test to look at the corresponding mails as “text”. But that's only possible via "View" -> "Email" -> "Pure file"... but then you have a lot of code stuff inside that doesn't look great either. :-(

      1. Hallo,
        I now know what the reason for the mail window was: I used to use a lot of signatures - even long ones - and later I never deleted them. Now I've taken them all out and lo and behold, the window can be resized as normal again.

        1. Hello! That's interesting. Then did the signatures have any elements that prevented it from being scaled down? Have you created the signatures again now? Then it should actually work if you embed it as TEXT and not as formatted HTML. In any case: Thanks for the hint!

  5. "An unexpected unrecoverable problem has occurred. Photoshop will now exit.”
    This is the comment I get after I installed Yosemite, apart from VMware Fusion which no longer ran and I had to reinstall it, this is the most serious bug with this new system. What could be the problem ? how can i fix this?

    1. Hello Helmut! I think there is something broken with the Preferences files. Suggested solution 1 would be: Today there was an update from Yosemite... try to install it and then start Photoshop again. – Suggested solution 2: I would completely uninstall Photoshop and also delete all files in “Application Support” and “Preferences” in the library folder. Then reinstall and keep your fingers crossed! ;)

    2. Did you solve the problem?
      I installed Y. yesterday and now I have the same problem with Photoshop CS5. Even a new installation did nothing.

      1. Hello Sabine!
        I myself have no problems with Photoshop CS5. That was a different reader ... but I have no feedback on whether it was somehow fixed.
        Best regards!


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  8. My Dreamweaver CS5 always crashed shortly after starting the program. I tried your tips but it didn't help. Even reinstalling Dreamweaver several times didn't help. Until I did without the additions "Adobe AIR", "Adobe-Exchange" and "ExtendScript" in the one new installation. Since then, Dreamweaver has been running flawlessly on Yosemite.

  9. After my reported problem with the line breaks has been resolved by: I have no idea, but it works again.
    I have a new question: does anyone have problems with Parallels Desktop, I have not yet migrated my iMac to yosemity, Parallels Desktop is running on it and I first read some comments that there were difficulties there. Do you know any topics that confirm this?

    Greetings to everyone,

    1. Hello Piet! Everything's fine if you have the new version (10) of Parallels Desktop. I also use them and have Windows 7 running. Everything works fine - including Bluetooth, USB, printing, etc ... Problems are more likely with older Parallels Desktop versions, because the 10 version was specially optimized for Yosemite. With older versions, [Parallels Desktop-> parallels-desktop] will tell you that you need the 10 version to work with Yosemite.

  10. OS X 10.10.5 Mac Pro Mid 2010
    After installing CS 6 Design Web Premium, I cannot activate CS 6 in the Help menu. Deactivate ... appears in gray in the Help menu. On the part of Adobe everything is in order with the license. Definitely need a solution.
    Best regards!

    1. Hello harry! Unfortunately, both the macOS is quite old - as is the CS 6. Unfortunately, I can't give you any tips. I haven't had the problem yet. But Adobe Support should be able to / want to help you if you have a valid license.

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