Mactracker for macOS and iOS: Apple device encyclopedia and individual device overview

Mac tracker download

With Mactracker you can download an app for Mac, iPhone and iPad that gives you detailed information on individual Apple devices, such as hardware, software and support period. The database also shows CPU speed, memory, maximum memory / expansion options, entry price and more. In addition to Macintosh, Mac, iMac, and MacBook, it also includes early Apple systems, as well as new products like Apple TV, Apple Watch, and the like. Ideal for everyone who is wondering what their Apple hardware can or could do;)

In the Mac tracker

App for Mac and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, you can call up a kind of dictionary for all previous Apple devices and query details about hardware, software and support. You can also create your own list of devices." width="620″ height="293″ /> In the Mactracker app for Mac and iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, you can call up a kind of dictionary for all previous Apple devices and details about the hardware , software and support.Your own device list is also possible.

Mactracker: Information on all Apple devices in Lexicon app

The Mactracker app for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad as well as for the Apple Mac with OS X or macOS can definitely be described as a dictionary, or in modern German as a wiki. In addition to new devices and models from the Mac to the iPhone to the Apple Watch, “historical” products and projects are also represented in the database with technical details and values. If you are familiar with the names Quick-Take and Newton or if you want to know more about scanners and printers Cupertino want to know, then this is the right app for you. Even if your on here Asks for support, the app will help you with the specification of your model and the question.

Mactracker download

Create your own device overview with warranty reminder

The application for computers, smartphones and tablets from Cupertino not only contains an extensive reference work on the manufacturer's individual devices with the apple logo. You can also create your own device overview there. Whether you just enter your own devices or want to keep an overview of all the devices you manage (from your family, from your blog readers, from customers of your support or shop, etc.) - everything is possible. You can also enter warranty reminders and have the Mactracker app notify you at the end of the warranty period.

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    Is the MacTracker app only available in English?
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