Charge the MacBook Pro via the voltage converter via the cigarette lighter

Charge the MacBook Pro with the Bestek voltage converter

If you want to charge your MacBook Pro on the go - without a socket - there are basically only two options: Either you take a thick power bank or you use a voltage converter, with which you can charge the MacBook power supply via the on-board voltage in the car.

Charge MacBook Pro with power bank

The first variant is actually only something for reasonably new MacBooks that have a USB-C charging port, because there is no power bank with which you could operate the good old MagSafe connection. But if you are looking for USB-C power banks, there are many offers - but unfortunately not all of them offer such a high output power that you could charge the MacBook Pro with them.

Zendure SuperPort 4 with 100 watts of power (USB-C)

A power bank that can do it is that Zendure SuperPort 4which comes with two USB-C and two USB-A ports. On the first of the USB-C ports, it actually delivers up to 100 watts USB Power Delivery. Overall, the power distribution looks like this:

  • USB-C 1: 100W
  • USB-C 2: 18W
  • USB A 1: 18W
  • USB A 2: 18W
40,00 EUR
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Anker PowerCore III Elite with 60 watts of power (USB-C)

The second power bank that I can also recommend is the Anker PowerCore III Elite, which offers at least 60 watts of output power at the USB-C port. This means that a MacBook Pro charges a tad slower if you are used to the 87 watt power adapter, but it still charges quite quickly. With a good 25.600 mAh, the Anker PowerCore III Elite also offers a lot of capacity and can easily fill an Apple MacBook.

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Vehicle voltage converter as a power source for the Apple power supply

I have found another very practical and convenient solution for you - certainly looking for a car charger cable - which, however, requires a car or at least a car battery: A voltage converter with which you can connect the Apple MacBook Pro power supply to a cigarette lighter socket in the car .

The advantage of this is that you can use your usual charger and thus also older MacBook Pro models with the old one MagSafeconnection can charge.

When making your selection, you should make sure that the voltage converter outputs a pure sine wave, otherwise problems with the power supplies of modern electronic devices can arise.
When making your selection, you should make sure that the voltage converter outputs a pure sine wave, otherwise problems with the power supplies of modern electronic devices can arise.

When choosing a voltage converter, however, it is important to choose a device that delivers a pure sine wave as output voltage. As far as I could read, the switching power supplies that are used for computers, smartphones and tablets are not working properly.

Cutlery inverter with pure sine curve

The voltage converter I have chosen is a 12 to 240 volt inverter from Bestek and has a nominal output of 300 watts. This means that it can permanently supply a MacBook Pro charger - even that of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which has over 90 watts of power.

Pure sine wave voltage converter 12V to 230V BESTEK sine wave inverter 300w current converter ...
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  • [Induction fan] The intelligent fan rotates at different speeds depending on the temperature and power load.

The disadvantage of using such inverters is that they usually start a fan under load to dissipate the heat. For this reason, I would charge the battery and then remove the MacBook Pro from the voltage converter so that you can work in peace.


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