MacBook Pro / Air stops charging - most common causes

If the MacBook battery is not charging, it could be for a number of reasons. The solutions to the problem are just as different. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use if your MacBook Pro / Air no longer charges. From the simple key combination when starting the Apple laptop to more extensive procedures, everything is included. I also have a tip for repairs at the end of the article - in case the other measures do not lead to the desired result.

The Apple MacBook Pro / Air no longer charges? Here are some causes and solutions to understand and eliminate the problem. With the following key combinations you can hopefully recharge the battery of the MacBook.

The Apple MacBook Pro / Air no longer charges? Here are some causes and solutions to understand and eliminate the problem. With the following key combinations you can hopefully recharge the battery of the MacBook.

MacBook Battery Status Is "Not Charging"

If the status "Not charging" is displayed on the battery symbol in the menu bar of macOS, then this is due to the charger or power source used. The status means that you can operate and use the MacBook from that power source, but the power supplied is not sufficient to charge the battery at the same time. "For example, your Mac won't charge if it's powered by an AC adapter for use on an airplane“, It says in the Support document from Apple on the matter. 

Important to know: the MacBook battery will not charge even if the device is in sleep mode or switched off. The solution here is quite simply that you have to use a regular power source (socket) and a corresponding power supply unit with sufficient power to be able to charge the laptop. When traveling, this should be the case at the latest in the accommodation. If you are traveling by train, you should find sockets with sufficient electricity in them.

Deep discharge problem: key combination can help

The MacBook Pro / Air stops charging after not using it for a long time? Then the independent, far advanced discharge of the battery is possibly the problem. The deep discharge can (theoretically) be remedied with one or two measures. The first solution consists of a keyboard shortcut when the Apple laptop starts up. This is how you do it:

  1. Shut down Apple MacBook completely (switch off)
  2. Hold down the Shift (⇧), Alt (⌥) and Ctrl keys (all on the left side of the keyboard)
  3. Press the power button to turn on the MacBook
  4. Immediately afterwards release the three keys that have been held down
  5. The LED on the charging plug should now change back to orange (and charge the battery)

Various functions: Keyboard shortcuts at Mac startup

MacBook Pro / Air does not charge due to deep discharge: PRAM, NVRAM & SMC reset

If the shortcut doesn't work when the MacBook starts, there are others. For example, you can use various key combinations when starting or before booting the MacBook to access the "Non-Volatile Random Access Memory" (NVRAM), the "Parameter Random Access Memory" (PRAM) and the "System Management Controller" (SMC) reset to default. 

I have summarized how this works in detail in this guide: Instructions - Reset NVRAM, PRAM and SMC Reset on Mac to Solve Problems. Pay particular attention to the instructions for MacBooks with removable and permanently installed batteries when performing an SMC reset. Also try to follow the instructions and lengths of holding down the keys as well as possible.

MacBook battery has stopped charging due to logic board failure

If nothing really works and neither the tips given so far nor a new power supply unit bring success, then the problem could be more serious. If you can no longer charge the MacBook battery, no matter what you try, the problem may be with the hardware - more precisely in the logic board.

Here it is advisable to contact a good repair service that will check your Apple laptop for free, localize the problem and offer you an individual repair without too much hardware replacement at a reasonable price. We're talking about Sadaghian, of course. You can find their service on the official website as well as mine Contribution to the company. If you name the coupon code "SIRAPF" when making your request, you will also receive a EUR 20 discount and I will receive financial support for my blog.


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