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By looking for a way to Download old iLife software, we recently came across the website stumbled. But the site is not just a small treasure trove for old Mac apps. There is a large community behind it that collects old systems, system extensions, apps, games, emulators, instructions and much more. On the site, which is financed by donations, you will find useful and entertaining downloads for old Macintosh models as well as retro packages for newer systems (mainly on Intel Macs) to customize their appearance and usage options.

Large selection of software in the Macintosh Repository

It takes a while to find your way around the site and find the downloads you're actually looking for. But just browsing through the Macintosh repository is also fun, as you can discover a lot of software for old Macs or emulations of their systems. On the left side of the page there is a menu for navigation with items such as Applications, Games, System, Misc, Pippin, Apple Lisa, Apple II and the like, which you can expand.

From old iLife packages and Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac to MacSpeak of the first Macintosh and MiniCAD 7 Final Cut Pro from 2001 and Mac3D from 1984, you can discover an entire library of downloadable content with just a few clicks. If that seems too messy, the titles on offer can also be sorted by year. Further sorting is possible by language. There is also a search function that can be used to specifically search for individual apps, games or system extensions.

>>> Old Mac systems in the browser: InfiniteMac makes it possible! <<

Contribute to the Mac Repository: upload, request software, and more

If you want to participate in the further operation and expansion of the Mac Repository, you can create a free account. This makes it possible, among other things, to upload software you have collected yourself, exchange ideas with other members and generally participate in the design of the site. With regard to the uploads made, it should be noted that these are only as abandonware known software, not software on which a valid copyright could still be asserted.

By the way, there is also the “Wanted Software List” on the site, i.e. a list of software for which there is a need but which is not yet available for download. In this list you can find out whether the privately collected software is being sought and whether it might be worth registering and contributing to the Mac repository. All in all, an offer that relies heavily on the collaboration of volunteers and has a lot in store for fans of retro Macs and emulators. Even the flopped Apple video game console Pippin is taken into account.

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