macOS 11.1 update is available for download - should I install it?

macOS 11.1. Big Sur - the first major update

If I get the number of visitors to my article like that macOS Big Sur problems with those of the article to the macOS Catalina problems compare, then you have to say that the upgrade to Big Sur went really smoothly. There were hardly any complaints from users and everything went smoothly for me too - even though I switched to an Apple Silicon Mac at the same time.

In addition to some bug fixes, macOS 11.1 also offers some nice features, which I very much appreciate.
In addition to some bug fixes, macOS 11.1 also offers a few nice features that I very much appreciate.

First major update of macOS 11 Big Sur

After Apple got off to such a good start with Big Sur, the first update should have been put together without much stress. Accordingly, I hope that it goes through as smoothly for everyone as it did for me.

As always, you can find the information about the update under:

System settings> Software update

Even if it didn't cause any problems for me, I still stick to my recommendation to create a backup of the system volume before the update so that you can boot the Mac again in an emergency. This offers itself Carbon Copy Cloner now back on, since there has been an update with which bootable backups can be created again.

What does the update to macOS 11.1 bring

If you call up the details of the first big Big Sur update, you will find the following hints:

macOS Big Sur 11.1 Update 11.1 - Restart required

macOS Big Sur 11.1 offers support for the AirPods Max as well as extensions for the "TV" app and information on data protection in the App Store. This version also includes bug fixes for the Mac.

AirPods Max
• Support for the AirPods Max, the new circumaural headphones
• Hi-Fi audio for richly detailed sound
• Adaptive EQ, which adapts the sound in real time to the individual fit of the headphones
• Active noise cancellation to block out ambient noise
• Transparency mode so that ambient noise can be heard
• 3D audio with dynamic head tracking for a cinema-like listening experience

Apple tv
• New "Apple TV +" tab for easy discovery and viewing of Apple Originals (series and films)
• Advanced search function for searching by category (such as genre), displaying recent searches and showing suggestions while typing
• Display of the top hits with the most relevant matches in the categories of Movies, TV Shows, Cast and Crew, TV Channels and Sports

App Store
• New section with privacy information on the product pages in the App Store with a developer-generated summary of privacy practices for the app in question
• Arcade game dashboard with recommendations for new arcade games

iPhone and iPad apps on Mac computers with the M1 chip
• New window options for iPhone and iPad apps allow you to switch between portrait and landscape orientation and enlarge a window to fill the entire screen

• Apple ProRAW photos can be edited in the Photos app

• The search engine "Ecosia" is offered as an option in Safari

air quality
• Available in the Maps app and Siri for specific locations in mainland China
• In the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, India, and Mexico, Siri provides health recommendations for certain air quality values
• The data in the “Maps” app and in Siri reflect the updated national guide values ​​for Germany and Mexico

This version also fixes the following issues:
• After updating macOS Catalina QuickTime Player closed in certain cases when opening a movie with a timecode track
• The Bluetooth connection status was in control center not displayed
• Improved reliability in automatically unlocking Mac with Apple Watch
• Trackpad scrolling speed may be faster than expected on MacBook Pro models
• On Mac computers with an M1 chip, the display on the LG UltraFine 5K display was incorrectly shown in 4K resolution in certain cases

Some features may not be available in all countries or regions, or on all Apple devices.
You can find more information about this update at

You can find detailed information about the security content of this update at

Finally: Apple ProRAW is on the way

For me, the most exciting new feature is that you can now edit Apple ProRAW in the Photos app. As of today, the iPhone can also deliver this image format, because at the same time as the macOS update, the iOS 14.3 update was also dropped today. You now have a raw data format that is integrated in the operating system and is therefore available for photo editing with the Photos app.

I have great expectations of this image format and I am curious to see how it can be used in everyday life. But there is a separate article for this. Apple itself got the Apple ProRAW support page switched online.

In order to be able to use the Apple ProRAW format, one must have either an iPhone 12 Pro or a 12 Pro Max (Photo: Sir Apfelot).
In order to be able to use the Apple ProRAW format, one must have either an iPhone 12 Pro or a 12 Pro Max (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Ecosia as a search engine choice

I also find the innovation that Ecosia Finding its way into iOS as a search engine option. In fact, I notice on my blog that Ecosia is the fourth most popular search engine after Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo to direct visitors to my blog. Of course, none of them can match Google's share, but it's nice to see Ecosia become more popular.

At this point be again "tree card" mentioned. If you use this free debit card, you indirectly plant trees and thus help protect the environment.

Should I install the update?

I can only speak for myself, of course, but the update went smoothly on my MacBook Pro 13 inch (M1). A restart is of course necessary and you certainly won't make a mistake if you create a backup again before clicking "Update", but I don't expect that there will be any major failures.

As always, it would be nice to read your feedback on the new update. Other readers are sure to be interested in whether you are doing well or have problems. Thanks!

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11 Responses to “macOS 11.1 update is available for download – should I install it?”

  1. The update ran without any problems for me and I haven't seen any disadvantages in daily operation either. (MacBook Pro 2018 - w, 3 GHz i5)
    Thanks for the great reporting on this blog!
    Happy Holidays.

  2. With Big Sur I prefer to wait (maybe until the .2 release), because I don't care about the new features.
    I am much more concerned with whether I should do the iOS update. I've been angry twice on iOS in the past. The backups did not help me as they were supposedly wrong in both cases, although no error was displayed during the backup process.
    With iOS 13, I am now annoyed by a few small HomeKit problems. Is 14.3 stable enough to take the leap from 13?
    I wish you all a Merry Christmas too :)

    1. Hello Marcel! Can't you do a backup to the cloud? Then nothing can go wrong if you have to reset the iPhone again. In any case, I've never had a problem with cloud backup. With the local backups here and there ... I can speak for iOS 14.3, but maybe a few other readers have an opinion on it. : D

      1. Hello, Jens. Cloud backup: Given the upload speed at my place of residence, an encrypted backup would take about a week to upload, roughly estimated. And with three iOS devices ...
        Fiber optics should come here in 2022, but I don't want to wait that long;)

        1. Oh, I see. I know that only too well ... we only recently got fiber optics. Before that, I had the LTE Flat rate from Telekom for a mere 200 EUR / month. : D

  3. As a blog operator, you probably pay that out of your postage;) With iOS, I probably prefer to wait until 14.4 - that might come about at the same time as my HomePod mini and then it makes sense.

    1. Haha! If I only wanted to make a living from the blog, I would have been bankrupt long ago. Unfortunately, I still have to do a bit of full-time SEO for companies so that I can afford the blog. : D But maybe there will be other times. But I think I should have been a better Youtuber ... they all deserve a golden nose. ;-)

  4. Successfully installed on an iMac 27 (2013) with help from BenSova, as an update from Catalina without problems, hardware was completely recognized. I would only recommend such experiments to someone who knows how to set up the Mac again in the worst case and has backed up all personal data beforehand. There should be problems because of hard disks such as Fusiondrives or with little RAM. All in all, I'm more agile than Catalina, hopefully it won't be patched.

  5. Hello, I cannot install 11.1. After the download I get an error message "Not loaded" and that's it.

    MacBook Pro Retina 15 ″ 2014 with macOS Big Sur 11.0.1

    1. Hello! What happens when you start the Mac and hold down CMD + R? Then you come to the recovery partition. Have you ever tried to start the update there? And if it fails on the internal drive, I would test what it does when you install it on an external, freshly formatted hard drive.

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