macOS 12 Monterey Problems and Solutions

With every new Mac operating system there are some problems, some of which have simple solutions. In this troubleshooting guide, we have again shown you current examples, this time for the new macOS 12 Monterey. The new Apple operating system for Mac, iMac, MacBook Air / Pro, Mac mini and Co. comes out with the new computers in 2021. Some of the following macOS Monterey problems and solutions are aimed at general upgrade errors (download, installation, Bluetooth, WLAN, battery consumption, etc.), others specifically only refer to the new system. Do you have any questions or comments? Then leave a comment!

Update 27.10.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX: Your questions in the blog

I have one here in the forum new contribution to macOS Monterey created in which you can describe your problems. The proposed solutions to your questions will also be posted there. I would be happy if you got involved there so that we can put together as many help articles and instructions as possible. Thanks!

macOS 12 Monterey problems and solutions can be found here. Troubleshooting help for Mac, iMac, MacBook and more, if the Monterey installation does not work, then apps spin or Bluetooth, WLAN and / or USB connections fail. These and other errors are considered.
macOS 12 Monterey problems and solutions can be found here. Troubleshooting help for Mac, iMac, MacBook and more, if the Monterey installation does not work, then apps spin or Bluetooth, WLAN and / or USB connections fail. These and other errors are considered.

Preliminary consideration: Make a backup to be on the safe side

Do you want one older, Monterey compatible Mac upgrade to the new system, then you should make a backup beforehand, for example with Time Machine. In the event of serious problems, you can downgrade to work again with macOS 11 Big Sur, macOS 10.15 Catalina or another system that you have just installed. 

In addition to problems with WLAN, Bluetooth, battery consumption, individual system functions, etc., apps can also become a problem. If an old app version is not compatible with Monterey and there is no information about a corresponding update, the backup and return to the previous system will help you to use the app again.

Bootable backups: Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper! in comparison

Common macOS Monterey problems and solutions

In the following list you will find general as well as specific problems of macOS Monterey on the Apple Mac, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and so on. The list of macOS Monterey problems and solutions will be expanded over time, whenever we come across a new issue. Is your problem or troubleshooting tip not yet included? Then please leave a comment.

The download of macOS Monterey causes problems

If the first error occurs while downloading the system upgrade, there are a few very basic solutions. As in previous troubleshooting articles (e.g. on macOS Big Sur problems and solutions) these are the individual steps:

  • Check the internet connection or check the router for functionality
  • Use a cable connection (LAN connection via Ethernet port) instead of WLAN
  • Check the storage space on the Mac: 20 to 50 GB of storage space should be free (Details)
  • The System status page from Apple see if the download server is having problems
  • If the download is aborted, delete the incomplete file from the download folder and only then start a new download

If that doesn't bring the desired success, then take a look ANYmacOS at. The small and clear software helps to download the installation files of Mac operating systems and to create bootable installation media. You can also use it to create a boot stick if you want to update an Apple computer to Monterey without internet access. With ANYmacOS you can also load beta versions and thus install Mac systems before the official start.

macOS 12 Monterey cannot be installed

The first link in this post will take you to the list of Mac models compatible with Monterey. If your Apple computer is not in the list, you cannot install macOS 12 on it. But if it is on the list and there are still problems installing the new system, you could switch to safe mode help - hold down the Shift key when starting the Mac. Another tip: the Reset NVRAM. 

If none of this helps, you don't have to despair. Because Jens also had a persistent installation problem when upgrading to macOS Big Sur last year. In the end, the solution was to reinstall the current system (then: Catalina, now: Big Sur) and then upgrade to the latest system. This is quick and easy with cmd + R for the recovery mode when the computer starts. Here is the guide: macOS Big Sur Error - Installation Failed.

After Monterey installation: Mac does not start or system does not load properly

This is also a general error that can appear as an initial annoyance regardless of the operating system. If the Mac is supposed to have problems starting up, you should first go through the following:

  • Is the power cord plugged in correctly?
  • Is the monitor properly connected to the Mac?
  • If the Mac can be switched on and it loads the system, but cannot log in, it tries with a different user account. If it just doesn't work with your own account, the problem may be related to the login objects and start agents activated there. There are tips on how to do this here and here.
  • If nothing helps or if you don't even get to the login screen, turn off the Mac and start it in Safe Mode (hold down the Shift key at startup). If that works, then the startup problem is probably due to a third-party app.
  • If the new operating system can only be used or reinstalled with an installed installation medium (boot stick), you may return to the previous system (via recovery mode / Time Machine Backup).

Update 02.11.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX: Mac can no longer be switched on (+ possible solution)

In addition to the general problems that such a macOS upgrade can bring with it, mainly shown here, the more specific cases are now piling up one week after the release. For example, there is the problem that the Mac, iMac, MacBook or another Apple computer with an Intel chip can no longer be switched on after upgrading to macOS Monterey. Some users even report that the screen goes black during the upgrade process and there are no more responses to inputs (including the on / off button). 

Then it can happen that the Mac no longer reacts and can no longer be switched on and booted after being switched off. A few general tips for the case of a bumpy system start are already available under the heading "After Monterey installation: Mac does not start or system does not load properly" - for the emergency that has now arisen, the MacBook Pro models from 2019 as well as other new ones Intel Macs can fall victim, there is another solution, or at least one approach that can work under certain conditions. 

The tool that you can use for a possible solution if the affected Mac has a T2 chip and a Thunderbolt port with USB-C form is called "Apple Configurator 2". The program must be installed on a second Mac with a Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4 port. The two Macs are then connected via USB-C toUSB-C cable connected and selected either the "Repair" option or the "Recovery" option. A complete guide, the Apple Configurator 2 download and more information can be found here: 

These Apple computers with an Intel CPU have a T2 security chip, which is a prerequisite for attempting a solution (source is the support page shown):

  • iMac (2020)
  • Mac Pro (2019)
  • Macmini (2018)
  • iMac Pro (2017)
  • MacBook Pro (13″, 2020, four Thunderbolt 3 ports)
  • MacBook Pro (13 ″, 2020, two Thunderbolt 3 ports)
  • MacBook Pro (13″, 2019, four Thunderbolt 3 ports)
  • MacBook Pro (13 ″, 2019, two Thunderbolt 3 ports)
  • MacBook Pro (13″, 2018, four Thunderbolt 3 ports)
  • MacBook Pro (16 ″, 2019)
  • MacBook Pro (15 ″, 2019)
  • MacBook Pro (15 ″, 2018)
  • MacBook Air (Retina, 13 ″, 2020)
  • MacBook Air (Retina, 13 ″, 2019)
  • MacBook Air (Retina, 13 ″, 2018)

Note: Depending on the model, a specific Thunderbolt port must be used to perform the repair or recovery of the Intel Mac with the Apple Configurator 2. You can find out which of the individual desktop models and laptops is in the linked support document from Apple. So be sure to check it out before using the tool. I wish you success!

Setting up macOS Monterey does not work

If you can download, install and start macOS 12, but the setup does not work before the final use, this error should be eliminated by restarting the computer. If you do not have access to a switch-off or restart button in the current screen, simply press the on / off button on the computer for several seconds until it goes off. Then press the on / off button to turn the Mac back on and set up Monterey.

macOS 12 Monterey runs slowly, hangs, or freezes

One reason why upgrading the system causes the Mac to slow down, display the Beachball of Death, and / or freeze everything could be a hard drive that is too full. If the memory of your Macintosh HD is exhausted by the Monterey installation, you should transfer some data (photos, videos, music, documents, etc.) to an external hard drive or to a cloud. You can also uninstall apps you no longer need to make room. 

If Monterey's performance problems are not due to the lack of memory on the hard drive, you can try other solutions. Resetting NVRAM, PRAM and SMC (Instructions) is just as important as starting in recovery mode. You can read here how to activate it at system start-up and what other options are there: On Mac Restart - Recovery Keyboard Shortcuts. 

You can also find disruptive tasks via the Activity indicator. If an app is above average CPU and RAM hangs, then you can stop it there. Individual processes that use too many resources can also be identified there. If a particular app is causing a slow system, check for a Monterey update for that app (in the App Store or on the developer website).

Bluetooth problems after upgrading to macOS 12

The disturbed functionality of individual components for Bluetooth, WLAN and Co. on Apple computers after a system upgrade is a very common error Handle bluetooth:

  1. Hold down Shift and Alt (Option)
  2. While holding down the buttons, click on the Bluetooth symbol in the menu bar
  3. Hover over "Debug" with the mouse cursor
  4. Click on "Reset the Bluetooth module" (and release the buttons)
  5. Confirm with "OK" that the Bluetooth module should be reset

Didn't that work or do you want to try something different first? There are even more tips for Macs with Bluetooth problems in this guide: Bluetooth Problems on Mac - 5 Measures That Can Help!

WiFi problems after installing macOS 12

Even with WLAN, there are always messages about problems or functional errors after a macOS upgrade by default. If you are one of those users who have WiFi problems after installing the Monterey, first remove the previously used network and then add it again:

  1. Click on the in the menu bar Apple symbol and then on System settings ...
  2. Then click on Network and select in the list on the left WiFi from
  3. Click in the lower right corner More options…
  4. Now remove the network in question (or all networks) using the "-" button
  5. Click on OK and now adds the new WiFi network (password is required)

If that doesn't help, repeat the first four steps to remove the network. Then you can - before you add it again - perform an SMC reset. There are two different instructions for this, one for Mac models without and one for models with a T2 chip. From which Macs the T2 chip is installed, you can read in the second guide:

USB problems on macOS 12 Monterey

In addition to radio problems with Bluetooth and WLAN, there may also be errors with regard to the USB connections. Both the USB-A interfaces on older computers and the Thunderbolt ports on newer computers can be affected - depending on the year of construction and the modules installed. USB problems last occurred with the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro from 2020, among others. Here's how you can try to fix it:

  • Disconnect USB devices and / or hub from the computer and reconnect after restart
  • Connect devices such as mouse, keyboard or printer directly and not via a hub
  • Use Bluetooth devices as an alternative until a macOS update fixes the USB problems

Update 29.10.2021: An article by MacRumors deals with current user reports that there are problems with USB hubs under macOS Monterey - also under version 12.0.1. We already know that as teething troubles from earlier macOS versions. By doing Post However, it says that usually no solution can be found, you have to wait for an update from Apple and it would therefore be advisable, if you are dependent on a USB hub, to postpone the upgrade to Monterey:

As such, the problems appear to be evident in all versions of Monterey, including the latest 12.0.1 version. Suffice to say, anyone who has yet to upgrade to Monterey and relies on a USB hub is advised to hold off upgrading until Apple issues a fix.

MacBook battery is always empty quickly after Monterey installation

Is the battery life of your Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air significantly reduced after you have installed macOS 12? This, too, is an old problem that keeps recurring depending on the OS version and Mac model. A tip for this is into the Activity indicator look to kill apps and processes there that are using a lot of CPU and RAM. If it is a specific app, then if possible refrain from using it until there is an update for it.

Of course, the increased battery consumption can also be due to a bug in the system. Here it can help to locate the relevant process and terminate it. But if it is essential or always restarts automatically, then you have only two options: either wait for an update from Apple, which fixes the error, or use the Time Machine backup to downgrade to the previous system. You can then reinstall macOS 12 if there is a patch for your battery problem.

Mouse or trackpad input is delayed

Does the mouse cursor move with a time delay when you use the mouse or a trackpad? Are clicks delayed so files, folders, apps, and links don't open immediately? Can't you be sure for several seconds whether you've really clicked the button? Then that's not only annoying, but also a problem that may arise due to the Monterey upgrade. 

You may be able to fix it by disabling apps and tools that affect mouse and trackpad use. From the Logitech software for certain accessories to mapping aids for mouse, keyboard and game controller, a lot can interfere. Terminate the relevant apps and processes - maybe it will help. If that doesn't help, or restarting, you can always downgrade to Big Sur or Catalina.

Problems with individual apps and their Monterey or chip compatibility

As already described above, older versions of apps can have problems with new systems. Compatibility problems can arise, especially when switching from a macOS 10.x version to macOS 11 Big Sur or macOS 12 Monterey. If these occur, look for an update in the app store or on the app's website. If this does not (yet) exist, you can also write to the developers and ask whether the required update is in progress and when it will be published.

Maybe you won't reinstall macOS Monterey at all, but buy a new one MacBook Pro 14 ″ (2021) or MacBook Pro 16 ″ (2021) – then there may be compatibility issues with apps that have been programmed for Intel processors. Although exists Rosette 2 as an emulator, but there may be problems emulating Intel apps on the ARM chips "M1 Pro" and "M1 Max". As a precaution, you can check which well-known apps work with M1 chips on the websites "Is Apple silicon ready?" and "Does it ARM?" - more info with this link.

Older advisors on Mac issues after upgrading macOS

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53 Responses to “macOS 12 Monterey – Problems and Solutions”

    1. Yes, that's my thought too ... otherwise I'm always quick with the update, but this time something is holding me back. : D Maybe I'll start with my old MacBook 12 inch. I can get over it when it doesn't do a few things like it did before. 😂

    2. Yep.. I would have preferred to wait (which I usually do for a very long time)
      Nothing works right for me anymore – whether mouse, keyboard or printer. I've got a pretty much useless Mac mini sitting here now. I can read emails from my iphone too.

  1. Hi,

    I have had problems with the right since bigsur.

    I can neither format nor re-add my partition where windows was on it. Not even in recovery mode. Install programs goes. But can the mac casche. do not delete because I have no rights to the folder.

    I took part in the beta phase of Monterey because it went better for me than big sur. My mac book air just hung up under Big sur.
    I also had a bluetooth problem where I asked you about it. Where you had no more ideas that is almost gone. The switch-on buton is still gray, but it can easily connect to devices. Bluetooth just can't turn it off.

    1. Not being able to switch off Bluetooth is almost a luxury problem. Most people don't get a connection or just have a very unstable one ... Let's see what gets Monterey out of it - or not.

      1. Thank you do you have an idea about my right problem? Because it nerft. I can't imagine that you are due to Monterey, because I already had that under Big sur.

        1. “Rights problem” is a bit too general for me to have an idea. How does the problem manifest itself? What does not work? Have you tried Disk Utility? There is an option to repair the rights...

          1. I read it but didn't understand it. : D If you can't resolve the partition: How about copying the system to an external hard drive (1: 1 clone) and then making the internal hard drive completely flat? Then the partition is gone too.

  2. iMac 27 ″ i9 does not turn on after an update and a request to restart. Now try to get an appointment so that Apple can look over there. But that is somewhere far in the future: - ((((((((((That doesn't work! ... Finger WEG! On the Macbook 2015 it worked before!

      1. Hi, it's completely off and doesn't even seem to get any more power. I brought it to Gravis today, it now takes up to 10 days!

        1. Hi Thomas! That sounds more like an unfortunate coincidence that something like this happened after the macOS update. I guess the logic board is defective, but that doesn't happen with an update.

          1. That's bad ... I haven't done an update yet - out of concern, my M1 MBP won't start anymore, but it looks like the Intel Macs are most likely to be affected. Still a nasty bug if the Mac doesn't start at all!

    1. Soory.

      am Asperger's I have problems to formulate some things in such a way that others understand them!

      That’s a good idea.

      How can I do that, does that also work with Time Mashine?

      Who, yes, how?

      Thanks already.

      1. No problem ... you have Asperger's and I'm heavy with buckles. That complements each other ...

        You can look for “Migration Assistant” in Applications > Utilities. This program can create a backup for you from Time Machine and saves the data in a new user in the current system.

  3. After updating to macOS Monterey version 12.0.1 there is no more yellow color marking on my iMac (Retina 5K, 27 ″, 2020)!
    All folders that I have previously marked with a yellow dot now show a brown dot. There is also no longer a yellow flag in the mail program.

  4. On the one hand, an article like this takes away the fear of the update. But on the other hand, one also fears that something will no longer work afterwards ..

    1. Hi Rudi,

      As always, a backup is recommended before the upgrade, with which you can restore the old system. Otherwise you can use this article to solve problems;) Please let me know how your Mac is getting on with Monterey.

      Best regards

  5. How do I find the Migration Assistant for Monterey so that I can do the transfer from my Windows 10 laptop to my new MacBook Pro?

    1. Hi Andy! You can find the program under Applications> Utilities. I haven't installed Monterey yet and hope it hasn't been postponed. : D But actually it's been there for many macOS versions.

  6. Hi

    Maybe someone can help me. I did the update today. It's running, all programs work, actually everything is great. But: the Monterey has somehow eaten up all my writings. Almost 3000 fonts, all of them gone. Only those on the system side are still there. What can i do there? Can you somehow restore that?

    Thank you ever.

      1. Well, I've found my writings again. There was no utility or anything like that. Somehow he put my fonts in a different folder. I don't (yet) know how I tell my programs to simply access the other folder.
        As for the general update: everything else is running smoothly for me. It starts and works normally. If it helps: I have a MacBook Pro 2017, 2,8 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7.

        1. Hello Anna! Thank you for your feedback signal. This is really helpful. I would try the following: Drag all fonts into a folder somewhere on the desktop. Then I would try to install one of them by double-clicking it. As a rule, he then packs the font in the folder in which he expects it. Then you start your program and see if the font is now available. I hope it works!

  7. We have 2 Mac minis (Intel and M1) and an M1 MacBook Air, the update to 12.0.1 could be installed without any problems, the computers are running ... only Time Machine no longer works on the M1 Macs. This begins with the fact that the backups are no longer displayed, although the space on the TM volume is reduced, every new attempt starts somewhere in front and after 5 minutes detects tens of thousands of changes that are backed up, but actually take up space are not visible in the end - a crazy cycle ...
    Has anyone noticed something similar and is there a solution?

      1. A new TM volume was used and under OS 12 it does not matter how the disk is formatted, TM will automatically convert it to an APFS disk before the first backup. I have played through several variants over and over again, the result is always the same.

        1. Then I would tap a bug in macOS 12 that comes to light with you. Unfortunately, I have no advice on what else to do.

          1. Charlie Kauffman

            Hello, Info to users who cannot create a TimeMachine backup with MacOS Monterey (up to and including version 12.1):
            Problem is known to Apple software specialists. We are working on the solution. According to several information from Apple support, the earliest possible update to fix the bug is to be expected. Hours of attempting to solve a problem (and also by the support team) are (so far) time spent in vain !!
            Charlie Kauffman

  8. … That's exactly how it is, I spoke to Apple support yesterday, it works in safe mode, that indicates a software error that will hopefully disappear with the next update.

    1. But that suggests more of a problem with a program from someone other than Apple. Something that runs in the background and sparks in between. Because in safe mode exactly such drivers and the like from third-party providers are not loaded.

  9. Hello everyone who has problems installing Monterey,
    if the update cannot be installed even on a Mac approved for Monterey, it is mostly due to the hard drive. Monterey can only be installed on original Apple hard drives, because since Monterey there has been the OS loader version feature in the system information. If you have installed the macOS on an original hard drive, you can then also do the update on a non-original hard drive.
    Have fun with Monterey then

    1. Hello Applefan1983! Thanks for the hint. That's a good tip. But what does it look like in practice if you have swapped the internal hard drive in your Mac for an SSD from another manufacturer? Can't you do an update then?

      1. Hi Jens,
        out your own “Foreign_SSD”, install Monterey on an original Apple SSD, put your own back in and now you can also install Monterey on your own.
        There are problems, like mine, with the iMac. I bought an external case for an original Apple PCI SSD. Then I cloned my entire internal SSD to an external hard drive via CCC. Then installed Big Sur on the external Apple SSD, deleted my internal SSD, ejected the clone so that there was no longer any OS other than the original SSD. Booted up the iMac and then installed it on the Apple SSD Monterey. Then CCCed my clone back to the internal SSD, alt booted the iMac to the internal SSD, ejected the Apple SSD and installed Monterey on the internal.
        All other attempts before, I spent hours on it, were in vain.
        As I said, this effort is only required with the iMac, since opening, rebuilding, opening, rebuilding would be even more complex. Everywhere you can get to the hard drive is easier.

        1. Ah, ok… bigger deal! So I'm glad I never tinkered with my Macs and installed a different disk. Nobody knows why Apple is doing this nonsense, right?! I mean, what's so "bad" about a third-party SSD?! That's probably not a security hole...

  10. If I were mean, I would say love money.
    I installed a 2019TB NVMe SSD and a 2TB SSD in my iMac 4, if I had bought this from Apple, I would have been able to buy an iMac.
    With a Mac Pro 6,1, an NVMe is also an option and with the 2018 Mac Mini anyway. I only run my office Mac Mini from an external NVMe SSD because I bought it with “only” 512GB at the time. Since Apple then dissolved iTunes and you can only save audio books on the system hard drive, the 512 were unfortunately no longer enough.😏
    But you're right, of course I also asked myself what this new system extension is supposed to do with the OS. That definitely makes it difficult or even impossible to develop a patch and you sell your own SSDs. Maybe soon there won't be any new Macs on which the SSDs can be changed at all.
    We see and are surprised.

    1. Yes, I have great hope that they will at least offer an option for that ... someday. Or they shouldn't make the SSDs so expensive. Haha ... you can dream.

  11. Hello, I updated my iMac on Monterey. Retina 4K, 21.5 inches, 2019, 3 GHz 6-core Intel Core i5. As far as I am satisfied, a problem arises.
    When I address the printer (MFC-L3750CDW) nothing happens.
    Under Open printer waiting list it says ” Ready to print” but it doesn't go any further. Also under Printers & Scanners it shows "in use default printer".
    It's not the printer, if I print to an iPad or iPhone everything goes perfectly.
    Does one of you have a solution? thanks

    1. Hello! Doesn't printing from Mac work in any program? Have you checked whether Brother (the identifier sounds like Brother) might have an updated driver?

  12. Hello Sir Apfelot
    What can I do when the photo library after Monterey
    no longer appears? (I made my backup on the external trashend) How do I go about getting the library out of the backup? thanks in advance

    PS: with cmd+alt you get this message (instead of “Repair…..”)
    "Photos cannot find the library 'fotos-mediathek.photoslibrary'" This library was last found on a drive named 'Trascend Extern'.

    1. Hello Paul! If I understand correctly, outsourcing the media library will no longer work. So you would have to copy them from the external drive to your user folder> Pictures. Photos would then have to find them there on their own. I hope it works.

  13. Nicola Weppelman

    I have some problems with the text encoding
    Some texts in Safari or in mails are only displayed with question marks
    My search on the internet hasn't turned up a solution so far.
    What do I have to do??

    1. Hello Nicola! I would install Monterey over it again. I don't see how the settings could manage to have the wrong encoding set for both Mail and Safari. I rather bet on a bug.

        1. Hello Mr! So you boot into recovery mode (either hold CMD + R while rebooting on Intel Macs, or long press the power button while turning on Apple Silicon Macs). Then there is a menu item “Install macOS” and you can run that over the current system. This will not delete any of your data, but some system files will be rewritten. For me it sometimes helps with weird errors that you can't really "locate".

  14. I'm having problems with my external graphics card (eGPU) on my MacBook. As soon as I connect them, the system freezes temporarily. Has anyone observed similar phenomena?

  15. Normally I always wait for updates.. I was probably too fast these days.. Almost nothing works for me anymore!

    The mouse – Apple's mouse – scrolling is no longer possible
    The keyboard – some keys don't work
    My printer - doesn't seem to be recognized

    And then the whole system hangs - it's slower than with Catalina. And if you then click into the system settings – hung up, no longer responding.

    What am I supposed to do with this nonfunctional device? Sorry, I'm really angry!
    I'll wait a few more days in the hope that there will be an update of this big -sorry- heap of shit (you only know that from MS Windows) otherwise I'll have to flatten the whole thing.. as if I had so much time..

    Frustrated greetings all around

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