macOS 14 Sonoma – Problems and Solutions

For compatible Mac models is now the new operating system macOS 14 Sonoma available. As with any system upgrade for the Apple Mac, there may be initial problems. In addition to teething problems that will be fixed in future updates, there are problems that can be solved by the user themselves. In addition, with every new macOS upgrade there are always the same anomalies that require standard solutions. In this collective article you will find the problems and solutions we know of.

Note: If your Sonoma problem is missing, please leave a comment with a detailed description. We will then try to find a solution and include it as an update in this post.

Error after installing macOS 14 Sonoma on Apple Mac? Here you will find all (known to us) problems and solutions for the system, apps, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, and more!
Error after installing macOS 14 Sonoma on Apple Mac? Here you will find all (known to us) problems and solutions for the system, apps, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, and more!

Preparation: Maybe better make a backup

Especially if you use one of the older Apple computers that are barely compatible with Sonoma, you could experience slowdowns or other problems after the upgrade. In order to quickly and easily return to the previous system and the usual performance, you should have a backup ready. You can get an image of the current system with all settings, apps, files and other content, for example. B. do it via Apple's Time Machine. But there are also third-party apps that help you make a system backup - for example Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper.

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Problems downloading macOS 14 Sonoma

Problems could arise when downloading the new operating system, even if these occur rarely. In previous posts about troubleshooting with new operating systems (Ventura / Monterey / Big Sur), I have already addressed this. Here is a summary of the possible solutions so that you don't have to jump back and forth between the individual articles:

  • Check the Internet connection or check the functionality of the router
  • Use a cable connection (LAN connection via Ethernet port) instead of the WLAN
  • Have enough free space on your Mac hard drive (at least 25 GB)
  • The System status page from Apple see if the download server is having problems
  • If the download is aborted, delete the incomplete file from the download folder and only then start a new download

If the download via System Settings -> General -> Software Update doesn't work at all, you can try a third-party alternative. For example, the app offers ANYmacOS the ability to load different Mac operating systems from Apple servers and thus create a boot media. So you can start the installation from a USB stick or an external hard drive. Simply select the system you want, download it and create the installer on the USB stick, all using the menus and buttons of the small app. 

As you can see, you can e.g. For example, you can download the new operating system with version number 13.6 on a Mac with macOS Ventura 14. ANYmacOS can also be used to create an installation medium, which can then be used to carry out the installation.
As you can see, you can e.g. B. on a Mac macOS is coming 13.6 download the new operating system with version number 14. ANYmacOS can also be used to create an installation medium, which can then be used to carry out the installation.

macOS Sonoma cannot be installed

The first link in this post takes you to the list of Apple computers compatible with Sonoma. If your Mac, iMac or MacBook is not on the list, you cannot install macOS 14 on it. If your model is on the list and you are still having problems installing the new operating system, switching to safe mode could help - Instructions for Intel Macs / Instructions for Apple Silicon Macs.

Another way to solve installation problems with macOS 14 Sonoma is to completely reinstall the old system and then run the upgrade. The quickest way to do this is to start the Mac in recovery mode and then reinstall the original or last installed system from there. This helped Jens as part of the Big Sur installation in 2020: Here the report.

Mac won't start/load after Sonoma installation

If the download and installation have worked, the Mac and the new system can then be started. This can result in the Mac no longer turning on (which generally only happens rarely) or the system not loading or setting up properly. 

If the Mac does not start, these standard questions must first be answered before the big panic:

  • Is the power cable correctly plugged in (to the device and socket) or is the battery sufficiently charged?
  • Is the fuse in the socket in question / is the junction box switched on?
  • Is the monitor properly connected and turned on?

If the Mac turns on and loads the system, but you can't log in, try a different user account. If it just doesn't work with your own account, the problem may be related to the login items and start agents active there. You can find posts on these topics here and here.

If it doesn't help at all or you can't even get to the login screen after installing macOS 14 Sonoma, then turn off the Mac and restart it in safe mode (see the links above for instructions for Intel and Apple Silicon Macs). If that works, then the startup problem may be due to a third-party app.

If the new operating system can only be used or reinstalled with an installation medium (boot stick) inserted, then it is better to return to the previous system (via recovery mode / Time Machine Backup). Reinstalling the old system and then upgrading to Sonoma again could also help here. All in all, you have to take a little time.

Throw in: Manuals for macOS Sonoma

There are now also some good manuals for macOS Sonoma on the market. If you're not quite familiar with the Mac operating system yet, you can take a look at it.

Bestseller no. 1
Bestseller no. 2
macOS Sonoma manual + video course - the standard work with over 5 hours of explanatory videos; for all...
21 reviews
Bestseller no. 3

Setting up macOS Sonoma doesn't work

If the download, installation and start of the computer and system went well, but there is a problem with the setup before the final use of macOS 14, then there are solutions for this as well. The most common tip at this point is a simple restart of the Mac – i.e. switching it off and on again. If there is no menu or button to turn off or restart, press and hold the power button on your Mac, iMac, or MacBook for a few seconds. When the computer turns off, let go, wait about 30 seconds, and then turn it back on.

macOS 14 Sonoma is slow, stalls or freezes

It is normal for your Mac to run slower for some time after a system upgrade. The reason can be found in new index files, smart functions including machine learning and the like. Because if e.g. For example, if the photos app now recognizes pets individually in addition to people, then a database must first be created for the animal photos and their content. This consumes resources. This should go away after a day or two (depending on how long the Mac has been used).

However, if the “Beachball of Death” continues to appear more often afterwards, if animations do not run smoothly, if folders, files and apps take forever to open or if there are other performance drops, then there can be various reasons for this. It would be possible, for example, B. a full hard drive or that the Mac is compatible with macOS Sonoma, but is one of the older models on the corresponding list. Although there shouldn't be any major losses, it can't be ruled out 100% either.

If Sonoma's performance problems are not due to a lack of space on the hard drive or the age of the Mac, there are more possible solutions that can be tried. Resetting NVRAM, PRAM and SMC (Instructions) is just as important as starting in recovery mode. You can find information about entering recovery mode here in the blog for Intel Macs and Apple Silicon Macs. 

If neither the system nor the Mac can be identified as the cause of the problem, it could also be due to a single app. If this is not compatible with the new system, it could take up too many resources and/or cause a bug. You can find processes that use too much CPU, RAM, etc. via the Activity indicator from macOS. If you find a specific app as a trigger, then check whether there is already an update for it that is compatible with macOS Sonoma (if necessary, send an email to the developers).

Bluetooth problems after macOS Sonoma upgrade

Bluetooth problems are also a standard issue after macOS upgrades. They have nothing specifically to do with Sonoma, but they can be annoying there too. The problems with the Mac's wireless technology can also extend from Bluetooth to WLAN. In previous guides we have pointed out how to debug and reset the Bluetooth module using the Shift+Alt key combination and the Bluetooth symbol in the menu bar (see here). Since macOS 12 Monterey, it no longer works this way.

That's why you have to take a different route to fix Bluetooth errors under macOS Sonoma from September 2023 - or two other routes, the first of which via the terminal leads. For example, calls over Spotlight (command+space) by typing "terminal" and enter at the Mac command line. Then enter the following command, which you in turn confirm with Enter:

sudo pkill bluetoothd

You can then re-pair the required Bluetooth devices (or wait until they pair themselves automatically). This should solve the connection or other usage problems. If this is not the case yet or the Bluetooth problems keep cropping up, you can also try a solution in the Finder:

  1. Open a Finder window and click Go in the menu bar
  2. Select "Go to Folder..." from the menu
  3. Type in the text box /Library/Preferences/ and confirm with Enter
  4. The corresponding folder opens and a file ( is selected
  5. Deletes this file (e.g. by dragging it to the trash can) and restarts the Mac

This procedure ensures that the settings for each Bluetooth device are created anew. Hopefully, the errors that occurred before will be ironed out.

Here's another post on the topic if you need more ideas for fixing BT errors on your Mac: Bluetooth Problems on Mac - 5 Measures That Can Help!

WiFi problems after macOS Sonoma upgrade

There were many comments about Wi-Fi issues in last year's problems and solutions post for macOS 13 Ventura. That's why I created a separate post about it. If you notice (complex) WiFi errors after upgrading to macOS 14 Sonoma, then this article could help you: After macOS Ventura upgrade: WLAN problems on the Mac (+ solutions). 

But there are also one or two standard solutions for problems with the WLAN after the system upgrade on the Apple Mac. If you are one of those people who have WiFi problems after installing Sonoma, first remove the network you were previously using and then add it back:

  1. Click on the in the menu bar Apple logo  and then up System settings ...
  2. Choose in the left category list WiFi from
  3. Scroll down and click Extended ...
  4. Select the network in question and click on it three points in a circle Besides
  5. Use the menu item Remove from list and confirm this by clicking on the “Remove” button
If you have Wi-Fi problems after upgrading to a new macOS version, the advanced settings can help.
If you have Wi-Fi problems after upgrading to a new macOS version, the advanced settings can help.

If that still doesn't help, then repeat the steps shown to remove the network. You can then - before you add the WLAN network again - perform an SMC reset. There are two different instructions for this, one for Mac models without and one for models with a T2 chip. From which Macs the T2 chip is installed, you can read in the second of the guides listed here:

WiFi and Ethernet: Internet problems in Sonoma (complete or individual apps)

(Update Mar 29.09.2023, XNUMX) If your Mac no longer wants to connect to the Internet after installing macOS Sonoma or if individual apps such as Safari and Mail cannot connect to the Internet, there are several possible solutions. The error can be due to a software bug, a hardware malfunction, all kinds of settings or a few other things.

Below you will find a few solutions to internet problems after upgrading your Mac to macOS 14 Sonoma. Try these one at a time and not all at once. See which individual solution works for you so that you can react to the possible changes it causes:

  1. Start the Apple Mac / iMac / Mac mini / MacBook in Safe Mode (Instructions), shut it down again and then switch it back on normally. (Which)
  2. Shut down the Mac, remove any peripherals that are unnecessary for basic operation (scanners, printers, external hard drives, hubs, dongles, adapters, etc.) or any additional hardware on the MacBook, and then switch it on again. Check whether the internet is working on a desktop Mac with only a monitor, mouse and keyboard as connected devices or on a MacBook without additional hardware.
  3. Remove the WLAN or other network from the list of known networks, restart the Mac and the Internet router and then add the WLAN / Ethernet network again on the Mac. Maybe this will clear a blockage in the connection.
  4. For older devices, perform an NVRAM and SMC reset (Instructions), for those with Intel and T2 chips only an SMC reset (Instructions) attempt.
  5. If you have apps installed that interfere with your internet connection (VPN apps, for example), you can disable them to see if that helps. Also VPN settings in the system or in Browser You can try removing it to see if that helps.
  6. Proxies, like intermediate VPNs, can also disrupt the connection. You can find it under System Settings -> Network when you select a network (e.g. WLAN) and click the “Details…” button. Then select “Proxies” on the left and see which options can be deactivated.
  7. Check the DNS settings. As a default DNS you can try (Google), (Cloudfare) and so on (Which). You can find the DNS list under System Settings -> Network by selecting a network and clicking on the “Details…” button. Also use the official instructions for changes to the DNS settings.
  8. As a test, you can deactivate the firewall under System Settings -> Network -> Firewall. Then check whether the internet or the apps that you couldn't use before work again. If so, then reactivate the firewall and see whether individual connections to the apps in question need to be allowed by clicking on the “Options…” button. I would not recommend leaving the firewall permanently switched off.
  9. What can also help: Open the Finder, click on “Go” in the menu bar and click on “Go to folder…”. Now enter /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration in the search field of the option and confirm this. Delete the following files, if they exist: / / NetworkInterfaces.plist / preferences.plist / Settings.plist - if necessary, restart the Mac and try then whether the connection to the Internet works.
  10. Profiles can also be the problem. Open the system settings and enter “profile” in the search field above your name (top left). Click on the first point “Profile” and see whether you or an app have created entries here. Unnecessary ones can be removed in order to resolve the problem with the Internet connection if necessary.

In addition to the sources already linked and the instructions shown from the Sir Apfelot blog, I have for this list a GetDroidTips article used. Here you will find some of the tricks shown in English. I assume no liability for completeness and functionality because I have not tried out the individual points. Some may change settings or make other adjustments. So try them out one by one, step by step, so that you can react directly to possible changes. (End of update)

USB problems after macOS Sonoma upgrade

In addition to the modules for WLAN and Bluetooth, there is also USB as an interface. And of course there can also be problems that can arise after a system upgrade on the Mac. No matter whether it's a mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, USB stick, external hard drive or other peripherals - USB problems can be equally annoying on Macs, iMacs and MacBooks. Both the USB-A ports on older computers and the USB-C ports with Thunderbolt on newer computers can be affected - there are similar solutions for both:

  • Remove USB peripherals, restart Mac and then reconnect
  • Mouse, keyboard, hard disk, etc. do not connect via a hub, but directly
  • Use Bluetooth devices as a backup until an update fixes the USB bugs

For problems with USB hubs, We learned that the year before last, there is probably no such quick solution. Here you will most likely have to wait for an update of the system, i.e. macOS Sonoma 14.0.1 or even the update to v14.1. However, you can still try connecting a cable-connected hub to another slot (i.e. another USB-A or Thunderbolt port with USB-C form). Maybe it will help. In general, sometimes the most absurd solutions solve the problem.

MacBook battery drains faster after Sonoma installation

As noted above with regard to performance problems after a macOS upgrade, the new operating system initially uses a little more resources, for example. B. to implement new machine learning processes. Other adjustments, the creation of certain logs and databases and the like also fall into this category. The higher battery consumption on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with macOS Sonoma should subside after a day or two. Just have the power supply ready.

However, you notice - for example by looking at them Activity indicator – that a particular third-party app is consuming too many resources, then there may be a compatibility issue. If certain apps or processes use too much CPU or memory, you can stop them there. For an app, updating to the latest version can help to increase efficiency. Find out from the developers or the team behind the app whether or when there is a current version. If the app is essential for you and there is no update for Sonoma, if in doubt, return to the previous system via backup.

If the increased battery consumption on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro continues to be directly related to the system after a macOS upgrade, even after several days, then the solution is not that simple. Although some processes can be ended, connections cut, the display dimmed and other workarounds used to increase battery life - this limits usage and thus the workflow. There are actually only two solutions here: switch to the previously used system with a backup or wait for an update that fixes the error.

Delayed mouse and trackpad input on macOS Sonoma

Are clicks not being executed immediately and is the cursor lagging behind mouse or trackpad input? Then the first solution is to end or completely uninstall any intermediate apps. This refers to mapping aids for mouse, keyboard and game controllers as well as software offered by accessory manufacturers for their third-party mice and trackpads. For Bluetooth input devices, you can follow the Bluetooth tips above or use wired hardware until the system is updated.

Problems with antivirus and anti-malware programs after macOS upgrade

Last year there was an issue where anti-malware programs lost full disk access after updating to macOS 13 Ventura. This meant that file and folder scans could no longer be carried out. If you experience similar problems after installing macOS 14 Sonoma, then see if the solution from the post we created at the time helps you: Antivirus Apps - Fix full disk access issue on macOS Ventura. 

Spotlight no longer finds anything / shows unusual results

A possible problem after installing a new Mac operating system is empty results lists when using Spotlight. So if you press command+spacebar, enter a search term and don't get any results (or unusual results are listed), then you probably have to rebuild the Spotlight index. Jens has already shown how this works in a guide: Spotlight search doesn't find anything? Rebuild Spotlight index – using hard methods.

Update September 28.09.2023, 2021: Installation on MacBook Pro 1 with MXNUMX Pro

Yesterday I was brave and installed Sonoma on my MacBook Pro from 2021, which comes with a M1 Pro chip is installed. It felt like it took a little longer than at Ventura last year, but it went smoothly. I was then greeted by the new login screen with a clock display and an animated Sonoma wallpaper (or video). Logging in and using it worked well straight away. Cloud connections and apps have not caused any problems so far. Let's see if there are any problems at work today. (End of update) 

Update October 02.10.2023nd, XNUMX: Login items keep disappearing under Sonoma

Since the first day of using Sonoma, I've noticed that every time I start the system and log in, I see the app "Magnet“ (a window manager) has to be started manually. In Ventura and previous systems, Magnet started automatically as a login item that I specified. Now the app keeps flying out of the list, which you can access under System Settings -> General -> Login Items. Other apps, such as DropBox and BatFi, remain on the list. I haven't found a solution that helped yet. If you know one, please leave a comment.

What I have already tried:

  • Delete the file /Users/“UserName”/Library/Preferences/, re-adding the login item, restart
  • Delete the file /Users/“UserName”/Library/Application Support/, re-adding the login item, restart

Every time Magnet is started when I log in to my account, it then disappears from the list of login items so that it no longer starts automatically the next time I log in. 

Even though I keep adding Magnet to the list, the app disappears from this directory every time I restart the Mac. Even if I remove the corresponding system files beforehand so that they have to be created again.
Even though I keep adding Magnet to the list, the app disappears from this directory every time I restart the Mac. Even if I remove the corresponding system files beforehand so that they have to be created again.

Update November 08.11.2023th, 14.1: Login items remain in the list as of macOS XNUMX

It appears that the login items issue has been resolved with macOS 14.1. Magnet now stays in the list even after reboots and opens when logging in. This means that window management works automatically again. (end of update)

macOS 14 Sonoma – Your problems, solutions and workarounds

There are always a lot of comments among collective posts about macOS problems that occur after upgrading to a new system. We welcome this, but also ask for your patience with the activation and response. There are currently over 230 comments on last year's post. We endeavor to investigate every problem description and find a solution. If you were able to solve a Sonoma problem yourself, we would also be happy to receive comments, because your solution or workaround can also help others. Or in short: Leave your experiences with macOS 14 Sonoma as a comment :)

macOS Sonoma manual + video course - the standard work with over 5 hours of explanatory videos; for all...
21 reviews

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149 comments on “macOS 14 Sonoma – problems and solutions”

  1. Thanks for the article! I'll wait a bit to install... you never know.

    Here's another tip for an alternative download of the system. I always used AnyMacOS until I discovered “crap”. Which is anything but what the name suggests. Great thing, found here:

  2. Hello Martin,

    Is there a problem with “Add websites to the dock”? I always get the notification that I don't have rights for it.

    Exact error:
    “You do not have access rights to back up the file in the Applications folder. To view or change access rights, select the item in Finder, then choose File > Inspector.”

    Could this be caused by the German translation from Applications to Programs?


    1. Hi Ulrich! Normally this is not a problem with the translation. I would install macOS Sonoma over it again. Sometimes these problems with access rights disappear into thin air. At the moment I have no other idea what could be wrong.

    2. Hello Ulrich,

      Maybe some write permissions for Safari are missing in your user folder.

      Take a look in the Finder under Macintosh HD -> Users -> “Your Name” and in the Applications folder to see who is allowed to read and write (right click -> Information). At least you need read and write permissions here. It can help to give “Staff” read rights for the user folder.

      There's a thread on Apple Discussions about it here:

      I've just been playing around with different rights assignments. And even with limited staff rights, storing web apps in the dock worked. It is therefore possible, as has been suggested as a theory in the discussions, that simply changing read and write permissions solves a bug that blocks websites from being placed in the dock.

      Or in short: you may have to play around with the access rights a bit.

      Please let us know what helped you! Good luck!

      Best regards

  3. Hello everyone, yesterday I had a problem installing the version of macOS Sonoma Upgrade via System Settings -> General -> Software Update for the first time.
    It didn't work at all or I simply didn't have the necessary patience. It stood still for at least an hour with 5 minutes remaining.
    Then I went online to “Mr. Macintosh” loaded the macOS Sonoma Final Full Installer and was then able to install macOS Sonoma on my MacBook Air M1.

    1. Hello Ariane! What does it mean exactly? I think you can only connect the mouse to one iMac and then switch between them via Bluetooth. Or am I misunderstanding something?

  4. My MacBook Pro with M2Pro has the strange problem with Sonoma that it no longer wants to load. That means it charges for 5-6 seconds, stops charging for a second, charges again, stops……
    That didn't happen with Ventura.
    Is this due to the “old” power supply (67W USB-C power supply from Apple) or the cable (Mcdodo – (2m) 140W USB C to MagSafe 3 Nylon)?
    Or does Sonoma have a problem?

    1. Hi Hans,

      It can't actually be due to the hardware mentioned. It doesn't become obsolete because a newer system is installed.

      So far I haven't read anything about such a problem or been able to find anything in a search. I would imagine it's a bug. I would turn off the MacBook, disconnect it from the power supply, unplug it from the socket and, for the sake of completeness, also pull out the cable. Then leave everything like that for 30s, reconnect and turn on the MacBook again. Maybe it's just a power hiccup (you can tell I'm a pro).

      What happens if you start the MacBook on battery power and then connect it to the power adapter?

      Otherwise, you could play around with the options under System Settings -> Battery. Maybe something is blocking the loading progress.

      Do you have an app installed that can control MacBook battery charging? I use e.g. b. BatFito keep the charge level at 75%. If you use one, it may not be compatible with Sonoma. If you don't use one, you can try using one. Maybe then the problem will go away.

      Best regards

    2. Hello Hans! I agree with John. I don't think it could be the power supply either, but I wouldn't be sure about the cable. Maybe I would try something else again. I'm coming to this because I have a similar case here where I initially thought that the power supply was crazy, but in fact the cable (not an original Apple charging cable) has problems. It may be that the chip in it is defective or no longer adheres to the USB-PD standards and that is why the charging process keeps stopping. I hope you get it back! LG, Jens

      1. Hello and thank you for the quick responses.
        I think it's the cable. A MacBook Pro of the same type, still running Ventura, works perfectly with the cable.
        Even after a restart, my MacBook shows the same symptoms as before. Charging via USB-C works perfectly. I'll probably have to use the original cable.
        Greetings Hans

  5. I installed Sonoma on my MAC Mini (2019). Everything went smoothly but when I opened Safari I couldn't access the internet. WiFi, LAN everything turned on – Spotify was also running. Access to the Apple ID doesn't work either - no internet. So back to Ventura and then a second attempt with the same error.
    Then the installation on my MACBookAir (2023) and lo and behold, everything works right away.

    Does anyone have a solution for my MACMini, because I like to have the same MACOS on both?

    1. Hello Ulf,

      I can't tell what exactly the error is via remote diagnosis. However, there are various approaches to solving the problem:

      1. Start the Mac mini once in Safe Mode (Instructions), then turn it off and turn it on normally. This could fix a bug. (Which)

      2. Also the SMC reset (Instructions) is a solution approach. It helps if there is a hardware error.

      3. Maybe the DNS settings have changed - or the current ones are causing a problem under Sonoma. You can view the DNS settings under System Settings -> Network when you select a network (e.g. WiFi) and click on the “Details…” button. In addition: Official instructions. In a discussion thread on the topic, (Google DNS) or (Cloudfare DNS) are shown as solutions (here).

      4. If you have apps installed that interfere with your internet connection (VPN apps, for example), you can disable them to see if that helps. You can also try removing VPN settings in the system or browser to see if that helps.

      5. A somewhat counterintuitive approach: Unplug all peripheral devices that are unnecessary for basic operation (external hard drives, scanners, printers, hubs, dongles, etc.) and restart the Mac mini with only the monitor, mouse and keyboard.

      6. Another approach: Remove the WLAN from the list of known networks, restart the Mac mini and the router, add the WLAN again on the Mac. That could help too.

      7. Disabling the firewall may solve the problem (of course I would recommend leaving the firewall active).

      8. Open the “/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration” folder in the Finder and delete the files from the following list that you find (they are probably not all there): / .identification.plist / NetworkInterfaces.plist / preferences.plist / Settings.plist

      9. Even more possible solutions: English language article with even more possible solutions

      Please let us know what helped you! Good luck!

      Best regards

      1. Hi John,
        Thank you very much for the tips, but unfortunately none of them - not even in combination - helped. The error remains: No internet and no connection to the Apple ID. I'm back on Ventura and now waiting for Update 14...

        The MACBook continues to run without errors.


        1. Hello Ulf, I fell into the same trap with my Mini M1: In the system settings under WLAN I see that the Mini is connected to the network, under “Details -> TCP/IP” I also see that a correct IP connection has been set up via DHCP. Address, subnet mask and router address are entered. This also works with manual assignment of an IP address.
          Yes and then Safari claims that there is no network connection, the synchronization of calendar, address book and notes via iCloud no longer works, as does Dropbox.
          Resetting the router and Mac doesn't help, I read somewhere else that Little Snitch was the culprit - but that's not true.

          How do I get back to Ventura now? Unfortunately I forgot to make a backup this time because I've never needed it in the last 20 years and the caution was unnecessary. I could bite myself!!

          1. Problem solved: I have to correct myself, the reason for the interrupted communication on the Internet was Little Snitch.
            Using “Find any File” I found a lot of files scattered across the system, which unfortunately couldn’t be deleted using the terminal.

            Solution: Install Little Snitch in the latest version (loaded via a second Mac and transferred to the Mini via USB stick) over it again. Afterwards everything works as usual again.
            Since I don't actually need the program, I uninstalled it as described on the developer's website. Yes, it's a pity: “Find any File” still finds a number of remnants of older installations, but all of them can now be moved to the trash and deleted individually and with a lot of patience.
            Conclusion Spread over 2 days, a lot of time was wasted just because there was no information that the Little Snitch version valid until Ventura is not compatible with the update on Sonoma.
            No matter, now it's working again and I hope that I've been able to help one or two of those affected a little.

          2. Hello Michael,

            For me, after installing macOS Sonoma, the culprit was Little Snitch. After two days of trying to get my Mac back to the Internet and Apple Care Support also being at a loss, after several reinstallations and endless troubleshooting, I finally found Little Snitch as a proxy under Proxies (Network / WLAN / Details ...).Deleted, Program uninstalled. Restart. Computer is running smoothly again. The same applies to micro Snitch (same manufacturer).

      2. After the update I can no longer log in to iMessage or FaceTime. I've tried everything I can think of. Before the update it worked perfectly. thanks Dan

        1. Hi Dan! I would recommend that you log out of iCloud completely on your Mac and then log in again. Maybe it will work then.

  6. Since I installed Sonoma, there's only ever been one row in Mail's list view, no matter what I choose in Settings. I have a macmini with an Apple chip.

    1. Hello Johannes! Unfortunately, I couldn't find any hits in the support forums where someone had the same problem. Maybe a solution will be found in the next few days... at the moment I don't know what could be done. LG, Jens

    2. I found a solution: You have to deactivate the column arrangement under Display. Then you can also choose the number of lines in the list view.
      The question of where the preview can be seen, namely to the right or below, remains unaffected.

      1. Hello Johannes! Great, thank you for the feedback. Then hopefully people who have the same problem will read it and move forward. 😊

  7. Hello
    I can't access the scanner since sonoma (on 1 mac mini and on an imac). Scanner from canon mg3650 s printer.
    The printer was uninstalled and reinstalled, to no avail. Am I the only one?

    1. Hello Alain! Unfortunately, such problems occur more often when you install the first version of a new macOS. Most of the time you have to wait until the manufacturer (Canon) has adapted its drivers to the new macOS. Or - if it's a bug in macOS - until Apple has received enough bug reports and releases a new macOS that fixes the problem. You could also take a look at this guide, which doesn't specifically address Sonoma, but does address your printer and connection issues on macOS:
      Maybe a tip will help? LG, Jens

  8. It's really nice when you write so laconically:
    “If your Mac, iMac or MacBook is not on the list, you cannot install macOS 14 on it”

    But there are probably some ways to install the Sonoma on my 2017 iMac (model 18.3). It always used to be like that.

    As freaks in the Apple universe, can't you name the best (simplest!) one here for dummies like me?

      1. Yes, I had also heard about OCLP in a special thread about it in MacUser. But that sounded a bit complicated to me at first glance, and I thought that there might be several solutions.

        But that's just how I'll have to proceed according to the MacUser thread.

        1. Hi Falk! So I think OLCP is pretty “user-friendly” when I look at the screenshots. You probably won't be able to do the job with less effort. LG

        2. Did this with my 2014 iMac. Was problem-free even for non-professionals, now Ventura 13.6 runs on it. This way you don't have to follow Apple and you can continue to use your Mac. You need a backup (Time Machine) and an empty USB stick with at least 16 GB. Then you can start.

          As far as Sonoma is concerned, I would still wait. Apparently the new OCLP version 1.0 will be released in the next few days, which will also support Sonoma.

      2. Hi Jens,
        Open Core Legacy Patcher is “relatively” easy to use. I have it running on an old Macbook Air 2015 and Ventura. It's not as complicated as the Hackintosh installations used to be, which didn't always work in the end, and at least on my old Mac computers the OpenCore Legacy Patcher (OCLP) installation works very stable, but with updates you should wait until there's a new patcher version before updating the Mac provided with it.

        However, there is still no version for macOS Sonoma (at least today)... the last version is currently Ventura. Current status:

        The planned version OCLP 1.0 should also run with Sonoma. Be sure to read the technical details beforehand, because sometimes certain hardware (T1 chip, etc.) can cause difficulties in certain constellations.

        Something for a rainy Sunday ;)

        1. Hello Anthony! Thanks for the references and tips. 😊 That would actually be worth a separate article, but I don't have a Mac that I would like to experiment on. 😂 But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Sonoma version comes soon and people can spend their wet Sundays with it. 😊

        2. From your comment:
          “(OCLP) installation very stable, only for updates you should wait until there is a new patcher version before updating the Mac with it”
          ... the question arose for me as to whether you can simply install all subsequent updates such as 14.1, 14.2, etc. “normally” on a system that has been “upgraded” once with OCLP on Sonoma or whether you have to do something system-related first?

  9. Thanks for the feedback. Then I'll definitely try that, especially since the TE kindly promised me support in the relevant thread.

  10. Since the Sonoma update on Macbook Pro 15 2019, the “right click” no longer works, it is impossible to copy or paste anything. Everything is set correctly in the system settings.

    1. Hello Thomas! Did you deactivate it in the system settings and save it and then activate it again and save it? Sometimes such – obviously pointless – actions still help. 😊 It's worth a try.

      1. Hello, Jens! Yes, thank you, that's exactly what I did. After that it worked again...but only for a short time. Other strange things keep happening that I never had under Ventura. I now have to restart the computer frequently in order to be able to work reasonably smoothly, at least for a short time. I'd love to downgrade to Ventura again, but I'm not sure if that'll be easy. 🤦🏻‍♂️

        1. So it should actually work, right?
          1. Install Ventura on another plate
          2. Move the data to a new user using migration assistants

          The question, of course, is whether the migration assistant from Ventura knows what to do with Sonoma.
          But in any case, I'm glad I'm not in Sonoma yet. There seem to be problems here and there...

  11. Friedrich Wilhelm Kirchhoff

    Since the Sonoma Update, I can't access my photos from iCloud. The cloud is crossed out in Photos Library. I've tried a lot of things, but now I don't know what to do next.

    1. Hello Friedrich Wilhelm! I would deactivate iCloud Photo Library, wait a few minutes and then activate it again. Maybe it will work again then? If not, I would log out of iCloud completely and log in again. This usually solves such errors. A restart every now and then could also help. 😊

  12. since Sonoma: after connecting the charging cable (original power supply), the orange dot comes on and then goes off again, always connected with a beep - better with a 65 watt power supply

    1. Hi Hans,
      I have the same problem but with a cable from the accessories store.
      It's exciting that the original cable is also affected.
      By the way, the MacBook Pro charges perfectly via USB-C. Seems to be a problem with the MagSafe3.

  13. Hello everyone! Since I installed Sonoma I can no longer print because Adobe doesn't see the pdf document! Thanks! Francesco

    1. Hello Francesco! Thanks for your comment. But what exactly do you mean by “Adobe doesn’t see the PDF document”? Does Adobe Reader not open the PDF or where is it stuck?

      1. Two messages appear: “The document could not be printed. ACCEPT".
        And when you press OK, you get the second message: “No pages have been selected to print”.
        Print preview works, but PDF documents do not print directly after downloading from Sonoma.

        1. Hello Juan! Do you already have macOS 14.1.1 installed? Maybe that fixed the problem? I also had a file that I couldn't print. I then took a makeshift screenshot of the page using cmd + shift + 4 and printed it out. But it's not the permanent solution.

          1. Hello Juan, hello Jens, if I may just chime in here for a moment...
            I currently print like this:
            Print menu, make the desired settings here (b/w or color, for example) —> open “further settings” —> select “PDF preview” at the bottom
            The page(s) to be printed are opened in the preview app. Here you can also make or check the desired settings, because some settings from before are not adopted, e.g. double-sided printing.
            And now you can print again :-)
            Greetings, Astrid

          2. Hello Juan,
            I also had the problem after switching to a new Macbook (the old one was running Big Sur for fear of printer problems). New printer drivers (Epson) didn't help either. However, the problem only occurred with PDF files.
            The solution was a new version of Acrobat Reader.

  14. I have a MacBook Pro 13″ 2020 with M1 chip. Actually, the Sonoma update went smoothly, and I don't know if my problem is related to that. But I notice that YouTube videos or never fill the entire display, but there is always a gray stripe at the top and bottom. I'm not sure whether this was the case before and whether this is normal, but I'm just a little more aware of this, especially since videos fill the entire display on my Windows computer. Maybe someone can help me.

    1. Hello Jochen,

      The MacBook Pro's display doesn't have a 16:9 ratio, but rather an 8:5 ratio. To make this comparable: your 16:9 monitor on your Windows PC has a downscaled aspect ratio of 1,78:1. However, the MacBook Pro has a downscaled aspect ratio of 1,6:1. This means that it is higher and that when displaying 16:9 media, for example a YouTube video with a resolution of 1.920 x 1.080 pixels, borders are displayed at the top and bottom.

      In short: This is normal.

      This also happens to me on a Windows PC when I watch videos not on the 16:9 monitor but on the 8:5 monitor, which has a resolution of 1.920 x 1.200 pixels. Then the 120 pixels, which are too high in height, are displayed as a black stripe measuring 60 pixels each at the top and bottom.

      Best regards

  15. Since the update, my screen time is suddenly “XNUMX/XNUMX”. Even when the Macbook Air is closed and idle, at night, etc. In “System Preferences” > “Screen Time” I see that “All Apps” and “Tips” obviously cause activity all the time.

    Today I was notified that my screen time had increased from 5 hours a day to over 126%. So I looked for the “Tips” program, found it, turned it on and turned it off again. But the fact remains that it is active around the clock.

    1. Hello to,

      Have you restarted the device or has it been running continuously since installing Sonoma? I could imagine that shutting down and restarting could solve a bug here.

      Best regards

    2. I'm having the same problem right now... I updated from Ventura directly to Sonoma 14.1 a few days ago and since then I've also seen the "Tips" app running continuously (which doesn't even exist on the MacBook!). I limited the running time to 5 minutes, but that is completely ignored. I haven't tried restarting yet, but I'll try that right away.

      1. Hi Susan,

        Although there are no tips in the Applications folder, it is still part of macOS.

        This is the tips display, which is displayed from time to time after upgrading macOS, for example, to point out new functions and settings. You can access it by typing “tips” in Spotlight (command+space) and opening the app suggested there.

        Best regards

  16. I'm so annoyed that I did the update. I have an iMac from 2019.
    Nothing works anymore, the computer takes about 30 minutes to start and then everything is extremely slow. Without an additional backup computer, I probably wouldn't be able to work at all.
    How can I undo the update if necessary? I've never done that before.
    I have an external hard drive with backup copies. Thanks for your help.

    1. Hello Astrid! What are these backup copies? Time Machine backups or how were they created?
      Basically - if you really don't want your system on the iMac anymore - then you boot in mode for the Internet recovery and install the system that originally came with your Mac (there is an option for that). And then you upgrade to Ventura and use the “Migration Assistant” utility to get the data from your (hopefully) Time Machine backup onto the iMac.

  17. Hi Jens, exactly,
    they are Time Machine backups.
    Does simply waiting help if necessary? Maybe it sounds stupid, but maybe the system needs a little time to change everything? Or is that unlikely?

    1. Hello Astrid! Yes, maybe waiting for an update can help, but it depends on the cause. If the computer is so slow, the following reasons could exist:
      1. the hard drive/SSD is full and the iMac has no space to work
      2. the RAM is full and it has to swap the whole time to the hard drive
      3. the computer overheats and the process kernel_task slows it down so that the temperature doesn't rise any further
      4. Some process is running amok and is consuming massive amounts of CPU power.
      5. Anti-virus programs are often the cause of problems after a macOS update. I would definitely uninstall it.

      There are certainly some other possible causes, but in any case you would have to research what is going on here.
      One way would be to access the “Activity Monitor” tool. Or when booting Activate verbose mode. If you take a look, you can also email me directly (email address in the imprint).

  18. Hello, after I installed SONOMA (first and so far only version 14.0 available), backups were no longer possible via TIME MACHINE, neither on my Time Capsule (connected via Wifi) nor on my external SSD hard drive (connected directly to the computer) . The error message said that I had to wait until all of my files were synced to the cloud before I could back up (even though all of my files were synced). After spending several hours (over several days) with Apple, their solution was for them to reinstall me my last backup before the SONOMA update (on VENTURA) and tell me not to install version 14.0, which probably contained errors, but wait for later versions (14.1, 14.2…) to migrate to SONOMA. The “Apple engineers” seem to be aware of the problem.
    If you have any information about this, I will be grateful.

    1. Apple itself recommends waiting for later system versions?? That's kind of a bad joke... I would have done it that way too, but hearing that from Apple itself is ironic.

      1. Well, I don't see it as such a tragedy now. I think it's understandable that even after an operating system is beta, there will still be configurations of Mac, software, drivers, and other hardware that were not tested in beta. Accordingly, there is always a certain amount of time after publication until further special cases and problems arise that then need to be resolved. But I don't see this as a lack of quality in an operating system, but as a completely normal situation.

      2. Hearing about Apple is a bad joke or ironic? That can not be true…
        Bad joke / Ironic at best are your “thoughts” about it…
        1. it's just like that. Why should one of the last beta versions or an RC still contain errors that were not known before, and with the release there are suddenly none anymore.
        2. Apple's statement is both correct and honest. Both of these together mean that someone unfamiliar with Apple has a salesperson who is knowledgeable and focused on the customer's interest.
        3. If “You would have done it the same way,” what should Apple say? Something else, against your better judgment? That would really be a bad joke / ironic…

    2. Hi,

      I had that too. I had similar behavior before with an older macOS version (before Ventura, still on an Intel Mac).
      The way I solved this was to turn off iCloud Drive in System Preferences.
      Reactivating it directly didn't work, so I restarted it. Then activating iCloud Drive worked again and after a while the backup started again.


      1. Hello Christian! Yes, a restart like this in between can make sense. Then it might also throw away data that it would keep without rebooting. So always do it. 😊

  19. Hello!
    I did the update and unfortunately there is now only one user left. All other data from my work account has now been deleted.
    I haven't made a backup and it wasn't necessary yet, so unfortunately I didn't think about it.
    I would be very thankful for help.

    1. Hello Alexa! Just to understand: You only updated on Sonoma and then the other users in the system that were there before disappeared??? I haven't heard that yet. Have you checked System Settings → Users & Groups to see if there are any other users there?

  20. Hello, good morning. Since I installed Sonoma, I can no longer enter the configuration of the screens and receive the following error message.

    Please help me.

    1. Hello Rafael! Unfortunately, I don't know where the problem is. I would try creating a new user under System Settings → Users & Groups and check whether the error occurs there too. Can you do that and report back?

  21. Hi,
    I'm still a relative newbie at the fruit shop, so please bear with me if my problem has already been dealt with dozens of times - I just don't know where.

    Hardware MacStudio M1 – OS now Sonoma 14.0

    Problem: before Sonoma I had alias folders on my desk from the most frequently used folders on the hard drives. In Sonoma these links no longer work, only a terminal opens with cryptic characters and the alias path, like this:

    - Quote -
    bookmark88Ï<Ü©Â"b≈AÙVolumesDaten004 Photography 0,fc#\l|Aƒwê file:///Volumes/Daten/`x£Aƒ3)$1CAD92FF-F73C-3C97-B730-CD133CDB91A9ÔÔ/Volumes/Daten file:// /System DriveP°sA≈Z £Ä$23099723-58DE-4674-A55A-6C0D858DBFB6ÅÔÔ/`˛ˇˇˇ à ò à ¨ º ¯åòÿò0dnibrdlf˛ˇˇˇ$Hå∞@ †TÿUÿV– § p ‰ $ P––– 0"º
    - /Quote -

    Are there any experiences and/or workarounds with this?
    It would be nice to be able to use quick direct access from your desk again...

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Tom,

      I would first like to answer a few standard questions:
      – Have you restarted the Mac yet?
      – Did you create the aliases again and delete the old ones first?
      – Is a file or folder management app running in the background (as a login item or similar)?
      – Do the aliases lead to folders on the internal hard drive (Macintosh HD), an external hard drive or in a cloud (iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)?
      – Have you renamed the internal hard drive, i.e. from Macintosh HD to something else, or created many volumes in it?

      I just did a bit of research on the topic. And apparently such a mistake can be caused by the strangest things.

      For example, if in Finder the folder display is organized “as columns”. For one user it was probably the case that the aliases worked again after he changed the display (here).

      In another, the terminal opening was due to a backup with CarbonCopyCloner in which extended file attribute support was disabled (here).

      Here and there I have also read that you should use a “symbolic link” instead of an alias. Here There are instructions from the end of 2021. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the individual steps in it. Neither the control click leads to the option to create a symbolic link, nor is there the “Make Symbolic Link” keyboard shortcut in the settings. Apparently this was removed with Ventura or Sonoma or now has to be activated differently.

      However, there is a terminal command for creating symbolic links. He will here described (post from April 2023, i.e. using Ventura).

      I hope this helps you a little. Please contact us again if nothing helps or if you have found a solution. Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce the problem to find or verify a solution myself.

      Best regards

      1. Hi Johannes,
        First of all, thank you for your research.

        To your questions:
        – yes as part of the update
        – yes, same result
        - no
        - external hard drive
        – System Drive: no and no
        – Finder is gallery view
        – Backups only with TimeMachine
        – I remember symbolic links from my UNIX days (and MacOS is VERY related to UNIX), that's not it either.

        (and now I feel pretty stupid)
        After reading your answer, I shut down the box REALLY again, i.e. the “Poweronoff” variant and then started it cold - and now it works again, at least with newly created aliases. The restart as part of the OS update alone probably wasn't enough...

        But maybe this will help others with the same problem.

        Thank you again for your effort!
        with embarrassed greetings

        1. Hi Tom,

          yes, sometimes the good old switching off and on again works best :D Otherwise you would probably have had to dig a little deeper into the system to find the error. But it's nice that the solution was so obvious.

          Best regards

  22. Mac Mini M1 16/512
    The user folder is on an external USB hard drive.

    The first time I updated from Ventura, I couldn't open Finder or Mail. I fixed the problem by deleting the .plist files and logging out and back in to iCloud.

    Since the upgrade I can no longer open or save files in any program I've tried... I've tried deleting .plist files but I don't think I found the right file as the problem persists . Does somebody has any idea?

    I don't want to have to reinstall if possible.


    1. Hello Cali! I have to admit, I don't know what it is, but I would try the usual things:
      – Start Mac in safe mode
      – Install macOS over it again
      – Check/repair user rights

      And if all else fails, you can create a new user and drag the other user's data over. Sometimes something goes wrong with the user folder, so if you move the data with the migration assistant (e.g. from a Time Machine backup), it works again.

  23. The problem described above with the MagSafe3 charging cable on the 14″ MacBook Pro has been resolved with the update to 14.1. It now works as desired again.
    Greetings Hans

    1. Hello Hans! That pleases me. Thanks also for the feedback. It's always interesting to hear when an update solves things like this. 😊

  24. Unfortunately, your tips cannot solve my problems with delayed input or no input at all on the keyboard, as there are no intermediate apps or Bluetooth devices. I write on a MacBook Pro using the internal keyboard - and the problem, The fact that it doesn't respond most often occurs in my email program (posteo/via browser). I don't have this problem in writing programs (e.g. Word).
    Another problem is with the music writing program Finale, where my MIDI keyboard can no longer be connected. Interestingly, this problem does not exist in the music program Logic Pro - presumably because the software is from Apple? It would be great if the difficulties in the finale could be solved. Otherwise, I would like to know how I can return to the old operating system without any problems.

    1. Hello Heike! So the first problem is probably related to the browser or the Posteo website. The only thing that helps temporarily is to try a different browser - maybe it will work. And about Finale: Unfortunately you have to wait for an update from Finale, because the manufacturer seems to be aware that there are problems. You can see the current status View here on the manufacturer's website.
      You can only get back to the old system without any problems if you have a backup available. Is there something like that?

  25. Hello, since installing Sonoma my Samsung printer can no longer be found. Likewise, I can no longer access my photos via Photos. Can I somehow go back to the previous operating system?

    1. Hello Victoria! In principle it's easy, but it depends on whether you have a backup. Time Machine backup available? Randomly?

  26. Yesterday I updated from Ventura to Sonoma 14.1. The only problem so far: Some connected folders from the NAS do not retain their position on the desktop.
    Instead of on the left like the others, three are always placed on the right of the desk. But there is enough space on the left. Unfortunately, ejecting and reconnecting didn't help either. Maybe someone else has an idea.

    Otherwise, hey, hey, hey, no other problems noticed so far.

    1. Hello Uwe,

      seems like the folders are constantly being added to the desktop. Maybe something is interfering with the connection to the NAS. When does the problem appear - only after a restart or in between?

      I also placed the Macintosh HD on the left side of the desk (since I'm used to the arrangement in Windows). However, macOS shows new or newly added items on the right side of the desktop by default. After an upgrade or update of macOS, my Macintosh HD always moves from left to right. So I can imagine that your NAS folders are always viewed as new items and therefore repositioned. This happens even if there is a lot of space for them on the left. This is simply due to the design of the system.

      Best regards

  27. Seems like the problem is solved, when I rebooted today all the connections to the NAS were back on the left side.

    Yesterday I checked the “Volume positions on the desktop” function under the “Optimize” tab with OnyX and then let everything run through.

    If anything changes the next time I restart, I'll report back.

    Thanks for the support :-)-


      1. Unfortunately it didn't last that long. Currently a connected folder (very rarely two) jumps back over to the right side of the desktop. Unfortunately, trying OnyX again didn't help.

        But no matter, it's not worth the time to troubleshoot, dragging the folder to the left once per restart or login is quicker. Sometimes it's just strange at Apple too. But as long as that's the only problem under Sonoma...


  28. Hallo,
    my question is about Apple Cinema Display A1082 + Mac mini 2018 i5 + Sonoma 14.1; Screen connected with old cable and HDMI adapter:
    In the new macOS, almost all settings for the display have been removed, unfortunately. i.e. My screen shows everything faded and image editing is therefore impossible.
    Is there any solution to this – other than buying a new screen?
    Thanks and greetings, Astrid

    1. Hello Astrid! From what I've read, this problem has been in Ventura before. At least that's what a user reported in the forum. But unfortunately there were no suggested solutions there. I don't have any better news. :( LG. Jens

      1. Hello Jens & thank you for your quick answer.
        I was already afraid of it after reading a lot of things that DON'T work with Sonoma. On the other hand: I didn't have the problem under Ventura because I previously had a different screen (BenQ), but my cat killed it by elegantly hopping over it. A solution had to be found quickly, hence the use of the old Cinema Display.
        But everything's fine - I bought a new screen and it's working again :-)
        LG, Astrid

        1. Hello Astrid! Bad cat. 😂 You can't calculate what kind of collateral damage pets do. 😂 But it's nice that you now have a new monitor that runs on Sonoma.

        2. And you can't even be mad at them for long. They already know how to wrap us around their finger ;-). I experience it every day :-).


  29. Hello! Since updating to Sonoma 14.1 (my Mac is from 2019) I have a problem on some websites (especially messengers; I work with several for work): The “space” key no longer creates between words in a text, but works like a tab that points me to menu icons around the section of the message. This works in Firefox but not in Safari.
    Likewise, in Numbers I can only switch between cells manually by clicking on them. I can't navigate in the file using either the tab key or one of the four arrows.
    I can't find any information about these issues on the internet. Are any of you having these problems? Do you have any idea what the problem is and how to solve it?
    Thank you very much

    1. Hello Celine! The problem is still unknown to me. You could try the following things to pinpoint the cause:
      1. Create a new user and test with this user whether it happens there too
      2. start in safe mode
      3. Install macOS Sonoma over it again
      Otherwise, I don't currently know what this could be related to. :(

  30. Since the update to Sonoma, my macbook can no longer open RW2 (RAW) files from my Panasonic GH5II. The files are on an external FP. Only a black/red image appears.
    Is there a trick here?

    1. Hello Bernard! Which program do you want to open it in? If it is the preview, the appropriate RAW interpreter may be missing. Then I might suggest another photo app. I can't name any off the top of my head, but if you convert the photos it should work. And maybe Apple will deliver something at some point and the preview app will work again.

      1. Thanks, I hope so too. I like working with on-board resources; with Ventura it was a very lean workflow. I didn't have to convert, but was able to immediately open RW2 images from the Panasonic with Pixelmator pro, edit them and export them as a finished JPG to an external FP. Now Preview can no longer display the images.
        I'll try to check with Panasonic.

        1. Yes, this is a pity. But maybe it's just a temporary issue with macOS Sonoma that will be fixed. I keep my fingers crossed!

  31. Since switching to a new (refurbished) Macbook with Sonoma, most emails appear twice in Mail. If I delete one, after a while both are gone.
    I collect emails from via IMAP. Old Macbook runs on Big Sur and I used the migration assistant to move.
    The email account in question is not duplicated. What else can I try - other than waiting for updates?

    1. Hello Katja! Okay, that's stupid. Can you log into your affected mailbox using a website and see if the emails are only there once? It's not that we're looking for the cause in the wrong place.
      Otherwise I would turn off the iCloud synchronization of Mail and see what happens then. Maybe there's something wrong?

  32. Hello everyone, I've had the problem for two days now that I can no longer open the activity monitor. After clicking on the app, it opens for a second and then crashes immediately. Then the message "Activity monitor has ended unexpectedly" appears.
    My system is a Mac Book Pro 15,2 from 2019 with Intel i5, installed OS is Sonoma 14.1.1
    Otherwise everything is going well so far, no performance problems, no battery problems etc...
    Does anyone here have a solution for my problem?
    Greetings Fabian

    1. Hello Fabian! This sounds like a corrupted settings file or something. You can test the following. Start once in safe mode (here the instructions at Apple Support). If that doesn't help, we would have to look for the file that could be responsible. But unfortunately I have an online meeting right away and won't be able to make it until later. Therefore, Safe Mode would be my first shot in the dark. 😊

  33. Hello! I installed the program and everything is fine, only the photos didn't sync and now I can't find the photos and videos from all these years!!!!! what can I do?
    Thank you

    1. Hello Melissa! Do you use iCloud Photo Library or just the local library on Mac? If it's the photo library via iCloud, then I would deactivate it under System Settings → Apple ID above → iCloud → Photos and then reactivate it after a restart. But then it takes some time until everything is loaded from iCloud again. But gradually everything should appear again.

      1. Hi Jen… I did what you said but nothing happened!!!! I'll wait 24 hours to see if it loads...
        but I don't even see the circular signal that shows you it's loading...

  34. Hallo,
    Does anyone know the problem that the Bluetooth settings can no longer be opened?
    I have several Macs here and one (MBP M1 13″) always says “This setting was configured by a profile”. I can't add new devices and I can't turn off BT, it's grayed out. This works on the other Macs with the same AppleID (all Sonoma)

    1. Hello Marc! Now if only you knew what the Mac means by “through a profile”. Could it be that the Macs are managed by an MDM system, which companies often use to service Macs remotely? VG, Jens

      1. Hi Jens,
        Thanks for your answer. The Mac is not managed centrally. It seems to be related to screen time restrictions. However, I have already deactivated everything that concerns it, without success. And the other Macs with the same AppleID don't do that. I also went and created a local admin profile without AppleID, but the dot still remains gray. I'm afraid I'll have to reset the MB...

        1. Hello Marc! Ah, screen time is a good indication. What happens if you reactivate this and then deactivate it again? Maybe something was just saved incorrectly? But if that doesn't help, resetting would definitely be a solution. But it's a shame if you have to do the work.

          1. Hi Jens,
            I reinstalled the MB, it also has something cleaning :-) Now the setting can be changed again. Thank you very much for your help.

  35. Aloha,
    I have an external DELL monitor attached to my M1 Macbook.
    After installing Sonoma, the dock and menu bar only appear on the main screen and no longer appear on both monitors. How do I get the dock on both?

    1. Hello Caro! If you want to see the dock on both monitors, this is only possible if you mirror the internal monitor to the external one (i.e. both display the same content). As soon as you use the external monitor as a second, independent monitor, you have to specify which is the main monitor under System Settings → Displays. And this is the only one that shows the dock. LG. Jens

    2. With the screens side by side and the dock at the bottom, the following works:
      First, the Dock will appear on the main screen.
      If you then move the mouse pointer to the bottom edge of the secondary screen, where the dock normally is, the dock will appear there and disappear on the main monitor. The same thing then works again on the main monitor or on other connected monitors.
      It doesn't matter whether the dock is shown or hidden.


  36. Hey Jens,

    I did a quick research.
    This works if in the system settings
    * Desk & Dock
    * Mission Control (at the bottom)
    * Monitors use different spaces
    is activated.


    1. Hello Christian! Thanks for the tip. I was already at the option, but I didn't understand what that had to do with “Mission Control” and “Spaces”. But whatever. Thanks for taking the trouble to look it out! LG, Jens

      1. Hello Jens, hello Christian,
        Thank you very much for your research. Christian, what you described sounds like an elegant solution - but it doesn't work for me. The dock no longer wants to show up on the second monitor.
        Probably an unfortunate combination of system settings?! :-(

        1. Hello Caro,

          After you have activated the “Monitors use different Spaces” setting, you must log out and log in again or restart the Mac for this to take effect.


  37. Hello everyone, it's going to be difficult but I'll try.

    After upgrading to Sonoma 14.2 on the MacBook Air 2023 M2, the external screen, a Samsung LU28R550UQ, which had no problem until today - 3 months ago - goes into standby after about 10 minutes!
    I checked the settings of the screen and computer and heard from technical support on the phone: tests, ticks, diagnostics, 3 mornings, 3 employees with the final suggestion to go to service. Sent in and picked up again with the result that the Mac has no problems. Tried the screen with the iMac and no problem, changed HDMI cable... and more. Help!

    Thank you for your attention.

    1. Hello Giovanni! Phew, yes, I've heard something like that from someone before. But there it was the HDMI cable. But since you've already tried it, it must be something else. Can you connect the monitor to another port? Or does it only have HDMI?

  38. Hello Jens, I will buy an HDMI-USBC cable and try it out tomorrow morning.
    Last night when the screen went into standby mode for the first time, I unplugged the HDMI jack from the screen and plugged it back in and everything went fine, it didn't turn off anymore! But this morning after turning on normally, after the usual 10 minutes or so, it went back into standby mode....I might as well throw Sonoma in the trash!!!

    Thanks Jens
    ps: ok, the old message is correct.

    1. Hello Giovanni! I know your original text was in Italian, but I need to translate all comments into German so that the automatic translation into the other languages ​​runs smoothly. It's nice if it works with the cable. I hope it continues to work! LG, Jens

  39. Hi Jen, I replied to you this morning but the reply disappeared.
    I compared an HDMI-USBC cable connected directly to the Macbook Air. The problem seems to have gone away, but the screen runs at 30Hz whereas before it ran at 50Hz. now there is only the 30Hz option… one seems solved, another is born.
    If anyone understands anything, thank you in advance.

    Thanks Jen

    1. Hello Giovanni! Ok, that could also be the cable. There are different “versions” that support different frequencies. But if it works at 30 Hz, I'm relatively sure that it's just a question of the cable. LG. Jens

  40. Hello, since the last update of Sonoma 14.1.2, when I wake up the Mac after standby, the icons of the connected hard drives are no longer in the position they were in before standby. I tried some options given by Mostar vista options but nothing.

    1. Hello Gjk63! I assume it's a defective one plist file, in which the Mac otherwise remembers the position. You should look under /Library/Preferences/ for these files: and Take these two and move them to the desktop so they are out of the Preferences folder. Then restart the Mac. If you don't know how to get to the Library folder, you can read these instructions.

  41. Hello!.
    I recently updated my MacBook Air to Sonoma 14.3 and since then I have been unable to record audio or at least video audio using either QuickTime Player or Tap Recorder. Do you know a solution to this problem?

    I thank you,
    With kind regards,

    1. Hello! No, the problem is new to me. I also installed Sonoma and just used QuickTime Player yesterday. I think something went wrong with the update. It's best to start the Mac again in recovery mode and simply install macOS Sonoma over it again. Sometimes it works. What happens when you start QuickTime Player?

  42. Good morning!
    Can anyone help me, since I upgraded my MacBook Air M1 with Sonoma I can no longer print PDFs from Acrobat. I get a first pop-up with the error message “The document cannot be printed”, then when I give OK the second and final pop-up appears with the following error message “No page selected to print”.

    Ich is danke.

  43. Good morning together.

    I installed iOS Sonoma and since then I can no longer open my emails. When I try to open Apple Mail, it starts a “Mail refresh”, doesn’t load completely and then closes. It doesn't load completely and then closes. I can not open it.

    Kind regards, thank you

  44. Hello! I installed Ventura with OpenCore Legacy on a Macbook Pro 2011, then the same system offered me to upgrade to Sonoma and I said let's try... and to my surprise it works much better than expected (Intel CoreI7, 16 GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD should help). But there was just one “strange” detail, so to speak: when I go to “About This Mac,” it says I only have 3MB of video. Will that be possible? It can be configured?
    It should be noted that I only use it for office tools, internet, Spotify and a few other things... I don't ask much of it.

    1. I mean, I've seen other people on Reddit with weird information. There seems to be a bug there at the moment, if I understand correctly. I'm sure you have more video RAM. 😊

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