macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 is available for download

macOS Big Sur is available for download

The backup is done and at the end of the day Apple - as announced - makes the new operating system available for download. macOS Big Sur appears directly in version 11.0.1, as the first bug fixes were included in the release. With a total of 12,8 GB, the download is unfortunately not exactly small either, but luckily we're not in a hurry ...

The download of macOS Big Sur is now available for download on the Apple servers.

The download of macOS Big Sur is now available for download on the Apple servers.

Download time: about 3 days ;-)

It's funny. As soon as the macOS update appears, the Internet immediately looks as if it were clogged. Many Mac users obviously want to be right at the forefront to deal with the first teething problems of the new macOS. And although Apple certainly did not save with its 100 million euro CDN, the first day of the release there are always these bad download values.

About 3 days?!? I have great hope that it will finish loading tonight and that I can install it tomorrow.

About 3 days?!? I have great hope that it will finish loading tonight and that I can install it tomorrow.

In my case, the progress bar now shows that the download will still take about 3 days. A little longer and my new M1-MacBook Pro including Big Sur is delivered here before downloading. : D

Tip: Back up the installer before updating

A little tip for people who may have to update other Macs and don't want to wait that long again: Don't start the backup directly, just let the Mac download it. This works by looking in "System Settings"> "Software Update"> "Additional Options" and unchecking "Install macOS Updates".

When the update is loaded, you will find the file in the "Applications" folder ... Presumably under the name "macOS Big Sur Installer". You can now drag this to another folder with the ALT key pressed so that a copy of the file is created there. This can then be used to update other Macs to Big Sur in the future.


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  1. peter bird says:

    Is there a way to suppress the daily reminder if you don't want to switch to BigSur?

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hi Peter! I think you can do this by going to System Preferences> Software Update and then unchecking "Automatically update my Mac". You can test it to see if it helps! : D

  2. peter bird says:

    That's exactly why the message comes up that I should do the update (could. But I don't want to yet ...

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      How do you mean "exactly because of that"?!? If you uncheck the box, the messages should no longer come.

      • peter bird says:

        If there is a check mark, the Mac will do the update on its own. When I take it off, he asks me every day if I want to do it now, in an hour, tonight or tomorrow. He doesn't know the alternative "not at the moment".
        That was already the case with Catalina, and I think I can remember that there was a system intervention to suppress these reports.

        • Jen Kleinholz says:

          Hi Peter! No, you don't need a terminal. But you would have to remove the first tick in "Software update" under "More options ...", next to "Check for updates". Then he shouldn't look any more. I hope he then forgets that he has found it before. : D Please give me feedback. In a pinch, I'll look again for the terminal command.

          • peter bird says:

            Thanks, helped. Only the red badge remains.
            The terminal command doesn't seem to work anymore. I can speak English, but I can't interpret the message:
            sudo / usr / sbin / softwareupdate –ignore "macOS Big Sur"
            Ignored updates:

            Software Update can only ignore updates that are eligible for installation.
            If the label provided to ignore is not in the above list, it is not eligible
            to be ignored.

            Ignoring software updates is deprecated.
            The ability to ignore individual updates will be removed in a future release of macOS.

          • Jen Kleinholz says:

            Hi Peter! Yes, I read through some articles today and Apple seems to have deliberately pulled the plug. The terminal command was overridden ... so it no longer works. :(

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