macOS Big Sur 11.3 update available - you should know that

macOS Big Sur 11.3 update

The new update to macOS 11.3 for the Mac operating system macOS Big Sur has been available for a few days. It was only suggested to me yesterday by the Mac itself and appeared as a red pin in the system extensions. Once again I'm a few days “late” in reporting, but I'm happy to write my own experience with the update in the article. I hope you can get over the delay.

The new macOS 11.3 update also contains security updates, so from my point of view it is an important update.
The new macOS 11.3 update also contains security updates, so from my point of view it is an important update.

macOS 11.3 installation without side effects

I installed the new macOS last night and so far I have not seen any problems worth mentioning. Here are a few things that I noticed during the installation:

  • Duration approx. 15 minutes (on my MacBook Pro 13 inch M1)
  • Size: 5,71 GB
  • instead of restarting, the Mac simply shut down after the update
  • my external monitor stays dark until I connect the cable between mine Sonnet Echo 11 Thunderbolt Dock and unplugged and plugged in the Mac

Otherwise everything works as before and shows no strange side effects. If something strange happened to you, I would appreciate your feedback as a comment. This often helps other readers to classify errors on their Mac.

Apple also informs about the new features of the update for macOS 11.3.
Apple also informs about the new features of the update for macOS 11.3.

What's new in macOS Big Sur 11.3?

Apple itself provides the following text with the new features for the update:

macOS Big Sur 11.3 11.3 - Restart required

macOS Big Sur 11.3 now includes AirTag support, includes iPhone and iPad app improvements for Mac computers with M1 chips, and supports separate skin colors for emojis that show pairs.

AirTag and app "Where is?"

  • AirTag support for private and secure tracking and finding of important objects such as keys, wallet or backpack in the "Where is?" App
  • Network for the “Where is?” App with millions of devices to support the search for an AirTag - even if it is not nearby
  • In "Lost" mode you will be notified when your AirTag is found and you can enter a phone number where you can be reached

iPhone and iPad apps on Mac computers with the M1 chip

  • Option to resize an iPhone and iPad app window
  • Support for displaying the highest resolution versions of an iPhone or iPad app in full screen mode
  • Keyboard support for iPhone and iPad games designed for use when the device is tilted
  • Keyboard, mouse, and trackpad support for iPhone and iPad games that support game controllers


  • Support of separate skin colors for individuals in all variations of the emoji "kissing couple" and "couple with a heart"
  • New emoji faces, heart emojis and "woman with a beard" emoji

Apple Music

  • The automatic playback ensures that a similar song is automatically played at the end of a song or a playlist, so that the music continues to play
  • City charts show which titles are currently popular in more than 100 cities around the world


  • The pages for the programs in the “Podcasts” app have been redesigned and make listening easier
  • For quick access, episodes can be loaded and automatically added to your library and saved
  • Download behavior and settings for notifications can be adjusted separately for each podcast
  • Charts and popular categories in the search function make it easier to discover new programs


  • The order of the sections on the start page can now be adjusted
  • Using an additional WebExtensions API, developers can offer extensions that replace the new start page
  • Developers can use the Web Speech API to integrate speech recognition into their websites to enable extended subtitles, dictation and voice navigation in real time
  • Support for the WebM audio / video format and Vorbis audio format


  • Option to sort the "Today" smart list
  • Support for synchronizing the order of reminders in lists across all of your devices
  • Option to print reminder lists


  • Support for Xbox Series X | S wireless controllers or Sony PS5 DualSense ™ wireless controllers

Mac computer with an M1 chip

  • Support for hibernation

About this Mac

  • If you're signed in with your Apple ID, the About This Mac Service tab shows Apple warranty status and AppleCare + coverage status
  • Assistance with purchasing and registering AppleCare + for qualifying Mac computers in About This Mac

This version also fixes the following issues:

  • Reminders created with Siri were mistakenly scheduled for the early hours of the morning
  • The iCloud Keychain could not be turned off
  • The AutoSwitch feature was routing audio from the AirPods to the wrong device
  • The notifications for the "Auto switch" function were missing or duplicated on the AirPods
  • External 4K monitors connected via USB-C may not be displayed in full resolution
  • After restarting a Mac mini (M1, 2020), the login window was not displayed correctly in some cases
  • The dwell function did not work on the accessibility keyboard

Some features may not be available in all countries or regions, or on all Apple devices, and require an Apple ID.

You can find detailed information about this update on the following website:

For detailed information on the security content of this update, please visit the following website:

There are also a number of bug fixes and corrections to system functions such as gatekeepers and file quarantine. These errors made it possible, for example, to execute malicious code on the Mac.

Most of the time, the Mac already shows the available update with a red pin next to the system extensions in the dock.
Most of the time, the Mac already shows the available update with a red pin next to the system extensions in the dock.

Instructions: Install macOS update

Actually, it probably doesn't need any more instructions, as most Mac users already know how it works. For the Mac newbies, I would like to briefly mention it here:

  • Call up system settings
  • then switch to software update
  • the update will probably already be displayed there
  • A restart is necessary for the installation, so please save everything before you press the "Install" button

My conclusion on the macOS Big Sur 11.3 update

I would see it as an important update that should be installed, if only because of the security bug fixes. For everyone who already has one Pack AirTags ordered it is a prerequisite to be able to use the Apple trackers on the Mac anyway.

Since nothing failed or showed any problems after the update, I tend to recommend an installation. If something went wrong with you, please leave a comment.

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8 Responses to “macOS Big Sur 11.3 update available – you should know that”

  1. C. Matthias Patt

    Had problems with the internet connection after the update, occasionally Firefox went quite well, Safari was completely paralyzed, I called Apple Support, they recommended a system reinstallation from the recovery partition, I did nothing changed, then I noticed that the helper Lulu was to blame.

    1. Thanks for the hint. Also have a sluggish behavior this morning. In the FRITZ! Box I saw that I was connected to 2.4 GHz and only a fifth of the bandwidth.
      I then decided to do the same thing in the office as I did two weeks ago in the home office: set up a HomeKit-capable mesh access point via LAN. Use the Linksys Velop. There is an attitude that the WLAN can be secured extremely well. Telekom's digitization box no longer recognizes anything, only the Velop. Neither the iPhone, with which I access the digitization box, nor when I do the same with my MacMini M1 or MBP15.
      The advantage of the Velop: I can prioritize certain clients.

      But now I look at LuLu first, I suspected BlockBlock, but that only looks at suspicious typing in my system.

      Thank you for pointing out LuLu

  2. Christian Hehensteiner

    I'm not that happy with the update to 11.3.
    My MB Pro built in 2014 connects to the Fritzbox, but does not load the pages, it only works after I reset the WiFi connection and start it again. In addition, the Bubbleshooter game is extremely stuck, after each "shot" the "Sat-2 Wheel of Fortune" appears for about 3-1 seconds and the balls don't disappear. Unfortunately, reinstalling didn't help.

    1. Jen Kleinholz

      Hello Christian! That's annoying. Do you have an anti-virus plugin running? Sometimes they dig in when the macOS has changed a bit. LG

      1. Christian Hehensteiner

        Hello Jens, thank you, but I don't use an extra anti-virus app on my Mac, just what Apple provides within the operating system.

        1. Christian Hehensteiner

          Hello Jens, after the latest BigSur update from yesterday, my game is running perfectly again and the WiFi connection seems to be better again, at least since yesterday. But Big Sur now needs more than 3,3 hours to copy 3.0 GB to a USB 15 stick and stops shortly before the end. Then had to reformat the stick on another Mac with 10.13. I'm really thinking about whether to flatten the box and reinstall 10.13 or 10.14, they went much better.

          1. Jen Kleinholz

            Hi Christian! That sounds more like a quirk of the USB stick. I often have copies that even break off. Big Sur runs fine for me ... can't complain.

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