macOS Big Sur - these apps are not running or are incompatible

List of programs that will not work with macOS Big Sur

I was finally able to install Big Sur after the download kept me waiting for ages. Before I could actually install macOS Big Sur, an error occurred during the installation - probably caused by many disconnections. But that's a story for another post ...

Feel free to add a comment in this post which apps you no longer run with macOS Big Sur.

Feel free to add a comment in this post which apps you no longer run with macOS Big Sur.

Which apps are compatible?

The first difficulties have been overcome and now it's time to check which software runs properly with macOS Big Sur and which software still causes problems. I have put both "types" in separate lists and written the version numbers and notes, if there is something to explain.

If you like this list, I look forward to your participation to fill it up further. If you have certain problems with programs, please use the comment function to tell me what is not working with and which version it is - I will then add it to this list.

The Parallels Desktop error message was provoked by me because I did not install the latest version that is compatible with macOS Big Sur.

The Parallels Desktop error message was provoked by me because I did not install the latest version that is compatible with macOS Big Sur.

[-] Mac apps not working yet

Fortunately, the list of programs that are incompatible is still quite manageable for me. I haven't tried all of my apps yet, but you might notice a few more programs.

  • Parallels Desktop - Version 15.1.4 (Parallels Desktop 16 works)
  • Carbon Copy Cloner - Version 5.1.22 (Carbon Copy Cloner cannot currently create bootable backups of Big Sur startup volumes because of a bug in macOS)
  • Unlock Mac with Apple Watch does not work (reported several times) - Solution: log out of iCloud and log back in and then use the "Unlock with Apple Watch" function in System Preferences> Security reactivate.
  • Phrase Express - Version 3.0.31 (will not be further developed)
  • Dozer from Mortennn
  • VPN to the office via FRITZ! Box no longer works (reader message)
  • DramaQueen - on request there is a beta from the developers

I am also happy to create a section for peripheral devices that no longer work with macOS Big Sur because there are no suitable drivers or other technical problems exist.

[+] Mac apps. that work

  • Dashlane - version 6.2044.0
  • SpamSieve - Version 2.9.40 (you have to reactivate the plugin in Apple Mail)
  • Mailbutler - Version 3410 (you have to reactivate the plugin in Apple Mail)
  • Bear - version 1.7.21
  • BBEdit - version 13.5.2
  • Transmit - version 5.6.7
  • Tyme 2 - version 2019.21
  • WhatsApp - version 2.2043.22
  • Microsoft 365 Word
  • Sublime Text - version 3.2.2
  • Firefox - version 82.0.3
  • Yojimbo - version 3.0.4
  • Adobe Photoshop - Version 22.0.0
  • News Explorer - version 1.9.11
  • Tweetbot for Mac - version 3.4.3
  • Things - version 3.13.3
  • Mail Designer - version 2
  • ScanSnap Home - Version 1.9.1
  • iStat Menus - Version 6.5.1 (optimized for Apple Silicon)

[+] Devices that are still working

  • ScanSnap iX500 - my beloved document scanner still works perfectly with the ScanSnap Home software

Strange problems with apps when using them

I noticed some strange things that can probably be described as minor bugs. They don't make working with the apps impossible, but I found the behavior strange enough to briefly describe it here.

Adobe Photoshop 21

  • If I type a lot of non-breaking spaces (ALT + space bar) with the text tool in a row, the Siri window opens and I suddenly start typing in it.

Notes app

  • Note from a reader: Adding a link to a note in the Notes app without inviting someone is no longer possible. I can no longer invite myself either. I used this to quickly jump back and forth between the individual notes using links.

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  1. Klaus says:

    today I took a chance and downloaded Big Sur. Went without any problems, took about half an hour. Everything went fine, no problems so far. Sparkle has updated itself, the Adobe programs run flawlessly, the Microsoft apps too.
    The only thing that doesn't work is access to with VPN, because the connection is denied. But that has always been the case, has nothing to do with Big Sur. What's going on, Jens ???


    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Klaus! Hmmmm ... you ask me something. Personally, I have not installed a lock. But if you have the time, we can investigate the cause. Would it be ok if I email you directly? I'm interested in why that doesn't work ...: D

  2. Renato says:

    I'm still waiting with the upgrade to Big Sur for my "old" Macs, but we will get our first M1-MacBook Air in the household next week or two! Big Sur is on it anyway, and then I can report on (in) compatibilities ... :)

    Just like that, in case this is not yet known - I have been using a very useful website / app for many years in "upgrade phases":

    It also lives from the contributions of its community - it would be nice if the list that is created here also finds its way there ... :)


    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Renato! Thanks for the reference. This is a pretty well-maintained and professionally-made site. Since my little list can wrap up. : D But I'll keep it online anyway. LG

  3. Thomas D says:

    Unlocking Mac with AppleWatch does not work. Seems like a bug. Isn't it just me the way I found out ????

  4. Michael Rabus says:

    Adding a link to a note in the Notes app without inviting someone is no longer possible. I can no longer invite myself either. I used this to quickly jump back and forth between the individual notes using links.

  5. Jochen says:

    I started the update yesterday morning. Download time 12 minutes. The installation was also very quick. Unlocking with the Apple Watch (latest model) worked immediately. No problem!

    Jens, by the way, access to your site with VPN (via the iPad) works for me without any problems.

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Jochen! Thank you for your feedback - also because of the VPN. I assume my host has blocked some IPs from well-known VPNs if they were doing weird too often. The download time of 12 minutes makes me a little jealous. : D But it's great that everything works fine for you! It seems to me that there are fewer complaints than with the Catalina update.

  6. Chartie says:

    I'm having problems with the Dozer menu bar tool.
    He no longer remembers the configuration.

    If someone knows better menu bar tools that make it possible to sort the many symbols / folders -> please let me know

    And with Phrase Express V 3.0.31. But that is not the latest version either.
    And it is no longer updated because the annual costs are too high for me.

  7. Uwe says:

    I use iStat menus. Available in the Mac App Store. According to this page, it has already been adapted to BigSur:

  8. Jochen says:

    DramaQueen (writing program) is not yet running on Big Sur. Update is in progress. A download link for a beta version is available on request.

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Jochen! Thanks for the information. I'll add in a moment. But DramaQueen looks very interesting. I've never heard of ... probably because I don't write scripts or things like that, but it's very exciting what kind of tools it offers. : D

  9. Adrian Nettemeyer says:

    the VPN problem exists. Seats connected to AVM and Apple. Allegedly it is due to the wrong encryption of the Fritz! Box. Let's wait. I shared all diagnostic data and logs with both manufacturers.

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Adrian!

      I'm curious about that. : D Let's see what comes out ... probably everyone blames it on the other ... as always in such cases.

  10. Adrian Nettemeyer says:

    Hi Jens,

    the problem seems to be with the encryption for VPN under Big Sur. Look here: But there should be a way to bypass this information from an employee of AVM. I am waiting for the analysis there. Have another phone appointment with Apple on Saturday. In any case, both take the problem seriously. I have several VPN connections that I need for work. Let's see what will come of it. Will give feedback here.

  11. Adrian Nettemeyer says:

    Hello dear comrades-in-arms, I found the error, of course, again without the help of Apple and AVM. I have reconnect to my VPNs. Have a look in the system settings under network, for example, whether there is an entry for your virus scanner and firewall product. Deactivate this service and the VPN is running again. At Intego it is called NetBarrier Extension. I can understand that on Mac. Now look a little deeper. Should I find further settings without completely deactivating the service, I will do this again.

    I hope I was able to help you here!



    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Adrian! Again and again these antivirus programs. They cause problems so often ... I can no longer count it by hand. And yet I never wonder whether something like that is having problems with the readers. : D Thanks for your hint! It will certainly help one or the other. LG, Jens

  12. Security expert says:

    Dashlane (import from CSV) does NOT work with Bigsure anymore.
    Support Dashlane confirms this and promises that Dashlane will ONLY exist as a web app in the future.
    (From a security architecture point of view completely meaningless and becomes a gateway for security issues)

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello! I already got the message in Dashlane to switch to the web thing. Now there is a website where you can access all of my logins and passwords. Great! : D Well, it is protected by two-factor authentication, but to me as a security layperson it still seems a little less secure than when encrypted files with my logins are in the iCloud. But so be it. I hope the real experts in the field will write something appropriate for Dashlane ... But thanks for your report!

  13. DramaQueen 3.1.0 runs on macOS 11.0.1 (20B50) ... without problems :-)
    Thanks for all the competent help on Big Sur!

    Heiko Idensen

  14. Andreas says:

    I completely rebuilt my Mac. Big Sur is on it now.
    The first app to be installed went wrong right away.
    StrongVPN does not appear to be compatible with Big Sur and is no longer offered on the AppStore.

  15. Horst Yourt says:

    Hello, under BigSur 11.01 does not work for me:

    EyeTv 3.0 (TV satellite receiver software; 4.0 must be bought new)

    Scanner driver for Canon lide 110 (flatbed); external solution (chargeable) Vuescan works

    Dosbox or Boxer (Dos game emulators), so far no solution

    Printer (driver?) For Samsung color laser printer C410, so far no solution (nothing printed comes out, but also no error message)

  16. Hartmut says:

    After updating under MACOs bigsur 1.2.2, Microsoft Excel no longer runs: "You do not have the necessary access rights to open the" Microsoft Excel "program. Contact your computer or network administrator." Offkine imac with internet connection. What should I do?

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Hartmut! I would try to install it again and possibly start it with the SHIFT key pressed (safe mode). These are such quirks that you can get away with. But for your information: What version of Excel do you have?

  17. With me (MacBook Air) the audio interface is no longer recognized after installing Big Sur. The internal loudspeaker and microphone no longer work and do not appear in the system settings. Everything worked with macOS Mojave and nothing was changed on the hardware. any idea?

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Gerhard! Are there maybe new drivers from the manufacturer? Otherwise I would try what happens to a new user. Whether it still doesn't work. Otherwise I would do a downgrade ... especially with audio equipment it is always tricky ...

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