macOS Big Sur: How to Participate in the Public Beta Program

Apple fans have been waiting for macOS 11.0 Big Sur since it was launched in June. If you want to use the operating system now, you can use the public beta. But how do you participate in Apple's public beta program? You can find the answer to this question as well as a few more information in this guide. Trying out the current beta of macOS Big Sur can help you, among other things, to know all the features for the release or not to take the official release with you due to problems and to stay with Catalina.

You finally want to test macOS 11.0 Big Sur? Then the Apple Beta Software Program is for you. You can find out where to find it and how to get the betas here. Apple Public Beta Program

You finally want to test macOS 11.0 Big Sur? Then the Apple Beta Software Program is for you. You can find out where to find it and how to get the betas here.

Find the Apple Beta Software Program here

The technology giant from Cupertino officially calls its offer to try out the upcoming operating systems "Apple Beta Software Program". This does not only apply to macOS, but also to iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS. In order to test one, several or all beta versions, you have to register - you can do this on this page: Of course, the offer is not only intended for the fun of fans, but to find bugs and errors in the beta versions of the systems. It says:

Help us make the next versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS even better. As a participant in the Apple Beta Software Program, you can help improve Apple software by pre-testing and sharing your experiences with us.

About macOS 11.0 Big Sur

The first time macOS Big Sur played a role here on the blog in June. At that time, Apple's first completely digital WWDC started with a keynote, in which macOS 11.0 was presented, among other things. In addition to the local information, you will also get a preview of the new Mac system through the Apple's preview page. 

Before you dive into the topic completely and register your Mac, iMac or MacBook so that you can run a preliminary version of Big Sur on it, you can check the compatibility of your computer with the new OS here: macOS Big Sur - These Mac models are compatible (detailed list).

Small FAQ about the Apple Public Beta program

Here you will find a few questions and answers that are important for or before participating in the beta program. A more extensive version of the collection of questions and answers on the topic is of course also available from Apple itself: here .

  • Is it free to test beta versions of Apple systems?
    Yes, there are no fees.
  • Do I lose my device warranty if I install a beta?
    No, the warranty provided by Apple remains in effect.
  • What is the Apple Public Beta Program for?
    The offer makes pre-release versions of operating systems available to those interested. The main purpose is to get feedback from these testers on the usability and quality of the current build. Based on the feedback, the version ultimately published will be better and (hopefully) almost bug-free.
  • That means the macOS, iOS and other betas can have bugs?
    Yes, that's why it's still a beta and not yet a system in the release. From serious bugs (in early versions) to smaller, but also annoying bugs, everything can be included. It is possible that the Mac will not work properly with a beta.
  • So a backup before the installation is recommended?
    In any case. Whether Time Machine or another type of data backup, you should make sure that in case of doubt you can easily get back to Catalina or your other source system.
  • How do I get the public beta of a system?
    You get the beta of an operating system when you have logged in and registered your device (Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, etc.). As usual, new, improved beta versions are available as software updates after installation.
  • How do I report bugs and bugs to Apple?
    Using a tool called the “Feedback Assistant”, which is available in Betas as an app and on the Apple website in the browser. 
  • Is there a reward for finding and reporting bugs?
    No, as there is no obligation to participate in the program, there is also no remuneration.
  • Does this have anything to do with the developer program?
    No, the system test has nothing to do with the program for developers who can use it to develop and test apps.

If you have any further questions, I recommend the official Apple FAQ linked above.

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