macOS Catalina 10.15.4 update is available for download

What brings the Mac update to 10.15.4 - explained here

With a good 2,97 GB, the new update to macOS 10.15.4 is definitely not just a small bug fix, but a jump to a new version that also brings some new functions. What is new in detail can be found below in the changelog of the update that I copied from the installation window. The most important things in brief are right here:

The most important new features of 10.15.4

  • Sharing folders in iCloud Drive with other people
  • New function in the accessibility features, which allows the mouse pointer to be controlled by moving the head
  • Lyrics are now displayed in real time, just like you know from iOS
  • Universal apps: If you buy an app on the Mac, you automatically receive the version for the iPad or iPhone - or vice versa
The update of macOS is started via the system settings, which can usually be found in the dock.

The update of macOS is started via the system settings, which can usually be found in the dock.

How do I start the Mac update to macOS Catalina 10.15.4?

If you are still looking for macOS updates in the App Store, you are now on the wrong track, because Apple has placed the software updates for the operating system - as before - in the system settings. Here there is the button "Software update", which after a click also checks immediately whether a new update is available and suggests its installation.

You can find software updates for macOS via the system settings in the Finder.

You can find software updates for macOS via the system settings in the Finder.

Changelog of the macOS 10.15.4 update

With macOS Catalina 10.15.4, you get the ability to share iCloud Drive folders, set communication limits for "Screen Time", use a time-synchronized lyrics view in Apple Music, and more. The update also improves the stability, reliability, and security of your Mac.


  • Share iCloud Drive folders in Finder
  • Options to restrict access only to people you've specifically invited or allow anyone with a link to the folder
  • Access rights to choose who can make changes or upload files, or who can only read and download files

Screen time

  • Communication limits to control who your kids can communicate with and who can contact them during the day or during rest
  • Control how your kids play music videos


  • Time-synchronized lyrics view for Apple Music, including the ability to jump to your favorite part of a song by clicking a line in the lyrics view


  • Option to import Chrome passwords into your iCloud keychain for convenient auto-fill in your passwords in Safari and on all of your devices
  • The ability to duplicate tabs and close all tabs to the right of the current tab
  • Support for HDR playback of Netflix content on compatible computers

App Store with Apple Arcade

  • Support for Universal Purchase enables once purchased participating apps to be used on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac and Apple TV
  • Recently played arcade games are displayed in the Arcade tab so you can continue playing on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac and Apple TV

Pro XDR Display

  • Adapted reference modes that you can adapt to the requirements of special workflows by selecting different options for color gamut, white point, luminosity and transfer functions


  • Setting for head detection in order to be able to control a cursor precisely with head movements on the screen

This update also contains bug fixes and other improvements:

  • Output high-contrast (HDR) content to HDR10-compatible third-party displays and TVs that use DisplayPort or HDMI are connected
  • Support for OAuth authentication with accounts for greater security
  • Support for CalDav migration when upgrading to iCloud reminders on a second device
  • Resolves an issue where text copied between apps might not be visible when dark mode is on
  • Fixed an issue in Safari that resulted in CAPTCHA tiles to display incorrectly
  • Resolves an issue where Reminders might send notifications for completed reminders
  • Resolves an issue with screen brightness after waking from sleep for the LG UltraFine 5K display

Some features may not be available in all regions or on all devices. For detailed information on the content of this update, see:

For more information on the security aspects of this update, visit:

My recommendation for this update - install it or not?

After the first versions of Catalina caused quite a bit of chaos (take a look at this collection of Catalina problems), Apple seems to have fixed the worst bugs and to be able to concentrate on new functions.

When it comes to the question of whether you should install the update, I am always relatively confident with such "high" version numbers and would say that you can access this without hesitation. Due to the many reports from users who are still having problems with Catalina, I would definitely recommend a 1: 1 backup with Smart backup, Carbon Copy Cloner or Super Duper before performing the update.

I only got these warning windows after restarting macOS 10.15.4. The corresponding system extensions are part of software that I haven't used for ages, so it is not a problem if I remove them.

I only got these warning windows after restarting macOS 10.15.4. The corresponding system extensions are part of software that I haven't used for ages, so it is not a problem if I remove them.

In my case, the update took a good 25 minutes to install. After the restart came three new ones Warning messages about outdated system extensions high, which you could simply click away with "OK". So far everything has been stable for me, so I see no reason to warn you about the update.

If you installed the update and ran into problems, please leave a comment here for other readers to know.


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  1. PKL says:

    MacBookPro is not yet running around mid-2012 !!!

    The IconBadge in settings (software update) does not go away! However, no new updates are displayed. The battery ???? is down in no time and now and then the MacBook does not react for a few seconds ...

    I'm back to Mojave after Catalina upgrade ... now the second attempt. Maybe the older devices can no longer be expected?


    • sir appleot says:

      Hello! The Mac may index some photos or things right after the update. That would be a reason for the rapid battery drop as well as for the short failures. The utility "Activity Monitor" mostly provides information here about what he is doing. You can also see what draws the most battery.

    • PKL says:


      MacBook runs normally. Put to sleep! Wait until the lamp flashes.
      Key pressed, MacBook there immediately, mouse etc. reacts, apparently everything is fine. Then suddenly
      Within a few seconds, clicks on websites no reaction, clicks on apps or other
      If there is no response, the colored mouse pointer rotates and stops, everything frozen for approx. 5 seconds. After that everything was back to normal !!!

      • sir appleot says:

        Hello PKL! That sounds like a program that the Mac keeps starting in the background. The app will then probably smear (which is why the beach ball comes) and then the Mac restarts the program, etc.
        The best thing to do is to open the "Activity Monitor" utility and see who is generating such a high CPU load when the beach ball arrives. That already gives an indication of who the villain could be.

    • PKL says:

      Update: 02.04.20
      Downgrade to Mojave in progress!
      The problems have not improved! In addition to the bugs, the iCloud keeps bringing an error where I should check my access. Sync only partially possible. iCloud files are not syncing. Checking the iCloud also keeps failing. "Waiting battery" is constantly displayed! In Hybernate mode, the battery is empty within 1 hour. I have to test the battery again under Mojave. Should it really suddenly have a defect or was the function not available under Mojave ???????? ‍♂️ ...

      • sir appleot says:

        Hello PKL! Unfortunately, I don't know either. But I think if it says "wait battery" then the battery is probably over - no matter when it happened.

        • PKL says:


          yes it is unfortunately like that, battery maintenance also under Mojave! After 7 years it is okay that the battery only has 75% capacity. I'll stick with it, no problems under Mojave than under Catalina.

          Thanks for the support!

          • sir appleot says:

            Yes, 7 years is a long time for a battery. You can hardly complain about that. And: you're welcome!

  2. Tom says:

    After updating to 10.15.4, my iMac (Mid 2014, MacOS and programs run on an external SSD via USB 3.0) restarted.
    At the end there was an error message related to kernel problems. Unfortunately I no longer know the exact wording.
    I then reinstalled Catalina 10.15.3 and restored the system with Timemachine.
    This was the first time I had problems with updates.
    Now I'm not sure if I should try again.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Tom! Maybe these kernel issues were the warning windows I reported about? You could just click it away and everything worked. What exactly happened to you
      I would definitely try again. Some bugs have also been fixed ...

  3. Michael says:

    I still have no access to the USB storage device on my Fritzbox Cable 6591. The SMB3 "problem" has allegedly already been fixed by AVM in the laboratory version. In contrast to the "stable version", the finder can no longer see the Fritzbox under network at all.
    somehow everything isn't really fun anymore :-(

    • sir appleot says:

      I'm sorry. Have you ever confronted the AVM support with it? They should actually know what it depends on.

  4. Michael says:

    Thanks. Sure, by email and also on their YT channel ;-) They don't have any Mac specialists ... I actually wanted to rule out that it was Apple or whether there was a network tool with which one could narrow down the causes

  5. DHf. says:

    Hello after installing 10.15.4 I still have the unsolved problem that I do not have write access rights to the start disk. Apple support has not been able to change this either, despite multiple installations. I will be in contact with an Apple adviser again for the next few days. I hope he can solve the problem. Or someone here in the community already has a proposal for a solution?

  6. mollotov says:

    After several attempts to install the new iOS, the message that an update is available appears again after the installation. after trying ten times, I let it. why is that?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Mollotow! The post is about macOS, but you're writing from iOS. But it doesn't matter ... it usually helps to restart the device or simply start the installation again. The Mac or iPhone may then notice that the update has already been installed and switch off the display. And if it's about the Mac, maybe you can help this post which explains how to hide the update notice.

  7. Iris says:

    I'm urgently looking for help, I'm working on an iMac from mid-2015, and according to Apple, the computer should also be able to handle Catalina. I have 10.15.4 on it, with the latest update.
    My problem: the computer starts and runs normally for the time being. About two hours after starting it suddenly gets stuck, five seconds and then it restarts. I don't have super high computing power, according to cpu utilization I'm not even a third. Mostly Vectorworks, Mail and Safari are running. I suspect that it is due to the operating system, as we still have two identical iMacs in the office on which the same programs run smoothly. One has Yosemite and the other Catalina 10.15.3. Can it be that the latest Catalina Package is my problem? I can't compare it to "pre-Catalina-days" since I'm new to the office.
    Thank you!

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Iris! That is hard to say. You can install Catalina again with CMD + R when you reboot, but if it still stays with the reboot, I would rather guess a problem with the hardware that becomes noticeable when the heat rises slowly. But that's just a shot in the dark. You can also do a free check at the Hardware experts from Sadaghian have it done. If they find something, you will know.

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