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With macOS 10.15 Catalina, Apple released its latest operating system at the beginning of October 2019. On compatible models of the Mac, iMac and MacBook you can now install the new OS. However, as every year, there are also a few teething troubles on the Apple computer, which I would like to list for you below. If you know any other macOS Catalina problems and solutions that do not appear in the following list, please leave a comment. I will always expand the article if I come across something for it. For the sake of clarity, have a look at the table of contents of the article;)

Update 29.01.2020: Apple just released the update to 10.15.3. Read more here. I would recommend installing the update as it is sure to fix some issues.

Problems with Mojave: List of macOS 10.14 teething problems from 2018

Problems with macOS Catalina? Do you need help after installing macOS 10.15 because apps are not working, iCloud is spinning, Bluetooth is not responding or the Mac does not boot? Here is a list of macOS 10.15 Catalina problems and solutions for Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook.

Problems with macOS Catalina? Do you need help after installing macOS 10.15 because apps are not working, iCloud is spinning, Bluetooth is not responding or the Mac does not boot? Here is a list of macOS 10.15 Catalina problems and solutions for Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook.

Problems installing macOS Catalina

Besides the macOS 10.15 Catalina download that I already have discussed here Of course, various stumbling blocks can also be in the way during installation. If the Catalina installation doesn't work for you, there are a few ways to solve the problem. First and foremost, of course, to free up space on the Macintosh HD hard drive; because the new Apple operating system requires around 30 GB of memory. Otherwise there are the following options:

Install macOS Catalina in Safe Mode

  1. Shut down the computer (if necessary with a long press on the power button)
  2. Turn it on again and hold the Shift key while booting
  3. Safe Mode starts with the Apple logo on a gray background; then run the Catalina Installer

A little hint: Press cmd + L during the installation process to see if the installation is still running and how long it will take.

Solve Catalina installation problems with PRAM Reset / SMC Reset

On the Apple Mac you can, among other things, reset the Random Access Memory (PRAM) or the System Management Controller (SMC) parameter. What this all means and how the resets work, I have summarized for you here: Instructions: NVRAM, PRAM and SMC reset on Mac - reset to solve problems. Take a look at it; To repeat the information there here would go beyond the scope.

« Inset »If you are interested in MagSafe on the new iPhone 12: I measured it again and found a shockingly poor charging performance. Read more here in my post about the metrics on MagSafe.

Mac does not boot / boot after Catalina installation

Of course, the installation can also run completely smoothly, but the start of the system may then be faulty. If your Apple computer does not boot properly or does not want to boot properly, first force the shutdown and then switch it on again. Immediately press cmd + R to boot in recovery mode. When the loading bar appears, you can release the buttons again. From the Utilities menu window, you then open the Disk Utility. 

Select the Start Volume, i.e. the hard disk from which the system will be started, in the left bar of the Disk Utility. In most cases this will be the “Macintosh HD”. Click on it with the secondary click or right-click and select the menu item "Start first aid ..." In the window that asks again whether you want to execute the process, click on the "Execute" button. When the repair is complete, the Mac will restart normally; that should work now.

The Apple Mac does not boot properly after Catalina upgrade - the solution can be to repair the hard drive in Disk Utility.

macOS Catalina freezes at the login screen

If you want to start your freshly installed Apple operating system and it freezes on the login screen, there is also a solution. The reason can be kernel extensions that come from third-party manufacturers - so-called kexts. A clean Catalina start can be achieved if you move its library folder to a backup folder in the safe mode described above. You can find the kexts in ~/Library/Extensions on the Mac hard drive. Just use the following Port-Command that moves the folder to your user directory:

mkdir ~ / Extensions-Backup && sudo mv / Library / Extensions / * ~ / Extensions-Backup /

General approaches to solving Mac problems

In the following I have listed solutions for many individual problems that can occur after upgrading the Apple Mac to macOS 10.15 Catalina. In general, however, you should always try the following before:

  • If the app is on strike, quit it (cmd + Q) and restart it
  • Restart your Mac if the system is slow or has malfunction
  • If the computer is still slow, the Activity indicator open and end CPU-hungry processes (see below)

macOS Catalina apps are not working

If restarting the Mac app in question, restarting the computer, and other common measures don't work, there's a problem. Perhaps the reason the macOS Catalina apps are not working is their 32-bit architecture. Because only 64-bit apps are supported under the new operating system. You can find a guide to this with this link. You can find out which of your apps is 32-bit and which operates with 64-bit:

  1. On the  symbol click in the menu bar
  2. Subsequently About this Mac choose
  3. In the "Overview" tab click on the "System report ..." button
  4. In the left menu bar under Software the point Programme choose
  5. Explore the list that appears on the right
Old 32-bit apps won't work on macOS 10.15 Catalina. This is how you can find out which of your programs have a 64-bit architecture.

Old 32-bit apps won't work on macOS 10.15 Catalina. This is how you can find out which of your programs have a 64-bit architecture.

By the way, the solution here is: update the software. Because if the development of the software is still active, there should be an app update to maintain compatibility. If it is an old program for which there is no support or further development, you need - if there is one - an emulator for 32-bit apps. Or another app that takes over the tasks of the outdated software.

External hard drive, mouse, keyboard or printer are not recognized

If peripherals connected via USB or Bluetooth do not work after the Catalina upgrade, this is probably due to their drivers. If the hard drive connected via USB, the mouse or keyboard or the printer do not respond, this could be due to a 32-bit driver that is no longer supported. You can find an update via the App Store, among other things. Alternatively, you can write to the developer (s) if you cannot find an update notice or a new driver on their website either. 

Mac runs slowly after upgrading to macOS 10.15

It is to be expected that some Macs will become slower after the macOS 10.15 upgrade. If your Apple computer runs slowly after installing Catalina, it could be due to one or two solvable reasons. The first one goes by the name fileproviderd and is a system process. Since the new operating system exchanges a lot of data with web processes (e.g. cloud storage), the fileproviderd Process - especially at the beginning, when the new system is synchronized with the web services - together with the mds Process 80% to 100% CPU demand. You can locate the processes, examine them for CPU performance and terminate them in the Activity display (called "Task Manager" in Windows)which you can find on the Launchpad. 

Further solution: Deactivate / uninstall browser extensions

Browser extensions in Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can also cause problems and slow down the Mac. Especially if the browser or its extensions are not yet designed for the current system. How to deactivate extensions in the three web programs:

  • Safari: In the menu bar Safari and then Safari extensions ... click to manage or update the extensions
  • Chrome: Top right on the three points click on in the menu More tools click and then Extensions choose; Deactivate or remove the extensions there
  • Firefox: At the top right on the three strokes Click on Add-ons (puzzle piece icon) click and then left Extensions choose; now manage the list entries

macOS 10.15 Catalina and Microsoft OneDrive do not cooperate

When Microsoft OneDrive If it doesn't work on Catalina, there is a simple solution. I can't 100% confirm the solution works, but other sources say it does. The solution to this Catalina problem lies in creating the connection again:

  1. Disconnect the OneDrive
  2. Log out of the client app (exit app)
  3. Remove the OneDrive folder from the Mac hard drive
  4. Put the whole thing back on again
  5. Alternatively, contact Microsoft support

Pairing Mac and iPad via Sidecar does not work

With “Sidecar”, Apple has created a proprietary option for using the iPad as a second Mac, iMac or MacBook screen. The Apple Pencil can also be used in Mac apps and the iPad can be used as a graphics tablet. This should work with the new iPadOS and macOS Catalina - but it doesn't always do. Sidecar may not work for you because your Mac is too old. Models from before 2015 are not supported per se: iMac from the Late 2015 model, iMac Pro from 2017, MacBook from Early 2016, MacBook Air from Late 2018, MacBook Pro from Mid 2016, Mac mini from Late 2018, Mac Pro from 2019. 

But there is a solution that can work on older Mac models. This again consists of a command for the terminal. If you want to try to use Sidecar on a Mac older than the one listed above, try this command line:

defaults write allowAllDevices -bool YES

Sidecar does not work despite a compatible Mac and iPad

Do you have a newer Apple computer and a Sidecar compatible iPad, and Sidecar still doesn't work? Then try first to solve the second monitor function with a cable connection. Connect the iPad to your Mac by cable and try again. If that doesn't work, disconnect the cable again, delete the WiFi settings on the computer, dial in to the WiFi again and try again to establish a wireless sidecar connection. You can find the WiFi settings and the option to remove a network like this:

  1. The  symbol click in the menu bar
  2. In the roll-down menu System settings ... choose
  3. In the overview on Network here
  4. On the button More options… here
  5. Select WiFi network and click on the - Click (minus sign)

Then try to establish a sidecar connection with the iPad.

Find known WLAN networks and disconnect or delete the saved settings - this is possible in the network overview.

Find known WLAN networks and disconnect or delete the saved settings - this is possible in the network overview.

Download from iCloud folder does not work on Catalina

The integration of iCloud and other web services is one of those sources that always leads to bugs in a new Apple operating system. Until there is a patch with an update version (macOS 10.15.1 or later), there is not much that can be done here. If you cannot download iCloud folders as a whole, then open the said folder and download the files from it individually. That should work.

It can also help to back up the folders locally (copy everything one by one to new folders on the hard drive), then delete the iCloud folders and recreate them. In some cases, the download of entire folders should work if the folders were recreated in iCloud after the Catalina upgrade. It depends on a try ...

Music app or music directory freeze / not respond

The previous operating system, macOS 10.14 Mojave, was the last with iTunes. In the new system, the music app comes along and wants to trill the tracks on the hard drive. If that doesn't work, the app freezes, the search for music files runs endlessly and no progress can be seen, or if other problems occur, there is a solution. Because the problems can arise from obsolete Mojave caches. To solve this Catalina problem, do the following:

  1. Copy your music to a backup folder and delete it from the music folder
  2. Opens ~ / Library (folder on the system hard drive) 
  3. There deletes all elements with the names "Music" or "Music" and "iTunes"
  4. Open ~ / Library / Caches (also on Macintosh HD) and do the same
  5. Restart your Mac and move the saved music back to the Music folder

Following this procedure, new cache files and directories that work should be created. The music app should then run without any problems.

Too many notices and warnings are displayed

Unfortunately, this is a problem that you have to live with for the time being. Because the increased security of the system is responsible for the many warning notices, approvals for individual processes and the like; there is no workaround. Either you have agreed to everything (yes, App XYZ can access the calendar, and yes, Safari can save the download of the ABC page, ...) or there is a patch for it. We shall see which applies first.

Bluetooth doesn't work in macOS 10.15 Catalina

The problem also seems to exist every time an Apple operating system has been upgraded. But don't worry if Bluetooth doesn't work with Catalina. There is a solution for this: simply delete the Bluetooth.plist files. This is not a problem, as they are automatically recreated - ideally so that the radio connection works afterwards. And this is how you proceed:

  1. Opens the Finderso that its window is active
  2. Click in the menu bar Go to and then Go to the folder ...
  3. Get to the folder ~ /Library / Preferences bring 
  4. Deletes the file named
  5. Restarts the Mac and tries to establish a connection

Doesn't that help yet? Then take a look at this more detailed guide: Bluetooth Problems on Mac - 4 Measures That Can Help! There you will also find the instructions for resetting the Bluetooth module on the Mac.

Safari extensions have stopped working

With macOS 10.15 Catalina, Apple is taking a further step in the convergence of the computer operating system and the iOS and iPadOS mobile systems. As a result, some extensions for the Safari web browser are no longer supported if they are based on the WebExtensions format. This is the case with .safariextz files. There is no direct solution to this, only the option of using a different browser in which the extensions or their substitutes work. I have listed above how you delete extensions that no longer work or cause problems.

The hard drive fills up for no apparent reason

If, after upgrading your system, the free space continues to decrease because your Mac's hard drive continues to fill up, then it's probably due to Time Machine. The Time Machine backups and copies of APFS snapshots are likely to be stored in different locations and reproduced over and over, so that free space is slowly running out. 

To see how many snapshots there are already and which data they show, you can have them listed with this terminal command:

tmutil listlocalsnapshots / System / Volumes / Data

The command lists the local APFS snapshots of the Time Machine. If you no longer need them and therefore want to delete them, you can do that with this command (adjust the date in the appropriate place):


Alternatively, you can download a free test version of CleanMyMac X and thin out the Time Machine snapshots in the maintenance area of ​​the app. Details about the software and the link to the download page can be found here: CleanMyMac X - anniversary version with malware removal.

Battery empty quickly: MacBook battery does not last as long

If the MacBook battery runs out quickly after upgrading to macOS 10.15 Catalina, then you are also dealing with a well-known problem. No matter if Mac, iPhone, iPad or other Apple device; It is not uncommon for there to be a bug or certain processes that empty the battery before the first patch and bug fix. 

I already mentioned the activity display above; here again the contribution to it. In the Apple counterpart to the Windows Task Manager you will find the running processes and their consumption of processor (CPU), memory (RAM), energy and so on. You can end hungry apps with the X symbol in the top left above the list. You can eliminate unresponsive apps via the  menu with "Quit immediately".

Mail app freezes or freezes under macOS Catalina

The comments on this post often included references to the mail app and its problems under macOS 10.15 Catalina. Sometimes the program crashes, sometimes no new emails are received, sometimes the app freezes. There are very different hurdles if you want to continue using Apple's own client for emails after the macOS upgrade. That's why I looked for solutions and found them.

Before you carry out the following steps, you should definitely have made a backup. Since you've just upgraded to Catalina, I'll just assume that you have a backup copy of your hard drive and thus also your mail library. Well, let's tackle troubleshooting:

  1. If possible, closes the mail app (if necessary via  -> Exit immediately)
  2. Opens the Activity indicator and ends every process with “Mail” in its name

  1. Closes the activity monitor and opens a Finder-Window
  2. Call your user library via the folder structure and in it Saved Application State on or ...
  3. ... clicks in the menu bar Go to -> Go to folder ..., enter ~ / Library / Containers / / Data / Library / and open the Saved Application State folder

  1. Deletes the folder located in it
  2. Now go to ~ / Library / Containers via the preferred route
  3. Moves and from there to the desktop or another backup folder outside the library
  4. Deletes the following data from ~ / Library / Mail / MailData (or ~ / Library / Mail / V6 / MailData): Envelope Index, Envelope Index-shm and Envelope Index-wal

  1. Empty the trash and restart the Mac

When the mail app finally runs smoothly after this procedure, you can delete the files that have been moved to the desktop or another backup folder (see step 8). Otherwise you should push them back into the folder from which you took them (see step 7).

E-mails and e-mail content are not (correctly) displayed after Catalina upgrade

Again, this can be an issue that occurs after upgrading the Mac operating system. So if you can look at the header information of your emails without any problems, but cannot find the content of the emails, you can try the following solution. This should also help if the formatting of the emails in the client is shifted, too small or otherwise strange:

  1. Open the Mail app so that you can see the mailboxes in the left sidebar
  2. Click on a mailbox to mark it
  3. Click on Mailbox in the menu bar
  4. Select the Restore item in the drop-down menu (at the bottom)
  5. Repeat points 2 to 4 for all mailboxes

If this does not cause the email content to be displayed again, there is another (somewhat experimental) trick: First close the Mail app completely (cmd+Q). Then uninstall all anti-Virus-Programs, anti-malware apps and similar third-party software. Restart Mail and see if that helped.

After the Catalina upgrade, no mails can be received or sent

It can also happen that after upgrading your Mac, iMac or MacBook you can open the Mail app and view all your mails as usual. The only difference is that no more new e-mails are loaded and no newly written e-mails can be sent. There is also a procedure for this which can represent the solution to this Catalina problem. It is a two-part approach; the first steps are as follows:

  1. Open the Mail app and click in the menu bar Window
  2. Now select in the menu that opens Check connection from
  3. If all connections are displayed in green under "Status", continue with the next list of measures
  4. Otherwise, check the box for “Protocol for connection activity” and click on the “Check again” button
  5. Now click on the "Show logs" button and look in the txt logs to see whether connection problems have been noted

If the connections have changed to a green status after checking the connections again, you will try again to send and receive e-mail. If sending and receiving does not work despite the green status of the connection, you can also remove the accounts in question from Mail and add new ones. If this does not bring any improvement, proceed as follows:

  1. Opens the keychain management (cmd + space bar, then Keychain management enter and press enter)

  1. Enter an @ (at sign) in the search bar at the top right
  2. Select the account (s) in question from the list
  3. You can delete the entry with a right click
  4. Then open the Mail app
  5. Click in the menu bar Mail and then Settings ... an
  6. Select the "Accounts" tab in the settings window
  7. There delete the mail account whose keychain entry you removed
  8. Adds the account back with all the details
  9. Close all apps, restart the Mac, and try receiving / sending mail again

Mail still doesn't work: interim solution!

There is an interim solution in the event that the above approaches do not work for you and there is no update or no bug fix from Apple yet. The solution is that you register with the individual providers via their website and use the web browser to view your new e-mails and send them yourself. From GMX via the web and G-Mail to Yahoo and Co. it should work without any problems. You can also check your @ emails and send them via the iCloud website.

Adobe and Catalina I - problems with Photoshop

Photoshop 10.15 and newer versions are compatible with macOS 20.0.6 Catalina. Problems can arise with older versions. If the 32-bit versions are concerned, they will no longer run on your Mac after upgrading the operating system. However, if your Photoshop app is still working, these problems can occur:

  • Problem: After selecting the storage format, the file format abbreviation is not changed
  • Solution: Change the file format in the file name yourself before saving

and / or

  • Problem: "Copy" does not appear in the file name even though "As a copy" was selected
  • Solution: Add the term “copy” yourself or something else to distinguish it

There may also be other problems that Adobe at this point performs. In the document you will also find solutions to overcome some hurdles with terminal commands.

Adobe and Catalina II - Problems with Lightroom

Even with Lightroom there can be problems on the Mac after upgrading to macOS Catalina. Adobe has that in this document shown. According to the linked page, the versions from Lightroom Classic 8.4.1 and other 64-bit versions work with Catalina, but there are also minor operating problems here. For example, Nikon cameras are not recognized when tethering. In addition, the Lens Profile Creator in Lightroom does not work under Catalina - simply because it is still based on the 32-bit architecture. For both problems there is no real solution yet (except pictures from Nikon camera via cable or memory card exchange); Adobe is working on it though.

Catalina problems with products from "Native Instruments"

If you work as a DJ, DJane, musician or other audio nerd with the products and apps from Native Instruments, then you should refrain from installing Catalina for the time being. Not only does the new operating system take away the iTunes app with its directories and other advantages to which you have become accustomed. You also lose XML file support with macOS 10.15. Many DJ apps like Rekordbox or Traktor read XML files and need this support. Therefore you should wait for updates and patches from Native Instruments or from other developers whose apps you use.

Catalina problems with the Hazel app from "Noodlesoft"

Noodlesoft has the Hazel app for the Apple Mac, which helps organize files and folders. I received the following information by email from the developers and from Chief Paul Kim (translated from English, abbreviated): 

[...] Apple has just launched macOS Catalina. Unfortunately, it contains numerous bugs, unannounced changes, and other things that affect Hazel. If Hazel is important to your workflow, I strongly advise against upgrading to Catalina at this point in time. 

I'm currently working on a version that will work around a lot of the problems, but this is proving difficult [...] In case you're interested in checking out the latest Hazel Beta, the details can be found on the forums [...] I'll also send you an announcement when Hazel is compatible with Catalina. [...]

If you have any questions, please contact

Your macOS Catalina problems and solutions / attempted solutions

Can't you find your Catalina problem in this list or do you still have a solution that is not mentioned here? Then please leave a comment on the topic! Feel free to get in touch with your concern or comment - as well as if this post could help you with your problem with macOS 10.15. Thank you! ;) 

Sources for this guide: MacPaw, iBoySoft, SetApp, AppleToolBox

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  1. Erol Sauerland says:


    I noticed that the mail does not restart after opening if you have closed it.
    The same goes for note.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Erol! Sorry, I did not understand the explanation of the error. Why should Mail restart by itself when you close it?!?

    • Arnd says:

      Hello, after changing my MBP in 2015, I will no longer be able to access the Internet! Can someone help?
      LG Arnd

      • sir appleot says:

        Hello Arnd! Unfortunately, I don't know exactly what it could be. But I would try two things:
        1. Restart the Mac
        2. Hold down CMD + R while booting and then install Catalina again over it (no data will be lost).
        Let me know briefly whether it worked afterwards! Thank you and happy holidays!

        Update December 24.12.2019th, XNUMX: I received an e-mail from Arnd: After installing it over it, his Catalina runs more stable and faster, but the problem with the internet no longer working was due to two wrong IP addresses that were stored under Network> DNS. After these have been removed, everything works again.

  2. Lukas says:

    Since the update I can unfortunately no longer connect to my FritzBox in the home network. It works fine on my old Mac. Can you do anything there?

    LG Luke

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Lukas! Do you have two WLANs in operation? Or a repeater? I have the effect on me because Google Wifi does the WLAN for me, but the Fritzbox also has a WLAN. When I'm connected to the Google Wifi it works with that Not. This is only possible if you are directly in the Fritz WLAN. Otherwise I would try a restart or switch the WLAN on and off on the Mac. The fault shouldn't be due to Catalina.

      • Lukas says:

        I guess I put myself wrong! I use the FritzBox as a small NAS storage device. Can connect to it using my MacBook Air without any problems, but not the iMac that has Catalina installed on it. It is displayed under Network, but I cannot connect even though I have entered the correct access data.

        • sir appleot says:

          Ah ok! This is a problem that is already known: The new Catalina has thrown out support for SMB 1 because it is considered unsafe. Unfortunately, the Fritz! Box only supports SMB 1 in the NAS area and no new protocol. According to AVM, the support should be delivered later, but no date has been set for it. I hope they get enough Catalina users on the biscuit to hurry up. But within a few days that will certainly not be the case.
          It is currently recommended as a workaround to access the Fritz! Box NAS from your Mac via FTP.

          • Goofer69 says:

            If you absolutely need SMB 3 support on your Fritz-Box, you should take a look at the laboratory versions (beta versions) at AVM. The support is already included, just to test it.

          • sir appleot says:

            @ Goofer69: Ah, thanks for the tip!

  3. Alex says:

    So the nightshift mode doesn't work properly for me. If I switch this off, it stays on in certain places & flickers with these yellow colors always back and forth :( Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Alex! Unfortunately, I don't have a correct solution. Just the usual: switch it off and on and, if necessary, install Catalina over it again. Or the Delete SMC / PRAMs.

      • Olaf says:


        Today I tried to copy a codec for playing Bluray into ~ / usr / lieb. Unfortunately I and Apple Support have not found a way to create write permissions for this folder. This didn't work as root either.
        If someone knows or finds a solution, I would appreciate your feedback.

  4. Sebi says:

    Good morning, Catalina installed the night before last. I have a MacBook Air 2015. I have the bug, when I open an application, then the menu bar at the top, where I can change the settings of the program, for example, does not click. I have with some applications. Does anyone else have the problem and can they tell me how to solve it? Or is that a bug that will be fixed by an update?

  5. gferbo says:

    yes, I am one of those who couldn't wait ... Apparently the memory was calculated incorrectly during the update, so that the installation cannot be completed. I see the hard disk as an image file in the disk utility. There is probably no way to delete items from this file? In addition, the connection to the TimeMachine is not established. I'm a little desperate right now.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Gferno! Why is there an image of your hard drive? Did you have one created? Otherwise you can try to create some space via "Apple menu> About this Mac> Hard drives> Manage".
      Because of the connection to the TimeMachine: I think there is no access when the installer is running. If I understand you correctly ... I keep my fingers crossed that it will still work!

  6. thoari says:

    after installing 10.15 I have problems with the new books app. The existing synchronization between IOS (13.2.1) and the books app does not work because the authorization of purchased content (here: Audible) is not recognized. Deauthorizing the Audible account and re-authorizing it with Audible only leads to the goal after a number of attempts. I cannot see a systematic why it works sometimes. After restarting and re-syncing with the iPhone, all audiobooks on the iPhone are deleted again because the authorization is not recognized again. And everything starts all over again (and the groundhog greets forever). Since it previously worked fine under Itunes and IOS 13.2.1, I suspect Catalina was the culprit. Is there anything known about the problem? - Thanks and regards

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Thoari! Unfortunately I don't have a tip ... I think this is a problem that will be fixed in one of the upcoming versions of Catalina. Apple itself recommends deactivating iCloud on the Mac and reactivating it later if you have such synchronization problems. Maybe that helps with you ... but I'm guessing more of a bug.

    • Mike says:

      I have the same problem, my iPod classic no longer takes audiobooks, only sporadically one or two are taken over and then again not. I can't see any system behind it either. Maybe you can leave a message here if you have a solution.
      Thanks Mike

    • Thor says:

      The problem still persists, but I have now found a workaround that does not solve the problem but reloads the deleted audiobooks with every Iphone Sync:
      1. Deauthorize Audible in the "Books" app (menu store)
      2. Deauthorize in the Audible Shop (browser)
      3. Double click on the audio book in "Books". Error message that authorization is missing and confirm.
      4. Activate iTunes or "Books".
      5. Start Sync in the main menu "General" of the Finder at the bottom right. The progress can be traced using the progress circle

  7. Pablo says:


    I have a Mac Mini late 2012 and can't even install Catalina. After half an hour I get an error message that the OS could not be installed. Verifying or repairing the storage system failed. : (-69716)

    I've tried several times but always the same message.


    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Pablo! This is a message pertaining to your system hard drive. Have you perhaps installed an SSD? Otherwise I would plug in an external hard drive and try to install the system on it and then, if necessary, pull the data over with the migration assistant.

      • Pablo says:

        Hello, yes, I noticed that. An SSD is built in. It couldn't be repaired so I restored everything. Now I'm trying to install again! Let's see…..

        I will report….


        • sir appleot says:

          Yes, the SSDs often cause problems with new macOS versions. Sometimes there are firmware updates on the manufacturer's website, but probably not that early. Maybe it will work on the second attempt. I keep my fingers crossed and look forward to the report!

      • Michael says:

        Good evening,
        I have an iMac (Retina 5K, 27 inches, end of 2015) and also get the message (-69716).
        However, I don't have an SSD but the standard Fusiondrive with 2 TB.
        What can I do?

        • sir appleot says:

          The recommendation from Apple Support is:
          1. Restart your Mac and hold down CMD + R
          2. Start disk utility
          3. Select the affected hard disk and click "Repair"
          4. Restart your Mac

          I hope this helps too.

  8. Jean Ploner says:

    The mail program has shut down automatically since I installed Catalina. Does somebody has any idea?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hi Jean! Does Mail end with an error message? Or just without a message? I would also recommend recreating the mail DB with the free Onyx tool. But caution is also advised here: There is still no version that has been sufficiently tested with Cataline. The developer does not want to finish this for about 10 days.

    • ME says:

      I have the same problem, does anyone know a solution?

  9. Hans Niebuhr says:

    Catalina: My mail program is causing problems. After a short period of use (<5 min.) The message appears:
    "Mail can't back up information about your mailboxes because there isn't enough space in your home folder."
    There are 350 Gb free on my HDD, there were no problems under OS 14.
    The mail folder in Library is 6,7 Gb in size. What can I do?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Hans! I would have the mail database re-created with the Onyx program. If that doesn't help, it's probably a bug that has yet to be fixed.

  10. Andreas says:

    I just did the update and now the iMAC has been fixed in the configuration for a while.
    How long can this take? Or did something go wrong?


    • sir appleot says:

      Hi Andreas!

      I've had that at Mojave before. I then just turned off the Mac and reinstalled the system over it. Then it ran through!

  11. MN says:

    Catalina has a serious problem restoring a Mac using the Time Machine. The recovery always stops after about a third due to an unknown error. So the way to Apple Support was inevitable for me. After the repair, I was told that the same case had already happened unusually often.

  12. Cook says:

    Since I did the Catalina update, my word program version: 14.5.4 no longer works. If you had a suggestion for a solution, I would be very grateful.
    If I had known beforehand that the 32-bit programs would no longer work, I would not have made an update with Catalina. Unfortunately I did not inform me beforehand.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello! Actually, macOS Mojave has been constantly throwing warnings at its head for the past year that a program will soon no longer work because it does not run on 64-bit. But you are certainly not the only one who clicked away and ignored the warnings.
      Ultimately, you can now only use an alternative such as Pages or OpenOffice or Libre Office, with which you can also open your Word documents, or you can book the Office 365 subscription from Microsoft. I bought this because I often receive documents in Office formats and the alternatives often destroy my layout.
      But there is not much more you can do. The 32-bit Word will definitely no longer run under Catalina ... :(

      • Gerald G says:

        Hello, with my MacMini (Late 2018), as soon as something is connected to one of the USB-C sockets, nothing works via the HDMI output. When Catalina was installed, there was no longer any signal, so I had to connect the monitor via USB to shut it down. Does anyone have such problems too? Greetings Gerhard

  13. Bernd says:

    Problem with Catalina & iPhone: My iPhone is shown under "Places" in the Finder. When I click on it, the error message "Communication with a utility program has failed" appears after a short while. The expected setting options then do not appear. It works fine on a 2018 MacBook Pro, I have the problem on an iMac 27 5K late 2014.

    • dirk says:

      Hello Bernd,
      I have exactly the same problem.
      Neither my iPhone 11 nor my iPad 4 appear in the Finder at all. Regardless of which USB socket I used - charging starts immediately, but they just don't show up in the Finder.

      • sir appleot says:

        Hello Dirk! Are you using the original Apple cable for the connection? The iPhone does not like some cables because they are not MFI certified. Then only charging works at a low level, but no data transfer. It can also happen with such cables that it worked for weeks and then at some point no longer. This is typical for these non-certified cables.

      • BlueFalcon says:

        Mac open a Finder window (HD double-click) if you don't see your iPhone / iPad in the sidebar, then go to Menu / Finder / Settings ⌘, and then in the Settings on the Sidebar tab. In order to see the iPhone and the iPhone, the option Cdc, DVDs and iOS devices must be activated under Places.

    • Ulrick says:

      Hey Bernd
      I had the same problem. I then went to Music (the new Catalina app) and got the message that my music was from an outdated iTunes version. I then created a new one, opened the Books and Podcast apps to be on the safe side, ejected the iPhone and reconnected it and it was read in.
      To make a backup, I had to eject and reconnect the iPhone.

  14. Bernd says:

    Problem on iMac 27 5K late 2014 with XCode update: Despite repeated restarting, no update to Xcode 11.1 can be performed.

    • Andreas says:

      I was able to solve the Xcode update problem on several macOS installations as follows:

      1. Uninstall old Xcode installation (I used AppCleaner for this)
      2. Reinstall Xcode via the AppStore

      Provided that there is enough free hard disk space.

  15. Roland says:

    Hi Sir Apfelot,

    I installed Catalina and then the ones I bought (not on iTunes) are no longer there. Almost all of my books are gone :( Do you have a solution?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Roland! Can I buy books from other providers besides iTunes? Which app were they before? I still need some information so that I understand the matter ...: D

      • Roland says:

        Hi Sir Apfelot, I bought an ePub book from a book company. (Raimund Joost, Camino Frances) I downloaded them and then copied them back into my iBooks. Can't find the download anywhere :( And it was always in my iBooks. Maybe on my broken iMac 27 from 2009, which won't start anymore, but that's another problem. But when I look in my iCloud settings under storage management I see that there is still 1,7 GB of data on Apple Books, but all files are encrypted.

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello Roland! I couldn't find anything about this problem even in English-language sources. Maybe this is another bug that we didn't notice. With a little luck it will be fixed in the next version if a few users report it to Apple.

  16. Joerg Wagner says:

    Since the update to Catalina, I can no longer access my second hard drive partition. Once I got a hint that the system would like to have access to the partition, which I answered in the affirmative, but the problem remained. Does anyone have any idea where to look to solve the problem?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Jörg! Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything about that either. Perhaps a reader still has an idea why it could be?

    • Joerg Wagner says:

      In the meantime I have checked the problematic partition with the hard disk utility (start from the recovery partition), it was indicated that the problematic partition has been reactivated. After the restart, the problem is still there, the partition is not displayed in the Finder.

  17. Hello and thank you for the many proposed solutions.
    After switching to MAC over 10 years ago, I NEVER had such problems after an update.
    I can practically no longer work.
    It started with the same mail problem as Hans "Mail cannot back up information about your mailboxes because there is not enough space in your user folder."
    Later on I was not able to save or download any files but got the message "Error - Disk full". And all of this with an iMac from autumn 2018 with a 2 TB SSD on which 1,64 TB are still free!
    The worst: Adobe Audition - which I need every day for professional voice recordings, no longer works at all. It gets stuck during recording, immediately crashes while cutting, and no longer exports or saves files. Adobe Support is not responding!
    It is only a minor evil if "Photos" crashes and other "little things". no longer work.
    I don't know what to do :(

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Christian! Honestly: I'm sorry such crap happened. I know what it is like when you have to rely on the computer and then suddenly nothing works. I can only say again and again: If you need your Mac for daily work, you should only install such large updates if you have at least one backup (and by that I don't mean Time Machine, but a 1: 1 clone). The better way for production systems is definitely to wait until the next .1 or .2 version is out. So in this case 10.15.1 or 10.15.2.

      I haven't updated myself yet because I need my Mac for an urgent job and don't have time to make backups if everything goes wrong. I think I'm still waiting for the first bugfix versions to come out. @Christian: I hope you can get your Mac going again ...

  18. ketex says:

    Hello and good morning, I installed catlina since yesterday. now I can only write a few letters at a time and then the program becomes light and a tone sounds. No more letters are accepted. I have to use the mouse again and then I can enter a few letters again. What can I do to fix this?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Ketex! Unfortunately, I have no idea what's going on here. Could you maybe email me a screenshot of what it looks like with the light program? You have probably already tried restarting and the like, haven't you? You can find my email address in the legal notice.

    • JF Torino says:

      I have the same problem, so far no solution has been found ...

      • sir appleot says:

        Hello JFTorino! So at Ketex it was down to the Norton software. Reinstall and configure these again, then it should work!

      • Peter says:

        I just called the hotline for an hour, they don't have a solution either, I should send the device in.

        The cursor disappears after a few seconds and you have to click again in the field to be able to write a few letters. The colored symbols turn gray and then "awaken" again.

        • sir appleot says:

          Hi Peter! We had already discussed and resolved the matter by email, but I wanted to briefly add what it was: If a window keeps losing focus "as if by magic" and the Mac makes a sound, it is usually due because it tries to start a process in the background that is supposed to run permanently. This crashes (for whatever reason), which brings the Finder to the foreground, the Mac plays a warning tone and the window in which you were working loses focus.
          Most of the time, there is a problem with antivirus software that no longer runs after updating to Catalina, for example, because it is not programmed for 64 bits. That was the cause for you. For other readers it was also an old Microsoft Office version. So here you have to do a bit of research into the causes.

  19. Matthew Dickek says:

    Hello Sir Apfelot, after the update to Catalina, the dock bar keeps disappearing after a new login. The bar only reappears after a few clicks in the settings. What can I do?

    Best regards,


    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Matthias! Yes, I've already read about it. The problem seems to be a 2 monitor setup. The solution is: 2. Switch off the monitor and unplug it and then reboot the Mac. Only then connect the monitor ... then it should work and continue to work even after a restart.

      • JensJ says:

        Hello Sir Apfelot,
        I also have the problem with the dock bar. However, I haven't connected a second monitor to my MacBook Air 2019. So far I could only solve the problem by logging out and then logging in again. After that, everything works without any problems. I didn't reinstall Catalina, I did a system update. What I also noticed is that the Macbook is slower with some applications than with Mojave

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello, Jens! Ah ok. Of course, the instructions will not work without a second monitor. : D Then I don't know now either. Perhaps an NVRAM reset will help here (hold down Option, Command, P and R when restarting)? Because it slows down after the installation: This kind of thing and also faster draining batteries are usually things that either take care of themselves after a few days or after the first bug fix. It is possible that the Mac is just rebuilding the Spotlight index because something has changed technically. Then this may slow down the Mac a bit until it is done with it.

          • JensJ says:

            Hello Sir Apfelot,
            I think I identified the problem, at least for me. I reinstalled the Mac on the WE several times because I saw that "Installer Progress" was started after every boot and login. Then the dock disappeared. Since I have not installed Microsoft Office 2019, the error no longer occurs. Just for information, in case others have the same problem. By the way, it's my first Mac, so I still have to familiarize myself with the subject ... :)

          • sir appleot says:

            Interesting info. For you it wasn’t Norton, like some of the others!

    • Matze says:

      I found the problem, but afterwards you have to paste the apps back into the dock bar as the dock was before.
      So the following:

      1. Go to the finder
      2. Hold down the Option key and click Go on the Finder menu bar.
      3. Click Library
      4. This will open the library folder
      5. Click the Preferences folder
      6. Find the file
      7. Delete this file / folder (move it to the trash and empty the trash)
      8. And restart your computer

      After that the dock is like after a new installation. However, you have to add the respective apps yourself.

  20. LuisTrutle says:

    I'm having problems with the Books app.
    I had all of my audiobooks stored on a NAS in the iTunes folder.
    Now the Book app would like to copy the audio books to the local disk, which of course does not have enough space.
    Anyone have any idea how to teach books to put the audiobooks in a different location?

    Thank you very much
    Luis the Turtle

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Luis! Catalina actually saves the contents of Books in this folder:
      ~ / Library / Containers / / Data / Documents / iBooks / Books / Audiobooks
      The "trick" is usually to create a symbolic link that points to another in this directory. However, that no longer works with Catalina. For this reason, I now don't see any method by which one could relocate this location.

  21. Helmut Arndt says:

    A GOOD morning to the Catalina-damaged group,
    I don't use the cloud, so I synced iPhone and iPad with iTunes using a USB cable. When I tried to do this with the Finder for the first time, all all-day appointments on the iPhone in my calendar disappeared. They are still displayed in the MacBook. Is there any idea how I can get this synced back into the iPhone?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Helmut! I'm sorry. I haven't been able to find out anything about this yet. :(

      • Helmut Arndt says:

        I tried further and found a solution for myself. Since I made a backup or synchronization with iTunes before the update, I made the setting "Replace calendar". So I have the deleted all-day entries back on the iPhone.

        Why they disappeared, however, remains a mystery.

        Now I'll sync the iPad - let's see what disappears. ????

        • sir appleot says:

          Great, thank you for pointing out this solution!

        • Helmut Arndt says:

          My private "test series" is now over - the same problem everywhere with 2 iPhones and 2 iPads: When synchronizing for the first time, the all-day entries disappeared on all devices, but were there again after the second run with the setting "Replace calendar".

          For all wired synchronizers the urgent recommendation to synchronize again with iTunes BEFORE the update.

  22. Andrew K says:

    Hello, since the update I have had the problem that Voice Over continues to speak despite deactivation.
    I guess others at Mojave have had this problem too.
    Is there anyone else in the group who has the problem.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hi Andreas! Apple Support recommends the following steps to help you locate the problem:
      1. Start in Safe Mode (pressed SHIFT key when restarting)
      2. Create a new user account and check whether voice-over is also running there, if it is deactivated.
      3. Reboot (helped some people too)
      4. Switch Voice Over on and off several times
      Maybe you can try these steps. If something helped, it would be good to know!

      • Andrew K says:

        Thank you for your quick response
        Tried everything, the new user account helped.
        But what does that mean for me, should I now transfer everything to the new account?
        I'm not that fit yet with Apple and I use my Mac in the store.

        • sir appleot says:

          Hi Andreas! Yes, in principle you should be able to pull the data from the other account over with the "Migration Assistant" utility, if I remember correctly. But plan a little time. The last time I did this, the Mac worked on it overnight. : D

  23. Manuel V says:


    thank you for the interesting article.
    Since I installed Catalina, I have had the following problem: The respective window (Safari, Word etc.) in which I am working always becomes inactive after a few seconds, as if another program had opened in the foreground. So I have to click in the window every time to be able to continue working (at least ten times for this comment alone). Is the problem or a solution to it already known?

    Thank you and best regards

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Manuel! I found this effect in an error description for another macOS. This has also occurred with the user. The reason was this: An app running in the background crashes and restarts, crashes and restarts ... every 10 seconds or at a similar interval. For him it was a backup service that was supposed to run in the background, but kept crashing.

      You can find the app with the activity indicator. Open this and close all other apps. Then sort the list in descending order according to CPU usage and observe which program appears there every now and then at the top. That should actually be what you have to remove from the Mac so that everything runs "normally" again.

      Once you've found the app, it would be good to know what it was called. If other users have the same problem, they know what to look for. : D

    • Dieter Hofmann says:

      Hello Manuel,
      I have exactly this problem too, it's totally annoying, actually I can no longer work with the iMac. Have you already found a solution?

      Greetings Dieter

      • sir appleot says:

        Hello Dieter! I just posted the solution to Manuel's comment. That should help you too. The cause is a program that should actually run continuously in the background (e.g. a backup service or something). But it crashes and then restarts automatically. This then becomes an endless loop that slows down the Mac again and again and steers the focus away from the active program.

        • Manuel V says:

          Hi all,

          Thanks for the help and feedback. I have since resolved the problem. For me, it was Norton's antivirus software that kept restarting itself in the background. I had to reconfigure it after switching to Catalina, and it has been running as usual since then.


          • sir appleot says:

            Hello Manuel! Like with ketex. : D Norton and Catalina don't seem to like each other right away ...: D

  24. ketex says:

    I have the same mistake.

    • Dieter Hofmann says:

      I did it too, it was the Norton Secure VPN program. Just uninstalling Norton 360 did not help, I then went to the Finder using the path: Library / Application Support / Symantec / Norton Secure Secure VPN

      deleted the entire Symantec folder. Since then the iMac has been running again !!

      • sir appleot says:

        Ah, great! Thanks for the hint.

      • Ulrich Merten says:

        Unfortunately, macOS 10.15.1 has other bugs. Synchronizing the iPhone works very badly.
        I'm going back to 10.14.6.

        • Ute says:

          Hello, shy away from the update. On the Mac OS I have Mojave 10.14.6. When I want to sync, a window appears: "A software update is required to establish a connection to the iPad / iPhone".
          IOS 13.2.2 on both devices.
          Does anyone have a tip how I sync again. can update to Catalina without necessarily?

          • sir appleot says:

            Hello Ute! Yes, I had the message too. You have to update to iOS 13.2.3 on the iPhone and iPad and also do the Mojave update on the Mac. Then restart everything and it works again. Promised. : D

  25. Diana says:

    I've had problems with downloads since I've got Catalina on it. When I save pictures on my desktop, I don't see the files there, either in the Finder or in the desktop view. Desktop photos are taken, but disappear in the same way. The files then suddenly appear again via the Spotlight search "Desktop". Dragging pictures from websites onto the desktop is no longer possible. Does anyone else have the problem?

    Thank you very much and greetings

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Diana! I think that's a problem with Catalina. Some programs do not have access to the desktop (this also happens with Gimp). Unfortunately there is currently no solution for this. We have to hope for macOS 10.15.1. :(

  26. ketex says:

    I found the bug with me. I reinstalled Norton 360 and allowed Norton to access the hard drive under data protection. That fixed the bug for me!

  27. Diana says:

    Hi Sir Apfelot, thanks for the quick reply. After everything I've read here, I'm glad that I survived the 7-hour upload with comparatively little damage. By the way, when you save the files in the cloud, you see them, which is actually logical. In this way I can at least continue to work and wait for the update ???? Greetings Diana

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Diana! Ah, wonderful. You can live with a 7 hour wait if everything goes wrong again afterwards. : D Let's hope that the bug fix from Apple is coming soon.

  28. Mario says:

    Hi all,

    Since Catalina the updates are no longer displayed for me. FinalCut & Co.
    Before the update, this was still displayed - now it says "all programs are up to date" ... but it is not.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Mario! That sounds like a problem that might resolve itself after a reboot. Have you tried that out?

      • Daniel says:

        Hey guys, I'm totally dissatisfied with the new Catalina. At first the download broke off several times and then the installation hung in the last step of the installation during configuration. Now to my current problem: My MacBook Pro 2012 with SSD usually went into standby mode after an hour, so to speak, into deep sleep and used almost no power. The white LED then stops pulsing. Unfortunately that doesn't work anymore. I have already done a PRAM / SMC reset and created a new test user, but everything did not help. I really don't feel like reinstalling everything because of that. Does anyone have an idea or also the problem?

  29. Mario says:

    Thanks for the quick feedback - yes ... already tried it - unfortunately without success.

  30. Michael says:

    Moin, doesn't concern me so directly anymore, but as information for the music makers:
    Korg will need some time until the universal USB driver for the midi devices is compatible. Initially, Korg is not supported by the new operating system. In my experience, this can also affect Behringer.

  31. Markus2019 says:

    Hello I have a very strange problem with my Mac Pro 2013 that it keeps crashing and then restarting, just like with Windows. With Mojave that wasn't what could it be? I'm not used to this happening, my Mac Pro didn't do that kind of thing before! Am already at the 5th reinstallation, since it cannot be used productively! :(

    • sir appleot says:

      Do the restarts occur with a high CPU load? Or is there any other thing you can attach them to? Sometimes a defective memory stick is to blame for such reboots, which come out of the blue. Or there are still bugs from Catalina. I would never provide a production system with the first new version of a major update. Always wait from 10.15.1 or 10.15.2. Then most of the bugs are fixed.

      • Markus says:

        I have had the problems since installing clean over the network, have now done it via a usb stick and so far rest from the restart and crash! Strange Phenomena is what the X-Files ????

  32. Magguz says:

    Hello, everything is going well for me on an iMac 2015. Only in the Finder can I no longer sort the group using the icon, I have to do this in the menu bar at the top.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Magguz! Phew, I don't know anything about that at the moment. Either restart and hope that it will then work, or hope for the next bug fix from Apple. :-(

  33. scholar says:

    Hi, my Imac 27 late 2013 only has a white screen, none of the key combinations work, does it need to be repaired now? Or are there any working tips? Please help

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello bilgin! I have to ask again: The white screen comes immediately after every restart (i.e. when you hold the on / off button down for a long time and the iMac restarts)? If so: hold down the SHIFT key when restarting. Then the Mac starts in safe mode ... maybe that works? If not, I'd be lucky with that again NVRAM, PRAM and SMC-RESET try. Please write here again whether any of this has helped. If not, I should think twice about what we could do. But I would not give up and choose to repair it yet. : D

      • scholar says:

        I had to go to repair, but nothing helped. The EFI-Flash and the SMC were probably replaced and re-flattened! It cost me about 300 €, but in the course of that I installed a 1T SSD, so plus 149 €, so 450 € plus two weeks no Imac. Shit happens ;-) life goes on ...

  34. Martin says:

    After installing Catalina, I have the problem that I can no longer transfer my video data from my Sony Handycam FDR-AX53 via WiFi. The cam connects well with the access point (WLAN router Fritz Box) but from there the data does not seem to arrive at my iMac 21,5 late 2015. I need help urgently as I have to work with the cam every day. Can't unscrew it from the tripod and connect it via USB every time.
    And a big compliment to Sir Apfelot for the amazing help that you read here!

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Martin! That could be the same problem, which is why the Fritz! Box NAS no longer works: macOS Catalina no longer supports SMB 1 (and I think 2) no longer. That will not happen any more, because Apple considers this transmission standard to be insecure and only supports newer SMB versions. So either downgrade to Mojave again or get used to the USB cable in the future. :-( And thank you very much for your praise. I'm very happy!

      • Martin says:

        Hello Sir Apfelot,
        Thank you for the info! How can I downgrade?


        • sir appleot says:

          Hello Martin! I'll write an article about that next week. But in principle it works like this:
          1. Back up your Mac
          2. Download macOS Mojave from the App Store
          3. with the program Disk Maker X create a bootable medium
          4. Restart your Mac and hold down CMD + R
          5. Start the hard disk service program in the recovery partition that is now running and delete the internal hard disk with Catalina (first make sure that you have made a backup !!!!) (when deleting as Format APFS)
          6. Recreate the Mac from the bootable medium and install macOS Mojave on the old system hard drive
          7. Restart your Mac and hold down CMD + R and then select "Restore Mac from Time Machine Backup"

          So you should actually have the old system again ... If you have created a 1: 1 backup (not with Time Machine), then you can simply iron it over the Catalina disk. This should be the fastest option, but a lot of people work with Time-Machine, so the instructions above.

          • Martin says:

            Unfortunately that sounds very complicated ... I'll probably look for a long, very long USB cable ... :-(

            But thank you very much !!!

          • sir appleot says:

            Yeah, it's a bit of a mess. But what are you going to do with a USB cable ?! Does that somehow help with the downgrade ??? : D

  35. Axel says:

    Hello Sir Apfelot,

    I have the strange effect that since the update to Catalina the right click of the Magic Mouse 2 no longer works. Since my mouse was quite old, I bought a new one ... but same problem! Has anyone else observed this or is there a solution?



    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Axel! Thank you for your feedback signal. Could you take a quick look whether the secondary click is activated under "System Preferences> Mouse"? That would be the corresponding function in the settings ... maybe it was only changed during the installation and you have to reactivate it.

      • Axel says:


        is active, I had already tried it with and without the! check mark ", but unfortunately it shows no difference!

        • sir appleot says:

          Ok, that's weird. Have you already tried restarting? If necessary, I would then try to install the system again over it. Your data will not be overwritten, but maybe a few new caches or something similar will be created. Maybe that helps. You could also do that Safe-Mode try out.

          • Axel says:

            Hello Sir Apfelot,

            the "install over it" helped .. but it was really strange ..
            Thanks and regards,

          • sir appleot says:

            Wonderful. Yes, that's strange and somehow reminds me of my short Windows days. Install over it was always connected with the fact that everything on the disk was deleted. It's already more convenient. : D

  36. jar says:

    halllo did a clean install with Catalina on the Imac now I can't write on the hard drive! If I want to change the rights, it means I don't have the rights, I'm an admin! Thank you, greetings

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Jarre! Are you talking about missing rights on the startup disk ?! That would be very strange ... please let me know again whether it's two hard drives or just one.

      • Jar says:

        Hello yes start Volume iMac with Fusion Drive. In the mac community it is said that is so in 10.15 in 10.14 it was also like that but I couldn't change that anymore! ????????

        • sir appleot says:

          Ah ok. Unfortunately, I have not heard of this type of error and I have no tip at hand. If you like, you can send me the link to the forum post where this was discussed. Maybe then I'll understand better what the problem is?

          • Jar says:

            SIR Good Moning SIR apple dead
            I think a doc found that describes the good in English but no
            Problem to Read!
            not a bug but a clouded one!

          • sir appleot says:

            Hello Jarre! Yes, actually ... that is, all system data is in one volume and cannot be overwritten or compromised. Sounds like a sensible thing! But it's brand new with Catalina ... I haven't seen anything like that before ... Thanks for your hint!

          • Jar says:

            If I would deactivate SIP I would probably write again like a network search Habermas does not yet have an app that requires it. Under Mojave I deactivated it, probably that's why I could write!
            Thanks greetings

  37. Mirko says:

    Hello Sir Apflelot.

    I have a 2015 MacBook and I cannot install the Catalina at all. Before I had the Mojave on it and then the update to Catalina came. I downloaded it and hit install. So far everything worked as it should. Now the Mac is installing. Black screen …… Apple logo and underneath there is still 21 minutes and that's for 2 hours. Now and then I hear a tone and the Mac restarts and after booting the same …… .black screen …… .Apple logo and 21 minutes He's been doing that for 1 hour now. what should I do?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Mirko! Try restarting the Mac (or it does it almost all the time). Then you hold down CMD + R and install the current system again over it. Then the Mac will restart. Now I would throw the Catalina Installer out of "Programs" and reload it. Something seems to be wrong. Maybe it will work if you completely restart it.

  38. Bruner Helmut says:

    Hello, my Apple external hard drive stopped working after installing Catalina.

    Thanks for the help ?? =?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Helmut! Do you have some information for me? What hard drive is it? Which brand? How connected? Which Mac? Unfortunately, I can't give you any tips into the blue. That would be at most: restart and maybe reinstall Catalina over it. : D

  39. Bruner Helmut says:

    It is an Apple drive and a 27 inch Mac.
    Thank you

  40. Hermann Grossner says:

    Good Morning. Catalina is the first problem case since I was applauded. I can no longer sync photo albums with my iOS devices. All pictures on iPhone / iPad are deleted. Is there a trick or am I doing something wrong?

    • sir appleot says:

      There is probably a problem with the synchronization. Sometimes it helps to turn iCloud off and on. Or maybe reset the devices. I wouldn't have any other tip either. :-(

    • Ulrich says:

      I have this error with various iPhone / iPad. I've tried synchronizing several times. At some point it suddenly happened and the photos were transferred from iPhone again. I don't know why.

      • sir appleot says:

        I think that sometimes these are just stuck in the iCLoud. I've already noticed that too. Sometimes I do reboots and sometimes I do nothing. A day later it usually works again.

  41. Niels says:

    Since the update to Catalina I can no longer search for emails in "Mail" (via the search window in the top right corner).


  42. Bastian says:

    Moin together,
    After updating to 10.15 Catalina, my fan always runs very high and the book gets very hot. After researching the cause, previous status: When I close the CalendarAgent in the activity display, the fan shuts down immediately. Is there a connection? Are there any other experiences? Is there more information about processes that take place in the background?
    I also had sync problems with the calendar, logged out and logged in on all devices and merged all data, not replaced. So I had a lot twice and deleted a lot manually, online in the iCloud and on the book in parallel. Is there a connection?

    Thanks and greetings from the north,

    Model: MacBook Pro (13-inch 2017), 3,3 GHz i5, 16GB storage

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Bastian! I read about the CalendarAgent process in an English forum. It said that Siri is probably trying to interpret a calendar thing in some text and start over again and again. The solution seems to have been for the others to tick the "Calendar" item under System Preferences> Siri> Siri Suggestions & Data Protection. If you are not using Siri on the Mac, you can switch it off completely ... then the CalenderAgent should no longer generate the CPU load.

  43. Robert says:

    Does anyone with you also have problems with the Photos app that when I edit photos on my iPhone 11 Pro, e.g. put filters over them or make minor adjustments, these are not displayed in the Photos app of the Mac, so the photos are edited, the bars of the individual adjustments are but in the middle position as if the picture is so original
    Greetings Robert

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Robert! Could this be an iCloud sync problem? I think there have been a few reports in the last few days ... Otherwise it could be that the Mac first loads all the photos into the cloud and only then fetches the edited photos. I guess this is a problem that will go away over time.

      • Robert says:

        Hello Sir,

        unfortunately the problem has not yet been resolved. To be honest, I don't ask myself any more advice, it's incredibly annoying when it no longer works, i.e. when it is synchronized.

        I have the link to 2 pictures on dropbox one is from the iPhone on which it is easy to see that I have edited it, the other is from the mac on which you can also see that it has been edited, only the bars of the adjustments are at 0
        maybe someone can help me if he sees the pictures. I don't think that has anything to do with sync problem.

        Greetings Robert

        • sir appleot says:

          In other words, it syncs the edited photo, but not the adjustments? It's really strange, but it's the same for me. : D I've just tried it out on myself and the changes are also adopted, but do not appear as changes to the controllers. But I can click "back to the original" and come back to the original photo. For me, I would say it's because I use iOS 13 on the iPhone, but only Mojave on the Mac. The two photo programs are different, so I think it's because of that. But if you're on iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, it should work. But I don't know whether I am just thinking it or whether it really is.

          • Robert says:

            So I have Catalina and ios13 but if that's the case with you under Mojave then it can of course be that Apple still has to adjust the photos app, everything else would make no sense as it is currently.

            But now I have another problem with IOS13.2
            When I update apps, they load very slowly. I need 15 minutes for a 60mb app, for example, and it doesn't matter whether I want to update the apps with my 100mbit line from home or via the LTE network.
            What could be the problem? I have already reset the network settings of my iPhone 11 Pro and restarted the iPhone several times without success

            Greetings Robert

          • sir appleot says:

            The problem is multiple in the forums. We agree that it's because of the Apple TV +. It started on Friday and now the servers only seem to be busy streaming. I haven't received any emails since yesterday ... it's extremely annoying.

  44. BlueFalcon says:

    I installed Catalina on my 2018 Mac mini yesterday. Now I have the purple screen phenomenon.

    The monitor (Fujitsu Siemens LSL 3260W) is connected to the Mac mini via HDMI and ran smoothly under Mojave. Since the update I have this purple color cast in the picture.

    As a test, connected to a TV set (Panasonic), this color error did not show up in the display. The HDMI cable is also not the cause of the error, as two more also produce the error and the plug connections are stable.

    The fascinating thing about it is this.

    I still have a 2010 MacMini (HighSierra) here. When I connect this to the monitor, I get a normal picture.

    If I then separate the 2010 (HighSierra) and the 2018 (Catalina) again, the color cast stays off and I have a normal picture until I restart the computer or wake up from the idle state in which the monitor itself is also in the Standby has changed. I also lose the clear picture (which I received via the way described above) and get the purple tint again when I switch the monitor off and on again.

    I've already tried to change the resolution and the color profile. Resetting the SMC as well as the NVRAM did nothing to change the problem. Clearing the system cache by restarting in safe mode wasn't helpful either. Neither does switching to a new user account, which makes it clear that it is a system problem.

    Back to the 2010s. When I connect this to the monitor and start, I get the clear normal picture, as I said. However, if I already disconnect the monitor from the 2010 while it is still showing the loading screen with the apple and the loading bar and then connect the (running) 2018, then the picture remains purple. Only when the 2010 has completed the startup process so far that it has switched to the desk and then I pull the HDMI connector and plug in the 2018, the picture also appears in the normal colors.

    So the cause must be somewhere rather late in the start-up process.

    Currently I'm confused and at a loss.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello! This seems to be a problem that occurs with older systems as well. The instructions are:
      1. Install this software:
      2. Select option 2 in the software: "Enable HIDPI (with patch)"

      During the installation, only the monitor that shows this purple screen should be connected. All others should be staked out. I hope it helps.

      Edit: I read another tip: You should go to System Settings> Accessibility> Display to see whether "Invert colors" or something like that is activated for the monitor.

      • BlueFalcon says:

        Thanks for your tips. However, before I download any software whose function I do not fully understand, I see whether I can not isolate the problem further.

        I've already come a little further. The screen must not be switched off or disconnected from the mains, otherwise the Mini (2018 Catalina) will show the purple screen again. Fortunately, I have the old Mini (2010 High Sierra) here to reset, so to speak.

        Up until now I had the Mac as the master in a master-slave bar and this only activated the screen when the Mac was started (and the rest of the secondary peripherals such as label printers and the like). Therefore, I also had the problem that even after a sleep state in which the Mac switched off the rest of its appendages, the monitor was also switched off and then showed the purple screen.

        I have now solved the power supply a little differently and connected the monitor separately. So I can put the Mac (2018 Catalina) to sleep or switch it off without the purple screen becoming visible after waking up or booting, as long as I don't switch off the monitor myself (or pull the plug). Even if the monitor goes into the device's own stand-by mode due to a lack of signal, the picture remains in its normal state.

        So I narrowed the problem down to the HDMI driver of the Mini 2018 with Catalina, which apparently should send a corresponding color signal to a monitor that is "re-switched" on, but in this case sets it incorrectly.

        I've asked around and my problem doesn't seem to be that seldom. In other forums there are also reports about this phenomenon, sometimes more and sometimes less pronounced. For some, only the start screen is colored purple, for others, like me, the entire display. With some of them, the color scheme is rather blue.

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello BlueFalcon! Thanks for the description. I had to read it twice before I figured out what was causing the problem. But now I know. : D If someone else turns up with the problem, I can assign it.

          • BlueFalcon says:

            Please, you're welcome. Sorry for not being such a good writer.

          • sir appleot says:

            No, no ... it wasn't because you're a bad scribe. I didn't get the technical connections between the purple monitor image and the master-slave connector strip at first. : D

          • BlueFalcon says:

            Well, I could certainly have described it better.

            The problem is now limited to the extent that it can be found causally with the HDMI driver and is a faulty HDMI handshake with the monitor, which leads to incorrect recognition of the color system.

          • BlueFalcon says:


            So I'm one step further. I bought another external SSD and installed a Mojave system there with a little effort. After I started from there, the picture was flawless with no falsifying coloring. Which clearly identified Catalina as the cause.

            However, after going back to the internal SSD as the boot drive, that seems to have resolved the problem as well. The Mini now (so far) shows the normal picture, even after the screen has been switched off and on again.

            Apparently, the parallel installation of Mojave on the same computer changed the setting in the HDMI driver somewhat, which at least temporarily eliminates the purple screen problem.

            Should changes occur, I will report again.

          • sir appleot says:

            Hello! This is extremely strange behavior, but: It's good that it has "repaired" itself in this way. : D

  45. Jan Perersen says:

    Unfortunately, I have had severe WiFi problems since today so that neither my iPhone nor my MacBook Air Late 2014 can no longer be morbidly connected to WiFi. The networks are displayed, but no connection can be established. All other devices in the wifi run without problems.

    With kind regards,

    Jan Petersen

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Jan! I had something like that with a Fritz! Repeater. There were problems because the device seemed to get mixed up again and again because the repeater had a WLAN of the same name. I would recommend leaving a WLAN over and switching off the rest. And then try turning the WiFi on the MacBook Air off and on again. Sometimes that helps.
      And there are also cases where external USB devices interfere with the WiFi. Possibly also disconnect and test everything here. It could be a USB 3 hub or something similar that interferes with the WiFi reception.

      • Jan Petersen says:

        Thank you for the quick answer, I set everything up again on the router as well as on the iPhone, iPad and MacBook, no success.

        Yesterday evening everything was switched on again (W-Lan switched on on all devices) and oh wonder everything works (iPhone sometimes only sluggishly) but first everything works again.

        I'm curious how long.

  46. Dirk K. from L. says:

    Hey Jens!

    I was spared a hardware defect after switching to Catalina (there are at least 3 computers with me).

    However, "Mail" has been idling with me for many, many hours and moving emails - also on iPhone and iPad. The CPU system load is accordingly (partly> 100%).

    What happens there?

    Greetings, Dirk

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Dirk! Yes, there still seems to be a lot of problems with Mail. Currently I would make these recommendations:
      1. Run Mac ... sometimes it just needs to re-index some internal stuff or something
      2. Install Catalina over it (this works without data loss)
      3. Delete the mail index (this is quite easy with the Onyx software)
      4. Hope for macOS 10.15.1 ...

      At the moment the worm is still in there in many places. Sometimes restarting or reinstalling Catalina will solve the problems, but that's all just poking around in the dark. Most of the things are probably with Apple ... and one can only hope that they will quickly post a bug fix.

  47. BlueFalcon says:

    On MacWelt you can currently read that under certain circumstances (individual cases) the freezing of the installation and subsequent failure can be due to damage to the EFI.

  48. Dirk K. from L. says:

    I actually saw over 45.000 unread emails on my iPhone. Evil!

    Now there are just 35.000 ...

  49. Gunnar says:

    Hi Jens,

    For me, the installation of Catalina basically worked without any problems, but now another problem annoys me:

    When I take a screenshot (cmd + shift + 4) it is stored on the desk, but I cannot see it, I cannot click it and it does not appear in the search either.
    If I then reset the NVRAM as you described, the screenshot appears ... everything is good. However, the next screenshot shows the same problem again. Between the reset and the next screenshot I didn't change anything, didn't do anything, and didn't start any programs.

    Resetting the NVRAM makes the file visible again, but it doesn't fix the problem!?!?!?


  50. Wilhelm Linnenbank says:

    when updating to Catalina there are problems with the mail app. If you click on "Settings" under "Mail", an empty window appears with the heading "Font and Color".
    However, none of the settings are displayed and can therefore not be changed (e.g. signatures).

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello! That doesn't sound good. Maybe I would reinstall Catalina over it. Then the error could be eliminated. Sometimes restarting the Mac will help. But probably nothing more can be done.

    • Tom says:

      Same problem here. In addition, there is the problem that a search in mail via the search field is no longer possible.

      I also had the problem with the settings / signatures.
      A solution to this problem brought about the implementation of the following action:

      quit mail

      Finder> Go> Go to Folder> copy and paste: ~ / Library / Container

      delete the folder

      restart mail


      The problem with the no longer feasible search in Mail remained.

  51. Kai F says:

    Hello, since the update on Catalina, the login screen is in English, that doesn't matter, but when I want to log in as a “guest” it asks me for a password ??? this has never been the case. Maybe someone has a tip?

  52. Alex says:

    Good evening,
    I have an older Mac that can be upgraded to Catalina. Unfortunately, the import of the mails does not work, ie the progress bar sticks for hours. It just doesn't go any further. Is anyone else aware of the problem?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Alex! How do you import the mails? With the migration assistant? If so, then stop and try again. With me he had already hung himself up and the next time it tried it worked. But it can take a night if you have a lot of data.

      • Alex says:

        thank you for the tip. It's honestly my mother's computer. I have now determined that 950.000 mails have to be migrated.
        The displayed duration converted into days is 200!
        For everyone else: clean up your mails first, then migrate!


  53. Dirk K. from L. says:

    Hey there!

    The Catalina bugfix is ​​installed. However, Mail swallows so much CPU activity with me that the computer is practically unusable.

    Apple, what's that supposed to be?

    Greetings, Dirk

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Dirk! I would start in safe mode (restart and hold SHIFT). Then let it boot up and then restart normally. Then something is often eliminated.

  54. Dirk K. from L. says:

    Has Apple deactivated the Catalina bugfix again? I don't see it on my iMac ...

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Dirk! No, there has not yet been a bug fix at all. I just hope that there will soon be one that fixes at least the worst blunders.

      Edit: Yes, it came out a few hours ago and should be available when you click on "Software Update" and then "Search". But it may be that you still make some changes to it and it is gone for a short time. Just search more often ...

  55. Dirk K. from L. says:

    But there was / is a bug fix!

  56. jar says:

    but my Imac installed the update today and didn't even look how big it was! Iphone. ipad. 70-100 Mb in size. ok it doesn't matter I have a fiber connection!

    appropos Mail I have only been using it on the Iphone / IPad for years. on the Mac I have no problems with thunderbirth! Maybe an alternative?


  57. Dirk K. from L. says:

    Another note: After the "bug fix", the dock had disappeared into nirvana again. :(

  58. Heike May says:

    I (unfortunately) installed Catalina two days ago on my iMac (end of 2015).

    After the update to Catalina, all my project data disappeared from the local folder of the Next-cloud. I was able to re-synchronize this on the computer. MAIL, Indesign and other programs keep saying that they don't have enough storage space and that they don't work. But that can't be.
    The access rights are also often mentioned that the program does not have the necessary rights. In between I was no longer able to log into the computer with my user password (Admin), after about 30 attempts I had access to my computer again. After that, however, all of my project data had disappeared from my computer. I could go on and on with this list of things that don't work. I'm pretty at a loss.
    I installed the update from yesterday evening immediately. After that, at least MAIL worked again.
    Right now I'm setting up a Mojave laptop so I can go back to work. Maybe you have some advice for me here? Flat out and install Mojave?
    Kind regards, Heike

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Heike! Maybe I would install Catalina again over the existing system. Maybe that will solve one or the other problem. If not, I would set up the old system again. You can probably use the Migration Assistant (under Utilities) to transfer a lot of data if you should freshly install Mojave.

  59. Wolfgang Hoepfner says:

    I have a fairly extensive music library that I have built up and maintained over the years using iTunes, and which currently includes around 700 playlists. When importing into Catalina's music app, the playlists and albums were taken over, but only about half of all record covers. It is possible to continue to access the old XML library with iTunes for Windows, which I run in parallel in a virtual environment, but do I really want that? After a day, I started Time Machine and returned ruefully to macOS 15.

    • sir appleot says:

      That's sad ... there's a lot of work involved. Stupid, if you ruined such an update. I might try switching again when macOS 10.15.1 or 10.15.2 is released.

      • BlueFalcon says:

        The album covers are gradually coming back. I have a collection of over 2000 albums and at first only had about 10% of all covers visible again. I left the music app open and after 2 days I only miss covers sporadically.
        It is annoying that there is no longer any menu item to search for the cover completely in the store, so in stubborn cases you have to initiate the loading of the cover from the store with a right-click. If the cover is not available there (e.g. because this album is not available in your local store) you will get an error message and it will only help to touch it up manually. But I wouldn't give up anytime soon.

        • sir appleot says:

          Ah, thanks for the feedback. Then you just have to bring some time with you. And of course that could also be a process that gnaws at the battery and CPU in MacBooks when it does this in the background. But at some point it will be finished.

  60. Wolfgang Hoepfner says:

    ... of course, macOS 10.14 - this Apple spelling correction is so nice ...

    • sir appleot says:

      We all know that. : D Lately she had turned "minimalist" into "minimaoist" for me. No idea what that is supposed to be. : D

  61. Gunnar says:

    There actually appears to be an update to the update because my Mac is loading one. Is also called 10.15 and was suggested automatically. Is about 1 GB in size. I'm curious what it will bring ... or not :-)

  62. Wolfgang Schneider says:

    Hi, I've had the following problem since Catalina: Despite all "network shares" for the access rights (everyone can read and write, I can read and write, restart the iMac), I can access the Mac folder from my Windows 10 laptop. Still seeing Desktop, Downloads, and Documents on my iMac, but no longer opening them. Windows recently complained: Z: \\ Downloads (Documents / Desktop) cannot be accessed: Access denied.
    So far, however, it worked with the network shares both from Windows to Mac, and vice versa. The two computers are also in the same home network. All other folders on the Mac (even both libraries) can be opened.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Wolfgang! Unfortunately, I'm a bit overwhelmed by that. :( I couldn't find anything suitable on Google that could represent a solution here.

      • Jar says:

        A bug from paralles or VMware? I haven't tried this error either, which helps! Would look in the forum of those times!

  63. Markus says:

    No matter how much I look for a solution, I don't come across any with my Mac Pro 2013, even after the hotfix from Apple, it still runs for a while and then the mouse pointer disappears and it is then unusable, then after approx : 2-5 min it restarts and at the end something like that comes up (which I can't figure out):

    panic (cpu 0 caller 0xffffff8018c290b7): "AMDFramebufferSI :: setPowerState (0xffffff8046085800: 0xffffff7f9aa510f8, 1 -> 0) timed out after 45538 ms" @ / BuildRoot / Library / Caches / / Sources / xnu .5302 / iokit / Kernel / IOServicePM.cpp: XNUMX
    Backtrace (CPU 0), Frame: Return Address
    0xffffff8dd783bb40 : 0xffffff801853f98b

    0xffffff8dd783bfa0 : 0xffffff80184e613e

    BSD process name corresponding to current thread: kernel_task

    • sir appleot says:

      Hi Markus! This type of crash is a kernel panic. Quote from Wikipedia: "Possible causes for a kernel panic are hardware errors as well as faulty memory accesses. Such accesses and other software errors that result in a kernel panic can normally only be caused by the kernel itself under modern operating systems."

      That means either your hardware is defective (RAM modules are particularly popular as the cause) or there is an error deep in the operating system. That could of course still be the case at the moment. But you could perform an Apple hardware testto see if something is thrown as an error.

      • Markus says:

        Hi Sir Apfelot,

        I've already done that too, I don't get an error message when I do the AHT, everything should be fine according to this test.

        So you can rule out a serious hardware defect, right? Because if that were the case, I can throw my Mac Pro in the trash because I can't buy a new hardware component. So quickly I can't buy a new logic board or graphics card as a replacement, there would be thousands!

        Frustration spreads and panic!

        what can it be that nothing works anymore? Everything went well with Mojave and there were no problems, I just can't come back to Mojave because it keeps telling me that the hard drive has been changed and cannot be recreated, huh?

        What did Apple do for a mess !?

        • AndyLuck says:

          For me the exact same problem with the same computer. Also not to find any hardware errors. I once created a new user. It was then quite stable. I think the old MacPro will not get along with the old, "grown" user even in 2020 after various updates ...

    • Ake says:

      I have the same problem with files that I share with colleagues via a VPN server. I use the VPN service Tunnelblick. I edit e.g. an .odt file on the server then the access rights are automatically set to "I - read & write" and "all - no rights". If I change this, the change will not be applied.
      Thank you for pointers

  64. Thomas says:

    Hello Sir Apfelot,

    I have a question about Hibernate mode 25 and Catalina. The way I see it, it no longer works properly under Catalina. Up to and with Mojave you could close the MacBook Pro (no Retina in mid 2012) and then the notebook was in deep sleep (Hibernate mode 25) and didn't do anything until I opened it again. Now under Catalina, the notebook apparently only retires and no longer goes into deep sleep. The hibernate mode 25 itself is activated.

    Do you know anything about this?

    Thank you and best regards

    PS: I already posted my question here this morning, but I can't see it when I call up the site again, so I'm asking it again.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Thomas! The comments are moderated here. That is why they are only visible once I have released them. So now. : D
      Regarding your question: I have the same problem with my iPhone: If I left it with iOS 12 and then unlocked it after a long time and called up the emails, the new ones were immediately visible. Currently under iOS 13, I first have to open Mail for a few seconds and then the new mails will appear one by one. What is it that doesn't work for you under Catalina in Powernap mode? Also retrieving emails? I think this is a problem with the new operating systems that I am sure will correct itself at some point in the next few weeks.

      • Thomas says:

        Hello Sir Apfelot,

        merci for your answer. I just want to close the notebook with activated hibernate mode 25 and then in deep sleep (hibernate mode 25), i.e. nothing at all, but only again when I open it. And that's exactly what doesn't work, the notebook just goes into retirement, ie the LED at the bottom right is always flashing and with hibernate mode 25 it should be completely off. The hibernate mode 25 itself is activated - you can see it via pmset -g.

        Best regards

        • sir appleot says:

          Hi Thomas! Yes, now I get it. : D This is different from Powernap. But it seems to be buggy at the moment and is waiting for a bugfix from Apple ... like some other things.

          • Thomas says:

            Hello Sir Apfelot

            now I have come up with the solution to the riddle. I chatted with a senior advisor from Apple today and he wrote:

            So, theoretically, the mode is still anchored in the code, that is, if you look for it in the terminal, you can set it but because it ran on 32bit, it is currently so that it cannot be activated with Catalina.
            We are currently looking at whether an alternative will be built in, for example on 64bit, but unfortunately I cannot promise whether and when something will be done in that direction.

            So that means, it is not a buggy, but has fallen victim to the 64-bit strategy, and now it's just waiting for the next updates, maybe something happens, maybe not.

          • sir appleot says:

            Hello Thomas! Thank you for your feedback. That is interesting! I hope this will be fixed with an update ... but as the saying goes: "Hope dies last!". :(

  65. Dirk K. from L. says:

    Hi Guys!

    Since Apple Mail does not work with GMX IMAP for the time being, I installed and set up "Thunderbird".

    Runs fine! For Apple this is already embarrassing. :(

  66. Dirk K. from L. says:


    nice that there are no problems with you. But the reports of problems with "Mail" in the network speak a different language. There is even a loss of data. Why does Mail write GB of data for me?

    Yes, I had already deleted the GMX IMAP account and set it up again. - And it just doesn't work. I've been using Macs for over 20 years and have never seen anything like it. And if I get the "Thunderbird" running properly within a few minutes, I refuse to look for the fault in myself. Basta! I am not so Apple-contaminated as so many other "disciples".

    And there was this problem with iOS too! But after the update to 13.1.3 (!) This is fixed. Not yet with MacOS.

    Annoyed greetings, Dirk

    • BlueFalcon says:

      Let me tell you from experience that there are problems everywhere. Mostly where you least need it. (I didn't know the Purzle Screen problem before either)

      But now to you and mail.

      Check connections in Mail in the "Window" menu. If your GMX IMAP account causes problems, then it should be marked in red. If this is the case, click on the "Log for connection activity" mark at the bottom of the display and repeat the process with "Check again".

      Then you can use "Show protocol" to identify whether it is an authentication problem or something else is the cause.

      The problem can also be stored in the keychain, among other things. If you go to the keychain management (utilities) and enter the @ in the search field, you will see all the mail passwords stored for all of your accounts. Select the affected one and delete it.
      Then you have to go back to Mail and delete the affected account in the Settings area. Then close the mail app, reopen it and add the account again via the settings.

  67. Helge says:

    Hello. I just installed Catalina. Then I connected my iPhone X and trusted the computer. Unfortunately I made the mistake of doing sync and probably using it to do a backup. Now my ssd is almost full with 128gb. How can I delete this backup? I am a complete beginner with the MacBook and could only find cryptic folders, but I cannot assign them.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Helge! You can find it in this folder structure: Library> Application Support> MobileSync> Backup.
      You usually don't see the Library folder, but if you go to "Go" in the Finder and then hold down the ALT key, this folder will also be visible in the menu.
      Before Catalina you could also find and delete the backups via iTunes, but I don't yet know exactly how it works with Catalina without iTunes. I guess I'll have to install the new macOS soon so that I can have a say. : D

  68. Hans Cloud says:

    Hi masters,
    How can I get rid of this ;; Fucking: Catalina and switch to my previous version?
    If only I hadn't installed that.
    With me, several programs can no longer be opened.
    photo shop
    to name the most important.

  69. Julian says:

    Hello, I also wanted to upgrade to Catalina. Unfortunately, the installation did not go through properly. Now the Mac will no longer start. At normal start there is only one folder with a question mark. When I press CMD + R the globe appears and I should select a WLAN, unfortunately the input reacts very slowly and it does not accept all inputs. I had read that it may be that the firmware Efi was damaged. The Mac Pro is from 2015 do you have any tips?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello julian! If the EFI is really damaged, then unfortunately only the Apple service partner can help. Do you have a backup to boot from? Alternatively, you may be able to plug the Mac Pro into the router using a LAN cable. Then you save the WiFi password entry and you may then be able to reinstall the system. I keep my fingers crossed! Please let me know if it worked.

  70. Karin says:

    after installing Catalina, the "Helpermcp" popup will damage your computer. We recommend moving the item to the trash.
    If you click on "put in the trash", nothing happens and the window pops up again. Likewise with "Cancel".
    In addition, the fan turns on continuously and time machine runs continuously.
    Is there any way to go back to the previous operating system?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Karin! "Helpermcp" is a virus or a program that cannot be removed because it starts itself again and again and does not simply have to be dragged into the trash. The virus is apparently caught by the malware "Mac Cleanup Pro", which poses as a system optimization tool. I would recommend checking your system with "Malwarebytes" at the earliest opportunity. If your Mac doesn't start anymore, you can hold down CMD + R while restarting. Then you come into a recovery mode from which you can reinstall the system on another hard drive.

      • Karin says:

        thanks for your feedback.
        In the meantime I found a video with instructions on how to remove Mac Clean up. The popup is gone now.
        Here is the helpful Youtube video for everyone who has the same problem.

        Do you have any idea why the fan starts so often?

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello Karin! Thanks for the hint with the video. The fan may be related to an SSD conversion. But I don't know if your Mac has ever been rebuilt in this regard. If so, I recommend you my article on SSDFancontrol. Otherwise, you can look in the activity monitor to see what is generating the CPU load. Maybe something is still running in the background?

          • Karin says:

            Hi Jens,
            thank you for your hint with the fan - I'll watch it.
            Do you have any idea why Time Machine runs forever and doesn't close?

          • sir appleot says:

            Hello Karin! Time Machine may run for a while after an update to save all changes. I often leave my Mac on overnight so that it can do this kind of thing. I wouldn't worry too much about that.
            If you still have the feeling that something is going wrong, then I would delete the backup and start over with Time Machine. Then let it run for another night so that he can save everything and hopefully everything will be ok then.

  71. Dirk K. from L. says:


    yes there are problems everywhere. But the fact that a major operating system update by Apple (the most highly endowed company on planet earth!) Does not even go through the installation after the beta phase, so that you have to reset the computer, is qualitatively a mockery of any description. :(

    I'll stick with it: Catalina has been a disgrace for Apple so far!

  72. Angela K says:

    First of all, thank you for the great contribution!
    I have a MacBook 12 ′ 2015 and since Catalina I have problems with Word 2019 (latest version 16.30). It runs a lot slower than I type, which means some. Is the problem known? Maybe even fix it? Restarting did nothing. Thanks in advance!

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Angela! As far as I could read, it has to do with the clipboard. The recommendation is: Open the activity display, then search for the "pboard" process and close it with the X button. After that, Word should run normally again ...

  73. Dominik says:

    Hello, since the update my built-in camera no longer works, although the green LED is on. I have already done a pram reset and it is not due to just one app or the authorization. What else could I try?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Dominik! Which program do you want to use the camera with?

      • Dominik says:

        PhotoBooth and Skype

        • sir appleot says:

          Ok, that could be a rights issue. I couldn't find an error description for Catalina, but there was one in earlier versions. The solution (try individual steps) would be according to the forum:
          1. Restart your Mac
          2. Start with CMD + R and repair the rights of the system hard disk with the hard disk utility
          3. Reinstall macOS over it
          4. if none of the above helps: ask an Apple service partner. :(
          I hope anything from 1-3 does.

  74. Elmer Frank says:

    Hi Jens,
    My problem since the update is access to iCloud.
    I should agree to the New iCloud Terms of Service.
    When entering via the system settings, a window opens with a "Terms of Use" button. When you click it, a new, smaller window opens with the same buttons.
    When you click the "Terms of Use" again, the message "Load" flashes after 2 seconds, and that's it.
    There is no display of the terms of use and therefore no possibility of consent.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Elmar! Sounds like restarting with CMD + R and then installing Catalina again over it. There is usually no other way to get rid of such strange errors. Or just try a restart without further action. Maybe that will help ...

  75. Margit says:

    Hello Sir Apfelot,
    The calendar search function doesn't work for me since the update. I called apple twice. Once I renewed the Spotlight indexing and then repeated the update. Neither did anything. Since I make occupancy plans, I am totally dependent on the search function to filter individual courses and show what is no longer possible.
    Do you have any advice?
    Thank you,

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Margit! I had a similar problem. The Spotlight search didn't work for me for weeks and I tried everything possible. Ultimately, the following helped:
      1. Make a 1: 1 backup of the system hard drive on an external hard drive
      2. Boot from the external hard drive
      3. Erase the internal hard disk
      4. Use CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper to copy the system from the external disk back to the internal one
      5. Boot from the internal disk
      6. Give Spotlight a few hours to index and, if necessary, delete the index again

      I suppose this seemingly pointless copying resulted in a damaged file being skipped and then the Mac recreating it. Since then, my spotlight (and thus also the mail and calendar search) has been working properly again. Maybe it will help you too.

  76. Margit says:

    Thank you so much. I'll see how I do it ;-)

  77. Pat says:

    Hi Guys!
    I have the problem that the calendar colors are no longer correct since upgrading to Catalina. If I choose an "own" color from the color wheel, the setting always jumps to one of the few standard colors. Has anyone experienced that too?

    • Pat says:

      I was now able to narrow it down to Exchange Calendar. Nobody else has the problem?

      • bluegreen says:

        I have the same problem with the color marking of the Exchange calendar ...
        There are also problems with the color markings in Mail, sometimes all markings are displayed, then various subcategories "disappear" ...
        What to do?

    • Gregor says:

      Got the same problem (Catalina 10.15.1). Is there a solution for this in the meantime?

      • Gregor says:

        Talked to Apple support.

        The problem was probably not previously known. The problem occurs with Microsoft accounts but not iCloud accounts. Bug report was created.

        Please wait until the next release.

  78. Marcel says:

    Hello people
    After installing Catalina (not Clean Install) I have the problem that the default icon is no longer correct for some documents. Firefox links and safary links that I have placed on the desktop are no longer displayed with the previous icon, but like a deleted document (white sheet). I can change the icon with cmd + i, but I cannot do that in general. I deleted the icon cache in the library, but that didn't help either. Does anyone know any advice?

  79. marcel says:

    One of the reasons why I switched from Windows to the Mac was the unspeakable problems that occurred after updating the operating system.
    In the meantime, unfortunately, Apple has caught up in this regard. Apple now also delivers its operating systems based on the banana principle (product matures with the user). I am struggling with this new Apple policy. In any case, Catalina is barely above the level of a final beta version at the moment.

  80. SCHUMI81 says:

    Hello Sir Apfelot,

    Great site and just thanks for your effort here!

    After switching to Catalina, I have the problem that I cannot connect to the Internet with the MBP. Neither via wlan, nor via network cable via usb-c and adapter.
    No problem beforehand. My IPhones and iPads, as well as a Windows computer, also work without problems in the wlan. Only the MBP with Catalina absolutely doesn’t want to go online anymore. Router is a FritzBox 7560 which I have already restarted.
    I'm slowly running out of Latin. Maybe you have an idea?


    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Benny!
      Ok, that's weird. I was able to find similar problem descriptions and the following steps were recommended:
      1. Restart your Internet router and Mac
      2. Under System Settings> Network, delete the connections and create them again
      3. Under System Settings> Date and Time, check whether everything is correct
      4. Unplug all external USB devices
      5. While holding down the ALT key, click on the WLAN symbol in the menu bar and select "Generate diagnostic report"
      6. Renew under System Settings> Network> Further Options> TCP / IP> "DHCP Lease"
      7. Create a new network environment
      8. Delete / deactivate proxy or VPN connection

      If all else fails, you can still try to completely delete the network settings. To do this, go to this folder:
      Macintosh HD> Library> Preferences> System Configuration
      And there you throw these files in the trash:
      - NetworkInterfaces.plist
      - preferences.plist
      - Settings.plist

      And the very last tip: stop the "mDNSResponder" process. To do this, go to the Activity Monitor utility and look for the "mDNSResponder" process. Then mark the entry and click the X symbol in the top left. Technically it seems absurd that these things are related, but there have been a few cases in which this has helped.

      Let's hope that afterwards your MBP wants to surf again: D

  81. Kessler Achim says:

    Hi, since Catalina my iMac (late 2013) freezes on shutdown. I had closed all programs beforehand. SCM and PRAM already new. Nothing helps. I am completely at a loss and have never seen anything like it from Apple.
    I am grateful for any advice.


    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Achim! This can have various causes: for example an antivirus program or defective file permissions.

      If you like, you can boot into safe mode and then test again. If that doesn't help, I would boot in single-user mode (hold down CMD + S when starting). Then (if you can still read the script) enter the following: fsck -yf

      Attention, since the English keyboard layout is activated in single-user mode, you will probably have to press these keys: fsck ßzf

      Repeat the command until you see the message "The volume (name) appears to be OK". Then you type "reboot" to restart the Mac.

      I hope that works. If not, I would set up the system from scratch and use the migration assistant to import the data from a previously made backup.

      • Achim says:

        Hi, thanks for the tips!
        I had already tried Safe-Mode, only helped to a limited extent, ie iMac shut down, then frozen again.
        Then I noticed that I had connected an external hard drive that I used to clone my drive and hadn't ejected it. Since the external disk was ejected and removed, everything has been running normally and the Mac is also shut down normally - can that be ???

        Then another question: How do you do a clean install since Catalina? I am referring to the two partitions “Macintosh HD” and “Macintosh HD - Data”. Wouldn't dare to go there at the moment.


        • Achim says:


          after weeks of testing I can report something new.

          For me, the shutdown problem is clearly due to the ejection of external hard drives.

          I have connected a WD hard drive that I use to back up TimeMachine.
          Ever since I ejected this hard drive before turning it off, the problem of freezing when turning off has not occurred.

          If I leave the external hard drive connected, it can be switched off - but quite often not either.

          So the problem is reproducible in my system.


          • sir appleot says:

            Hello Achim! Thanks for the hint. This has happened to me before on Macs and it never occurred to me that it could be due to the external hard drives. That was a helpful tip from you!

    • Dirk K. from L. says:


      I had that problem too. Then I reinstalled macOS: Hold CMD + R when restarting.

      The system then looks like it did before. But it takes a long time.

      • Achim says:

        Hey Dirk,
        after I kept forgetting to eject the hard drive and the system then promptly hung itself when switching off, I followed your advice. cmd + r and Catalina "ironed over it" - no more problems!
        I can only guess, don't wait as long as I take this step !!!

  82. Ivo says:

    Hi all,
    Since the switch to Catalina three days ago, the dashboard of the site no longer works, it is no longer displayed ... So I can no longer use the website builder ???? on my company computer and with Mojave it works great, not on the Mac mini (2016) anymore.
    Does anyone have advice for me?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Ivo! I would try a different browser and then delete the browser's cache, which causes problems. Most of the time, it is because some old or defective Javascript is stuck in the cache, which prevents the page from functioning correctly every time it is accessed. Clearing the cache should help here.
      Alternatively, you can also try a "private window" in the browser. No cache is used there, if I remember correctly.

      • Ivo says:

        Hi, thanks for the tip, it was like that! It's actually that simple ... Then I tried the private window, it worked, cache deleted, cookies deleted beforehand, and lo and behold, it works ..
        Thank you!

  83. Tom says:


    After updating from Mojave to Catalina, I did another clean install, the problems remain the same on MacBook Air 13 (early 2016):

    1. The computer does not shut down, you can only switch it off using the on / off switch
    2. In Safari, after a while of use, it is suddenly not possible to get to the web pages in tabs when clicking on Google search results. Entering a URL at the top of the address bar does not open a website either. In the attached tabs, I can move around without any problems. When this problem occurs, I can no longer open a page in Chrome, there I only see the gyro in the tab. It only helps to switch off the computer to fix the problem. Closing Safari and reopening it does not help.
    3. Password-protected PDF files cannot be opened in "Preview". Entering the password and sending it with Return freezes the preview window, I also cannot close the window by clicking on the red point in the top left (point 3 same problem on 2017 iMac 27).

    Since I have to work a lot on the internet, the Safari problem is really annoying. Nothing about it can be found on the web.


    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Tom! I first heard of these problems from you. I would probably stay on Mojave again until Apple releases 10.15.1. Did you take over your old data after the clean install? Or is everything still "clean"?

      • Tom says:

        Hello Sir,

        All my files are on iCloud, they are not saved locally at all. Only have 3 fonts installed that I need for my Pages documents (company). Actually only Roon Remote and a Brother scanner app as apps.

        After the clean install, I had the feeling that the computer was downright "slipping", thought wow, that's a difference compared to constant upgrading. Until the moment when I couldn't get a page to open again in the unpinned tabs in Safari; - ((

        I'll probably go back to Mojave tomorrow. The problems with Catalina remind me of the moment when I finally got fed up with Windows in 2014 and completely switched to Apple (and was actually satisfied with this decision to this day).

  84. Heiko Meissner says:

    Hello Sir,
    I also have the problem with turning it off. When you turn it off, the iMac "stops". Then it will restart and I get the error message that the Mac has restarted because of a problem. The same thing happens with a restart. Now I have noticed that when I have uninstalled any program, switching off and restarting works without any problems.
    Is there a possible solution for this?


    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Heiko! Do you mean: No matter which program you uninstall - afterwards it shuts down cleanly? And then only once? Or how should I understand that?

  85. Michael says:

    I am going to sell my MacBook Pro. I don't need to use ICloud and the like. I'd rather go back to Linux or FreeBSD. Maybe even a Windows 10 is more likely than this broken MacOS - ultimately, the development was foreseeable for a long time.

    • Heiko says:

      Hello Sir,
      yes, it is the same, no matter which program was uninstalled, then it shuts down cleanly. If I then continue to work normally, it does not shut down properly again.

      • sir appleot says:

        Hello Heiko! What do you use to "uninstall" the programs? Or do you just drag it from the Applications folder to the trash?

  86. Wolfgang Hoepfner says:

    Well, whether it would have been like that in the days of the blessed Steve Jobs?

  87. Dirk K. from L. says:

    Update 10.15.1 is out and is currently being loaded here. It's still 4.5 GB in size.

    I'm curious …

  88. Dirk K. from L. says:

    Even after the update to 10.15.1, Apple's "Mail" does not work for me! It loads thousands of new emails with no noticeable progress.

    There are new emojis for that! Apple, great! :(

    • Dirk K. from L. says:

      I can now report that mail is running again for me! :)

      I had started 10.15.1 in "Safe Mode" [SHIFT] and then Mail had "cleaned up" the database quite quickly.

      Before that, I kept to the following problem solution:

      • Roland says:

        Mail has been hanging for me since 10.15.1.
        What problem solution did you stick to before?

        • Dirk K. from L. says:


          enter the words "Mail not working in macOS Catalina, How-to fix" on google. You will then find instructions on how to delete certain files.

          The mails are then re-imported.

  89. Roland says:

    Update 10.15.1 - Apple "Mail" hangs and needs all resources (activity display CPU 123% !!!!). ????????
    Does anyone else have this problem and maybe already solved it ?????

  90. Manfred says:

    Since the update, my iMac (2012) reboots after 2-5 minutes although no application is open and no abnormal activities can be observed in the activity display. Deleting NVPRAM and SMC did no good. Over-installation and hard drive check were also unsuccessful. Hardware test with 'D' does not work. Press Alt + 'D' to cancel with an error message. Does anyone else have this problem?
    Greetings Manfred

  91. Sven says:

    I miss the "progress indicator" when synchronizing with the iPhone / iPad (the rotating little circle is not always displayed under "Places" on the left.
    This problem also occurs with the iOS update.
    I cannot see in which form the MAC is currently active or what is happening.

  92. Wolfgang Hoepfner says:

    Loss of the "Scan to Computer" function with HP all-rounders in connection with the "HP Easy Scan" app, which no longer really wants to.

    I am also one of those affected who have installed Catalina over a working Mojave, although the error only occurred to me after the update to 15.1.

    To check it I did a fresh installation of Catalina plus Update to 15.1 on a USB drive followed by the installation of the HP software for my Deskjet Pro 8720. And what can I say - everything works fine.

    I then did the same thing again with a virtual machine based on Catalina (VMWare Fusion) and now use that as a workaround, because this ScanToPC story is already very practical because of the possibility of combining different scans into a single PDF document.

    This is not so easy with the basic drivers, such as those used by the "Digital Pictures" app.

  93. Mirko says:

    MacBook from 2016 fails to install at 34 minutes and brings up this message:

    Your computer restarted due to a problem. To continue, press a key or wait a few seconds
    This message is displayed in 5 different languages ​​and the Mac has been doing this for 3 hours.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Mirko! What's the question here? Did you restart the installation after the error? In rare cases, the installer is also damaged. Then maybe load it again. Just to rule it out.

  94. Andreas says:

    I have a MacBookPro 13 ″ from 2015 with 128GB. and had moved the iTunes library to an external hard drive.
    Is there a power to outsource the former iTunes libraries, i.e. music books and audio books, to an external hard drive?

    • sir appleot says:

      As far as I have read, this option is currently not available. macOS expects the media in exactly the same place in Library. Outsourcing with symlink doesn't seem to work with Catalina. But maybe there will be a solution for ...

      • Andreas says:

        WOW here you get help quickly.
        well there it will probably remain Mojave until then.

        • sir appleot says:

          I try to be quick, but sometimes I have to work or "party" on the weekend. Then it takes a while. : D And in some cases I have no idea either. ;-) But: "He was always trying!" was in his job reference ...: D

    • BlueFalcon says:

      If you have outsourced your iTunes library, you can continue to use it as before, only via the Finder or via the individual apps. My media library folder is also on an external SSD because the internal one is limited in space. This also works under Catalina as it did under Mojave.

      • BlueFalcon says:

        Axis, if you move your media library folder under Catalina, then of course you have to tell the various apps where to find it. To do this, you have to hold down the "alt" key when opening the individual apps so that the window for searching for and connecting the new storage space opens.
        As far as I know, however, all files must still be in a common folder in the conventional structure. So always watch out for the iTunes "Library" folder.

      • Andreas says:

        it is still there, that is correct, but it is moved to the individual libraries on the system hard drive. and used there and of course also processed. Unfortunately I don't know the path anymore because I'm back on Mojave. as long as that doesn't work

  95. Jasmine says:

    Hello, I updated my Macbook Pro to Catalina early 2013 in early October and - luckily - had no problems, now I have made the new 10.15.1 update and neither my Office programs, nor my Pages, Keynote or anything else work. I cannot open old files, I can write new ones, but then I cannot save them. The message appears that I cannot save the storage location: for example on the desktop "The file" Desktop "could not be opened"
    Is there already a solution for this? I have already clicked through some forums and found no help yet ...

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Jasmin! I don't have a tip at the moment. Another reader had a similar problem. Perhaps he will speak up.

  96. Klaus says:

    I have an iMac 2017. I installed Catalina there as soon as it was released. I knew that the 32-bit apps would no longer work, so there was no reason to complain. All other programs run amazingly well. Once they start walking. This means that it feels like an eternity before the programs are ready for use. Chrome takes about 2 minutes, the Office programs (including Outlook) a little over a minute, DevonThink just under a minute.
    My conclusion to Catalina: So far, no crashes or hangs, but overall behavior at the start of the program at a snail's pace. I suspect that a lot of apps and processes are loading in the background that I don't need at all. I can see these programs somewhere (but where ??) and deactivate them if necessary? Or to put it another way: How can I throw the unnecessary ballast overboard?

    • sir appleot says:

      So a minute or two before the program starts is of course extremely slow on a 2017 iMac. :( To clean up I would Clean My Mac X recommend. I've been using the software for months and haven't had a problem with it yet. You may have to look through things there under "Speed> Optimization" and "Maintenance". Maybe some extension is slowing down the Mac. Otherwise, my recommendation would be to pack the system on an external SSD if you don't have a Fusion Drive in the iMac yet.

      • Klaus says:

        Ouuh! I did the optimization and maintenance with CleanMyMac, but then something strange happened. Catalina was restarted, I had to wiggle my way through as with the initial installation. And then came the shock. I had to reinitialize almost all programs like the first time. MS Office was no longer activated and a number of other things no longer worked. Okay, "never change a running system", but I just wanted to optimize the system. Everything's fine now, but I won't be using Clean My Mac anytime soon.

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello Klaus! Thank you for your feedback. It's good to have a backup available. But I haven't had a bad experience with the tool yet. But there are other messages too ...

  97. Colin says:

    My MacBook Pro 2015 15 ', i7 with graphics card, has been at war since the update with MS Word.
    At first the program kept crashing (10+ times a day) and now my whole system crashes every time I mark more than 3 letters in Word or type too quickly.
    As a student who will soon have to hand in a term paper, it is pure horror! ¡

    Trying to solve this with an iPad for the time being cannot be more than a temporary solution.
    IT support at the university cannot help either.

    Please report if someone has a solution!

    PS have already reinstalled Word 3 times. All other programs work fine.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Colin! My "quick-and-painless" solution would be: Use Pages. At least it works and has everything you need for a housework. To do this, it syncs with the iPad and you can work on the iPad and MacBook Pro. I don't know what it depends on in Word. If Word is important to you, I would try a new user account under System Settings> User and install Word there again. Then you will know whether it might be due to something in your other user account. Could be any preferences files or something that are corrupted.

      • Klaus says:

        What did the honorable Hawaiian detective Charlie Chan use to say? "Contradiction, please!" Pages is "actually" good, but it has a deadly bug: working with tables. The Apple developers have not yet been able to provide a correctly working table. If you z. B. has several columns with different text assignment, then the texts are not pushed or transferred to the next page, but disappear at the bottom of the page into nirvana. There are numerous articles on this on the Internet. I wouldn't want to write a term paper, diploma thesis or even a dissertation that often requires tables with pages. Then I prefer Open Office Writer. Shame!

        • sir appleot says:

          Ok, if that is the case, then of course you have to do without Pages. But maybe the tips will help you troubleshoot your Word and it will still work. : D

          • Colin says:

            In fact, I've avoided staring at Pages with more than one eye in the past. I will now deal with it a little more.
            Today I had to discover the knowledge about Pages, ... um ..., interesting interpretations of tables today on my TABULAR curriculum vitae. Really a disaster ...

            Tried another user and got the same "crash".

            I tend to use a stopgap solution and install MacOS from scratch (maybe the "old" Mojave).
            But what hurts me because absolutely everything works except Word ...

            Is there also the option of reloading MacOS in this area without losing data?

            Will try it with * another * a new user.


            Get in touch if that helps.

            I then attached the first few lines of the crash report. Maybe you can make sense of it?

            Thank you in advance!


            panic (cpu 2 caller 0xffffff8009862e0a): Kernel trap at 0xffffff7f8cc9c34e, type 6 = invalid opcode, registers:
            CR0: 0x000000008001003b, CR2: 0x00007ffa3d001000, CR3: 0x000000000eac9000, CR4: 0x00000000001626e0
            RAX: 0x0000000000000000, RBX: 0x0000000000000000, RCX: 0x0000000000000000, RDX: 0xffffff81ea8e3ba0
            RSP: 0xffffff81ea8e3d10, RBP: 0xffffff81ea8e3d10, RSI: 0x0000000000000503, RDI: 0xffffff802e7f8400
            R8: 0x0000000000000000, R9: 0x0000000000989680, R10: 0x0000000000000000, R11: 0x0000000000000002
            R12: 0x0000000000000004, R13: 0xffffff802e7d4020, R14: 0xffffff81ea8e3d30, R15: 0xffffff802e7d4020
            RFL: 0x0000000000010286, RIP: 0xffffff7f8cc9c34e, CS: 0x0000000000000008, SS: 0x0000000000000010
            Fault CR2: 0x00007ffa3d001000, Error code: 0x0000000000000000, Fault CPU: 0x2, PL: 0, VF: 0

    • Klaus says:

      I'll try to isolate the problem. As a die-hard Office user (I've been with Word 6.0, that was in the early 90s) I can say that Word has never bothered me. As far as I know, Word has no dependencies either, so no other programs should mess with it. The system crash after 3 markings in Word is more than unusual. How do other MS programs (Excel, Powerpoint etc.) behave?
      1. Question: Is Word a stand-alone program or part of Office?
      2. Question: Which version number? Latest update?
      3. Question: What does the menu item "Word / Info Microsoft Word" output? There is important information there.
      4. Question: What is under "Word / Settings"? My tip: check all settings there, especially the "auto correction".
      I hope this helps.

      • Colin says:

        Hello Klaus,

        Thanks for your help so far.

        Yes. only Word has this problem. There are no complaints from Outlook, PP, Excel or OneNote.

        1. I have installed 1x the Office bundle from the Mac App Store & 1x from the download link from my university. This is currently installed and also has the Office 365 license in this context.

        2. Word version number: 16.30 (19101301); From MacOS: 10.15.1 (19B88). All are up to date.

        3. I guess you mean the "about Word" tab? There is nothing relevant next to the version, product and the confirmation that I have a 365 license. Did you mean something else?

        4. I clicked through. is actually everything so far in balance. I'll dedicate myself to the settings and see if that changes something!

        PS tried to mark something in word with another user. the same result here too.

        I was able to talk about the report during the last crash. I added the first few lines of this here:

        panic (cpu 2 caller 0xffffff8009862e0a): Kernel trap at 0xffffff7f8cc9c34e, type 6 = invalid opcode, registers:
        CR0: 0x000000008001003b, CR2: 0x00007ffa3d001000, CR3: 0x000000000eac9000, CR4: 0x00000000001626e0
        RAX: 0x0000000000000000, RBX: 0x0000000000000000, RCX: 0x0000000000000000, RDX: 0xffffff81ea8e3ba0
        RSP: 0xffffff81ea8e3d10, RBP: 0xffffff81ea8e3d10, RSI: 0x0000000000000503, RDI: 0xffffff802e7f8400
        R8: 0x0000000000000000, R9: 0x0000000000989680, R10: 0x0000000000000000, R11: 0x0000000000000002
        R12: 0x0000000000000004, R13: 0xffffff802e7d4020, R14: 0xffffff81ea8e3d30, R15: 0xffffff802e7d4020
        RFL: 0x0000000000010286, RIP: 0xffffff7f8cc9c34e, CS: 0x0000000000000008, SS: 0x0000000000000010
        Fault CR2: 0x00007ffa3d001000, Error code: 0x0000000000000000, Fault CPU: 0x2, PL: 0, VF: 0

        I am still happy about any help!

        Will probably make a backup soon and try to install macOS Mojave again ...

        I've been using Macs since 2010 and have never had such an unstable system on my computer ...

        Such things always happen when you don't need them !! : D

        - Colin

        Thanks in advance

        • Colin says:

          Short update!
          It was possible to solve my problem with a NVRAM & PRAM reset!

          shut down -> start and hold cmd + alt (option) + p + r until the mac "gongs" twice or the Apple logo shows twice.

          After that, the problem was currently gone.

          Thanks for the help.

        • Klaus says:

          Hello Colin,

          I once dealt with the "panic ... kernel" problem. The bottom line is that almost all those affected were caused by faulty hardware, mainly Bluetooth. If you are using a wireless keyboard and / or mouse, switch off Bluetooth and see if the error still occurs. The second most common cause cited were RAM and HDD errors.
          What is strange about you, however, is that these errors only occur with Word, so it looks like a software issue, but ... every Office program is programmed differently. There is a common denominator, but there are differences in the details. I also had a panic problem, it was due to a faulty graphics card. The problem was known to Apple, at that time I got the card exchanged free of charge. I had to think of the graphics when it came to the crashes after the "highlight" function.
          It is also strange that all my Office programs have version 16.30, except for Word, which has 16.29 and that cannot be updated either. Does the Word 16.30 version have a bug? But as far as I know, downgrading is not possible ...
          Then good luck with the matter. I stay in the background and watch everyone. If I find out something new, I will contact you again.

  98. Thanks for all the information ... I recently switched to Catalina and have some problems .... one of them is above all I now not only have an HD on my desk where everything is on it, but also two other icons that are noted with the name HD files and I simply cannot delete them on the hard disk program. I did it but after a restart are they back? What can I do? Strangely, they don't take up any more space in memory because I only have 1Tb on the computer ... .. so it would be three times as much so more than 1TB!
    Do you know how to help? Many thanks and best regards from Switzerland in the south
    Piero Molinari

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Piero! I can't say for sure, but I believe this is the disconnected data volume. You shouldn't delete that, because I think all your data is on there. The system is separate, so the system data is read-only and secure. If I am telling nonsense, someone will please correct me. : D

  99. Lisa says:


    Since the update of Catalina, I can no longer open documents that were saved on my desk and I can no longer save documents on the desk.

    Thanks in advance


    • sir appleot says:

      Hi Lisa! That sounds like a mistake with the rights to me. I would try the following:
      1. Start the disk utility and try to repair the rights on the startup disk.
      2. If that doesn't work, maybe start the recovery partition again with CMD + R (when restarting) and reinstall Catalina over it.

      If other readers have had the problem too and know a solution, it would be great if someone could write something about it. I don't have any further tips at the moment.

  100. labman says:

    Dear Sir Appleot, thank you for dealing with these various problems! you really learn a lot here!
    since I updated my mac from Mojave to Catalina in late 2017, it keeps losing the WiFi connection. the Fritz-OS is up to date, there are no crashes on all others. In addition, since then, when booting, if you can select the user, the mouse is not recognized or does not work ... are there any solutions for these two problems?

    many greetings and many thanks, tobi

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Tobi! Thanks for your nice comment. Glad you like the blog. : D Your problem looks very familiar to me. I had a similar problem and at some point after weeks I found out that it was a USB-C to USB-A adapter that kept interfering with the wifi signal. In your case, too, I would tap any USB part that sparks in between. Try unplugging everything that doesn't belong on the Mac and then see what happens. Somehow you are sure to find the culprit. If you've found him, I'll be happy to hear from you as to who it was. For me it was a Rampow USB adapter.

  101. Beatrix says:

    Hello, I am having problems with the calendar synchronization. If you move an event from one calendar to another, it will first be displayed normally and then suddenly it will be back in the old one. Who else has problems with the calendar?

  102. Chris says:


    Do you think the command "tmutil listlocalsnapshots / tmutil listlocalsnapshots / System / Volumes / Data" is one "tmutil listlocalsnapshots /" too many.
    At least that's what my Mac says;)

  103. labman says:

    Hello sir, me again, have followed your advice with the USB accessories, it doesn’t bring any improvement. I have loaded all the input devices, sometimes I have to switch the Mac off and on 10x at the push of a button until the mouse moves at all!
    That's pretty tough for a device in this price range ... Do you have another tip in store?

    Thank you again and best regards,


    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Tobi! Phew, unfortunately I can't think of anything anymore. I think you have to go to the service provider. Maybe they still have a tip in store. :-( But yes, it's a shame ...

    • BlueFalcon says:

      Does the problem always occur, even if you select a different user or boot the Mac in a safe state? Have you ever tried booting from a different drive with a different installation?

  104. Ole says:

    Good morning,

    my MacBook Pro Touchbar from 2018 doesn't even start up after the last Catalina update. Both in safe mode and in normal mode, the login freezes with an unbelievable fan noise. Even a bootable USB stick does not allow a new Catalina installation ... I have already tried every reset. I'm abroad and need the part ... does anyone else have any helpful advice? Would be incredibly grateful.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Ole! That doesn't sound good. I would do the following: Boot in Verbose mode (I have here. times cut). Then, with a little luck, you can see where it gets stuck while booting. My second question would be: What happens if you boot with the SHIFT key pressed? or when you boot with CMD + R? Does it hang up too, or can you boot up in these modes?

  105. Sibyl says:

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the simple solution with Mail: In almost all of my mailboxes, the e-mails for the last 15 years were "empty" and I was quite desperate, especially since restoring with TimeMachine did not work: Mail crashed every time "reliably" "from. The simple trick that is described here has conjured up all e-mails again. Thank you very much for that!

    • sir appleot says:

      But of course! : D At this point maybe a reference to Mail Archiver X, by Beatrix Willius. This allows mailboxes to be saved as a backup ...

      • Klaus says:

        I am somehow suspicious of MAIL. E-mails have already disappeared and reappeared at some point. I also don't like the structure and the look. There is also no chronological structure, everything is "in one pot" and is confusing. That's why I've been using OUTLOOK for many years. The e-mails, contacts, appointments, etc. are backed up simply by exporting them, creating an .olm file. This is the equivalent of the .pst files in Windows. A recovery is easily possible with OUTLOOK, even on a Windows PC or another MAC. But I still have to get rid of one tip or a hint: A mail client should never be used as an archive, that's not what it was made for. It is best to transfer the emails to a suitable system (e.g. DevonThink) as soon as possible. then there are no problems with Time Machine either. I have been using DevonThink for a long time and I am very excited about the program. It is really useful, you can find what you are looking for in a fraction of a second, you can create cross-references and replications and therefore work free of unwanted redundancies. It is database-based and every topic-based database can be backed up in parallel to Time Machine as required. This is very important to me because apart from certificates and "very important" documents I no longer have any paper files.

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello Klaus! Thank you for your objection. Do you think DevonThink can handle a lot of emails? I think my mailbox currently has 45 GB because I also have a lot of things with attachments ... Mail still does it without any problems, but I think that in the long run it might not be the best solution!

          • Klaus says:

            Dear Sir Apfelot,

            In the 64-bit version, DevonThink has no natural upper limit (except for the hardware), but with very large databases the system can be a bit slower. But 45 GB is absolutely not an issue. And this amount of data can definitely be organized in an optimized way. For example, I work according to the topicality of the documents. I have documents from a long time ago in an archive database, which I only load when I am specifically looking for something older. All other documents from the last 3 years are divided into various current databases. B. "Bills", "Apartment", "Insurance", "Memberships", "Finances" etc. Much is linked to cross-references. B. under "Invoices" with a cross-reference to "Insurance" and "Apartment". So only ONE document is stored, but it can be selected under different views. All documents can be found using OCR using a full-text search. Keywords ("tags") can also be assigned, but I have not yet needed this method.
            Did you really put all of your electronic mail in MAIL? Chronologically? With attachments? I don't want to be know-it-all, but I would think of something else. Incidentally, DevonThink works directly with MAIL, and automated filing is possible. Then Devonthink's inbox is full and MAIL is empty. It should be so.

          • sir appleot says:

            Thanks for the suggestion. I will take a look at the tool in time. They even have an app for iPad and iPhone. It should be so. Otherwise the whole thing wouldn't make sense to me either.

  106. Klaus Diemer says:

    Yes, I had completely forgotten that. The synchronization with iPad / iPhone is the icing on the cake. So you always have your documents to hand. And very up to date.

  107. Jens says:

    Hello Apfelot,
    since Catalina the Synology NAS DS718 + no longer works. The files can be viewed, but new files are no longer backed up. DRIVE also no longer works on the IPADPRO. There is no connection at all here.

    Is there a solution.

    Many thanks in advance and greetings

  108. Mess says:

    Hey there!
    I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13 ′, mid 2014) with MACOS 10.15.1 (19B88) and want to make a backup for my iPhone 6s 16GB iOS 13.1.2. This does not work because there is allegedly too little space on my drive, although there is still 50GB free. The Apple hotline was less helpful. Maybe you have an idea?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Kuddel! So if your iPhone is not the 64 GB (or larger) version, it should work. I can only imagine that you may have tried a backup to the iCloud and since the 5 GB are used up.

  109. Tanya says:

    Good morning, great overview, thank you! I have the problem that I can no longer link emails in the calendar. Most important function for me ... Do you have a solution for this? Otherwise I always put the relevant email in the appointment and thus have the link to the message. The link now tries to open Safari and logically doesn't find anything there .. Thank you!

    • sir appleot says:

      Hallo Tanja! I haven't installed a Catalina yet and unfortunately I can't try anything. But I think this should be a bug that hopefully will be fixed. Setting appointments in this way is probably used by some users. I keep my fingers crossed that it will work again soon!

    • Klaus Diemer says:

      Hello Tanya,
      my tip: use Outlook. Mail, calendar and address book (contacts) are all from one source. Simply drag the e-mail into the Outlook calendar and the e-mail and its attachments will be stored there and will also be visible. A link is therefore not necessary.
      Mails, appointments and addresses simply belong together.

      • Tanya says:

        Thank you, unfortunately Outlook is not an option for me, as everything here is somehow related and has been successful for years (including Connect with mical, etc.). Except for this bug now ... but thanks for the tip!

    • BlueFalcon says:

      If you drag the mail onto a calendar, it will be saved as a new event, including a link to the mail. What unfortunately (currently) no longer works is to drag a mail into an existing event and then open it from there, because then Safari is controlled, which however cannot do anything with the link. I suspect it is a bug that was overlooked.

      • Tanya says:

        Ah great, then this will be my workaround for so long, in the hope that it can be pushed again soon. Thank you very much!

  110. Tanya says:

    I thank you for the turbo answer! And I also hope that it will work again soon. Search engine didn't find anything about it, but I think it's a well-known problem. Fingers crossed, it was really practical ...

  111. Roland says:

    I'm more of a newbie to iMac. Since the update to CATALINA I have only one problem, but a very troublesome one. Even writing this comment is very difficult right now. Because;
    Every 10 seconds, or even earlier, the Internet browser and all other applications (e.g. Finder, etc.) fall into a kind of "inactivity", as if another application were jostling in front of it. But there is nothing I can find…. I have to keep clicking in the browser to continue writing. That drives you crazy! How can I fix this? Does anyone know any advice?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Roland! Yes, that is cruel. To find the culprit, you'd have to go to Applications> Utilities> Activity Monitor. This tool shows you which process is currently using a lot of CPU. If you sort the list according to "% CPU" in descending order, you will surely see what is at the top of the trailer. Maybe you can take a screenshot or send me the name of this process. I hope I can help you then. : D

  112. Winfried Weber says:

    After Catalina upgrade, cover images can no longer be printed in the Music app.
    Under File Print CD Booklet, only the titles without a picture are displayed for the individual topics.

    Does anyone know any workaround?

    • BlueFalcon says:

      Maybe something went wrong when transferring the media library data. Are the covers displayed in the app itself? Then maybe the item Organize Media Center from the item Filing / Media Center will help.

  113. Winfried Weber says:

    The covers are displayed in the media library.

    • BlueFalcon says:

      OK. Are the covers not displayed in the print dialog either? No matter which topic you choose? Have you ever tested to trigger the pressure? What is then displayed in the print dialog? And what is the result if you select PDF instead of printing and let it be previewed?

      • Winfried Weber says:

        In the print dialog, only the song titles are displayed for all topics, the picture appears in black. The same thing happens when I generate the whole thing as a PDF. On the left the titles, on the right a black picture.

  114. Ute says:

    Hello Sir-Apfelot,
    thanks for the quick reply.

    I updated IOS 13.2.3 on iPhone and iPad.
    On the Mac currently 10.14.6 OS Mojave.
    The only update that is still suggested to me on the mac,
    is the update to Catalina (which I don't want).
    Which update for Mojave do you mean?

    thank you for your help

    • sir appleot says:

      If you've installed macOS 10.14.6, everything should be up to date. Then I would try a restart. If you still get an error message when synchronizing, I don't know how to solve it. :(

  115. MEYERS Romain says:

    Good evening sir

    As a video cutter, I cut all my films in FCPX and saved them as .image files in the compressor, so I was able to burn my DVD or Bluray's easily from the Finder. It hasn't worked since Catalina. "xxx" image could not be burned, the image is invalid. So the message. Also .dmg files are no longer burned.
    iMac 2019 - Catalina 10.15.1

    Thanks in advance.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello! Unfortunately I have to fit in here ... I have no experience whatsoever. And unfortunately my search in English-language forums did not bring any results. Maybe install macOS Catalina over it? It doesn't seem to be a global problem ...

      • Meyer's Romain says:

        Thanks sir,
        I have the same problem on my Mackbookpro, even after reinstalling Catalina.
        Let's wait for the next update, maybe the problem will solve itself. Until then I can burn my .img files with «toast».

  116. Claude says:

    Hello, since Catalina (Mac MINI 1 year old) I have the following problems with Word (Office 365):
    1) I cannot save Word files locally, but first have to save them in a cloud, only then can I save them locally. I get the following error message when saving locally for the first time: The "Documents" file could not be opened.
    I was already in contact with Microsoft, they changed something in the library, the error message was no longer available after restarting the computer, but the error reappeared one day later after waking up from sleep.
    This error only occurs with Word, not with XLSX or PPTX.

    2) When I restart the computer, my external monitor (SAMSUNG) connected via HDMI is no longer centered correctly. If the monitor then has to be switched on / off, the centering is correct again

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Claude!

      I would say to 1: It's best to uninstall Office and reinstall it. It may then work again. If not: hope for an update, because that's probably all you can do,

      Because of 2: Another reader also had strange monitor behavior here. Ultimately, it turned out that it was the cable. Maybe you will try another one?

  117. Klaus says:

    Good evening, Sir Apfelot!
    First of all, thank you very much for the above information - after an unsuccessful update from Catalina, I have a current operating system and all data again in several attempts, because with the multiple restores of TimeMachine - mostly around 48 hours - all emails and photos had missing from 4 years. Everything is back now. Thanks!

    What is strange now: I get error messages with many software updates.
    It started with Adobe Flash, the update crashed with an error.
    The automatic update of Microsoft Office does not work either, the installation of AutoUpdate 4.17.0 gets stuck in the middle of the bar - then the search for updates, the window for installing AutoUpdate etc. come back.
    And tried it out on a trial basis: after the iMac was still registered in the beta program, I wanted to reinstall Apple's macOSPublicBetaAccessUtility - error message at 50 to 60%: Installation failed. And so with many other apps that need to be updated (and could in the past).

    And even stranger: Updates via the App Store work.

    I have already run the first aid of the hard disk utility a few times, tried to restore the access rights via the terminal and installed macOS 10.15.1 again today.
    But unfortunately I cannot update software.

    Is there any explanation or help for this?
    Thank you in advance.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Klaus! I don't have a correct explanation for it. I had similar behavior the other day when I just plugged a backup of my MacBook Pro on an external hard drive into a recent MacBook Pro. Things like that happened there too. Ultimately, two things helped me:
      1. Delete all files with Onyx that are caches etc. in any form. That is practically everything that is checked by default in the "Optimization" tab.
      2. Start the system with the Shift key pressed and then restart normally.
      3. If there is still something problematic, unfortunately only uninstalling and reinstalling the corresponding program cleanly.

      I am afraid that some internal file paths are set incorrectly and that such problems will therefore arise. I hope you can get out of this with little work. It's just annoying ...

      • Klaus Stadlbauer says:

        Hello Sir,
        Thanks for the hints, I've already tried all of them and more (and it took quite a while):
        MacOSX completely reinstalled - nothing
        Hard disk deleted, reinstalled and the programs left out when TimeMachine was restored - unfortunately no, all programs with an installer (including Apple's MacOS Updater, MS Office etc.) end with an error message. And in the terminal I find an indication of path problems ... So I obviously took the scrap from the backup with me again.

        Now I've tried a new approach: completely reinstalling all programs. And that works so far. But I have no more data on it (including the codes of purchased programs that are stored in the mails).

        And so my question: can I hope to restore all my files, emails and photos with the migration assistant, but without provoking a path problem again? That means no programs, no settings, nothing from the system, just restore my files.
        Which boxes should I check and which not?

        Thank you very much - and have a nice turn of the year
        Klaus, Vienna

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello Klaus! I would do it so that you first move as much as possible and then see if everything goes well. If not, I would create a new user and then use the migration assistant to move the data again, but then click a little less. Etc. Until you have a functioning system at some point. The advantage is that you can easily replace any user with a broken Catalina with a new one. You can then delete the old one. Happy New Year to you too!

  118. Johann says:

    Hello, I still have a problem with Norton: I've already tried to reinstall everything that is mentioned above, data / files with the RemoveSymantecMacFiles available for download from Norton, then reinstalled, then the mask where you can get Norton should / can set up and then the Mac crashes (black screen with the message »Your computer has restarted due to a problem. Press ... to continue).
    The same process is started every time, I was only able to interrupt the chain by breaking this with great effort (because it has to be done quickly) via »End programs immediately« ...
    Do you have another idea?
    I've tried several times to download and install the software again, without success since I've got Catalina on it ...
    It's about MacBook Pro, Mid 2015.
    Thank you.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Johann! If Norton is fighting back so hard, I would ask Norton support. You may not even be aware of the problem.

  119. Thorsten Scharnke says:

    Hi all,

    since i installed Catalina on my Mac mini (late 2014) i have had problems with preview and .pdf display and generation. When I try to create a pdf using the print command, the error message "There was an error printing" often appears, but not always. Restarting helps sometimes, but on the one hand not always, on the other hand I don't feel like restarting every half an hour. Opening pdf also leads to error messages and does not work. Does anyone know advice?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Thorsten! Unfortunately I have no idea ... the error message is unfortunately not very meaningful either. But maybe another reader has an idea.

    • BlueFalcon says:

      In the case of PDF and preview, the cause of the error may be in the file. This can be found under ~ Users / Library / Preferences and may be damaged or even disappeared after the Catalina update. If the file is available, I would advise moving it from the folder to the desktop and then opening the preview again and testing it after a restart. If the problem is not resolved because the preview did not create a new file, you can simply copy the older version from a backup (Time Machine) into the folder (exit preview beforehand). Then everything should work again as usual.

      (The possibly damaged file that was previously moved to the desktop can then be deleted.)

  120. Thorsten Scharnke says:

    Many Thanks; I'm looking for the file. Is it really called "" or is it ""?

  121. Claude says:

    I discovered a new problem: When you open the Finder (open new window), the new window simply overwrites the window that is already open. So you don't have 2 Finder windows open as before, but only one at a time

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Claude! With CMD + N only the new window always comes and the old one disappears? Then it would be a bug. But strange that no one has noticed this before. Have you restarted your Mac?

  122. Billy Budd says:

    Catalina is very angry. You can send it back as a purchased product.
    Files simply cannot be opened all the time, although it works normally again before and after a restart.

    When saving, "the desk cannot be opened" or other reasons for not being able to save are given. I then send the file to me by email and start again. Then everything can be handled normally again.

    I have to restart constantly, i.e. at least every other day, so that I can continue working.

    It shows some old files without integrated graphics. Word documents are therefore formatted correctly, but where a graphic should be, it is simply white!

    All very frustrating. How can I go back to the previous operating system?

    Thank you for reading!

  123. Sylvie K says:

    I can no longer open any files under Catalina ...
    Regardless of the format, it always says "... could not be opened"

    what to do??

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Sylvie! I would say: restart your Mac, hold down CMD + R. Then you come to the rescue partition and can reinstall macOS Catalina over it. Your data will all be preserved, but the system files will be recreated and this often helps to fix such inexplicable errors.

  124. Heiko says:

    Hello, I would like to repair my FusionDrive under Catalina, unfortunately the command "Yes" (with a capitalized "J" according to Apple instructions) does not work for me in the terminal. it appears: command not found.
    Is there a solution for this?
    LG Heiko

  125. Anke says:

    since switching to Catalina my Mac is starting up slowly. First up: check "iPhoto" .... "and check" pages "... .."
    In the meantime, if I want to open a document in pages it will take a long time to open (probably due to the verifications).
    How can I remove this? Can you help me?
    I would be very happy about a simple explanation, as I am only a user.
    Best Regards

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Anke! At the moment I cannot explain what is happening there. Could you email me a screenshot so that I can see the messages the Mac is giving out? You can find the email address in the imprint. Thank you!

  126. Fred says:

    Whenever I install the 10.15.2 update, Safari no longer works afterwards. That means Safari starts but the pages do not load or only load extremely slowly. Internet connection is okay, speed test done. Is that also due to the extensions or what could that be?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello fred! I think this could be due to messed up DNS caches or something similar. I would do a restart and then hold down the SHIFT key. Then the Mac boots in safe mode. When it has started, you can test whether the Internet pages load faster. If so, please just restart normally and then test again. What is the situation then?

      • Frederik Leon approach says:


        thanks for the tip, have now tried it again. Everything was quick in safe mode. Restarted, same game again. Slowly and nothing happens. Is the third time that I need the backup from before the update 15.2 in order to be able to work.

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello Frederik! Then the problem is surely with software that runs in the background. I would go to System Settings> Users & Groups> Your User> Logon Objects to see what's in there and delete things if necessary. If that doesn't help, we'll have to keep looking.

  127. Nicole says:

    Since one of the last updates, my desktop icon on the Mac has disappeared and the Documents folder is completely empty. I now only have one desk in iCloud Drive. I can't imagine that that's what you want. At least I want my data and documents to be stored on my Mac and not just in the cloud, but all attempts to solve this problem have failed so far.
    I can either choose to have the desktop on the Mac (then I have to restore the desktop from the backup) or in iCloud Drive.
    What can I do? I am at a loss! Or should that be the case now ???

    I would appreciate an answer. Thanks in advance.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello nicole! Unfortunately I have to ask: Where did you have a desk icon before? Do you mean in the sidebar on Finder windows? You can define what appears in it under the display options of the window. If you don't want to have your desk and documents in iCloud, you can turn this option off. Under System Settings> iCloud> iCloud Drive Options> "Desktop & Documents" folder. Remove the hook there.

      • Nicole says:

        sorry if I put myself wrong: Yes, the desk was shown in the Finder on the left-hand side under Favorites.
        I know I can turn off the iCloud option, but I don't want to. Otherwise I won't have the data and documents when I'm on the road or working with the MacBook
        Unfortunately, the desktop is no longer offered under Settings sidebar, so I can't click it to be displayed.
        I am a little helpless….

        • sir appleot says:

          Can you go to iCloud Drive in the Finder and look for the "Desk" and then drag it to the sidebar? Unfortunately, I have not activated this option and can therefore not try it out myself. :(

  128. eSquare says:

    after switching to Catalina I observe the following phenomenon in all apps when "printing / saving as PDF" or when "exporting as PDF" etc:

    WITHOUT encryption everything is OK!
    WITH encryption, all documents are cut off at the top !?

    If offered, the explicit choice of US letter format is a "mini workaround" because "somehow" is not cut off as much !? However, the page is of course shorter ...

    I would be very happy about THE tip after many unsuccessful attempts at a solution. :-) In addition, many thanks for this informative platform.

  129. Klaus says:

    Yesterday my curiosity grabbed me and I couldn't resist the constant hint from the control panel to finally install the update. So I installed Catalina. At first it didn't look too bad. One or the other program no longer ran, but that was to be foreseen. But then came these constant hang-ups. The colorful ball of death came to light for no apparent reason, Chrome was constantly switching off without motivation and everything was shaky and very sensitive. So again Mojave imported from the last Time Machine backup and everything is running like clockwork again. What did Apple actually think with the COMPLETELY immature OS Catalina? That the host of users are once again playing product testers?

  130. Aikonn says:


    a new Macbook Air set up on the weekend, on which Catalina was already installed. Update to OS 15.2 made and installed.

    Imported the old Mac's photolybrary. Photos opens, but only shows 1000 of the approx. 8000 photos, the remaining 7000 are only displayed in gray.

    Photos now updates and curates for hours but with no visible progress.

    Elsewhere it has been reported that this process sometimes took up to 3 uninterrupted weeks!

    Of course, I have already used the photos own repair function (unsuccessfully).

    I don't seem the only one who has this flaw under Catalina. But nowhere is a solution named.

    Is there any help here?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Aikonn! I just looked in English forums, but unfortunately couldn't find anything. My recommendation would be: If the process is running and more and more photos appear, then I would just leave the Mac on overnight and let it work. At some point he should be through. I don't see any other solution at the moment.

  131. aikonn says:

    Thank you Sir Apfelot,

    yes, i will try that. But one day will probably not be enough if this continues to develop. It will probably take 1-2 weeks, as with others, apparently.

    My last two operating systems were Snow Leopard and El Capitan. Compared to that, Catalina is a complete disaster like being at Microsoft's Vista.

    • sir appleot says:

      Yes, High Sierra and Mojave were also very stable. But Catalina still seems to have a few quirks. It has the potential to be the first macOS that I will completely skip. : D

      • BlueFalcon says:

        Catalina is not that bad, despite all the quirks that can occur. (Had a couple of problems myself) But when they are overcome, things are stable, fast and comfortable. ;-)

  132. Markus says:

    Hello, after installing the new operating system on my Mac, I have the problem that after opening my account, the picture with the beautiful island is displayed and the loading symbol rotates permanently. The soft boot with the shift key did not work either.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hi Markus! Here, too, I would try to boot with CMD + R and install Catalina over it again. That solves a few "inexplicable" problems with Catalina ...

  133. Carola says:

    Hello! I only have the spinning ball in the finder. Multiple restart of the Finder and the entire MacBook Pro do not help. Help!

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Carola! In this case I would try the following:
      1. Restart the Mac
      2. Hold down CMD + R while booting and then install Catalina again over it (no data will be lost).
      Let me know if it worked afterwards! Thank you and happy holidays!

      • Dominic says:

        Good afternoon Sir Apfelot

        I have the following problem. At first the update could not be done, but after some effort it still worked.

        When I start the MacBook Pro (2015) it asks for a "Disk Password". Unfortunately no password works.
        I've already tried everything. First aid, everything. When I choose a different operating system, I cannot select a volume.
        Unfortunately, I only have a backup of the most important data.

        Have you heard of this problem?

        Thank you for your effort and happy holidays.

        Best regards

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello Dominic! There is a longer post on the Apple site:

          It describes that the volume was formatted with APFS (encrypted) and that there is therefore the Disk Password. This should actually be the password of the administrator user, since the Mac does not use a key here. But if you can't come up with a password, there is no way to open the encryption to get to the data. In principle, however, this is also the point of encryption. Perhaps you have to see whether the keyboard layout in the login screen is English instead of German and whether the special characters in the password have to be entered differently. That would be my only idea why no password works.

          And of course happy holidays too!

      • Carola says:

        Many Thanks! The installation over it did not work - but that way I found the error. Insufficient storage space. Deleting files with the ball spinning in the Finder was of course not possible. Fortunately, I was able to temporarily disable the Dropbox, which freed up storage space and the spinning ball was gone.

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello Carola! Perfect solution. : D I didn't think of that. But deactivating Dropbox is usually a really quick way to free up space on the Mac for a short time without searching so that you can work normally again. Thanks for the feedback.

  134. Edith Berger says:

    Catalina system
    Mail program
    The mailbox «marked» shows 5 marked mails.
    However, these mails are not available.
    How can I delete this?
    Thanks and regards

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Edi! In the case of such problems with mail, the first thing I would try is to have the index rebuilt. I have that in this post here times explained. I hope that solves the problem for you.

      • Edith Berger says:

        Hello Sir Apfelot!
        Thank you for the solution offered.
        It worked! Perfect! Am thrilled!
        Unfortunately I only found your site today ...
        With many thanks and the very best wishes for 2020.
        Best regards

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello Edi! I'm glad that clearing the mail index helped here too. And of course I also wish you a Happy New Year 2020! : D

  135. Hanna says:

    Hello Sir Apfelot, after the software update Catalina 10.15.1 I have the problem that I can no longer open all saved PDFs. The following message always appears: "The file could not be opened". Also, I can't save a newly downloaded PDF. What can be the reason? Thanks for a tip.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Hanna! I think someone had this problem recently too. I mean, it helped to reinstall Catalina over it. Nothing is lost there, so it's a risk-free thing to try. LG! Jens

  136. Timm says:

    Moin sir
    The day before yesterday I dared + installed Catalina.
    Until today noon without any noticeable problems (as a normal user).
    Now I just wanted to access my data on HD, but nothing shows up in the Finder; more precisely: probably only the system part of the HD - but not the data part.
    In the PF utility program. the division is shown under "Container disk1": "Macintosh HD" + Macintosh HD data ".
    How can I reintegrate the data in the Finder so that HD + HD data are visible?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Timm! It's strange. You should actually see the volume in the Finder too. I read in a couple of forums and it said: Boot Mac in Safe Mode (with the Shift key pressed), then install Catalina over it and restart Mac. I hope this helps you too.

      • Timm says:

        THANK YOU
        I'll try to start in safe mode (no idea about it :-()
        But what does 'install Catalina over it' mean - do I have to do the OS update again?

        • sir appleot says:

          Safe mode is a kind of safe mode, as you might know it from Windows. I have this here. described in more detail. The "install over it" simply means that you run the Catalina installer again and install it on the same disk where you have already installed it. In many cases this solves problems that cannot be explained.

  137. Timm says:

    Solution Apple support - after 3 hours, 3 employees, a lot of unnecessary fuss (test user, safe mode, recovery with OS reinstallation + high blood pressure:
    It's very easy …
    ad Desktop is - after the Catalina installation - a new folder:
    -> 'newly assigned objects'
    Open folder -> 'Previously Relocated Items' -> 'SECURITY'
    Here is all the 'missing data'!
    Then just use 'DnD' to drag them to where they belong ...

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Timm! All right. Nice that you found it. I had read about this folder while researching, but I thought it was too obvious. : D Well, learned something again! I hope your blood pressure is ok again! ;-) But thanks in any case for sharing the info here.

  138. Heinz says:

    Hello Sir Apfelot,
    that's an informative and great site!
    My system: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15``, mid 2014), macOS Catalina version 10.15.2.
    My problem is after waking up I see WiFi, but I am not connected to the internet. So my Mac is then offline. So I have to restart the system every time.
    It still worked fine with macOS Mojawe.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Heinz! The problem with lost wifi after sleep can be solved. It is best to follow these instructions. Maybe in a few days I will make instructions with screenshots so that it is easier to understand, but for you here the short version with only text:
      1. Go to System Settings> Network
      2. Click on Wifi on the left and then click on "More Options" on the right in the window
      3. Mark this whole list with CMD + A and then delete everything with the minus sign
      4. Click OK to return to the network settings
      5. Now click on the "Environment" selection menu and select "Edit environments"
      6. Create a new environment with the plus symbol and name it as desired
      7. Click "Done" to go to the network settings
      8. Click on "Apply" in the lower right corner of the window and close the window

      This throws out all the old data that the Mac has memorized from networks in the past and practically does a reset. This usually helps so that when he wakes up he can reliably connect to the correct WiFi network again. If it works (or if it doesn't!), I look forward to hearing from you!

      • Heinz says:

        Hello Sir Apfelot,
        it doesn't really work, so I better wait until you have completed the instructions with screenshots so that it is more understandable.
        Thank you for your help

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello Heinz! The instructions are in progress. : D We'll probably finish next week. I hope I'll think about linking them here then. LG!

  139. Stephan says:

    Hello everyone,

    since the update to Catalina I have a WLAN issue.
    I can no longer connect to some specific or rather indefinite networks.

    For the networks where it doesn't work, my book tells me that the connection is made. The WiFi signal is there. Only the connection doesn't work. In the DB, for example, I cannot access the mask in which I can log in or confirm the terms of use.
    All networks that do not work are insecure. With some others - also uncertain - it works, however. And that - as it now looks like - for everyone where I actually have to log in with a user and password.

    The following - perhaps completely absurd - assumption. It works where I don't have to log into an insecure network (because my computer (still) knows the connection or there is no mask - for the terms of use). Where there is a mask, it does not appear and I cannot log in accordingly. Then why is the connection shown as existing? No idea.
    So why - again using the DB as an example - can I no longer get to the screen for connecting?

    Any advice from you?

    Kind regards and thank you very much

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Stephan! I once had something like that because I was in the WLAN of my Fritz! Box, which was only used for analog telephony and had no Internet. That's why you get a WLAN connection symbol because the connection between the router and Mac is established, but the router to the Internet is not. I would look for the fault in the router. Or see whether a simple WLAN has been chosen? And how do other devices that are in the same WLAN behave? Are they all working?

      • Stephan says:

        Dear sir

        in fact it is not. With our router here (Speedport Pro) it works quite normally. You can also use any other router and a secure connection. It is not possible in (mostly) public networks that support an unsecured connection (hotels, trains, etc.). I cannot log in there whenever it is "only" about that on a mask (which no longer appears to me) goes, for example, to accept the terms of use.
        In other words, I can currently only work with one hotspot in these networks, which of course is not acceptable. I'm ready to undo the upgrade (without knowing how to do it) because this state is untenable and everyone I talk to about it just shrugs their shoulders….

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello Stephan! If there is this distinction, then I'm almost certain that it is a security feature of macOS that can be turned on and off somewhere. The reason is: If you use an unencrypted connection in a public hotspot, virtually everyone can read your data traffic and fish all access data and messages that you send through the network. To rule out this attack vector, macOS probably wants an encrypted connection before sending form data.

          At Apple itself, I could this notice to find the matter. The solution lies with the website operator, who has to SSL-encrypt his site.

          For a test you can try opening the same website with Chrome or Firefox. I would be interested in what these browsers report.

          • Stephan says:

            Thanks for your support. There are still questions for me:
            1. Why wasn't that the case before Catalina?
            2. Shouldn't everyone have this topic after the upgrade?
            3. Where can I change the settings on my Mac? Because I can't really ask the train to encrypt their website on the train ... :-))
            I've already tried it with Firefox. Same subject.
            I'll download Chrome now and try it when I'm back in a hotel.

          • sir appleot says:

            Hello Stephan! I think we're kind of wrong. I think the DB side is already encrypted. If you are currently using forms on the website as a company and they are not encrypted via SSL, then this is illegal (disclaimer: I am not a lawyer!). I cannot imagine that a company like DB would take a risk here, especially since encryption is technically very easy to implement.
            The question that arises for me: Do you only get a warning and can you continue to use the site? Or is it actually an error and it breaks off or no longer shows anything. I can imagine a warning message for unencrypted WLANs but encrypted websites, but actually not terminating with an error. But look what the other browsers are doing. Then we already know whether the problem is with Safari or with macOS itself.

          • Stephan says:

            So now I'm one step further, I took the train yesterday. What happened or not?
            WLAN activated, WIFI @ DB selected. Then the connection was displayed but was not there. In the train, you first have to agree to the terms of use on a mask that appears automatically when you select the appropriate WLAN network, before you can go online. And it is precisely this mask that does not appear to me at all. It has nothing to do with any browser. And I see the same thing in other networks (e.g. hotels) where it is "only" a matter of ticking the box on one side. Exactly these pages are not shown to me.
            As soon as I'm on a WPA2 / WPA3 network, everything is fine.
            Yesterday I took some screenshots of the Network Preferences on the train. Would that help? And do you have any idea what that can be?

          • sir appleot says:

            Oh that's what you mean! : D I have had such problems on all kinds of devices for years. It has nothing to do with Catalina. Such hotel networks with this mask are the last shame ... the window often comes once and then never again, but the connection is broken for a few minutes of idleness. I think Windows users also know this junk and I have a good antidote: I have an LTE Flat in the iPhone and then simply create a hotspot for the other devices. That works wonderfully and you save yourself the trouble with these stupid intermediate login screens.
            I don't know if you can make settings that help here. At some point I gave up looking for a cause and a solution. : D

          • Stephan says:

            OK thanks. What I'm just amazed is that I NEVER had this topic before Catalina. And now all the time. This also means that I can no longer use many potential WLAN networks.
            Well, if there is no possibility there I always don't have the chance to downgrade.
            Do you have instructions somewhere on how this works? How do I get back to Mojave if necessary?

            Cordially Stephan

          • sir appleot says:

            Hello Stephan! Yes, downgrading is not that easy, but I have here are instructions. I hope then the public WLANs work again. Perhaps you can give me a brief feedback in a comment as to whether the public wifi access can be reached again. That would be really interesting.

          • Stephan says:

            I just wanted to briefly report back that my topic has been dealt with since the last update 6 days ago. The connection to every type of WLAN network seems to be working again. How nice that some things are sometimes cleared up "on their own".
            Anyway: Thank you for your support.

            Cordially Stephan

          • sir appleot says:

            Hello Stephan! But of course. And yes: sometimes updates also help with such errors. : D

  140. werner says:

    Every time the Mac is restarted, the tabs have to be set up again in the Finder, I think that was not the case before Catalina. Does anyone know?

  141. Bjorn says:


    I have the problem on the iMacs that the existing guest users have set a password after the update. Does anyone know what password Apple set with the update?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Björn! Unfortunately I couldn't find anything about it in other forums, but I would think you just leave the password field blank and click Login. The alternative would be to create a new guest user. But would you try it without a password?

      • Bjorn says:

        Hi sir apple red,

        I should have written that I tried this XD But okay, then I have to delete the guest user and create a new one.

  142. ecky says:

    Hello and good day,
    since Catalina update to 10.15.2, the finder has been pushing itself into the foreground every 20 to 40 seconds. I have to click on the respective application window and then I can continue. If I have closed the Finder, then "only" the desk pushes itself into the foreground, if I have opened the Finder, my MacBook Por 2012 jumps to the other desk with the Finder. Writing a longer text or working longer in a program is not possible in this way.
    I've already read a little on the net and checked the activity display.
    I have Paralells Desktop 15 Home Edition with Windows 10 that is always at the top of the activity display and the calendar agent second, although I have not opened the calendar. In third and or fourth position is photoanalysisd and windowsserver.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello corner! I don't think you can tell anything with the activity indicator here. My guess is that there is a program in the background that crashes and then macOS is restarting. To "locate" that, I would try the following:
      Create a new user under System Settings> User and then log in with this user. Then just type a bit of text, etc. I suspect, however, that there is no focus switch to the finder here. But then we already know that it has something to do with the user.
      If that is the case, I would look under System Settings> User> Your Username in the login objects to see what is there and remove one or the other time. Removing the checkmark does not mean that the program will no longer be started, only that it will not be started visibly, but will run without focus. So you would have to throw out the programs with the minus sign. Try these points and tell me what you found out. I think we can still find the culprit. : D

  143. Tom says:

    After installing CATALINA, I get CRASHES every 10 minutes
    The report then begins with: panic (cpu 2 Caller 0xffffff7f87582238): "IOAHCIBlockStorageDriver :: CommandTimeout!….

    What's broken there?
    I would be very happy to hear from you.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Tom! So nothing should be broken - except for the software. Do you also have these crashes whenever the Mac goes to sleep or the hard drive is parked? That was the case for some people on the Apple support forum. The solution that they used temporarily until Apple adapted the macOS is: Deactivate the options for hibernating the hard drive and the display in System Preferences> Save Energy. Maybe you can see if that works for you?

  144. Dirk Kraemer says:

    Hi Guys!

    Since I installed Catalina, my external hard drive (Western Digital "Book") has been logged off after waking up from sleep mode.

    I already switched off the function "Activate hibernation for hard disks" under "Save energy". But still!

    Does anyone know advice?

    Many greetings, Dirk

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Dirk! What kind of mac do you have And maybe you can switch an active hub between Mac and disk (if you have one)? Or try another USB port to which the disk is plugged? If the disk is off to sleep, it shouldn't be parked. Although: It could be that hard disk parking only affects the internal disks.

  145. tobi says:

    Dear sir

    Even after that
    Apple has released the Catalina update, neither mouse nor keyboard connects and WLAN does not work. That means I have expensive scrap on my desk! Are there already solutions? Deleting things like plist.bluetooth etc did not help, unfortunately ...

    Thank you for your time


    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Tobi!
      Unfortunately, I don't know of any other possible solutions. Maybe I would take the computer to the dealer and have it checked. Do you find other devices like bluetooth headphones? Or is everything dead when it comes to bluetooth?

  146. Tobi says:

    Okay, I'll check that out tomorrow! Is Apple really shameful that you can't even talk to an employee via telephone support if the device is older than 1 or 2 years ... and on Facebook you can't vent your frustration!
    Will probably have to reinstall!
    Thank you for your answer

  147. Klaus says:

    As a "Catalina victim", I downgraded to Mojave using a Time Machine backup some time ago. Now I saw that my hard drive was split into two parts, namely an HD area and an HD data area. As far as I could see, the same data was available on both parts and the free area was only a little over a hundred GB. So I wanted to erase the disk and import a backup using Time Machine. So CMD + R, then selected the last backup and off we went. In the beginning it was pretty quick. At about 2 GB it was over, from then on it was painfully slow (about 130 GB per hour). At approx. 1 Gb it went quickly again to approx. 150 GB. Then the restore was canceled with an error message. I followed the tip to choose a different backup and started again. Same result. It would be catastrophic if I couldn't recover. I backed up the most important files, but all programs would have to be reloaded and reactivated, it takes forever.
    What can I do? My Mac (2018) has a Fusion drive, but I can't see it in the FP utility. Can I set this up again?
    I am writing these lines on a Windows system. If it continues like this, I'll switch back to WIN. This pseudo-security and apparently easy restoration at Apple is a pain in the ass. OK, I wouldn’t have anything to do, but why give away 400 GB of storage space?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Klaus! That's crap, of course. I haven't relied solely on Time Machine for years, but still have a backup up my sleeve that I do with Carbon Copy Cloner. Time Machine comes in handy for me to restore individual files that I accidentally deleted or overwritten, but to back up the whole system I don't trust it. I've already received too many letters like yours for that.

      But to your question: The two volumes are not identical. The system is usually on one side and your data on the other. It may look different after downgrading to Mojave, but usually the separation makes sense. But it doesn't make sense under Mojave. For this reason, your idea of ​​merging was already correct.

      How do we save your data? I would try the following: You install Mojave freshly on another hard drive. During the installation you leave everything without the data import, so that you first have a fresh Mojave. Here you go to Utilities> Migration Assistant and import the data from Time Machine. I think you can select and deselect various things such as settings, programs, etc. here. I would first select all of them and try it that way. If that breaks off again, I would gradually deselect things to see what caused the breakdown. I know the procedure is definitely time consuming, but I don't see any other way to get your data back from the Time Machine backup. And when it works again, please urgently make a backup Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper . make

      • M. MEYERS Romain says:

        Once had a similar problem, there was a duplicate file and Timemachine aborted the backup.
        I did the following back then:

        Start console - start backup

        In the event of an error message in the console search field “backupd” then enter “error”.

        Examine recent entries.

        Watch out for duplicate files, delete them if necessary.

        • sir appleot says:

          Thank you for your hint. That's a great tip! However, an indictment for Time Machine that it can be upset by duplicate files ... ;-)

          • Klaus says:

            Thanks for the tips and hints. However, I don't have the problem when backing up to Time Machine, i.e. when writing the files to be backed up, but rather when restoring, i.e. when writing back from Time Machine to the hard drive. If duplicate files were the problem, it should have occurred during the backup, but the backup went without errors.
            In the meantime, another strange thing has occurred: I added a new volume to the hard drive for test purposes. When I tried to delete this new volume, it was first deleted, but then set up again. so I can't get rid of this thing. But now the absolute highlight: I can also load an operating system after pressing CMD + R. I did that too, it took about 20 minutes. Then came - listen and be amazed - my familiar screen background, some directories and files were faded in, only the program directory was missing on the desktop, and some programs were missing. How can it be that the old files can be conjured up from a deleted hard drive (even if only partially) ???
            So some questions remain unanswered.
            I can remember that once in the FP utility I saw my Fusion drive. I would like to have this attitude again. but how do i get that? Every time I delete a partition, it is restored. So I want to completely flatten the FP, as it was in the DOS days. So my question: Is there a key combination with which I can reset ALL hard disk settings when booting (to the factory settings, so to speak), similar to the FDISK under DOS ????
            A tip about the console: I would like to do that, but the console cannot be reached during the restore process.

          • sir appleot says:

            Hello Klaus! So macOS does not do data recovery automatically. If the record is really flat, CMD + R won't bring it back either. I assume it was a macOS installed and you installed something over it. Anyway: The thing with the Fusion Drive could be because of the display in the disk utility. Take a look at the top left. There is a button "Representation". The best thing to do here is to select "All devices". You may then see the two individual hard drives and can format them individually. Then the Fusion Drive is probably gone. Otherwise I can tell you this article "disconnect Fusion Drive" . Recommend

  148. Klaus says:

    OK, thanks, I'll try the one with the display button and Fusion Drive.
    The FP organization is still unclear to me. Why are deleted areas always restored? I want them gone! Point. I have in mind: A virgin FP, I create the SSD area, then the system comes on and then I create the data area (only one!) And then the programs and documents come on. The system must be able to do that. Or?

  149. Klaus says:

    Sir Apfelot, you are a genius!
    The tip with the migration assistant was worth gold. It took a while, but now I've got my computer back to normal.
    Hurray, hurray !!!!
    Apple only knows why the "normal" recovery with Time Machine does not work (inexplicable interruptions), but only via the migration assistant.
    Anyway, that was my last hard drive action. Never touch a running system!
    And tomorrow an image will be made with Super Duper or Carbon Copy. Thanks for this tip too!
    In eternal gratitude

    • sir appleot says:

      But you're welcome. Because of the image with Super Duper or Carbon Copy Cloner: There is also the free version with "Smart backup". That works just as well. But the developer is of course happy about a small donation. ;-)

  150. Heinz says:

    Hello Sir Apfelot,
    My 1st problem: After waking up from sleep, WLAN is displayed, but there is still no connection to the Internet. Not even with your suggestion. So my Mac is then offline. So I have to restart the system every time to establish a WiFi connection.
    My second problem: The system is switched from idle to online mode. The subsequent surface is often frozen for approx. 2 seconds. Then you have to enter your name and password in order to finally start working.
    Do you know the problem?
    LG Heinz

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Heinz! No, unfortunately I am not personally aware of either of these. But I know that the 1st problem is not just about you. You have to wait for a bug fix from Apple. The 2nd problem doesn't mean anything to me. What is the "online mode"? Do you mean the normal "waking up"? If it hangs after that, it would be interesting what the activity monitor does. So it's best to open the activity display, then start sleep mode and let it wake up. Then you should immediately have the activity display in view. If not, I would test it under System Settings> Users & Groups so that you do not have to log in again after hibernation. Perhaps you will then see what is happening in the activity display.
      And what would be even more interesting: If you boot in safe mode (hold down the shift key when restarting), does the problem also occur, doesn't it?

  151. Heinz says:

    I wrote the first problem to you on January 1th of this year!
    I said: "So my internet will be offline"!

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Heinz! Ah, that was it. Funnily enough, I have the same problem here in another house today. At home in a mesh network everything works great and the WLAN is retained, but in our new house there is a Fritz! Box 7590 and here I have already "lost" the Internet three times. The router is still online, but my MacBook Pro with Catalina appears to be disconnected. Wi-Fi off and on again helps here, but it is annoying in the long run. I hope this is a bug that Apple is aware of and that will be fixed soon.

  152. Heinz says:

    sir appleot,
    thanks for your feedback ????????. One can only wait and see
    Greetings and have a nice weekend!

  153. Marita says:

    Hello, my Mac Book Pro keeps crashing, there is a hissing noise and then it restarts. I can't do anything with the report. Maybe someone can help me. I didn't have that problem before Catalina.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Marita! The hissing noise is probably the sending of an email via Apple Mail. And then something seems to go wrong, causing the crash.
      My recommendation would be to restart the Mac and hold down CMD + R. Then he starts in the Recorvery partition and you can install Catalina again over it. Maybe that helps. Otherwise I would try to see if it crashes when you use it in the Safe-Mode started or whether that Delete PRAM etc. what brings. I have linked the terms so that you can get to the relevant instructions. I hope a tip of this helps you!

  154. Tobi says:

    Good morning Sir Apfelot,

    My problems with WLAN and Bluetooth persist ... in the meantime I have backed up my data, created a bootable USB stick with Catalina, formatted the hard drive and did a clean install from the USB stick.
    Furthermore NO WLAN! Booting in Safe Mode did not bring any improvement either, and it now takes forever for the Mac to shut down ...
    The Mac is only 2 years old and the problems are really in no way due to incorrect use, INCREDIBLY ANGRY the whole thing!
    So all I have to do is go to the Apple Store and hope that the so-called “genius” can change something, right? Do you have any more ideas?

    Thank you for your time!

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Tobi! I would have one more try to test whether it might be due to the WLAN itself. Could you use your iPhone to open a personal hotspot and connect your Mac to it? Then we would know whether there is NO WiFi network or only this one is not. Otherwise, I also think that this is a case for a genius. I am also without ideas. :(

      • Tobi says:

        Thanks for your answer! Just checked, no networks are found. It looks like you can't even activate WLAN anymore ... the bars of the symbol immediately turn back into the empty "pizza slice". Do you think trying the bootable USB stick with Mojave could be successful?

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello Tobi! Yes, you could test that again. If you install the Mojave on an external hard drive and do the WiFi check there, you know whether it is really the hardware or the software.

  155. Dirk Kraemer says:

    What does the system report (is "About this Mac" accessible via the apple icon in the menu bar) say about the WLAN status?

  156. Albrecht says:

    After updating from Mojave to OS Catalina, I have problems with the Photos program. Namely under display - sort automatically by title nothing happens. The other two positions autom. Sorting by date in ascending and descending order is ok. My entire media library (approx. 20 photos) is totally confused and I can no longer present my report with the photos in chronological order. I added numbers to my photo files, for example 000 IMG_001 or 9443 IMG_002 etc. That worked on Mojave too. My question now is: Is the problem with Catalina or did the error arise during the data transfer of the update? You could certainly give me an answer by simulating this process on your computer (swapping the prefixes in the files). MacBook Pro 1303 ″ v. 15

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Mr. Albrecht! Unfortunately, I don't have the time for tests at the moment, but I can imagine that the media library is still sorted out. This can take a while for many photos after updating to Catalina.
      Alternatively, you could try to start photos with the CMD and ALT keys held down. Then you get the option to repair the media library. Maybe that helps?

      • Albrecht says:

        Thank you very much for the quick answers, the media library had already been repaired twice as suggested, had brought nothing. For me it is important first of all whether the error is only on my computer or generally from Apple. That is why this can only be checked using a simulation with several photo files that have a prefix: Create a sample album in photos, change files with prefixes, e.g. from IM_9434 and IMG_1300 becomes 001 IMG_9434 and 002 IMG_1300 and drag them into the album. Then sort by title, swap the prefixes on the two files and see what happens. Nothing happens for me, but if you automatically sort by date in ascending and descending order, everything is ok.
        Thanks again for the effort and tips.

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello! I did the test once. I think I found the "problem". The title is NOT the filename. If you mark a photo and then press CMD + I, an information window for the image opens. Here you can see the "Title" field at the top (usually empty) and below the file name. If you enter something in the Title field, the sorting works correctly for me. The Photos app does everything right, because if no title is set, it can of course not be sorted according to it.

          If you want to sort by file name, you have to somehow get the file name in the title field, because there is no option to sort the photo according to the file name. For entering the file name in the "Title" field there is here. an apple script that does the job. But I haven't tried it, so please make a backup beforehand and test it with a small number of photos before you let go of the 22.000 photos. : D

          • Albrecht says:

            Hello Sir Apfelot, a brilliant idea to write the sorting number into the file as the title. In the Photos program I only clicked on the file name below the picture and entered the sorting number. It is accepted without the file name being lost (control: CMD + I or right mouse button information). Then changed 100 photos on a trial basis. The photos are sorted correctly again and the transfer to the iPhone has shown that the old state is restored.
            Only the remaining 21900 photos remain. I have decided to change the most important albums first so that I can work again and then wait for the update from Catalina (the beta version is already being offered) so as not to experience any nasty surprises.
            Thank you for the really quick professional help and I'll get to work in a moment.

          • Albrecht says:

            Last night Apple installed the 10.15.3 update, but the sorting function has not changed. Photos are still sorted by "Titles" instead of "Titles and Files".
            I can now start editing all the rest of the photos.

          • Albrecht says:

            Sorry, it should be called sorting by title "or" files. Explanation: The title has priority; if there is nothing in it, it is sorted by files (sequence of numbers, letters, characters, etc.)
            The other two functions Sort by date in ascending and descending order remain unaffected.

          • sir appleot says:

            Unfortunately I cannot confirm that. For me, renaming the files with 001- and 002- did not change the sorting by "title". I installed macOS 10.15.3.

          • Albrecht says:

            Sir Apfelot, I think there is a misunderstanding. This last version would be wishful thinking on my part if Apple did it that way. But sorting by title in the current version works well and in the future I will give all files in the open FOTOS program with sorting numbers as titles.

  157. Klaus says:

    In my opinion, this is not a Catalina problem. I have repositioned my photos and have the same time problem with PHOTOS at Mojave. The sorting works, but it takes time. I suggest creating a test album with around 200 photos and then testing the sorting.

  158. Renato says:

    Hi all,

    I need some thought support for the following idea ...

    ... regarding the problem with the missing mail (bodys) when migrating to Catalina, for which there is still no sufficient statement with regard to the latest update (10.15.3) whether this has now been resolved or not.
    As far as I have understood so far, the problem does not arise in everyone, but only in certain constellations; And possibly especially where old mail accounts have already been migrated several times through different macOS versions and legacies are still lying dormant there? (I myself would be "the best candidate" for this and that's why I'm so hesitant: I started with the first iMac in 2006, I STILL run with the basic installation from back then, which has now - and always successfully - been carried out through numerous hardware and OS migrations is ... - meanwhile I am on Mojave and in "waiting position" for a sufficiently promising Catalina migration)

    Assuming that you only operate server-synchronized mailboxes such as (in my case) IMAP or Exchange, then you already have the best prerequisites for a really "clean" mail installation by having the mail accounts on the Mac - ideally BEFORE migrating to Catalina - simply delete it completely and check or ensure that everything in ~ Library / ... is really "properly cleaned".

    Then - after the Catalina migration (which will probably be a lot faster) - create the new mail accounts and have them synchronized by the server.
    This will take some time, but you should actually be able to create a virginal and consistent installation state with it, and this with the advantage that the spotlight indices are guaranteed to be rebuilt again and properly ...

    If you are also in the fortunate position of having a mail provider who provides you with more than enough IMAP mailboxes (my contract with x & x allows me, for example, 100 mailboxes with 10 GB each), you can also get one before the migration Create a backup copy of your emails at the mail server level by first creating new mail accounts and then connecting them in Apple Mail. Then drag the contents of all original mail folders to be copied (Inbox, Sent, ... each extra!) From one to the new "backup" mailbox with the ALT / option key pressed (Caution! Moving without the ALT key!) . Then log off the "backup" account and only "touch" it again if possible in an emergency and if possible only via the webmailer.

    What do you think?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Renato! Yes, that is basically correct, as you say it. If you do everything with IMAP mail accounts, you can put Catalina on completely fresh, then put your mailbox back in Mail and go for a coffee. The mail then synchronizes everything and you should have your usual mailbox in front of you again.

      Important: Do not throw away all the mails in the mail program, otherwise the mail program synchronizes the emptying of the mailbox with the server and everything is gone. So just don't open mail. Destroy your Mac, install Catalina and set up a May account.

  159. Renato says:

    > So just don't open mail. Destroy your Mac, install Catalina ...

    Hmm - but I want to migrate my "old Mac" using the migration assistant if possible and not have to set everything up again by hand ... - yes, I know, after 14 years that would probably be. sometimes appropriate, but you tend to be lazy ... And unfortunately the migration assistant cannot migrate selectively - that would be cool ...

    Therefore (before the migration) I would not delete the individual mails (good advice!), But delete the accounts (Mail / Settings ... / Minus button) and check that the mail files (i.e. below ~ / Library / Mail / ... ) are also guaranteed not to exist anymore, so that they are not "accidentally" saved by the migration assistant (I have not tested whether mail really "cleans away" the files through the "minus" of a mail account or for a possible later Use it again?)

    Oha, it just occurred to me that when the accounts were deleted, local settings such as signatures, rules, etc. were also gone. So you should also save the content somewhere ...

    • sir appleot says:

      Well then the order is simple:
      Close Mail, rename the "Mail" folder in the library to "Mail-Backup", then install Catalina on a new disk and import the migration assistant. Then he can no longer take over the mail data, but he can take over the rest.

      • Renato says:

        Yup! This works: Catalina Mail creates a possibly missing “Mail” folder and starts with it “virginally” - I've just tried it!

        But don't forget to delete the "Mail-Backup" folder at some point (because it will be copied by the migration assistant), otherwise it will stay around as a zombie in the system ...

        ... or the "hard way" and delete the "mail" right away ....

  160. Klaus says:

    I have now taken a closer look at the topic of "Sorting within PHOTOS". The problem is more complex. After my test, PHOTOS sorts like this:
    When sorting by title, the files that do not have a title name come first, and these are in the order of the file name. First, the numbers (e.g. "138.jpg", then the letters (e.g. "Bratwurst.jpg"), then underscores (e.g. "_68881.jpg") appear in the file name Entries in the "Title" are at the bottom of the sorting hierarchy.This sounds a bit confusing, but I'll try to explain it using an example.
    There are 5 photos in which nothing is entered in "Title":

    Sorting these files by title is the order

    As soon as a file is added with an entry under "Title", it is placed behind the files without a title. So if you add the file "56.jpg" with the title "Flowers", the sorting order is


    A test with subsequently deleted and added photos has shown that the database is obviously not working correctly.

  161. Harald says:

    I have a problem that is not yet described here.
    Since the update to 10.15.3, it doesn't matter which program or window I open, after about 4 seconds it is no longer active - as if it slipped into the background.
    It is still in front, but passive (light toolbar).
    This window here is no longer blue after 4 seconds, but white.
    Then of course the iMac no longer knows where to write the characters and produces the error sound. And that after every 4 seconds - extremely annoying!
    I have an iMac from late 2013.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Harald! I already had the problem with another user. The reason for this is that the Finder is starting a background process (auxiliary program from a tool or something similar). This crashes and the finder tries to start it again after a few seconds. The result: the focus of your current window disappears again and again.

      In order to find the program that repeatedly causes the problem, you unfortunately have to try something out and, if necessary, create order on the Mac. That works quite well with the "Lingon X" tool, which creates a list of all the objects that start up when starting, logging in, etc. Right-click on the corresponding object and there is the option "Show in Finder".
      The correct procedure would now be to drag each of the suspicious objects out of its folder (for example onto the desktop), then see whether the focus problem still occurs. If so, then back to the folder where it was. At some point you found the "bad" file that caused the crash in the background.

      It is also worthwhile to use the tool to see whether files are still booting from programs that may not have been used for a long time. Everything that can be saved is one less potential risk. I think I'll make my own contribution again shortly.

      If you've found the culprit in yourself, it would be great if you could briefly write what it was. That will surely help other readers too. For my other reader, it was (as far as I can remember) part of Microsoft Office that ran or didn't run in the background.

      Update: I believe the tool Knock Knock is also helpful in this case as it specifically looks for persistent programs. And yours, which should be started over and over again, should actually be one like that.

  162. Klaus says:

    After having had major problems after installing Catalina at the time, I returned to Mojave. A few months have now passed and, trusting that Apple will make improvements and third-party software adjustments, I reinstalled Catalina. Lo and behold: Everything runs like clockwork, even Audacity, which at that time could no longer be started.
    So for a change, a positive feedback.

    • sir appleot says:

      Thanks for the positive feedback. It moves the post a little bit right, because when you read this, you get the feeling that you'd better never do an update again. : D

      • Chris says:


        unfortunately I have to disagree. I only get Audacity to leach when I use the Terminal app to issue the command
        open /Applications/
        enter. A little annoying

        • Klaus says:

          I have just tested Audacity (V 2.3.3) again under Catalina 10.15.4. Everything is fine. I have never entered the command open ... etc.

          • Chris says:

            So, I don't understand ...
            If I knew how to attach a screenshot here, I would include the Audacity window, otherwise I also have Catalina 10.15.4 and Audacity 2.3.3.


          • sir appleot says:

            Hello Chris! Unfortunately, you cannot upload anything here. But you can send me something to the email address in the legal notice. But have you ever tried uninstalling Audacity with App Cleaner and reinstalling it?

  163. Tom says:

    I have a problem with Catalina 10.15.3 and the mail program on the MacBook Pro 16 ″

    It happens time and again that the inbox is not updated.
    For example, there is a 1 next to the Unknown folder, but a new email is not displayed….

    When I finish mail and restart it, it works for a while.

    I've already done all of the mailboxes via Mailbox -> Restore.
    Catalina has already been reinstalled "above".

    As a test, I installed the mail program Spark, which shows the mail reliably, but I basically wanted to stay with MAIL!

    Before Catalina it worked without any problems.

    Are there any new approaches for this?

    Thank you

  164. Tom says:

    So the solution with Onyx worked for 2 days, today I deleted a few emails and opened all unread emails.
    Now the 1 came back to the folder Unknown and again no new email was loaded.
    Mail finished and all new emails were loaded ...
    Somehow there is still a bug in there ...?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Tom! So for me, mail basically works. If so, it could only be a local bug with you or a problem with the mail server. Have you created an "Unknown" folder or did this folder come by itself?

      • Tom says:

        Hello, the folder Unknown is from
        You can also have it displayed.
        The funny thing is that there is a 1 there and no mails are loaded into any mailbox.
        With the iPhone, the new mails are displayed immediately….
        Both devices in the same WLAN.
        It looked OK for at least 2 days, maybe it has something to do with the hibernation of the MacBook?

        • sir appleot says:

          What display do you have on your iPhone? Also the folder "Unknown" with a 1 or just an empty "Unknown" folder?

          • Tom says:

            Unknown with all the emails in it, this is updated on the iPhone as normal, like right now…. unknown emails iPhone 2 (these are also displayed and on the Macbook there is a 1 next to unknown and no new emails are displayed.
            Apple support said that I should remove my mailboxes in the settings and create them again.
            Luckily I don't have any locally saved emails on the Macbook….
            I think I'll try that now ... or are there other ideas?

          • Tom says:

            If the iPhone is unknown, it shows 2 new emails and these are also displayed without any problems.
            In the mail program 1 is displayed next to unknown, but no new email is displayed….
            Apple Support said that I should remove the email accounts and reactivate them

          • sir appleot says:

            Yes, if all that doesn't help, Apple's "nuclear solution" remains: remove and create a new mail account. I hope then it works.

  165. Klaus says:

    How to get rid of mailer problems:
    1. Throw "MAIL" into aa trash bin where it belongs.
    2. Use a decent mail client.

    • sir appleot says:

      Thanks for this helpful comment. ;-) But I'm not changing ... so far I've got all mail problems under control. And other mail programs are certainly not error-free either. Fortunately, everyone can choose what they want to use.

  166. Hensl says:

    My iMac suddenly spins, a Finder window is always open, when I try to close it the Finder / Desktop crashes, the same as soon as I click something in the Finder.
    System settings and Safari also crash or get stuck (beach ball)

    Have already restarted, pram reset, delete start objects, deactivate all releases, made.

    I wanted to check the programs for 32bit in the system information, but this column does not exist for me (?)

    thank you in advance

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Hensl! Can you see if your hard drive is full? If the finder stops responding or crashes, something is wrong. If nothing works, I would also install Catalina over it (boot with CMD + R pressed). He may then get himself back.

  167. jutta says:


    after my upgrade to Catalina (stupid idea .. very sorry) only icloud mails are running
    everything else was overwritten immediately, the accounts were no longer visible, now I'm trying to reintegrate strato mails - without success.
    at first he doesn't know the user / pw kombi, then I can't get out of the menu with "continue" for mails and notes, the account is not set up ... now I've tried it x times

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Jutta! Owei, that's stupid. In that case I would try the following. Restart your Mac and reinstall Catalina over it. If that doesn't help, maybe with onyx (here. a contribution to this) rebuild the whole mail database. And if that doesn't work either, I would rename the / Library / Mail folder so that Apple Mail is forced to set everything up again. Maybe then it will work.

    • Klaus says:

      Hello Jutta,

      what is in the system settings under "Internet accounts"? All accounts should be listed there. Otherwise create a new one. However, I also had problems with creating accounts. This was not due to the operating system, but to the entries I made, which were incorrect somewhere. The server names (input and output) have to be exactly right, it is easy to make a mistake here. Otherwise, the usual procedure for the "Mail" app:
      For "Internet accounts" select: "Add another account ..."
      Then click on "@ Mail-Account"
      Then enter your name, e-mail address and password.
      The system now searches for the appropriate server settings and usually finds them.

      With me, all mail settings were taken over after switching to Catalina. If not, I wouldn't have had a problem with that either, because I'm using Outlook. There all accounts (I have 10) were taken over without complaint (also with Mail, by the way). And with IMAP, all emails are always there until they are deleted (at least for a long time) and are automatically invited after the account has been entered.

      STRATO says:

      Setting up the e-mail program (server information)
      Please note that when setting up external clients, SSL must always be activated. This is the only way to ensure communication between the e-mail program and the STRATO server.

      Server server address port
      POP3 (inbox, SSL / TLS) 995
      IMAP (inbox, SSL / TLS) 993
      SMTP (outgoing mail, SSL / TLS) 465/587
      Username / Account Your full email address, for example
      Password You assign the password for each mailbox under "Edit mailbox".

      A STRATO mail account should be easy to set up with this information.


      • Jutta says:

        Hello Klaus, yes I know them - I've had Strato for a few years - so far never a topic. Mojave on my HO PC works well with it - Catalina has over ironed everything else except icloud (a few more strato accounts). I wrote an explanation amount .. will be sure to come soon.

  168. Jutta says:

    Thank you in advance. Unfortunately, when upgrading to Catalina, everything except iCloud on mail accounts was overwritten - including the Strato account. I can no longer set it up - I've tested it several times. The Strato accounts also run on my desktop Mac - but on Mojave.
    I set up things, as described by Klaus above, then the Mail and Notes Setup window appears (or something like that) here I click Mail and Notes to go to Done, then he jumps to Next and I can't get away from here - the setup is not carried out by the system.

    I use mail from Apple - Outlook for a customer - I would also like to keep the mails separate. Thanks in advance for further suggestions.

    • Jutta says:

      Outlook then with other accounts - exchange in that case - that wasn't an issue here either - everything continued after the upgrade.

    • Klaus says:

      I didn't get along with mail at all. It's a typical bonus like Pages or Numbers. You can use it to do simple things, but when it gets more complex these apps reach their limits. Examples? With pleasure! Pages cannot process complex tables. When you move to a new page, the content slips into nirvana. There are several entries on the web about this. Numbers can only handle 64.000 records. but I have a file with 136.000 records. Scythe! That is also the reason why I use MS Office, and Outlook is included. OK, if you look for a weak point in software, you will find it too. but so far I've got along very well with Outlook. I'm also back to Photoshop after using a competing product for some time. You can tell the difference in the details.

      Then good luck setting up the mail solution. It is inexplicable to me that a premium company like Apple should bring an OS onto the market that shoots down its own mail program (mail is an integral part of the OS). But maybe some things came together in your computing environment that were to blame for the misery. As I said, Catalina runs without any problems for me.

      • jutta says:

        yes - I understand that well - otherwise I also use MS office - I'll see how it looks when I have done the update again.

  169. Tom says:

    With Mail I was able to determine the following when the CPU load increases and does not decrease again ... just like the behavior with the memory which then increases up to the GB area.
    In the last few days I had the assumption that it depends on the number of emails in the mailbox ... I couldn't simulate that, but the behavior was mostly noticed with a mailbox with a lot of emails!

    I exported a mailbox, and lo and behold, the CPU utilization increased and did not recover, and the memory utilization also increased.
    And what was noticeable was that the network shows quite a high level of activity!
    I have now switched off the WLAN briefly and reactivated it, then the CPU load went back to normal and the memory was also used to a normal extent again.

    Let's see how Apple Support rates it.
    Perhaps something hangs sporadically between mail and the network causing this behavior.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Tom! When exporting from a mailbox (if it is large), the Mac can idle a few minutes. I've already had that and it's normal. But at some point it should be finished and the CPU load should go down. If that is not the case, you have to investigate the cause. I hope Apple Support has some good ideas. I would be interested if you can do it!

  170. Tom says:

    Yesterday on Sunday I took another action regarding the Mail CPU Spike "Problem" and the high memory usage ...
    1. Mail -> Accounts -> Server Settings
    check the box next to "Manage connection settings automatically"
    away. (For incoming & outgoing mail)

    2. The port 143 changed to 993, as it is with me
    if these settings are made manually.

    Since then I couldn't get Mail to provoke a high CPU load or the memory increase….

    Another idea that might also work with other mail providers !?

  171. Jan says:

    Hello Sir Apfelot,
    I need your help. I wanted to download an app from the app store, it told me I have to install Catalina first, it had previously pressed me. then i did that. Since then my appstore has stopped working. when I open it it tries to load it all the time and nothing more happens. I've already tried clearing caches. Many greetings JAn

  172. Julia says:

    Hello Sir Apfelot,
    I wanted to thank you very much for your tips. Since installing Catalina, the mail program has not worked for me at all (not even after various system updates) and I had to check all the mails on my iPad or mobile phone. Thanks to your website, I can finally (after months!) Check my emails normally on my Mac again. Thank you very much for that! :)

    I wish you all the best and stay healthy!

    Best regards,

  173. Yvo says:

    On my Mac mini late 2012, the Appstore no longer works, so it just loads. In the case of notes, it no longer loads the iCloud notes. And then the iCloud Keychain can't be synced.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Yvo! Somehow it all sounds like "install over it again". With iCloud problems, on the other hand, it often helps if you switch everything off with iCloud under system settings and restart and then log in again. Please try both.

  174. Frank Ethan says:

    Why does the Apple junk suddenly no longer work, after editing my pictures and after exiting the idle state, I wanted to start Photoshop 2020, shortly afterwards an error message (very long) after Apple I said: You have unknown access rights. Already such a message after 10 days.

    Neither accidentally nor unknowingly anything was deleted (20 years as a media designer) let you navigate confidently. Why does such a message come up all of a sudden? No other program can be started.

    For what am I paying these useless, greedy apple-eaters a huge amount of money when the dirt suddenly stops working? Meanwhile, many users complain about such imponderables. The first dud in the Apple store knew absolutely nothing - hmm, these morons are actually paid for. These Apple idiots have now reached the bottom.

    Possibly a permanent work-around on this?


    Frank Ethan

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Frank! I can understand your displeasure, but that would be more correct with Apple than with me. I also don't have any error messages that I could help with, so I just see the post as an angry complaint against Apple ...

  175. Christopher Sandman says:

    Hello, after the last update all my groups and all saved contacts are gone in "Contacts". How can I restore it?
    I heard that something like this has happened over and over again ...
    Best Regards

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Christoph! If you have iCloud synchronization, I would switch it off completely, restart it and then reactivate it. Sometimes it hiccups and after switching it off, it throws everything away and re-synchronizes. You can find the settings for this (under macOS Catalina) via System Settings> Apple ID (at the top of the window bar).

    • Klaus says:

      Hello Christopher,
      the Contacts folder is located in the Applications folder. If you use Time Machine, the contacts are backed up every hour. At the same time, you should make a daily backup with Super Duper anyway! do something like that. Then the contacts are restored in no time at all.

      ** Smart shit mode on:


      Smart shit mode off **


      • sir appleot says:

        Hello Klaus! Almost right. The "Contacts" app is in the "Programs" folder, but the database and its data are in the Home / Library / Application Support / AdressBook folder ... so if you want to back up the data, you have to back up this folder. But if you do a full backup with Super Duper or Time Machine, it will definitely be there.

        • Klaus Diemer says:

          absolutely right.
          The heart of the Mac beats in the library. In a way. If the library goes wrong and there is no fuse ... then good night :-)

          Super Duper is a hit! I put it on a schedule and now it automatically backs up the HDD once a day. It takes half an hour, but the app runs in the background and has no noticeable effect on performance.

          I have to break a lance for Catalina too. I've had the OS on for a few weeks and everything is running like clockwork. Except for the 32-bit programs, but that was known from the outset.

          My tip: leave the system alone. The more you try to optimize and adjust the screws here and there, the more unstable the whole thing becomes. The developers did a pretty good job. You don't have to live with unspeakable crutches like MAIL, there are alternatives.

          • sir appleot says:

            I am happy that someone is having fun with Catalina. : D It's also running smoothly for me ... but I've heard from several quarters that there are more and more problems if you drag along more legacy systems from old systems.

  176. fwulf says:

    I have the following problems since updating to Catalina:
    1) mail keeps logging out because of memory space.
    2) Numbers sometimes doesn't save.
    3) Screen information is not saved permanently,
    4) Preview images and texts are reduced and printed out shifted
    5) Scans with the EpsonDS-6500 are occasionally not saved.

    iMAC 27 ″ 2018, problem-free before the update in October 2019.
    Apple can't help.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Fwulf! So are many different problems. I would do the following:
      Restart Mac with pressed CMD + R key and then install Catalina over it. This often helps to fix such strange errors. Otherwise: Can you see whether there is still space (20 GB or more) on your startup volume? Maybe that's the reason ...

      • fwulf says:

        Hello Sir Apfelot,

        I've already reinstalled Catalina twice, unfortunately that didn't work. I have enough space for a Fusion Drive, which is made up of a 2 TB SSD and a 128 GB SSD. There are currently 1,7 TB free.

        • sir appleot says:

          Yes, then there definitely cannot be a lack of space. Could you send me the error message from Apple Mail as a screenshot by email (can be found in the imprint)? Alternatively, you can also create a new user under System Settings> Users and Groups and see whether one or the other error does not occur there. With the migration assistant you can also drag all data into the new user. Maybe that helps?

          • fwulf says:

            The new user has the same problem. I am attaching a screenshot to my e-mail.

          • sir appleot says:

            Hello Wulf! I received the error message: "Mail cannot back up information about your mailboxes because there is not enough space in your home folder." Is it possible that your Fusion Drive has a problem? This clearly indicates that he cannot save the data because there is no space. I would save the entire startup volume to an external hard drive with "Carbon Copy Cloner" or "Smart Backup" and then start from there. If it then no longer brings the message, then something seems to be hooking with your Fusion Drive. Somehow you have to track down the problem. All the other problems will certainly be related to the fact that the Mac does not have enough memory or cannot use it.

  177. fwulf says:

    Hello Sir Apfelot,

    thank you very much for your advice. I no longer have problems with mail from the external hard drive I copied my Fusion Drive with CCC to. This does not solve all problems, but that would be a big step forward. Do you have any ideas how I should format the Fusion Drive? It is currently formatted in APFS format, divided into 5 volumes, MacIntoshHD and MacIntoshHD Data and three more that I deleted at some point.

    • sir appleot says:

      Macintosh HD and Macintosh HD data are already correct. Catalina always puts it this way, even if you only had a Macintosh HD before. So basically you can format the entire Fusion Drive again as APFS and then install Catalina on it. After the installation you can use the migration assistant to pull the old data back in and everything should work.

      • fwulf says:

        Which is better: write CCC to the Fusion Drive from the external hard drive or read the Time Machine data from the Fusion Drive?

        • sir appleot says:

          I cannot judge what is "better". I would always prefer CCC because then I know it is a 1: 1 copy. I'm never so sure about Time Machine. : D

  178. Artur says:

    For me, DaVinci resolve opens so decentered that not even 30% of the program is visible. Anyone know how to get it back centrally? You can't see the toolbar either.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Arthur! Most of the time, the problem occurs when the external monitor has been disconnected in a certain way. The Mac thinks there is still a monitor on it and uses the old presets. So either plug the monitor back in and restart it or try to delete the Davinci Resolve preferences file and restart it. There is also a keyboard shortcut for full screen (CMD + CTRL + F), but I don't know if that will help you.

  179. miffy says:

    Hello Sir Apfelot,
    my mail program has stopped working since the Catalina update. All I see is "Updating Mail", but you can't click "Continue" no matter how long you wait. After I tried your tip for "Mail app freezes or freezes under macOS Catalina", it finally worked again and the joy was huge, but only until the next start, because everything was as before. I'm really desperate now. Do you have any idea what the problem could be or how I could fix it permanently?
    Best regards,

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Miffi! I would - if you only have IMAP accounts - kick all accounts out of mail and then start over. If there are IMAP accounts, the mail program gets the latest status from the server.
      Alternatively, you can rebuild the mail database with TinkerTool. And if nothing helps, I would save the entire Mail folder in the library (see to open it) rename it to "Mail-Backup". Then Apple Mail creates everything anew and hopefully it works. LG, Jens

  180. Jar says:

    I have no problems with Apple Mail because I only need it on the iPhone on the Mac I've had for years Thunderbird also runs normally under Catalina. If you only have an imap mail account, try it and the program is free! Many greetings Jarre

    • Klaus Diemer says:

      Bravo! My words! Get rid of the unspeakable Apple Mail junk. Feels like half of all lawsuits here are related to MAIL.
      So off in the bin with this unspeakable app. There are enough alternatives.

      • sir appleot says:

        So I like Apple Mail! * duck away *: D

        • BlueFalcon says:

          So I like Apple Mail too and I'm happy with it. The only thing I can't quite understand is that Apple is taking so much time with the 13.4.2 security update. Sure, she would like to bring the next big hit again with 13.4.5. But that takes too long for a security-relevant update.

  181. Klaus says:

    Well, the ability to suffer is individually different :-)

  182. PCH says:

    I have problems with photo. The photo library is on my Synology DiskStation and everything went really well, until I - in ignorance of the access rights problems probably caused by it - created the Time Machine backup on it.

    Now I just want to copy the photo library from the DS to an external hard drive connected there. I have now connected a 3 TB disk there, and yet the copying process stops after hours with the message that there is not enough memory on the target drive. But this is simply and possible because the volume on the DS on which the library is located is only 2,7 GB and there are also TM backups of over 1 TB.

    The size of the library cannot be calculated / displayed either via the Finder or via the DS.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello PCH! That's funny. Maybe the connection is just too lame and the Mac throws the error with the space, although it hangs elsewhere? Calculating the size of the library can take a long time. If it is also on the NAS, it will take even longer. You shouldn't expect miracles there. You could possibly open the library (right mouse button on it and "show package contents". Then you can try to copy all the things in the package in smaller chunks. But I don't know if the the little chunks in a folder) still accepted as a media library.

    • Klaus says:

      My advice:
      DO NOT copy through Synology Assistant and File Station.
      Instead, select Finder / Places / Diskstation and copy the file / s from there using drag & drop. It's much faster. I have just pulled down about 180 MB from my DS (7air) in 213 seconds as a test. 1 GB is therefore a matter of less than a minute. Arithmetically.


  183. fwulf says:

    Hello Sir Apfelot,

    Thanks to your help, among other things, I have solved the memory problem with e-mails and numbers files. As a reminder: My iMac 27 ″ (2018) contained a Fusion Drive consisting of a 128 GB Flash Drive and a Samsung SSD with 2 TB. The system worked perfectly under OS 10.14 and caused enormous problems under 10.15, so that I could only read e-mails after starting the mail program several times.
    Now I had copied the 10.15 system to an external hard drive using Carbon Copy Cloner. If I start the Mac from there, I have no problems with mail. So I tried to copy the system back to the Fusion Drive with CCC, which started successfully at first, but ended at 126 GB due to lack of space. Obviously, the Fusiondrive was not recognized as a unit from the hard drive and only the flash drive was written to. Our local supplier, to whom I had submitted my iMac for examination, therefore suggested that the Fusion Drive be disconnected. The entire system is now on the Samsung SSD and all storage issues are resolved.

  184. Renato says:

    Achso - a Fusion Drive from 2 Ssd's? !! I missed that.
    But that doesn't really make any sense at all: the concept of the Fusion Drive was originally to connect an SSD as an accelerator / pseudocache to the slow HDD ...?!? Did you “tinker” this configuration yourself? Can't imagine that there is something original from Apple?!? But yes, CCC doesn't seem to have gotten that ...

    • fwulf says:

      Hello Renato,

      no, that was specially made for universities here in Switzerland
      assembled and sold by an Apple partner.

  185. Norbert says:

    Hello, can anyone have a solution?
    macOS 10.15.4 Finder shows question marks under the icon of the new iPhone SE 2020

  186. steppe says:

    My finder recently completely frozen and is no longer responding. Everything that has to do with the file / folder system can no longer be opened, including hard disk access. Browser and mail are still working. Repair via recovery mode fails. I would like to reinstall Catalina, but I am missing 10GB on the disk. Is there any way to free up this 10GB without the above functions?
    Thank you in advance!
    Best Regards

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Steffen! When the Mac is at its limit in terms of storage, all you can really try is emptying the trash to free up space quickly. The alternative would be: buy an external hard drive and restart the Mac with CMD + R pressed. Then you come to the recovery and can format the external disk to APFS with the disk utility and install macOS Catalina on it first and use the migration assistant to take over the old data. Then I would create space and only then copy all data from the external to the internal disk using Carbon Copy Cloner or Smart Backup.

      • Steffen says:

        That sounds like a very good suggestion! Since I have a TimeMachine external SSD (but with a 20-day-old backup ..), I've already thought of something like that. Thank you very much, I'll try it out :-)!

  187. Klaus says:

    I start my Mac in the morning and let it run during the day because I keep going back to the system to do the usual work.
    Sometimes the system stands still for several hours without any input.
    But then there are always problems. After logging in, the colorful "Ball Of Death" spins for a long time and then disappears completely. Shortly afterwards the screen goes black and the login screen appears. After logging in, the Mac no longer has an Internet connection, the mails are displayed, but without pictures.
    Then only a restart will help.
    Isn't the Mac designed for long breaks? Or why is it that after a period of inactivity he shows this behavior?
    Does anyone know this problem?

  188. Fia says:

    Hello, Jens
    I installed Catalina 10.15.5 on my MBP early 2015 a few days ago. Apparently I chose the wrong volume for the installation (the other one had too little space), but now I have a lot of things duplicated (User -> USER -> Programs, Downloads, Documents, etc.). Strangely, I now see three volumes under System Report -> Hard Disks, but in the Finder under "Places" there is only the Macintosh HD. I can only find DATAN if I search for files on the volume and then do "Show in parent folder". Do you have any ideas how I can display DATAN in "Places" and, above all, how I can set up the folder structure again?
    My second question is: I previously had a personal keychain that now seems to be gone. I've already searched the typical places (User -> USER -> Library -> Keychains on both volumes and also the Library-> Keychains directly on the volume and I can't find it anywhere. It wasn't in iCloud. You have here is another idea where it could still be?
    Best regards

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Fia! I would recommend booting your old system again with the CMD + R key pressed. Then you can carry out the installation of Catalina again. I suspect some things went wrong here. If you install the macOS again over it, one thing or the other could settle itself. And maybe you try again to boot with the ALT key pressed. Then you can also select the old system to start. If you free up enough space on it, you might be able to install Catalina neatly on it. A backup would certainly be recommended beforehand so that nothing is broken.

  189. Christian says:


    I should have read the tips here about Time Machine and Catalina beforehand and should have done other backups with Time Machine as well ...
    I currently have Catalina 10.15.5 installed. A POP3 account suddenly stopped working properly in Mail and my attempt to change the SMTP password failed because the system refused to save this change. So I saved the emails locally, deleted the GMX account in mail and created the mail account again. However, I forgot to save the emails I sent ... When I tried to reconstruct this mail folder with Time Machine, I found that Time Machine does not show any backups for mail folders!
    If you go back in the timeline in Time Machine, nothing changes in the display and the navigation via the arrows does not react either. Outside of mail, i.e. with normal files, however, the reconstruction from the backup works. Is there a solution for mail folders? Are the mail files perhaps in the backup, but inaccessible due to an error?

    Thank you!

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Christian! Usually, the mail is also backed up with Time Machine. Can you see if you can get into the mail folder with Time Machine like this:
      1. Open your user library: Finder> Go> press ALT key> click Library
      2. Open Time Machine

      Now you should also be able to go to the Apple Mail folder and get an old version back.

  190. Dirk K. from L. says:

    Moin people!

    Let me take the liberty of addressing a problem with Safari under OS 10.5.5 here. Safari keeps asking me if I want to accept cookies. I always click "OK" and do it all over again the next day. ????

    Am I doing something wrong? I have activated the cookies settings on the relevant pages.



    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Dirk! This could be because you are surfing with a "private window" - if that is the case. No cookies are stored in these windows. Otherwise it could be the operator of the website. He may have set the cookie duration to a value below one day. Then the browser asks several times. But I don't think it's Safari. You could check this by visiting the same page with Chrome or Firefox.

  191. Dirk K. from L. says:

    OK! I'll check that out. I deleted the cookies for the annoying site as a trial.


  192. Dirk K. from L. says:


    I deleted the cookies for the annoying websites and set them up again.

    Now it works again! ????

    Best wishes


  193. Norbert says:

    As of today, I can no longer open my Dropbox.
    Error display:
    Safari cannot open the page "" because Safari cannot establish a secure connection to the server "".
    Can someone tell me something, Catalina is on the Mac, what could be the cause?
    Thank you and greetings

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Norbert! Unfortunately I cannot say the cause, but I would try the following: 1. Restart the Mac and 2. try a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Or maybe a proxy is installed? LG

    • Klaus says:

      I had this annoying message for 2 days. For me, the reason was Kaspersky Internet Security. It was about some kind of certificate that was supposed to be out of order. I uninstalled Kaspersky and switched to a different virus scanner. Since then, everything has been running smoothly again with Safari and Chrome.

  194. Norbert says:

    thanks for the tip. Kaspersky is the culprit!
    I deactivated Kaspersky and the page opens again.
    So I have to activate another virus scanner.

    Best wishes

    • sir appleot says:

      Great! It's good that Klaus had the saving tip. : D I don't have a virus scanner and it wouldn't have occurred to me that the Dropbox could block. But these things do strange things a lot.

    • Klaus says:

      Glad I could help. But I think it can't be due to Kaspersky alone, as I still have a Windows computer on which there are no problems with Kaspersky and Chrome. Somehow the interaction between Apple's OSX and Kaspersky doesn't seem to work or the Mac version of Kaspersky has a programming flaw.

  195. Tim Lepek says:

    Good day to the congregation,
    Since the update to Catalina (only ran after the 3rd run), I have the problem that I can no longer access the security settings and the settings for the desk and the screensaver. I keep getting the message "Security preferences could not be loaded." I have already searched through all the forums in the world and just can't find a solution. Also tried the most popular solution option to delete the SystemPreferences and restart ... nothing ...
    I cannot install "third-party programs" or plugins for other programs. Unfortunately, the hardware authorizations for the browser also fall under the points mentioned, which bothers me the most.
    I hope someone here has a solution for me.
    In any case, thank you in advance.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Tim! I assume that something is still lying across here. My tip would be: restart, hold down CMD + R and then install Catalina again over it. That should help in your case I think. Otherwise, please contact me again. Maybe someone else has an idea.

      • Tim Lepek says:

        Hmmm, I've done that 2 times. Unfortunately, this does not help. Too bad, I was hoping that someone would be able to solve the problem before. Anyway, thanks for the answer anyway.

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello Tim! Can you try to create a new user under Users & Groups (in the system settings)? Maybe it works there? If not, you could come again fsck repair the disk. The last option would then be to install Catalina on a fresh external hard drive / SSD and see if things run smoothly there.

  196. Werner says:

    After installing Catalina I have the following problem:
    If I have individual photos in the screen format in the photo library
    I only get pixelated images.
    The keyboard shortcut repair method does not work.
    Greetings Werner

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Werner! I think after the installation of Catalina he first converts all photos to HEIC, if I have that right in my head. I would leave the Mac switched on for 1-2 days so that it can do a little math when it is idle. Your problem may then resolve itself.

  197. Werner says:

    Hello Sir !

    Thanks for the message, I'll try it out!
    At the moment I make do by clicking slide show,
    stop this and then manually click on it then works
    the ad strangely enough. ????

  198. Werner says:

    Hi sir

    One more thing: when I start the i Mac, an English text appears in alternating yellow and white
    Font. That wasn't the case before Catalina ???????? can you turn that off?

  199. Werner says:

    Hello Sir,

    I took a photo (screenshot was not possible in this position) Just: how does the photo get to you ????

  200. Michael Prantl says:


    I'm using Catalina 10.15.7 and (suddenly) can't send any more emails.

    To rule out provider problems, I tried several accounts (iCloud, gmx ..), always the same problem. The mail "hangs" forever in the outbox.
    I don't find anything conspicuous in the "Mail" logs.
    Attempting to use "Mail" and "Spark" as clients does not work. Webmail works fine.

    And now the strange thing: when I start the Mac "safely", everything suddenly starts broadcasting.
    I still have a second, older Mac (iCloud account myself) on which everything works as desired, as well as on the iPhone and iPad.

    Somehow I have no more ideas - maybe someone can help me?
    Thanks and lg