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Apple's new Mac operating system is out: macOS 10.14 Mojave. Anyone who wants to use this with all its new features or who would like to get to know it as a complete beginner can do so macOS Mojave manual use. The illustrated instructions and tips as a book, which will appear or have already been published in 2018, represent collected specialist knowledge, so that you don't have to repeatedly go to Google, blogs and forums to find the key combination of keys or the right system program. In the following I have listed the most promising macOS Mojave manuals by Anton Ochsenkühn, Jürgen Wolf and Philip Kiefer - as well as the new book by Jörg Rieger and Markus Menschhorn.

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Are you looking for a macOS Mojave manual? A selection with instructions for macOS 10.14 can be found here. The Mojave manuals are all written by competent authors.

Are you looking for a macOS Mojave manual? A selection with instructions for macOS 10.14 can be found here. The Mojave manuals are all written by competent authors.

macOS Mojave: The standard work on Apple's operating system

The macOS 10.14 Mojave manual "macOS Mojave: The standard work on Apple's operating system: Internet, Siri, Time Machine, APFS, etc." by Anton Ochsenkühn has been available for download as a Kindle book since September 12, 2018. I have an extensive review of this recommendable title in this post written for you. That for everyone (compatible with 10.14) The manual suitable for Mac models goes from the installation of macOS Mojave to the general user interface and its elements to detailed explanations and problem solutions. This compendium is a total of 720 pages and contains the instructions, tips and tricks of an author who has been an Apple expert for 30 years and a bestselling author in the tech scene. You can buy the current work at Amazon for € 9,99.

Instructions from Anton Ochsenkühn
The new, compact standard work with instructions, assistance and explanations on the system, apps, files and folders helps everyone who wants to get the best out of macOS 10.14. Beginners will find help here to get used to the world of Apple computers.

macOS: Complete Mac knowledge […] Up-to-date on macOS Mojave

The full title of this macOS Mojave guide is macOS: The Complete Mac Guide. Ideal for learning and reference. Up-to-date on macOS Mojave.” and comes from the pen and keyboard of Jürgen Wolf. He has been an IT specialist author since 2002 and has written, among other things, standard works on the programming languages ​​C and C++. Since September 28, 2018, the author, who also works in Linux, has been delivering his collected Mojave knowledge under the above title and on no less than 1.198 pages. From the first start of the Mac and controlling it via System, Windows, Finder, files and folders to the Internet, Siri and music, everything is included. Also word processing, videos and films, admin tasks and networks, that Port and the recovery system are discussed. You get the all-round blow in terms of macOS at Amazon in the hardback for 39,90 €.

Compendium by Jürgen Wolf
If you want everything from primordial slime to professional problem solving, you can turn to this tome. There are step-by-step instructions, pictures, help with problems, tips for using the system, dock, finder, apps and Co. as well as terminal commands and much more.

macOS Mojave picture by picture - the instructions in pictures

Philip Kiefer, who has brought around 2001 publications to the inclined readership since 200, also dealt with macOS Mojave and the creation of a corresponding manual. On 336 pages, it provides step-by-step instructions for the individual functions in macOS 10.14 Mojave as well as assistance under the title "macOS Mojave picture for picture - instructions in pictures - ideal for beginners and those switching: suitable for all MAC models" for files, apps, the Finder, the Dock, iCloud, Mail, Safari, the Internet itself, and much more. This work can also be used with the Mac as well as with the iMac or MacBook (Air / Pro). You can currently pre-order the macOS Mojave book as well from November 16, 2018 for € 14,95.

Instructions with pictures by Philip Kiefer
Here you get 336 pages with instructions for macOS 10.14 Mojave. The macOS Mojave manual will be available from November and offers not only an introduction, but also more in-depth tips and tricks for use on all compatible Macs - right up to the small MacBook and the large iMac.

The big Mac book for beginners and those switching

The one with its full name “The big Mac book for beginners and those switching: up to date on macOS High Sierra. Suitable for all Apple computers including iMac, Mac mini and MacBook “The work by Jörg Rieger and Markus Menschhorn is already available for earlier Apple operating systems. I already presented the 2017 edition of macOS High Sierra to you in detail in a review: Read for you - the big Mac book for beginners and those switching. As of October 26, 2018, the updated edition with 456 pages on the Mojave system will be available. Here, too, I expect easy-to-understand, illustrated instructions for anyone who wants to get the most out of the Mac. You can pre-order the book at Amazon for € 24,90.

The big Mac book in a new guise
62 Reviews
The big Mac book in a new guise
After the High Sierra manual from 2017, Jörg Rieger and Markus Menschhorn are again offering a manual for Mojave this year. You can find my impression of the previous work with the link above. You will get the latest edition here from October.

Your new macOS Mojave manual

Which macOS Mojave manual do you like best? What was the last Mac manual you used to get around on your Apple computer? Or are all of your questions and wishes already here in the blog answered and fulfilled? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic and write about your experiences with the new Apple operating system for computers Cupertino down! :)

Updates from March 2021:

Manuals for macOS 10.15 Catalina

Manual examples and instructions for the Mac operating system macOS 10.15 Catalina can be found in this guide from 2019. In that year the last operating system came out that also ran on comparatively old Apple computers, for example on MacBook Pro models from 2012. The Catalina manuals again include those from amac-Buch Verlag and from Markt + Technik Verlag. Individual books were not only presented in general here in the blog, but also examined more closely. Therefore, when searching for the best macOS 10.15 Catalina manual, you will find the following guide from Sir Apfelot:

Manuals for macOS 11 Big Sur

Since 2020 there has been a new era for Apple computers. Not only did the first models with the M1 chip come out as the first version of the Apple Silicon. The macOS 11 Big Sur operating system was also rolled out with them. It ended the series of 10 systems that ran sometimes under Mac OS X, sometimes under OS X and finally under macOS. With the new computers and the newly designed system, there was of course the need for manuals, guides and instructions again. An overview can be found with this link. You can find more information in these current posts:

New trend: manuals with QR codes and video material

Above all, Anton Ochsenkühn, who is mentioned here several times in the blog, has not only incorporated texts and screenshots in his books (amac-Buch Verlag) since 2019. Via QR codes, you can also access video content in the manuals for Mac devices and systems, in which details are explained and the procedure is shown with tutorials. This is once again a completely different quality of the instructions on Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad and Co. How well this works with the iPad with iPadOS 14, you can read in this consideration: Book tip - iPad manual with 5 hours of video content for iPadOS 14.

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