First macOS Mojave problems and possible solutions

Solutions to macOS Mojave problems.

With macOS 10.14 Mojave, Apple recently released the latest operating system for the Apple Mac, Apple iMac and Apple MacBook (Air / Pro). Upgrading from older versions such as macOS 10.13 High Sierra to Mojave can be done free of charge via the App Store if you are connected to the Internet. But no system is perfect, especially not at release. The first macOS Mojave problems keep popping up here and there - from the installation and various settings to the lack of compatibility of individual apps. Which Mojave problems there are and which solution is known in each case, I have compiled for you here.

The new Mac operating system can do a lot. Still, some Mojave users have problems after upgrading. Do you have a problem with macOS 10.14 Mojave? Maybe you can find the solution here! macOS Mojave troubleshooting
The new Mac operating system can do a lot. Still, some Mojave users have problems after upgrading. Do you have a problem with macOS 10.14 Mojave? Maybe you can find the solution here!

macOS Mojave problems and solutions / attempted solutions

Every macOS has teething problems. Some are due to system functions that have not been 100% checked in advance, others are caused by app developers because they do not provide their software with a compatibility update directly. Below you will find currently known macOS Mojave problems and - if they can be found - the corresponding solution. Since I could not adjust everything as specified and edit it myself, this time I give no guarantee or guarantee that the measures shown will be successful. If you had success with a macOS Mojave problem solution listed here or a measure you found yourself, please leave a comment;)

macOS Mojave download not possible

In the first few days, in particular, there were repeated reports that the macOS Mojave download was aborting for some users, would not start or would become an ordeal due to error messages. If the download aborts or you cannot even start it, this can have several causes. Sometimes a macOS Mojave download error message already indicates this - sometimes it is rather cryptic: “The installation of macOS could not be continued. The installation requires important content. This content could not be downloaded. Try again later. "- one way or another ...

Possible causes and solutions are:

  • Is the Mac compatible with Mojave at all: Find out with this overview!
  • Maybe too many people are downloading the system at once; try again later when the servers are less busy
  • Is there enough space on the Mac's hard drive? You need at least 12,5 GB when upgrading current systems or 18,5 GB when upgrading OS X Yosemite and older
  • What about the internet connection? If the WLAN is disturbed, the Mac is attached to the LAN cable 
  • If the download was canceled, find the installation file on the hard drive, delete it, restart the Mac and download macOS Mojave again
  • If you still have a problem downloading Mojave, log in to the App Store with your Apple ID, check the downloads (or "Purchases") and see if there is an unfinished download of the installation file that can be started again

Problems installing macOS Mojave

Did the download and save work, but having problems installing macOS Mojave? Then, if you haven't already, check the list of compatible Mac models linked above to see if your device is made for Mojave at all. If the Mac is compatible, but the installation does not start, look for the installation file in the Applications folder, double-click it and start the Mojave installation manually. 

If you still have macOS Mojave installation problems, look for a working solution here:

  • If the installation aborts with an error message towards the end of the process, restart the Mac and hold down Shift + Alt + R or Shift + Alt + Cmd + R to enter the recovery system
  • If the installation aborts due to insufficient storage space, restart the Mac and press Ctrl + R while booting to enter recovery mode. Select the regular boot process there, start the system and then delete or move data from the hard drive to make room.
  • If the Mojave upgrade is canceled towards the end and the Mac can no longer boot (neither recovery nor any other mode), it creates a boot DVD or a boot stick and starts it with it
  • If you want to try again afterwards, try the macOS Mojave installation in Safe Mode

"The installation of macOS could not be continued" - because of the time and date!

macOS Mojave does not install from an external source

If you want to equip a Mac, an iMac or a MacBook without an internet connection with macOS Mojave - i.e. with an external hard drive, a USB stick or an installation DVD, this can work; but does not have to. There are already some reports that there are problems with the Mojave upgrade from external storage media.

Here are the few solutions that can be found on the web:

  • Connect the hard drive directly via Thunderbolt 3, not via a USB-C adapter
  • You may need to install High Sierra first and then install Mojave 
  • Remove all USB media, restart Mac, connect hard drive and try again

Mac does not start after installing Mojave

It can also happen that downloading and installing macOS 10.14 works great, but the Mac does not start up afterwards. There is still no need to panic. Because there are solutions for this too - for example the Reset of NVRAM and PRAM. In short, it can work like this to get your Mac up and running again:

  • Restart Mac while holding Cmd + Alt + P + R (NVRAM Reset)
  • And / or: Hold the buttons while booting until the start tone has been played twice (PRAM reset)
  • Also possible: Im Safe Mode let Disk Utility search for problems / solutions
  • Otherwise look here: Mac hangs on startup - what to do?

macOS 10.14 Mojave - Bluetooth not working

So, now the download and installation of Mojave worked - and the Mac boots as it should. Now it comes to the system and its problems or dropouts. For example, some users report that Bluetooth is not working. If a Bluetooth connection is also not possible on your Mojave computer, then this procedure is supposed to help:

  1. Opens the Finder and click in the menu bar Go to
  2. Then choose Go to the folder ... from  
  3. Is typing / Library / Preferences and then click on to open
  4. Searches for the file, select it and restart the Mac
  5. Now, according to some reports, the Bluetooth should work again

Mac runs slowly after upgrading to macOS 10.14 Mojave

Everything went really well, and the Mac starts and runs too - just much slower than before? Here, too, there are various possible causes as well as appropriate solutions. So if your macOS Mojave problem consists of a slow Mac, then choose something here:

  • Do you have too many Login objects from third-party providers that open at startup? These can slow down the Mac due to a lack of Mojave compatibility
  • Do you have essential apps in the login items or you can't get them from the overview (see link), then check whether there are updates for them in the App Store
  • If it is not entirely clear which app is slowing down the system, it starts Activity indicatorto find out - once you have found the culprit, end him
  • It can also help clear the program's cache memory. To do this, delete all folder contents in / Library / Caches

Apps don't work on macOS Mojave

Everything okay with the download, installation, boot process and Mac speed? Then try out the individual Mac apps that you have installed. Older software in particular is prone to macOS upgrades and could fail on the new Apple operating system. If you find an app that no longer works under macOS 10.14 Mojave, look in the App Store or on the provider's website for an updated version.

If there is no Mojave update for your app version, then you have three options to choose from: buy a newer version, look for an alternative or downgrade to the old system (High Sierra, Sierra, etc.). This also applies in the event that the programs in question are 32-bit apps; because Mojave prefers 64-bit apps.

MoneyMoney: “Application file corrupted”

After my update to macOS Mojave, I started the banking app MoneyMoney (highly recommended!) For the first time. This was acknowledged with an error message stating that the MoneyMoney application file is corrupted and that I need to reinstall the app.

If you haven't done the last update of MoneyMoney, the Mojave program acknowledges the start with this error message.
If you haven't done the last update of MoneyMoney, the Mojave program acknowledges the start with this error message.

I actually thought I had always made all the updates, but apparently I had missed the last one, because after the reinstallation with the download from the MoneyMoney website, everything went back to normal.

iCloud does not sync (correctly)

Another Mojave problem can be that the iCloud synchronization does not work or does not work properly. As a first approach, you should follow the old plug-out-plug-in principle. So log out of iCloud and then log in again. To do this, choose the -Menu out and in the System Settings. Click on iCloud and then at the bottom left Log out. Then sign up again.

If that doesn't help, you can also delete the folder with your iCloud data from the hard drive (after a corresponding backup). The Mac then searches for this data or for updates to it and consequently has to re-establish the iCloud connection. But before that you can also try a third solution.

This consists of ending processes that are important for iCloud and synchronization. Because the processes have to be restarted and iCloud has to be rebooted. In the Activity indicator under the rider CPU you search for "cloudd" and terminate the process; then you do the same with the process "bird". Then restart the Mac if necessary.

macOS Mojave - Battery Problems

Other messages about macOS Mojave issues concern the battery of MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. If the battery life drops rapidly after the system upgrade, then it is important to identify the cause. You can use the activity display again:

  1. Opens the Finder
  2. Opens the ProgramFolder on the hard drive
  3. Double click on the folder in it Utilities
  4. Now select the app Activity indicator from
  5. In the rider Energy you find the power guzzlers

Updating them can also help against high energy consumption by apps. If there is no Mojave update for the apps, then look for alternatives if necessary. In any case, closing the programs promises short-term success so that the battery is relieved. 

Missing Boot Camp on the 3 iMac 2012TB

If you have a 27-inch iMac from 2012 with a TB of storage and are using Boot Camp, then you should either reconsider this or the Mojave upgrade. As Apple already wrote in its own support document (HT209057), macOS 10.14 cannot be installed on this iMac model with a 3TB hard drive - at least not as long as there is a Boot Camp partition. The operating system can only be updated once this has been resolved. 

My personal Mojave problem (chen)

I haven't seen any major problems using macOS 10.14 Mojave so far. I only noticed one strange thing: the search field integrated in Firefox suddenly has white text on a white background. That is irritating, but of course no reason to speak of a faulty system or an incompatible app: D

Update 28.09.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX: The solution to the white font color was fixed by switching to the “light theme” and restarting. Obviously the white font color was triggered by my choice of the dark macOS theme. I think there are still problems between macOS Mojave and individual apps that need to be corrected bit by bit.

Before the macOS upgrade: make a backup!

If you are still about to upgrade your macOS and use this guide to prepare yourself for possible Mojave problems and to sound out solutions in advance, here's another tip: Make a backup before upgrading the Mac operating system - at best a bootable backup where you can install your old macOS version and continue to use it as usual. In addition to Apple's own solutions for data and system backup, you can also use the apps Carbon Copy Cloner and superduper! use. A comparison of both programs can be found with this link.

MacOS Mojave and the HP printers

I think readers have mostly reported that their HP printers have stopped working. Of course, this does not apply to everyone, but old printers in particular seem to have a problem with macOS Mojave.

The solution to start here is:

  1. Remove printer in System Preferences> Printers & Scanners and then add the new model
  2. If you right-click in the “Printers & Scanners” system preferences in the field of printers, you can select “Reset printing system”.

This should get most printers working again.

From my reader Hans-Ulrich, I got the feedback that printing about AirPrint from the iPad or iPhone still does not cause any problems. He has the HP OfficeJet 8600.

Do you have any questions, Mojave problems or solutions ready? Please write your experiences with the new Apple operating system and the Mojave problem solution that suits you in the comment box;)

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224 Responses to "First macOS Mojave problems and solutions"

  1. I have a problem after updating to Mojave that I just can't get a grip on! When I start the App Store, it is already signed in with my Apple ID, but shortly afterwards a window appears in which I should cancel or create a new Apple ID, but no matter what I click on, an error message appears immediately ! I can then use everything in the App Store, but I cannot access my purchases and accordingly I cannot update, reinstalling apps is also not possible, I always get the error message that only says Failure! When I started for the first time when the input field with the Apple ID and password still came, I clicked too quickly in the heat of the moment and forgot to enter a password and since then I've had the problem! Somewhere (in the keychain or the library) my Apple ID is now probably saved without a password and leads to this strange behavior, but I don't know where to start to get it back! You can click on log out in the menu as often as you want, nothing happens, the Apple ID that is already logged in does not log out again! I have already tried to reinstall the system twice, which did not solve the problem! When I set up a new account as a test, the Mac AppStore is still virgin there and can log me in and out without any problems, so it doesn't seem to be due to the software itself! I would not like to create a new user and move completely, because that would be a hell of a job, it must be possible to get the Mac App Store so that it is not already registered incorrectly!

    1. Hello Jörg! This is of course an annoying mistake. You could try to see if turning iCloud off and back on can handle it. This works via System Settings -> iCloud.
      Alternatively: If you log in with a 2-factor authentication, you sometimes have to enter the 6-digit number directly behind the Apple ID in the login field. That is very strange, but it is actually the solution when things get stuck. But you may not have activated this and it is simply because the Mac AppStore has memorized the wrong password.
      One last option to check would be the Keychain Access program under Applications -> Utilities. All access data is stored there and you may be able to find and delete your “empty” login here.
      I wish you much success! LG! Jens

  2. Hallo,
    for me (iMac 5K Ultimo 2014) the system hung up during the update, no progress for hours. After canceling and restarting, the Fusion Drive was no longer visible. After booting from the backup (Carbon Copy Cloner) the disk utility showed two inactive drives with APFS. Incidentally, the employee at Apple's support couldn't do anything with this combination of letters ;-)
    I have now set up the Fusion Drive again and played it back from the Backup High Sierra and wait for now.
    Best regards, Klaus

    1. Hello Klaus! Ouch ... Aborting the update is always bad. And it seems that the file structure of the Fusion Drive got caught. As nice as the idea of ​​the FusionDrive is: I think an FD always has more potential problem areas than a pure SSD / HDD. And above all: With the FusionDrive, a backup is extremely important. But it's good that you had one. ;-) By the way, I already had a breakdown (think with the High Sierra update). Then I imported the backup and tried it again and then it ran smoothly. Maybe you will dare to try again ...

      1. Hi Jens,
        Thank you for your prompt reply. The system has made all updates since Yosemite without any problems, only now did this problem arise. My guess was that it is somehow related to the fact that a FusionDrive that is about a third full is being switched to a different file system. Obviously, that's exactly what the update does. I wrote this here so that others, to whom this also happens, might be aware of it. But apparently I'm more of an isolated case.

        And I wasn't really surprised that Level 1 Support can't do anything with the name APFS. My experience with the support is actually that the employees in level 1 always suggest everything that I have googled anyway. I always do it well (again, because of course, I've already tried that, of course) and when they don't know what to do, they hand it over to someone who has a better idea.

        It wasn't a thing with the story now, I have this experience from the last problem, there were actually several supervisors on several days because I had to copy several TB of data back and forth in between.

        I think I'll wait a little longer with the next attempt, maybe I'll swap out a few hundred GB of data first, then it won't take that long to restore from the backup.

        1. Well, I would have expected that the support would have heard from APFS. : D But ok, you have to live with that. The idea of ​​outsourcing big data is quite a good one to save time. Otherwise you can still wait for version 10.14.1. It should come out soon and then maybe your problem will also be fixed. So if you're not in a hurry, this would be a good choice so as not to invest any more time.

  3. Hello, I have installed Mojave on my MacBook Air 2013 for 2 weeks now. Visually quite nice (especially since I also like the dark design on my other computers). Unfortunately, I've already spotted two ugly mistakes:
    1. Sporadically newly created files are no longer displayed in the Finder, for example I save an email attachment to 'Downloads' or save a document under 'Images', I no longer see these new files there in the Finder. Only a restart of the system displayed these files correctly in the Finder.
    2. My scanner (a Samsung SCX-3405W), which has always remained loyal to me without any problems, cannot scan any images under Mojave - the preview still works, during the actual scanning process the scanner dialog regularly crashes shortly before the end of the process.
    I can only hope that these issues will be resolved with the next hotfix; alternatively, I would reluctantly upgrade

  4. Hello sir apfelnot, you have helped me before, so I think you could help me here as well. After an update to Mojave, the game "Overload" that I bought from Steam no longer runs smoothly, it's extremely slow and jerky, so it's not playable. Another game told me that the iMac was obviously too slow for smooth play.

    What can I do ?

    Thank you very much
    U. Gorne

    1. Hello! I suppose the problem here is because Steam and Mojave aren't really working hand-in-hand yet. There is either the detour to install Windows on Bootcamp on the hard drive and try Steam from there or to wait for the next Mojave update (10.14.1) to fix the matter. When the macOS is new, problems like this happen every now and then, but they usually appear in the next updates. The hardware hasn't changed and actually Mojave has more performance than High Sierra. For this reason, it is actually illogical that the games are slower. I assume that will be fixed shortly with a Steam or macOS update. VG! Jens

  5. Hello, Sir Apfelot

    After updating to Mojave (from High Sierra on a brand new iMac), a connection is established in the LAN, but despite correct DNS settings, it is no longer possible to view the web page with a browser. However, everything works as it should on the WLAN. Any idea why this could be?

    1. Hello Andi! Ponder, brood… so in the DNS the WLAN settings -> TCP/IP do you have “DHCP”? And with iPv6 “automatically? Then it would be interesting to see if you can connect to the router via WLAN. So get into the admin menu or something. If that doesn't work, then something is wrong with the WLAN setting and it can't even get to the router. Otherwise, try setting up a new “environment” in the network and deleting the old one. Can only be a little thing... LG! Jens

  6. Hello, Sir Apfelot

    I have now been able to solve the problem by renaming the folder to SystemConfiguration.old in the HD-Library-Preferences-SystemConfiguration. Then the files are created again. (Important: deactivate WLAN before restarting).

    How did the error arise? At the very beginning of the setup there is the question of connecting to a WLAN. Make sure to select this there, but then bend the connection type to Network LAN and enter the values ​​there, if not DHCP. That avoids these problems.

    Thank you for the quick reply and best regards from Zurich

    1. Hi Andi! Exciting thing! I didn't know about the SystemConfiguration folder either.: D You never stop learning! Thank you for your feedback signal!

  7. The update to Mojave was problem-free. It took me a while to realize that all of my slide shows were missing.
    Some of the pictures are summarized under “Albums”, the specially defined slide shows are all missing.
    Does anyone know this phenomenon?

  8. Hello, since the Mojave update, the battery has been eating itself up. In the evening still 100% charged, in the morning to 0% despite being switched off. Apparently other users have this problem in the USA as well. Utilities and energy use simply show a steeply sloping line since the last full charge (last 12 hours). Had made a backup before the update, but yesterday it strangely showed that no backup was made in the last 15 days. Somehow there is a big worm in there.

    1. Hello Dean! Have you ever looked via the activity monitor -> energy, what is consuming so much electricity? The culprit should actually be recognizable. What I've read is that it's not a general problem with Mojave, but that some apps are not optimized for Mojave and show this behavior. The tip is: Find out which program uses so much power and then see whether there is an update for it. I hope this helps you.

  9. Since the update to Mojave, my templates are gone from Apple Mail. Can it be helped? Backup only exists via the time machine. I used the templates every day, it was a great thing ...

    1. Hello Conny!
      Maybe you will see if you can still find them in Time Machine and re-import them? Unfortunately, I don't use any templates and therefore have no idea how to fix it.
      The location for the mail templates is this path here:
      ~ / Library / Containers / / Data / Library / Application Support / Mail / Stationery / Apple / Contents / Resources / Custom / Contents / Resources
      With SHIFT + cmd + G you can open a window in which you copy this path. Then you will go straight to the folder.
      LG! Jens

        1. Yes, that's right. This is also what Apple says in the release notes for macOS Mojave. This feature has been removed. For people who absolutely need it and like to “tinker”, I can still open this article refer (English!), which explains how to get back “Apple Mail Stationary” (i.e. the mail templates in German). But you need a copy of the old macOS and then parts of the mail program will be replaced with old ones. I wouldn't recommend this procedure, because you don't know how long it will work (possibly only until the next Mail update) and what effects it will have on the entire functionality. Nevertheless, I wanted to mention the link here for the sake of completeness.

          I see a good alternative to mail templates in the possibility of integrating complete text snippets with programs such as Text Expander, aType, Typinator or Dash 3. I've been using this for years to incorporate signatures or frequently used text parts in emails.

          1. Hello, thank you for your super quick & in-depth answer!

            Nice that you put tinkering in quotation marks - I prefer to refrain from such experiments.

            Since I keep sending e-mails to the same recipient with the same content (but different attachments), I now help myself with Save as draft (resend mail & save).

            Best regards

          2. The one with the design is also an interesting solution. As the saying goes: Many roads lead to Rome! : D

  10. After the update, my library has to be repaired ... only the stupid thing is that he needs my administrator password. In itself everything is not so wild, because I know the password and it works when logging into the system ... ONLY if I enter it for the repair, it does not recognize it !?
    Then I want to reset it, the only stupid thing is that I can't open users & groups because it can't load it.
    It's a bit strange and I really don't know how to get these problems solved!

    1. That sounds really weird. Can you send me the window that opens if he wants to repair the library to my email address (see legal notice)? I've never seen the message on macOS. I hope you don't have any weird software on the record.
      Otherwise my recommendation would be one Reboot in Safe Mode to do it or to boot from the recovery partition and then install Mojave again over it.
      If all that doesn't help, I'll be at the end of my game. :-(

      1. I'll send you everything now, but as I said, no further window appears after I click on "repair", because first he wants the password, which he doesn't accept...
        I can send you the ellen length of error code too. In addition to mail, he also does Safari. But he opens Chrome and Firefox. :)

          1. I have exactly the same problem, nothing works properly, and I can no longer manage my security settings.
            can you help?

          2. Hello Bossi! What exactly does not work and what message is coming? I always need some information for the idea of ​​a solution. The better you can describe the problem, the easier it is to suggest a solution! : D

          3. Then I read your recommendation but unfortunately there was no solution. I backed up my libraries in "safe mode" and copied everything from disk and just formatted and reinstalled everything. Now everything works. I think it's just a reference problem that they have yet to solve.
            But thank you for your effort.

            I can only recommend everyone to replay the whole thing. You have a fresh start and no more clutter and the system runs smoothly!

          4. Hello Marco! Thank you for your feedback. Glad you managed to do it with the clean install. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it every now and then... the Mac will definitely be "decluttered" a bit. :D

  11. Hi,

    Installation without problems, but:
    System settings no longer start
    Safari does not start anymore
    1Password no longer starts
    Neither do photos and books

    With a trick I was able to do the system one day. start
    Double-click the preferenc in the package contents

    But. somehow stupid

    1. Hello Maik!
      Sounds stupid, but have you already tried the recovery partition and reinstalled over it. That fixed various problems for me at High Sierra. And no data is lost in the process. Otherwise you would still have to repair rights with the hard disk utility and times boot in safe mode.
      I hope one of these works. LG! Jens

  12. Hi Jens,

    already tried. Repair, restoration ... B-Ram and so on nothing ...
    I ask myself, of course, why the appl apps are not running ... OK.

    I haven't tried Safe Mode and Verbose yet. I'm still trying.
    But already a question ... I have the same MacBook Pro at home. Could I transfer something to the other book for the corresponding programs? So system files?

    In any case, thanks for the tips!

  13. Good day,
    Perhaps you can help me. I updated my iMac to mojave without thinking too much.
    Since then, all passwords in the keychain management have disappeared.
    I also don't succeed in restoring from Time machine.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Hello Verena! We just had this case yesterday. However, there was a question about the password to unlock the keychain. And that was always not taken. I guess your passwords are only blocked, but not deleted. To test: Please open the program “Keychain Management” under “Programs” -> “Utilities”. In the top left column there is an entry "Registration". Please look here whether the lock symbol in front of it is closed or open. When it is closed, you can right-click on the entry and select "Unlock". Here you will then be asked for the password to login the Mac. If he doesn't take that, then try what was previously used on the Mac. There seems to be a problem that this password for unlocking the keyring is often still the "old" one. Would you like to report whether it worked? LG! Jens

  14. Hello Sir Apfelot, I also have a question:
    ' Today I wanted to update my MacBook Pro 2015 to Mojave, but that didn't work because the hard drive (1TB OWC-SSD) wasn't compatible. Contacted OWC, they gave me the great solution that I should put the original disk back in and then update, and then put the backup of that back onto the OWC. Great idea - if I still had the old one and it was as big as the new one. After all, I didn't install the OWC because I didn't like the one from Apple, but because it was too small. Do you have any idea? LG Juergen

    1. Hello Jurgen! I just looked a bit on the web and there seem to have been people at High Sierra who couldn't update because of a new internal SSD. You seem to be having the same problem. macOS probably reports an incompatibility because the TRIM command is not activated for the SSD. But you can easily do that in the terminal. Simply enter the following line and then answer with “y”:

      sudo trimforce enable

      The Mac will restart and then you can try the Mojave update again. But please make a backup beforehand with Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper. With Time Machine you don't get a bootable backup ...
      And if you've tried it, I would love the result! : D

  15. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, it didn't help. What also amazes me is that the SSD is referred to as rotating in the system report:
    OWC Aura SSD:
    Capacity: 960,04 GB (960.040.140.800 bytes)
    Model: OWC Aura SSD
    Version: MV.R00-0
    Serial number: 0503ed33cde10000
    Native Command Queuing: Yes
    Queue Depth: 32
    Removable media: No.
    Removable Drive: No.
    BSD name: disk0
    Media type: Rotating
    Partition table type: GPT (GUID partition table)

    Does somebody still have an idea?
    VG Juergen

    1. I still have something to offer. And I have that in the Apple support forum found. A user there has the same problems and even the same SSD as you. The solution is to install a new SSD firmware. You can find the firmware updater here:

      The further instructions in short form:

      • Load and install firmware utility
      • Start the “Marvel Utility” in the Applications folder
      • Follow the instructions of the program
      • When he asks for the username, he means the login name of the Mac
      • Enter Mac login password
      • You have to be online for the update to take place
      • After the update, please restart the Mac

      I hope that brings you to macOS Mojave. LG!

  16. Hi, after upgrading my iMac to Mojave, neither Safari nor the AppStore can connect to the internet. iTunes, Mail, Firefox seem to work. 1Password and some other applications freeze after opening. Restart etc does not help. What can I do?

    1. Hello Reiner! I don't know a solution from the start, but there are a few things you can try:

      1. Start the Mac in safe mode (and then check whether Safari comes online)
      2. Review this guide from Apple:
      3. Set up a new environment in System Settings -> Network and re-establish the WLAN connection

      Otherwise, it's very strange that only Safari and the App Store have no connection. Seems like Spanish to me. : D

        1. Hello Reiner! That's good to know. If you boot in safe mode, Little Snitch would not load either. Then you would have noticed that it is not due to Mojave itself, but to some program that starts up when it starts normally. But Little Snitch is also often a candidate for such problems, because you simply don't think about the fact that it might be blocking something. LG!

  17. If I click Apple> About This Mac> Hard Drives ... it shows me that the system is over 73 GB. What do you guys say? Isn't it normal, is it? It was also over 100GB. The whole Mac has been a disaster since update. Chrome is constantly not responding, apps like ImageOptim keep crashing, the speed of the Mac has become freaky. Booting up the Mac now takes over 2 minutes. What's going on there? Should I somehow wait for a new update or would you recommend reinstalling the system? Or maybe another one?

    What I tried: NVRAM reset, unimportant login item & startup items disabled, dashboard disabled.
    My Mac: iMac, late 2013.

    1. That seems normal. I have 137 GB "System" with me. Although I think there is definitely more to it than pure macOS. If you would like more information about something like this, I can recommend the “DaisyDisk” software, which you can use to locate large folders and files. So you can quickly see what is causing the space consumption. Best regards! Jens

  18. Good day sir,

    On Friday I updated the OS to Mojave. At home I have an HP Officejet 6950 printer that the OS recognized and it took me a while to run (not always and when, after a long wait). In the office, however, the HP Oficejet 6600 printer is no longer found after I deleted it in order to adapt it via a driver upgrade because it was not found. Via add in system settings -> printer / scanner + I cannot find it or not even search for it. Unfortunately, HP doesn't have any drivers for Mac OS and I can't find them in the App Store either. Do I have to dispose of my printer now?

  19. Hello, after the update to Mojave everything is gone from Outlook, all folders are empty… ..hmm …… very, very annoying. Do I have a chance to do this again?

    1. Hello Andrea! That's annoying ... I assume you have Office Version 2011? If so, the recommended practice is to install the latest version of Office. Then the mails will appear again. VG! Jens

  20. The abort during the reinstallation has been fixed ... thanks to support. However, I can no longer send and receive mail (iMac Outlook). Also via tablet and iPhone ... nothing works anymore.

    1. Hello Günther! Do you have the latest version of Outlook installed? I've heard that the old versions often lead to strange behavior with Mojave (all mails gone etc). Maybe you have to do an update there?

  21. Moin in the round!
    Tip for the Mojawe Boot Hanger if the suggested solutions above do not work or seem too complicated:
    A scan with a well-known system cleanup app helped me. File fragments etc. were detected and removed (MacPaw - CleanMyMac 3) This is not geeky, but the result counts.
    Since then, my 2015 MacBook Pro has been slipping again.
    LG from Siv

    1. Hi Siv! Haha, I'm really happy about that. I find CleanMyMac It's been a great tool for years, but I've had some headwinds from people who think you don't need something like that. But I use it more often and it's a nice confirmation that it helped to solve your problem. : D

  22. Hello!
    Since Mojave I can not import any projects in FCPX with the button provided for this. When I click on it, the FCPX closes. Pulling it over works, but that's annoying! Have now downgraded to High Sierra again.

  23. Hi, haven't had a mac for a few months now got the macbook pro touch i5 again. Now the problem: The videos from streaming sites such as DAZN, Zattoo only run in full screen mode with very extreme jerking, even with overlapping and hanging images. However, if I now move the mouse, the video runs smoothly as long as I “do” something

    1. Hello Roman! I guess this is what happens with the jerking in Safari. Would you try it again in a different browser like Firefox or Chrome? Just to see if it's the system or the browser. VG! Jens

  24. Hello in the round,

    I cannot assign my problem to Mojave with certainty. However, I find the temporal connection astonishing.

    I installed 10.14.1. Before that everything went perfectly. Today I wanted to put a music CD in my SuperDrive and it reads around on the CD the whole time, but doesn't recognize it. Also, I can't eject them in any of the normal ways. So also not with the terminal command or starting with the left mouse button pressed.

    I have a MacBook Pro with TouchBar from June.

    Does anyone have any idea?



    1. Hello Thomas! You can try ejecting again by holding the "Eject" button while restarting. That should also work. Otherwise, the "reading around" sounds like the drive isn't getting enough power. Is it an external drive? Is it directly attached to the MacBook Pro or is that a hub in between? If it's the original Superdrive you'll need to have an adapter on it, but there might be power issues. I also have an MBP 2017 and my Apple SuperDrive with the multi adapter attached to the USB-C, which also has HDMI and USB-C IN (for charging). So everything works fine despite 10.14.1. VG! Jens

      1. Hi Jens,

        yes, this is the original SuperDrive and the same adapter that you use.

        Which is the eject button on the MBP with TouchBar?



        1. Hello Thomas! Yes, good question. I don't think the built-in keyboard has an eject key. :) I have an external magic keyboard on it and the key is still there. But I found another variant that you can test:
          Open Terminal and then type:
          drutil tray eject
          This should also result in the inserted CD / DVD being ejected. Hopefully it'll work out somehow!
          What you could still test would be to plug the drive into a different port on the MacBook Pro. Maybe there are other reactions?

    1. Hello Direx! That sounds kind of like a loose monitor cable ... but you will have checked that, right? Otherwise I would try to start in safe mode (hold down the shift key when restarting). Maybe then it will work?

    1. Hi Andreas! It's really not nice. Sometimes it works when installing over it. I had that once during an update to High Sierra. LG! Jens

  25. Hallo,
    I have problems streaming music, the usb port is briefly thrown out every 3 minutes
    and then reappears. In the sound settings you can then see how the DA converter
    is thrown off, but is recognized again immediately. The problem exists on the MacBook Air
    as well as a pro after update. An old MacBook about 10 years old with a high Sierra runs without any problems.
    The MacBook Air was supposed to replace the old one, but streaming music via usb is annoying.
    Smc and Pvram to reset the usb port do not help. Seems to be due to the software. Before the update to Mojave, the MacBook Pro ran without any problems. Annoying because
    I only use two macs for music and I'm really annoyed, what are the djs doing then ????
    Can someone help me with this

    Thank you greetings Thomas

    1. Hello Thomas! It's really weird. Mainly because the problem exists on two computers. What software do you use to play the music? I could imagine that this is where the problem lies. If in doubt, check whether you can still get updates for the software. VG! Jens

  26. Hallo,
    Since upgrading to Mojave, I've had the problem that "Mail" doesn't open completely, i.e. the inbox page isn't displayed. It is displayed in the bar at the top, but I can't do more.

    1. Hello Mark! The question is whether Mail "hangs" with you or whether you just don't get the main window opened automatically. If you open Mail and go to "Window" in the menu bar at the top, the last item in the menu should be the name of your inbox. Can you open this window with the menu? Or does he no longer take “orders”? VG! Jens

  27. Hello Jens, I need help with my daughter's MacBook Air (from 2017). We installed macOS Mojave yesterday (it took almost 8 hours), so we left the box alone overnight. Then this morning the screen was black, the device did not start up properly. Searched for solutions on the Internet - found one on your site - now it starts up again to the user, but the password no longer works. I'm going crazy with this thing ... Do you have any ideas what else I can do? Kind regards, C.

    1. Hello Cornelia! So, as far as I know, there is no MacBook Air from 2017. Must be an old model that you bought last year. The long installation time also speaks for it. But to your question: I assume you are sure of the password. If that is the case, it can really only be that the MacBook has activated an English keyboard layout. That rarely happens with updates. It only happened to me once when it felt like 20 installations. The problem with the other assignment is that special characters and umlauts are not on the same key. Inevitably, you keep typing the wrong password. You can find help here at Apple on one page that shows the entire keyboard layout. There you look under English / international and look for which keys you actually have to press for the password. Then it should actually work. You are welcome to let me know again whether you have made any progress with it. Greetings and good luck!

  28. Since the update, the AppleSuperDrive no longer runs properly for me - or rather, it doesn't recognize the empty DVD or CD. It no longer appears on the desktop, you can only see it via the Finder. However, nothing can be burned anyway, so he innocently asks for a writable CD as if nothing were in the drive ... Have you had any experience with it?

    1. Hello Barbara! The one with the blank CD that doesn't appear on the desktop has been with me since Sierra or High Sierra. Doesn't seem to be a problem from Mojave. Because of the refusal to burn, I could only imagine that the drive is running out of power. If you can, you might be able to plug it in with a hub or something. If nothing helps, I can give you a cheap drive from Salcar recommend this i here as an alternative to the SuperDrive recommend. Has made a lot of readers happy so far.

  29. Sir,
    I like to read your information and user comments about macOS Mojave problems and their solutions. Haven't installed Mojave on my Mac yet. I prefer to wait. I am currently driving with the High Sierra.
    Much Greetings

    1. Make a backup on an external hard drive and you can test for yourself how Mojave works without risk. : D But of course High Sierra also works wonderfully. There is no function that would necessarily have to be changed.

  30. Hello, I also have a problem:
    After installing Mojave, I can no longer receive mail. A look at the settings tells me that everything should actually be correct. Still, I don't receive any more emails. What can I do?
    I thank you very much!

    1. Hello Anja!
      Have you ever tried another device to see whether it can receive the mail? If so, do you have a tool like Little-Snitch installed on your Mojave Mac that suppresses network connections? This could mean that Mail cannot establish a connection to the mail server.
      VG! Jens

      1. Dear Jens, thank you very much for your answer!
        Yesterday I tried back and forth for a while and also deactivated and reactivated my accounts and then all of a sudden it worked. :-)
        I had a similar problem today with the connection to the printer. But that's also going on now.
        I already say thank you and I am glad that I discovered your helpful side!
        Many greetings, Anja

  31. Hello, I have a problem with the fonts since Mojave 10.14.1 on the IMac 5K from the end of 2015. In AI (CS6), for example, the computer gets slower and slower, when using font in Word 16.9 the program crashes immediately when I select the font selection via cmd d or the menu.

    1. Hello Christoph! Thanks for your mail. I dare take a shot in the dark and would say it has something to do with a defective font file. Somebody seems to be causing problems. If possible, I would try to deactivate a part and then check again whether it runs more smoothly. So you can feel your way around to find the defective font file - provided there is one. Otherwise I wouldn't have a plausible explanation for it.
      In Adobe support there is still a guide on what to do if fonts lead to crashes or something like that:
      Maybe there is something else helpful for you ?!

  32. Hello Sir Apfelot, as a Mac user since '86 and an illustartor user since '88 you have done this: Deactivated all fonts, but the problem is also with the system fonts, which you cannot deactivate. For the first time, however, there is the phenomenon that the illustrator becomes slower and slower the larger the font is used. This is not the case with the current Illustrator version, which can only be rented - or rather, not so noticeably the case. Everything goes much faster, but still feels slower and also slower than on a slightly older 4K IMac with the same constellation System / Illustrator. Word does not crash there either. The Word crash is only with the current Word on the 5K Mac, but not with the 2011 Word. We'll set up the Mac from scratch, then we'll see.

  33. Hello Sir Apfelot,
    after updating to Mojave 10.14.1 I have the following strange behavior.
    My Macbook Pro 2012 "wakes up" - every now and then - no longer. Password field is displayed, after clicking in it disappears forever and the colorful rotating cursor smiles at me.
    Now reaching for the power switch only helps with pain.

  34. Hello! After updating to Mojave, my Mac no longer recognizes my audio interface (Line 6 KB37). What could be the reason for this? I've already checked the security settings ... Thanks for the help

  35. Hello Sir Apfelot,
    I am impressed by the knowledge gathered here in the blog - if anyone knows it, it's you!
    Since the update to Mojave last Friday I have had the problem that for many e-mails (received before the update and stored in local mailboxes) in Mail, only the sender is displayed in the main window, the text can also be read in the quick preview ( depending on the setting between 1 and 5 lines), with attachments the paper clip symbol can also be seen there. However, the main window remains empty and attachments cannot be seen.
    What is also strange: I was now able to find the problem with emails that were still displayed correctly at the weekend.
    I don't really know what to do next, if there is any information I would be extremely grateful.
    Kind regards, Kristian

    1. Hi Kristian! Thanks for the kind words. :)
      I've actually had that problem before. This happens when Mail hasn't completely synchronized the data with the IMAP server. This can always be solved for me by letting the Mac idle for 20-30 minutes until Apple Mail has everything back on the chain.
      I hope this helps you too! If not, please contact me again. Then I found something that helped me today and could possibly work for you too!
      LG! Jens

      1. Hi Jens,
        Thanks for the quick answer, but unfortunately even a whole working day did not bring any improvement. In the meantime I have deleted the indexes in the program library, after which Mail took a while when starting up until the indexes were restored - a scroll bar was shown and then some of the emails in question could be read again. Then I had Onyx optimize everything again, but that didn't bring any improvement.
        It is still the case that a lot of emails are not displayed.
        If you have another tip, I'll be grateful.

        Kind regards, Kristian

        1. Hello Kristian! Hm... I'm at the end of my wits now. If all else fails, I would try deleting the mailbox in Mail and setting it up again. If it's an IMAP mailbox, you don't have to be sure of anything, since everything is on the mail server, but if it's a different mailbox, then it's essential to move the mails to a local folder beforehand, as this will then be retained. You may also want to save the folder as an .mbox file somewhere with “Export” so that you still have the data in case something goes wrong.

  36. Hi Jens,
    You have answers to so many questions - that gives me hope.

    Problem: Scan option on Samsung CLX-6260 printer no longer works since my Mojave update.

    Before the update, I was able to scan and archive my documents without any problems. Ever since Mojave took over my iMac (2017), the scanning program keeps crashing in the process.
    Many users seem to have the problem; I haven't found a solution in forums, Apple or Samsung.

    Do you know a solution?

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much!

    1. Hello Ady! Well, having an answer doesn't necessarily mean "problem solved." :D But I'm doing my best. Because of the Samsung scan problem, I also tried Google. There you will find the note that the scan program partially carries out the prescan, but then cannot write the file. This could indicate missing rights, which must be granted under System Settings > Security > Privacy > Full Disk Access. Another tip was to remove the printer under System Preferences > Printers & Scanners and add it again. Maybe a new driver is a point. But that's what you've been looking for, right?

      1. Hi Jens,

        Thank you for your quick feedback!

        As you described, my computer also says goodbye after the PreScan.
        I tried the options you suggested:
        - Printer / scanner removed and added again
        – Assignment of full hard disk access (“smeared” in the process)
        - The latest driver I know is older than Mojave
        Unfortunately, my attempts were unsuccessful.
        I will probably have to wait until Mr. Samsung makes an adjustment ...

        Nevertheless, my heartfelt thanks again!

        1. Hello Adi! Yes, unfortunately that sounds like Samsung has to update the driver. :( I hope you don't take too long so that you can work as usual again. LG! Jens

  37. hey jens,
    Like Roman, I have had problems with the Dazn streaming site since the update to Mojave.
    The picture flickers in full screen mode. I don't have this problem with Google Chrome.
    Do you have any advice?
    Regards modes

    1. Hello Moudi! I looked for it in English forums and found the following tips:
      1. Uninstall Chromium (if you are using it)
      2. You can turn it off via the terminal with the following commands:
      cd /Applications/
      ./ --- Disable-GPU grastery
      3. Perform NVRAM reset> see
      4. Carry out an SMC reset> same link as above (unplug all external devices!)

      I hope some of this works for you ...
      LG! Jens

    1. Hello Volker! So actually you should have a backup ... if that is not available, try restarting the Mac and pressing the key combination CMD + R immediately after the sound. Then he would have to boot with the rescue partition. There you can reinstall the Mojave. Maybe then it works! If that doesn't work either, you have to get an external hard drive or stick with a bootable macOS installer from some Mac colleague. Otherwise it looks bad.

    2. Hello Volker,
      I also had problems with the iMac 27” For me it broke the Fusion Drive during the update. What hard drive configuration do you have?

      1. Hi Volker! I have the MacBook Pro 2017 with a 1TB internal hard drive and no Fusion Drive. Angry about your problems. I hope you have a backup that you can use to fix this. :(

  38. Hey there!
    I have not read through all the things in detail, so sorry if it was already an issue.
    Some time ago I installed Mojave on my MBP 2015 and couldn't log in to the start screen afterwards, but the login worked in safe mode. Tried everything possible; Clean up / turn off startup elements, turn off dark mode, partition over ... really a lot. The Apple Dude could only advise me to back up the data in safe mode and delete the partition and then reinstall Mojave. It worked on my Mac, but it's annoying as soon as you have some files on the computer. Funnily enough, the problem has now occurred with my girlfriend and her MBP 2017 ..
    Are there any other approaches that are not yet on the net somewhere (I've scanned everything) to fix this problem without reinstalling?
    Thank you in advance and best regards

    1. Hello Ingmar! So you come to the login screen, but he always says that the password is wrong? Then I would tap on it that there may be an incorrect keyboard mapping. Maybe something has changed. Try typing in the password using an English keyboard layout. If there are special characters, they will be different on a German keyboard and the Mac may expect the input to be the same as on the English keyboard. I had it before and I was already desperate ... ;-)

  39. Many thanks for the quick response:
    The idea is not bad at all, but the passwords are identical on both the German and the English mapping.
    What is also strange (and no longer occurs with a new installation): A guest user is created, but you cannot log in with it either.

  40. Hello Sir Apfelot,

    I installed Mojave 2016 on a MacBook Pro 10.14.1 (with SSD). So far everything seems to work except:
    Unfortunately, the computer can no longer be switched off completely. After "switching off" the screen goes dark so it seems to shut down, but the keyboard light stays on! Then (even after a long wait) only the hard turn off (so loooong press the button) and then turn on again ????

    I've already tried: set up Mojave again, reload Mojave from the Internet, reset SMC, NVRAM, PRAM. Unfortunately, all to no avail.

    If the computer goes into sleep mode after a while, it starts partially correctly again (press the power button), but mostly it hangs again, after which only a hard shutdown helps.

    Do you have any other ideas? Please help! ????

    LG Juerschen

    1. Hello Juerschen!
      Ok, you've already done a lot there. :) The SMC reset would be my recommendation for Macs that no longer wake up properly from sleep. But you've already tried that ... :-(
      With the other thing, we'd have to go troubleshooting. Can you unplug all external devices and start the Mac by holding down the SHIFT key (safe mode)? Then all programs that could cause problems in the background are also off. Try to see if it goes down properly and give me a short message as to whether it works! LG and nice Advent WE! Jens

      1. Hallo,
        I forgot to enumerate: Had already done safe mode, unfortunately no success either. I also have external devices including a Bluetooth mouse. Unfortunately, none of this helps.
        LG Juerschen

        1. Hi Jürschen! This is probably a case for the Genius Bar in the Apple Store. Do you still have a warranty on the Mac? I think with a device from 2016 you could hope again, as a goodwill gesture, that they would look at it free of charge. Oh, and you could try again: create a new user and start the Mac with this one. Maybe it works with that? If that doesn't help either, I would reinstall macOS MOjave on an external hard drive ... just to see if the Mac shuts down properly with this reinstallation. LG! Jens

  41. Hello sir.

    first of all: Thanks for the great forum!
    So, my problem / my problems (unfortunately recently in the plural ... unusual at Apple ... unfortunately)

    The reason for my update on Mojave:
    I am having problems with the PHOTOS APP. For some reason the following error suddenly appeared:
    I open the app – > also see all photos under the “ALL PHOTOS” TAB.
    If I switch to the top overview in the left column, the “PHOTOS” tab, which until now has always shown me everything wonderfully chronologically (with the date specified, nicely sorted!) it “puffs”, and PHOTOS APP closes.

    Seconds later: “Photos quit unexpectedly……blah blah blah”

    Tried everything, Apple database repair programs from photos (press apple key / Alt key when starting the app)
    -> All in vain.

    Last rescue (I thought) -> Mojave.

    Now nothing works anymore. Installation went through overnight - in the morning the error message: Could not install Mojave.

    How do I get back to the “old” OS 10.12 now?

    When starting the MAC always wants to boot Mojave. But not possible because (see above :) ERROR MESSAGE.

    I remember on a previous OS update I had a similar problem. The reason was then: I had exchanged the RAM's (from originally 2 GB to 4 GB - no MAC HARDWARE!). After installing the old RAMs (the originals) the OS update ran ... ..

    Do you have any ideas about both mistakes?

    Would be huge. THANK YOU and VG from MUC

    1. Hello Enrico!

      Phew, that's hard to say. You can't go back from Mojave to High Sierra if you haven't made a backup. And Mojave is basically the better choice when it comes to installing it. Unfortunately, I don't know why he can't install it for you either. I had one case with a reader who wrote that he CleanMyMac ran and then went through the installation. Perhaps you will try again to repair the file permissions with the hard disk utility. But I don't need any other solution right now.

      Because of the photos app: Something in an index seems to be corrupt. If you use the iCloud Photo Library and all the photos in the cloud are backed up with the highest resolution, then I would recommend simply dragging the old file from the Photo Library onto your desk. When starting the Photos app, he is then forced to create this media library again. But important: this only works if you save all of the photos in iCloud.

      If you only have the photos locally, we would have to see if there are other caches that can be deleted. Otherwise maybe find a way to “save” the photos from the media library.

      1. Hello Sir,

        I installed the OLD STORAGE - as I did years ago - and the installation was up and running. Crazy - but that's how it is.
        After the installation - exchange the memory bar again - MacBook is running! And the database problem of the FOTOS APP has also been resolved (magic hand).

        Now I'm curious.

        So Steinberg's WaveLab is not (yet?) Running because it is a 32-bit application ???

        I have to ask Steinberg about that.

        Thanks again for the forum, I'll be back!

        VG from Munich

        1. Hello Enrico! Well, that's a surprise. : D Maybe the memory loosens slowly and you only have to press it down every now and then? Can't actually be that swapping the old one helped here. But sometimes things happen in the universe ...: D Nice that you like it here! ;-)

    1. Hi Michael! So honestly: update pages. : D The current version is 7.3. I wonder why you still have 4.0.5. The update doesn't cost anything ... Or you have an old version that starts instead of the new one. Then you would have to look in the programs folder and remove the old version. Or throw down Pages completely and reinstall them. LG! Jens

  42. Hello Sir Apfelot (by the way, cool name and a great blog) ...
    I installed Mojawe a while back - before that everything worked fine on my relatively new Mac. After the installation, my printer (Canon) stopped working and I saw that Canon no longer offers a driver for Mojawe for this printer. Well, yesterday I bought a new printer and I can't install it either. Driver loaded, folder with clicked - nothing happens. Select “Printers and Scanners” in the system – the window will open after about 3 minutes. On + add to the new printer again wait about 5 minutes, then it shows me the printer and reports that it can install this printer. Good, click add - installation starts and aborts with the message Software not found on software update server. sir appleot can you help me

    1. Hello Sandra! Thank you for your mail. I don't have such a correct solution because I don't have the problem myself. But of course I found it on the Internet and have put together a few tips for you to test:

      1. There is a collection of printer drivers for old printers that do not support new macOS versions. You can find them here: Unfortunately everything is in English, but maybe you can find your printer here on the list:

      2. Even if you don't have a scanner - for the people who use Canon scanners: The Canon scanning software usually refuses to work. But you can use the Image Capture program that comes with every Mac to do the scans. Alternatively, you can probably use the software “VueScan”.

      3. There was another tip in a forum: "Add the printer, select the Bonjour multifunction driver - should be displayed."

      Unfortunately, that was all I could find. I hope some of this will get the printer working. :-)
      LG! Jens ... uh ... Sir Apfelot!

  43. Moin, I can no longer access my remote Mac from home after the UpDate on Mojave. I always connected to the remote computer via AFP beforehand. The releases are set correctly or unchanged. When I log in, only the external drives appear. Switching to SMB does not work at all. VNC still works great. The other way works even less. So from the remote Mojave computer to my home. There is no service at all.

    I put an alias of the internal hard drive on the external drive. This detour still gives me the data on the internal drive via AFP. That's all botch.

    1. Hello Raimund! Thank you for your question and your workaround. :) Unfortunately, I don't have the knowledge here to give you appropriate tips. But maybe there is another reader who has another tip for you!

  44. I want to start Mojave from the firebolt SSD ... no chance ... tried all formats and releases but it always comes up with "hard drive protected" when I want to install Mojave on your. Imac i5 late 2015 4K with 1TB turntable

    1. Hello Frank! Is the hard drive encrypted with Filevault? And what is its format? You have to format it to APFS for Mojave, otherwise it won't work. LG!

      1. Hello Sir ???? Thank you in advance for your answer ... no, no filevault and with APFS it cannot be formatted or, according to the  instructions, you should use Mac OS extendet because Mojave then reworks itself in APFS. Is the disk in APFS protected or in extendet wrong format etc etc ... So with every possible formatting the box has something else to complain about. I would also build a Fusion drive, but I have concerns that the Thunderbolt SSD will not be accepted.

        1. Hello Frank! Phew, because of the formatting on APFS: That had its pitfalls with me too. But I explained exactly how to do one in a post external SSD hard drive formatted to APFS. Because of your "protected" error, I'm pretty sure that's not the cause. I have the suspicion that the firmware of the SSD may have to be updated here. I had something similar recently with another reader... What hard drive model are you using?
          Converting to a Fusion Drive should also not work until the error has been resolved. I would be surprised if he suddenly stopped complaining. : D

          1. It is one:
            Silicon Power
            Model / series Thunderbolt SSD T11 120GB

            Firmware unfortunately there is nothing suitable on the manufacturer side ... was I already on it ???????????????? I guess I bought a crutch that is not compatible.

  45. It works ????????????????…. after I tried around with 3 different USB sticks without success the brilliant idea came up ????
    Loaded the Mojave Installer on my Time Capsule and installed it there. Dragged onto the Thunderbolt disk, which has now been reformatted with APFS, with Carbon Copy and now the can is running like Schmitz Katzen ???? ... wish everyone a Merry Christmas and .... "Comes through" ????

  46. Gerald Punzengruber

    Hello, I updated my Macbook Pro 2018 to Mojave. After that I wanted to install my printer an Epson ET-4750. I always get the same error message. ” Unable to connect to “EPSON ET-4750 Series.-ipps.-tcp.local.” possible". I then completely reset the Macbook but the error remained. Maybe there is a way to install the printer or can I go back to Yosimite? Many thanks for your help.

    1. Hello Gerald! It seems that many people have problems with the drivers. I hope this will subside over time, but the only immediate solution to your problem would be to import an old backup. You can't install Yosemite over it. macOS doesn't allow that. Before such major updates, please make a backup so that you can “back” in case of problems. LG and Happy Holidays!

  47. Hello Sir Apfelot, I urgently need help: After updating to Mojave, Apple Mail cannot contact my Internet provider.
    The program asks for the password. When I enter it, the Mac does not even calculate, but the message immediately appears: Account / password cannot be checked.
    The error message is 25308.
    I have already created a new user on the advice of Apple Support. But even then, the Apple Mail only ran for about two hours. Then there was the same problem.
    Strangely, the mail app on the iPhone disappeared one day after it was installed on Mojave.

    I use a MacBokkPro, mid 2012.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Marika! The problem seems to have occurred occasionally with earlier macOS updates. There was always the solution to create a new user. If it still happens again and again, I'm also overwhelmed. By the way, what does “the Mail app has disappeared from the iPhone” mean? After all, no app can be deleted from the iPhone because you are doing an update on the Mac. Or do you think the account also causes problems on the iPhone? Best regards!


  48. I had exactly the same problem. After Apple support and all other possible steps, the only thing left to do was to make a flatbed ... with a backup beforehand in safe mode. And then play up a new update .. a really stupid and apparently not so rare problem: /

  49. I installed 10.14.2. If I click on the dropdown menu in the Finder or within a program, it appears briefly and then disappears again without being able to click on it.
    What can I do to make the Mac work like it used to ... ???? Ticks on websites like this one cannot simply be clicked on. They keep disappearing.


    1. Hi Andreas! Which dropdown do you mean? At the top left something like “File” and “Edit”? And what happens with the ticks on websites in Safari? Or in another browser? Can you test it with Chrome or Firefox so I know if it's just Safari or macOS? Thank you! LG! Jens

      1. Hello, Jens
        The thing with the parcel happens in Firefox and Safari, in Chrome it usually works. When it comes to the dropdown menu, I actually mean the above. Calling up the Finder (LUPE) at the top right does not work either. Usually only after clicking on it 20 times. I don't understand why that suddenly no longer works. Thanks for your help Jens

        1. Hi Andreas! I'm a bit on the hose there. Have you tried a restart in safe mode (hold down the SHIFT key when starting) and then restarted “normally”? Or could it be a bug with the mouse? The errors seem to me to be very strangely “scattered”. Finder drop-down menus have little in common with a Firefox form checkbox. :) But maybe we can still find the cause with a bit of detective work.

  50. Hello, I have x plane 11 on a MAC everything worked until I installed Mojawe yesterday. Now the A 330 from JARDESING no longer works.
    Maybe someone can help me here!
    But I have one more request! If so, please explain exactly because, as an old man, I am not so fit with computers. !
    Thank you

    1. Hello taxi man! As far as I could read, you have to add X Plane as a program under System Settings > Security > Accessibility (unlock the lock icon at the bottom left first!). Then reboot again. If that doesn't help, there was the recommendation to remove the "SkunkCraftsUpdater" or the "Skunkworks" plugin. But don't ask me how. I have no X Plane and no idea what that means. :D

  51. Hi!
    The day before yesterday I completely rebuilt my Macbook Pro (Retina 15 ″, end of 2013) the day before yesterday:
    Hard drive erased, Mojave reinstalled.
    The installation has worked so far and everything is going so far.

    I quickly noticed a major bug that really drove me to despair:
    If I enlarge a window (e.g. Finder) from the bottom right and drag the window a little larger with the cursor, the resize icon of the cursor remains, even if I have moved the mouse away from the corner. If I click anywhere on the screen, the Finder will zoom in / out accordingly.
    Even if I just click on the Finder and then click somewhere else on the screen, the Finder jumps to the position where my mouse cursor is !?

    It is absolutely impossible to work in this way. Any idea how to fix the bug?

    1. Hi Markus! Of course you can't work with that. It's cruel! : D But usually this is a typical bug that goes away after a restart.
      If it is still there, I would do the PRAM / SMC resets first, as described here.
      And if he still mucks, install Mojave over it again. In doing so, none of your data will be lost, but it sometimes fixes errors from the system. I keep my fingers crossed that some of it will work!
      LG! Jens

  52. Hello Sir Apfelot,
    this morning my iMac (OS Mojave) told me it wanted to install a software update. I clicked "Install" without hesitation. After 6 hours the progress bar is only 2 to 3 mm. No further progress has been seen for hours. I have had the Time Machine running for 2 days. I didn't stop Time Machine before the update started. The external disk drive continues to blink diligently. So there is definitely a full backup on it.
    What should I do best without losing data?
    I am thankful for every help!

    1. Hello Harald! Yes, he apparently hung himself up there. That rarely happens, but sometimes it does. I would just hold down the on / off button for a long time. After a few seconds you force a restart and then he will probably continue with the update or report that he still wants to install it. I suppose then it works. In any case, it has never been the case with me in the past that the system has gotten a quirk. I cross my fingers for you!

  53. Hello Jens and Foristen

    I have now read through a large part of the friends' problems in connection with Mojave with mild horror. Compared to these, my problems (Mojave 14.4.4) seem downright ridiculous. The system (regularly maintained with Clean My Mac) runs quickly and (unexpectedly quickly and reliably) on the iMac end of 2105 with Fusion Drive and 16 GB RAM. So much for the positive situation. Annoying because after decades of blind reaction, shortcuts in the first, very first hour no longer work correctly: Cmd-C and Cmd-V.
    I can live with that, but I can't love it. Outcry! to Apple.
    Greetings, Erich

  54. Hmmm - my iMac is not from the future but from 2015 !!! Sorry that is so typed. A teacher once criticized the idea of ​​blue writing on a blue background as - let's put it this way - unfavorable.

  55. Hello!
    I also have a problem since updating to Mojave.
    for me, the information from the calendar only appears sporadically. They still appear on the day I set it, but disappear as soon as the computer is in sleep mode or after restarting.
    I am totally dependent on it, because I have all my appointments and I need it very urgently that the notices appear until I close them.
    What can I do?

    1. Hello Christina! You can easily do this via System Preferences > Notifications. You probably currently have “Banner” selected as the type of notification. You would have to choose "Hints" though, as these don't go away on their own, only when you actively click away from them. When you are in the "Notifications" settings, select "Calendar" in the left program list and then click "Notifications" on the right. That should fix your problem.

      1. Hello!

        Thank you for your prompt reply!
        But unfortunately no, not - I have the same setting as before the update to Mojave with hints. Now they appear a maximum of once and are then gone again after the Mac or MacBook has been idle.
        I really need help here because I no longer know what to do here!


        1. Hello Christina! Shit, something is wrong with your system. In this case, my recommendation would be to install the current system over it. None of your data will be lost in the process. It only transfers the system data. Sometimes that helps.

          If that doesn't work either, there is only the next method, which, however, requires a little more work:
          1. Back up the system volume of the Mac to an external hard drive with CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper.
          2. If possible, create a backup somewhere (2. external disk?).
          3. Start from the external hard drive and check whether everything works.
          4. Then use the disk utility to delete the internal system volume and copy the data back from the external disk.

          Sounds like nonsense at first, but when copying back and forth, corrupt files are skipped and recreated, for example. That is why the technology has already eliminated errors several times that I couldn't get rid of for weeks and months.
          Greetings! Jens

  56. Mojave - booting with an external SSD disk

    Had the problem that it took an extremely long time to boot. Even the apple only came after 2 minutes. It has been running like clockwork since the upgrade to 10.14.4. The screen will stop after 1 minute.

  57. Peter hoffmann

    Hello Sir Apfelot,
    I have a problem with a used Mac Mini in late 2014, 4 GB Ram and 64 GB SSD. Mojave was installed and the problem is it freezes when I try to watch an m4v movie. Did a complete reinstallation, same problem. Then Yosemite installed, mv4 film is running, update to High Sierra, m4v film is running, update to Mojave, problem is back. Now High Sierra is running again and everything is fine. Didn't find an answer to the problem on the net. Maybe you can think of something about it.

    1. Hi Peter! That's a strange thing. Maybe it's the media player? Do you want IINA test as a player? Maybe the film will work with it? That would be my first idea to narrow down the error. VG! Jens

      1. Peter hoffmann

        Hello Jens, I'm afraid the problem lies deeper, because the Mac freezes when I open the folder with the mv4 files, even renaming it to Mp4 didn't work. Greetings Peter

        1. Ah ok! This means that he is already hanging up when he tries to create the thumbnails. Can you perhaps open the info window for another .mv4 file and then set that all files with the ending with IINA or another player are opened? Perhaps you can get rid of it by having the system calculate the thumbnails?

    1. Peter hoffmann

      Hello Jens, unfortunately no improvement with Iina either. About 1/2 minute after opening the m4v file on the external hard drive with several such files, the Mac hangs. Funny that this is only the case under Mojave.

  58. Peter hoffmann

    Now I've discovered something strange. There is only one m4v file on the hard drive then it will be played back without any problems. As soon as there are 2, the problem starts again. I will probably have to switch to High Sierra again.

    1. Hi Peter! It's all very strange. Could one of the files be corrupted causing the Mac to hang? Otherwise it somehow makes no sense why one file works and two no longer ... I'm at the end of my game. :(

      1. Peter hoffmann

        Hello Jens, I have now tried 5 other m4v files on a stick and it hangs, not completely, but is so busy that nothing works. I thank you for your efforts, and I will probably go back to High Sierra. If I ever find a solution, I'll let you know.
        Greetings, Peter.

        1. Hi Peter! Thank you for your feedback signal. Would you maybe do another test? Open the Activity Monitor utility once, then select the CPU tab and see what appears there when the Mac freezes again? I would be very interested to know what process it is that paralyzes everything.

          1. Peter hoffmann

            Hello Jens, "Finder is not responding" is the only error message that appears after about 5 minutes and then disappears again. Just now there is also: QuicklookUIService (Finder) does not react, I hadn't had that before. Inactive is 97%.

          2. Ok, we would have one more try: We could reset the QuickLook cache with the following commands:

            1. Open the terminal
            2. Enter: qlmanage -r (and ENTER)
            3. Enter: qlmanage -r cache (and ENTER)
            4. Close Terminal and restart Mac

            Maybe it will work then?

          3. Peter hoffmann

            The attempt with the terminal also failed and hangs up again. Strangely, it played the file on the stick without any problems after I deleted all the other files with a Windows computer and only the one file was still there. Understand that who wants. A friend has a newer Imac with Mojave and doesn't have these issues. Could it have something to do with the tiny SSD in my Mac Mini? That would be strange, but I wanted to install a larger disk anyway, but first have to get a Tr6 Torx.

          4. Well, hard to say. Of course, if you have little free space, macOS may process the file in the background to create the thumbnail and then run into problems because there is not enough disk space because it temporarily fills everything up. But for that there would have to be less than 10-20 GB of space on the hard drive. You should actually always avoid that ...

          5. Hello Jens, I have now installed a fast 750 GB hybrid hard drive. At first it looked pretty good with Mojave and the mp4 files, but then it started again. The main cause seems to be the icon service agent, which writes a growing number of gigabits to the hard drive. At 6 GB I then stalled the system. Just wanted to let me know. Greetings Peter

  59. In my three decades as a Mac user, Mojave is the worst evil that has ever happened to me. I've never had such problems with an OS. I don't want to go into detail here. There are too many that prevent me from getting the iMac 27 ″ even reasonably fast.
    I am currently working on a Windows 10 PC and am seriously considering whether I should switch to Win 10 permanently. Something like that doesn't work.

  60. Hallo,

    I have had the problem of my Mac freezing over and over for a while. The mouse then usually still works and it takes a while, then it works again. This often happens when I quickly switch between programs, or open a preview with the space bar, etc. I bought the MacBook Pro last year and I am not at all satisfied with the performance. My old box from 2010 was just as fast, if not faster.
    I use:
    MacBook Pro 2,6 GHz Intel Core i7
    Graphics card Radeon Pro 560X 4GB
    macOS Mojave 10.14.5

    Maybe someone has the same problem and knows what to do about it?

    1. Hello CA! For one thing, the new Mac should definitely be faster than the old one - unless you have a bottleneck because you don't have enough RAM. Then no SSD and no fast processor will help. Because of your crashes, I would try to see if a “Secure Boot” with the Shift key pressed Remedy. Some components that would otherwise run are not started. Then, when the Mac stops crashing, there are startup items or the like causing software problems.
      If that doesn't help, I would do the Apple hardware test (see here) try out. If there are any hardware issues, you will find them there. Then I would go to the Apple store and hand over the computer ...

  61. Hallo,
    After switching to Mojave, I have the problem that the focus is lost in all previously used applications on my MacBook Pro. Example: I am currently writing a comment and suddenly I can no longer write because I am no longer in the comment field and Safari becomes a little darker, as if I were not active on the page. I then have to click into the comment field again and can continue typing until it happens again. I hope you understand what I mean. This is super annoying and I hope you can help me. thanks

    1. Hello Lars!

      I see what you mean, but I have no idea what could be triggering this. Have you perhaps installed an app that “enforces” focused work? There are a few that focus on a specific window. Maybe create a new user in System Settings > User and see if it happens there too. If not, you probably have software that does it.

  62. I've had the problem since I switched to Mojave. Only updated parallels before. Can it have anything to do with the software?

    1. Would you ever create a new user in the system and start with it and test whether the problem also occurs there? Somehow we have to narrow it down a bit. Maybe then we will find the cause.

      1. I don't have these problems with the guest and standard user. The problem still exists with the admin right. But I miss the Office package and my saved files, photos, etc. with the users.

        1. Hello Lars! You could perhaps use the migration assistant to “move” the data from the old user account to the new one. You can find the tool in the Utilities folder. Keep me posted if it worked. I'm happy to help. LG!

          1. Could you briefly explain to me how I can use the migration assistant to copy the admin user to the new account. There is no possibility there or I cannot find any help on google. It would also be enough if I can access a file with both users. Surf and only use Office with the Mac. Should the variant be easier to describe. Thanks and best regards

          2. Hello Lars! It doesn't seem that easy to copy data from one user to another. It looks like you have to make a backup of your system hard drive, then start in the user account on the original hard drive into which the data should be copied. Then start the migration assistant and select the backup on the external drive as the source for the data. I hope this helps you.

  63. Hallo,
    To my annoyance, I noticed that the cursor or the active window also loses focus for the newly created user and for the guest user. I'm considering installing the penultimate backup (old operating system - which ran stable) on the Mac. Or do you have another idea?

    1. Hello Lars! I have another idea: could it be that you are using a MacBook and accidentally place the cursor with the palm of your hand? The palm detection may not work properly and the Finder "thinks" you are typing on purpose.

    1. That sounds almost like a hardware fault on the touchpad to me. But then it shouldn't run smoothly under an old macOS version. Try using your old backup to see if the problem really doesn't exist here. It could be that you coincidentally came about at the same time as you did the update, but actually has nothing to do with macOS Mojave. We'll know that when you try it with High Sierra. I hope we can still find the cause. You can hardly work with the Mac like this ...

  64. Hello Sir Apfelot

    Yesterday I upgraded my 13 ”MacBook Pro to macOS Mojave in mid-2012. Everything went well, but I can no longer access my account. My picture with name is displayed, I can enter the password and then the wheel turns infinitely. Have you already had such problems and do you have a suggested solution for me?

    1. Hello Pascal! I'm sorry. Unfortunately, nothing like that happened to me. I also have no idea what could be the cause here. After logging in, some background processes may start and hang up the Mac. You could test what happens when you boot with the Shift key pressed (safe mode). Alternatively, a boot from recovery mode (CMD + R when restarting) might be an idea. Then install Mojave over it and hope that it helps. For me that was helpful with another macOS. There were errors immediately after the installation. After installing over them, they were gone.

  65. Hello fellow colleagues!

    Is it possible to connect an external Thunderbolt 3 12 TB disk, as it is very fast - with an iMac 5K, 2017 with i7, 2 TB, 32 GB Ram and then boot or boot it externally (with the OS Mojave 10.14.6 (18G84) installed)? to use? So use the entire OS outsourced?
    So use different Macs - eg at the customer's - or in different offices, but always with your "own 12 TB external hard drive including your own OS system including all data" on the go.

    1. Hello Rolf! Unfortunately, a clear "Yes". You can basically boot a Mac that can still use the operating system from the external hard drive. But on the one hand the system is optimized for the Mac on which the installation was made. That means you may not have the right drivers and other disadvantages that can affect speed. In addition, many programs attach their licensing to the specific computer. For example, if you plug a macOS with Adobe Creative Suite into another Mac, the software will complain that it doesn't have a license because the machine has changed. This happens with many programs. So I wouldn't take it as a permanent solution...
      Otherwise the concept works fine. I am also currently using my system on a rented MacBook Pro 2018 from a MacBook Pro 2017 on an external SSD drive ... it works so well, once you have re-entered all licenses. : D

  66. Hallo,

    I'm also a little desperate.
    Since the update, the keychain access doesn't work. However, as described above, I am “registered” (=lock is open when registering). Even if I tried to save my login information (again) in the last few days, none of it was saved and I was asked again and again whether the password should be saved.

    The second problem for me is also the “Mail” application. I can no longer create mail accounts (e.g. In another thread I was only able to find out that I had to create a new user. It actually works on the new user. Is there no other way that it works again on my “normal” account? I can hardly manage two accounts at the same time...

    I hope you can help me. Many many thanks!

    1. Hello helen! Both problems somehow point to bad files so that macOS can't back up the data or has other problems. My recommendation would be that you make a bootable backup on an external hard drive with Super Duper and start from there. Then delete the internal hard drive (only if you are really sure that the backup is ok!) And play the backup back on it. That already solved some inexplicable problems for me. I assume that when copying the corrupt files are skipped and then created again by macOS.

      In your case it could be enough if you delete the “Mail” folder in the /Library/ folder in your user folder. Then Apple Mail has to create everything again and maybe the mails will work again. Can you try it out and let me know if it worked?

  67. Hi all,
    like most of the people here, I have a little big problem and could use a tip or two ...
    Currently it is so that my iMac no longer starts up….
    All key combinations showed no reaction ——
    It starts, after 3 seconds the prohibition sign appears - after another 30 seconds the mac goes off ... ..
    What can I do ?
    With super duper cloning a hard drive from a MacBook and then installing this hard drive in the iMac? There is no important data on the Mac ...
    I would be most grateful for any tips .
    Thank you very much

    1. Hello Rene! The prohibition sign shows that your Mac has no system to boot from. You can try as you described: Boot with an external hard drive that you cloned from the MacBook. Then I would strongly recommend reinstalling the system on your internal hard drive, as an installation from another Mac always differs in details that can have a strange effect on working with the Mac.
      If the clone fails to boot, you may need to do a bootable installer on the hard drive and boot the Mac from it.
      And very urgently: I would check the hard drive in the Mac. It is not a good sign if the system can no longer be booted overnight. Maybe the record has a flaw.
      LG! Jens

  68. Hi Rene,

    Mojave kind of wears me down too. My beloved USB Apple keyboard with number pad is no longer recognized by my iMac. The bluetooth keyboard works perfectly.

    Do you have any idea what the problem could be?

    Warm wishes

    1. Hello Tinchen! A USB cable keyboard that is no longer recognized!?!? That can't really be because of Mojave. I would tap on it that something is wrong with the keyboard. Maybe a broken cable or something? Can you try the keyboard on another Mac? And maybe try switching it off and on again. This may help with such strange mistakes ...

  69. Hi all,
    I also updated on Mojave and now have a strange problem:
    Contacts are now crazy: when I create a new contact, import a vcf card or add a contact found in mail, the program does not find this new contact, it does not appear in the alphabetical list. When importing vcf again, it asks whether a duplicate should be created ...
    I can't work like that. I would be grateful for a hint!
    Uli Ho

    1. Hello Uli Ho! I once looked for the problem in English forums, but couldn't find an entry describing your error. I assume you restarted your Mac etc. you've already tried it, haven't you ?! If so, I don't see a solution. At most it could be an iCloud problem. Then maybe deactivate iCloud on the Mac and then reactivate it. Maybe that will bring an improvement ...

  70. Addition to my comment from 10:49
    When I sign up for the newsletter, I am asked if Sir Apfelnot wants to add to the contacts. Of course I want that! But this contact is not found either.
    Uli Ho

  71. Hi!
    After a long time I wanted to play CIV IV again and had to find out that Mojave no longer supports Python 2.3 and 2.5 and instead refers directly to 2.7. This results in a Python error message and it is no longer playable. In another blog I found that you can fix this (at least under Yosemite) if you (1) add the corresponding folders 2.3 / 2.5 from Mavericks to Library / Python and (2) under System / Library / Frameworks / Python .frameworks / Versions replaces the alias folders 2.3 and 2.5 with the corresponding framework folders. Problem: I can (1) access the library as admin, but (2) as admin, I only have read access to the system folder. Apple seems to be patronizing the user in favor of security. Is there any trick to be able to exchange these folders? Thanks in advance!

    1. I found the solution on the net:
      Start with cmd-R and Power -> Boot in the Utilities Window, enter “csrutil disable” in the terminal and reboot. With this you can switch off the “system integrity protection”.
      ... and in fact, after integrating the old folders, Python works again ...

  72. Hello!

    I just updated the operating system to Mojave (from Mavericks) on my Mac Book Pro (bought in 2014). If you open “Photos” first a field “New features in photos” and the button “Start” appear. If you click on it, a field appears that says “Prepare library”. After running to “4% complete” the program exits and displays the message “Photos exited unexpectedly”.
    Have tried restarting several times. The library “repair tool” that many recommend using doesn't appear anywhere.
    The media library is quite large (approx. 12.000 photos with a total of approx. 400 gigabytes). Anyone know advice? Thank you very much for your help! Anna

    1. Hello Anna! I assume some file here is corrupt and crashing the import. You could try holding down the Option and Command keys and then launching Photos. I get a dialog where I'm offered "Repair". If that doesn't help, I would try finding and duplicating the media library in the Finder and then holding down the Option (ALT) key to open Photos. Then you can select the copied library and the error may then be fixed. Please let me know if any of this helped.

  73. Hello!

    Thank you very much for your answer and the proposed solution. Please excuse my late feedback.

    Hold down options and commands and start photos unfortunately still not worked. Then the same thing happens as described above (charges up to 4% and breaks off).

    Unfortunately, I cannot duplicate the media library because the file “iPhoto-Mediathek.photolibrary” is 345 GB and I only have 500 GB of storage space on my laptop.
    Under "About this Mac: Disks" it shows me these 350 GB as "Documents" in the storage space usage (I remember that before the update to Mojave it always said "Photos").

    By the way, before the update to Mojave, I made a Time Machine backup of my laptop. Would it be an option to completely delete the “iPhoto-Mediathek.photolibrary” file and then put it back on my PC via Time Machine backup?

    I look forward to your short feedback in case you have another suggestion that I could try.

    Thank you and best regards,

    1. Hello Anna! So having a backup is a good starting point. In this case I would work with an external hard drive and transfer the media library to it or copy it there. Then start Photos with pressed ALT key and select the media library on the external hard drive. I strongly suspect that some file is corrupted and maybe copying it will help fix this error. If it works on the external disk, you can erase the photo library on the internal disk and then move the one from the external disk over.

      Because of the idea of ​​deleting the internal one without a 1: 1 copy: I wouldn't do that. Time Machine often works, but I've had a few cases where an error occurred while restoring and the readers were left without a working backup. I would still do another backup.

  74. Thank you very much for your help! Everything works:-)! The media library can be opened again.
    Greetings and Merry Christmas, Anna

  75. Hi,
    a bit late but still: I only recently updated to Mojave and since then I have had the problem (MacBookPro 2012) that my Root Library folder (not the User Library folder) is displayed empty in the Finder. If I list the contents in the terminal with -ls, it shows me the folders (application support, etc.). If I show hidden files and folders in the Finder, that doesn't change anything either. What can it be?
    Thanks in advance! =)

    1. Hello Boris! Do you have a terminal command that shows you the hidden files? If so, you may need to write "true" instead of "YES" in the command. Something had changed in the syntax. Otherwise I would tap on it that the rights are perhaps no longer set correctly? Does a restart help? Or can you install Mojave over it again? Sometimes things like that help. But it's just a shot in the blue at the moment. :D

      1. Hi, thanks for the quick answer. =)
        The terminal command works perfectly, the hidden files are then also displayed to me. Unfortunately, these are apparently not hidden files. A restart has no effect. How could I set the rights correctly? Or is that only possible via a new installation?
        Thank you and best regards!

        1. Hello Boris! You could try it out with the fsck command. I have an article here like you repair the hard drive with fsck can. If that doesn't help either, I would install over it. All of your data will be retained. You simply install Mojave again on the same hard drive (start the Mac with CMD + R).

  76. hey,
    thank you for the tips. I'll try that out. I also think that it should be done with the installation at the latest.

  77. One more update: I've solved the problem. The wrong system partition was displayed in the Finder. When I go to the disk utility, I see two partitions named system. I don't know why, but after I threw the wrong one out of the display and put the right one in, the library folder is now displayed correctly. I found this out by chance using the command: open /
    Thanks again for the quick answers and solutions.

  78. Hello Sir Apfelot,
    I just updated my MAC (BJ 2011) to MOJAVE. Everything works so far. However, the screen colors are no longer correct. Obviously, red and blue are swapped. It's quite funny for a while, but then it's really annoying.
    Haven't found a solution yet.
    I've tried the patch updater, but it didn't help.
    Do you have any idea?
    Best Regards

    1. Hi Joerg,

      the color problems can occur on Macs that are not actually supported by Mojave because the graphics cards in them cannot cope with the new graphics settings of the system. If nothing helps, you could downgrade to the last supported system of the Mac (see here). But maybe you also have a backup at hand that you can load to restore the previous state – as recommended here.

      A solution that I found during a quick search is to connect a second screen. Once you have connected the external display, leave it switched off for the time being and start the Mac. If the Mac runs with the colors swapped, turn on the connected monitor. It may happen that the colors change to the normal display. I have this solution found here. I can't explain to you exactly what's technically behind it. I think that the graphics chip performs a complete recalculation when preparing the output on the external screen and thus also corrects the display on the first monitor or on the built-in iMac and MacBook display.

      Best regards

      1. Hi John,

        Unfortunately, the attempt with the external second monitor failed. The only thing left is to change the graphics card.
        Nonetheless, thanks for the tip!
        Greetings Jörg

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