Bootable USB stick: Install macOS Sierra from the USB medium

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Like you one bootable USB stick for OS X, I've already got you covered explained in detail here; this post is about macOS Sierra on a USB stick walk. Under the link given you will also find extensive and illustrated instructions for formatting the corresponding USB stick. That's why I don't want to go into it so extensively at this point. In the following you should find a small and summarized guide on how to do it Install macOS Sierra on a USB stick and install from there can.

Preparation: You need this for macOS Sierra on the USB stick

Here I have put together a small checklist for you so that you don't have to find out in the middle of the process that an important component is missing. If you then have everything, I advise you to read through this article and the one linked above before you start;) Here is your checklist for the macOS Sierra USB boot:

Procedure: this is how you create the USB stick for macOS Sierra

Again, I want to give you a simple list so that you don't get lost in the text between the individual steps. If you cannot understand one or the other step, I recommend the article linked above, which takes up the technical side of the process in more detail. Here is the simplified process:

  • First you plug in the USB stick, then transfer the data from it to the hard drive if necessary
  • Calls up the hard disk utility (e.g. via Applications -> Utilities -> Hard Disk Utility)
  • Select the USB stick in the media overview on the left and then the option "Delete"
  • In the overview that appears, give it a name (can also be "Untitled"; in any case the name is important later), set the format to "OS X Extended (Journaled)" and the scheme to "GUID partition table"
  • Delete or format the USB stick by clicking on "Delete"

    Create a bootable USB stick on the Mac. Install macOS Sierra from the USB stick, instructions, advice, pictures

    Create a bootable USB stick on the Mac: when deleting, please select OS X Extended as the format and GUID as the scheme.

  • Start the Mac Terminal (for example via Programs -> Utilities -> Terminal) and enter the following text there ("example" stands for the name given to your USB stick):

sudo / Applications / Install \ macOS \ --volume / Volumes / example --applicationpath / Applications / Install \ macOS \ --nointeraction

After this is done, you have to hack in your administrator password and then you can start. The USB stick is deleted, formatted and the installation files for macOS Sierra are loaded.

So you can install macOS Sierra from the USB stick

Now you have Installation files for macOS Sierra on the USB stick. If you now go to another Mac or a MacBook, then you plug it in and start the device. During the system start you hold down the Alt key. In the selection that appears, you then decide on the USB stick as the medium and for the installation of the operating system that has been available since September 20, 2016.

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  1. Tom says:

    Alternatively, without going through the hard disk utility, etc., the following program works extremely well and is super easy:
    DiscMaker X and here the link to the manufacturer's website:


    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Ah, thanks! I didn't know the app yet. You never stop learning. And of course real Mac users prefer klickibunti programs than the terminal ... at least I do. : D

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