MacUpdater 3 - features of the free and paid versions

We have already presented the MacUpdater, which can display and run updates for apps that do not come from the App Store, several times here in the blog (e.g. here and here ). The helpful program is now in its third version, which is why it's worth taking another look. Because in addition to a limited free version, there are also various payment options for MacUpdater 3. What are the differences and what you can do with the free version of this App you can start, you can read about that in this article.

The MacUpdater is now available in version 3. Here you will find information about the functions of the free and paid versions. At the end you will find the link to the official download page.
The MacUpdater is now available in version 3. Here you will find information about the functions of the free and paid versions. At the end you will find the link to the official download page.

Use MacUpdater 3 for free

You can use the free version of MacUpdater 3 to retrieve information from around 100.000 apps that can be downloaded from developer websites, from alternative app stores or from developer platforms such as GitHub. Available updates are displayed for the installed apps. In addition, keywords and comments on the individual programs can be managed. The "ARM Migration Assistant" is also integrated, which helps when changing from Intel to Apple chip versions of the respective software. 

What is not possible: Scan for updates more than twice a day and initiate app updates from the MacUpdater (only initially available as a test feature, then only in the purchase version). This core feature, which gives Mac users more convenience when using apps from the web, is reserved for the paid versions of MacUpdater. The good thing is that you can secure the software with a single purchase and do not have to take out an annoying subscription.

MacUpdater 3 paid versions compared

In addition to the Free Edition, there is the Standard Edition for $14,99 (there are discounts for students), the Pro Edition for $34,99 and the Business Edition” for $35 per seat in the company. The standard edition can be installed on up to four Macs in private households. The Pro version is intended for one household and up to seven Macs. By the way, if you upgrade the MacUpdater from version 2 to version 3, you pay less. In addition to the prices, it is particularly worth taking a look at the functions:

Mac updater standard MacUpdater Pro Mac Updater Business
Information about around 100k apps ja ja ja
Update function for around 6.000 apps ja ja ja
One click to update multiple apps at once ja ja ja
Manage tags and comments ja ja ja
ARM migration ja ja ja
Software Support ja ja ja
Audio plugin support no ja ja
App reinstallation support ja ja ja
Scheduled automatic app updates no ja ja
Touch bar support no ja ja
command line support no ja ja
Workflow integration of the Alfred App no ja ja
Daily scans 4 6 8

 All information and the official MacUpdater 3 download can be found here on this website.

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7 comments on “MacUpdater 3 – Features of the Free and Paid Versions”

  1. What is meant by audio plugin support? I didn't really understand that. I don't understand Touch Bar support 100% either.

    1. Hello Thomas,

      the Pro and Business versions of MacUpdater can not only update apps, but also software that does not fall under the category of application programs - such as plugins. Apparently, CoreCode specializes in audio plugins as an additional area next to the apps. The Touch Bar refers to the component of some MacBook Pro models. If you want to control MacUpdater with it, you need the corresponding version.

      Best regards

      1. Thanks for the enlightenment. Then the normal app is enough for me. Alfred, touchbar and audio plugins are not that important to me.

    1. Hello Kurt,

      you're right. That's why I wrote in the article "By the way, if you upgrade MacUpdater from version 2 to version 3, you pay less." If you are interested, you can find the details on the linked product page.

      Best regards

  2. I bought the first version and was still asked to pay for the second version. Now the third edition is already available, in this sense it will probably continue, what a pity!

    1. Hello Ricci,

      Yes, software development costs time and therefore money. Other apps use the subscription model, so I think buying them individually is okay in this case. And if you own the previous version, you can upgrade to the next version at a discount. Basically a fair solution.

      Best regards

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