Magnet for macOS: Arrange on the Mac window as in Windows

Those who switch from a Windows PC to an Apple Mac will surely find many advantages in switching, but also a few hurdles. Because the workflow and thus productivity cannot be transferred 1: 1, at least not without tools. For example, if you have Apple's Split View for arranging windows next to each other and if you want to dock windows on sides, in corners and elsewhere by moving the mouse or a key combination, as in Windows 7, 8 and 10, then you need a helping app - and it's called Magnet. I've tried the Magnet macOS app and can only recommend it.

Arranging windows under macOS on the Apple Mac is done with the magnet
App as easy as using Windows on a PC.” width=”620″ height=”388″ /> Arranging windows under macOS on the Apple Mac is as easy with the Magnet App as under Windows on the PC.

What's wrong with the split screen with Split View?

If you just want to put two windows side by side, for example to transfer information from a website into a text file then Apple Split View is a good thing. To do this, however, click longer on the green Maximize button and then also have to directly determine the second window for the other half of the screen, that can throttle the workflow. Especially if you are used to the simple arrangement of windows next to each other in Windows. Die-hard Mac users may only know this from the installed Windows version via Boot Camp or Parallels Desktop, but those who switch directly are more likely to recognize the Mac weakness.

Arrange windows more freely under macOS with the Magnet app

I discovered the Magnet app by accident when I was browsing the Mac App Store. If you look there in the “Productivity” category, you will quickly find Magnet as a suggested application for the Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook. The function of the software is explained very quickly: If you drag a window with the mouse or the cursor to the respective position on the screen (top, bottom, left, right, corners), the window is not only docked there, but also in adjusted to size. If you work with the trackpad and therefore cannot click a button, you simply use the keyboard - the windows can also be arranged with key combinations and thus used much more freely than with Split View.

Click the window, drag it down and fill a third of the screen. So there is no need to pull the window edges awkwardly;)
Click the window, drag it down and fill a third of the screen. So there is no need to pull the window edges awkwardly;)

Magnet in the test: Clear purchase recommendation!

The Magnet App has already made it into the official "Get Productive" selection in the Mac App Store as well as under the "Invaluable Utilities" apps. It is currently also available for a reduced price of 80% for just EUR 1,09. The low price for the 1,8MB small software is only given "for a limited time". The developers Tomáš Znamenáček, Pavel Kozárek, Michal Sedlák from CrowdCafé did not write exactly what that means. In the test, Magnet proved to be very reliable - the program does exactly what it should. Arranging the windows on macOS should always be this easy! Simply drag to the side, corner or down (this will fill a third of the screen) and you're done. Maximizing is also made easier by dragging the window upwards. For the full screen mode you still need to click on the corresponding button in the window.

Screenshot: Sir Applerot

Magnet download

You can find the magnet download in the Apple Mac App Store (under Productivity Apps) and on the iTunes website. I can only recommend the software for window management on the Apple Mac - it has been optimized for macOS 2.1.0 High Sierra with version 2017 from February 10.13.
Link to the App Store

Organize windows on Mac screen with trackpad

Another little tip: If you cannot or do not want to memorize the magnetic key combinations and use a trackpad instead of a mouse, window management as described is still quite easy. Simply click or tap on the window that you want to move / dock and then on the magnet symbol in the menu bar.

Screenshot: Sir Applerot

Now you can select the desired function from an overview. So you don't need a single key to move the windows on the Mac more freely and to have them displayed more individually;)

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16 comments on “Magnet for macOS: Arrange windows on Mac like on Windows”

  1. Great app for little money.

    I got to an apple a little late, but thanks to the excellent tip here, I was able to simplify my switch from Windows to apple. The app, currently already over 3 euros, is very helpful and makes handling much easier in daily work. Thanks for your tip.


    Maybe you have a tip for me on how to teach my Macbook Air to use the native keyboard layout of my USB Logitech G710. I've already learned that the @key is now located somewhere else, but all the rest of the swapped keys are just annoying.

    1. Hello Sebastian! I'm glad you found something interesting here and there with me. I would recommend two passages to your keyboard question:
      1. System Settings> Keyboard> Input Sources: Here you can set the US layout, if you like.
      2. System Settings> Keyboard> Keyboard> Special Keys: Here you can remap keys like CTRL and ALT to make it easier for you.

      I hope the two tips help you. LG, Jens

  2. The Magnet app sounds good...

    I'm looking for an app that displays an application half above and half below in a single application window:
    “The top 50% application half window” should only show the menu… with 50%, the bottom 50% application half window” should show the bottom of the application.

    Similar to the third view in the first picture above, half at the top and half at the bottom.

    Is this possible with...

    Even if I ask very late, for me it is up to date now, I would like to have a table that is very, very, very wide, preferably displayed above and below! The non plus ultra icing would be if I could stack three or four on top of each other, or more.

    I hope it is clear what I intend to do. LG Hartmut

    1. Hello Hartmut! Actually that should work. You can tell each window of an application where it should end up. Only with the menu I do not know now. The menu of an app can usually not be adjusted in terms of size. Stacking multiple windows should work. You just have to move them all to the side with a magnet and then they are one behind the other.

  3. Hello Jens, thank you very much for your quick answer!

    Yes, with a window manager, I can arrange the individual windows of an application one below the other.

    Has a catch: When I scroll down in the application, the same line should be set for all “Stacked Application Windows”.

    Magnet, arranges the application windows. Magnet does not split the application into stacked windows.

    I need an overview of the width of the database.

    If I scroll down, it should go down for all, also right and left.

    That's a bit """tinkering"""

    Probably nobody has

  4. Thank you Jens,

    I can't get any further, but it still helps me.

    If you don't know a solution, maybe there is another forum that you could recommend that would help me further, or where I could look...
    A thought, a tip...

    That would be great

    LG Hartmut

    1. Hello Hartmut! I think the problem is that you're looking for something that would have to completely manipulate the operating concept. Scrolling in a window is always limited to that window. You would have to work very deep in macOS to change that and I think macOS is simply too tightly secured or closed here. However, if you work with Excel, you might find a specialist on an Excel forum who could help you. But unfortunately I don't know an address to which I could refer you.

  5. Hello, Jens!

    That too! Helps me a lot... that I have to think further, think somewhere else.
    Unfortunately, I guess that it may be that there is no such thing as “cross-system limits”, i.e. operating system and application. They would have to “bend” too much with each other. Thank you Jens. That opened my eyes and still helped a lot... GLG Hartmut

  6. Hi Jens,

    I would like to save certain desks so that I can create them exactly the same way over and over again using a shortcut. I've already tried the Moom app and Magnet, but they only save one desktop at a time and I can organize everything there. But if I use several spaces, that doesn't work. Do you have a solution for this?

    Greetings from the Saarland


    1. Hello David! I don't know of any app that can also edit Spaces. But I haven't tried much in that direction either, because I don't use spaces. :(

        1. Hello David! 😊 Then I don't understand the question. What are you looking for? Something that saves where you have apps and files on your desk? Or what exactly? I don't think I got it yet. 😂

          1. Yes, exactly.
            So when I start the computer, I have certain programs in AutoStart and some don't. Suppose I now have a shortcut via Moom or Magnet that sorts programs like Outlook, OneNote etc. Then he just does it on a desk. But if I now work with 3 desks, there is no way for me to sort all 3 desks again with the push of a button.

          2. Hi David! Ah, maybe I get it now...
            maybe you can find the appropriate option under System Preferences → Desktop & Dock → Mission Control → “Automatically align spaces based on last use”? Unfortunately I can't think of more. I think there used to be a program that saved the position of the entire app window when using different monitors, but unfortunately I forgot the name.

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