Mailbutler error: Apple Mail disables incompatible plug-ins

Apple Mail deactivates the Mailbutler plugin

After my system move to the Apple Silicon MacBook Pro with macOS Big Sur, most programs - with the exception of my Windows under Parallels Desktop - continued to run properly. Most apps such as Photoshop or Microsoft Office apps and the like were of course converted into code for the M2 chip by Rosetta 1 when it was started for the first time, but that too ran quickly and without restrictions.

Only that my beloved Mailbutler plugin didn't really want to, although the developers updated it for macOS Big Sur in a timely manner.

Apple Mail unceremoniously deactivated the Mailbutler plugin and started Mail without the plugin.
Apple Mail unceremoniously deactivated the Mailbutler plugin and started Mail without the plugin.

Apple Mail has disabled “Mailbutler.mailbundle”

The message I received when I started Apple Mail was as follows:

Incompatible plug-ins disabled

Mail has disabled the following plug-ins:


Contact the manufacturers of these plug-ins for versions that are compatible with Mail 14.0. [OK]

No sooner said than done: I wrote to Mailbutler support, who answered me immediately that I might still be running an older Mailbutler version, because the current version runs without problems under macOS Big Sur.

So I downloaded Mailbutler again: here is the link to the pagejust in case you should look for them. The installation went smoothly, but when I activated the plugin again in the mail settings, the error message came back.

The "Go to" command of the Finder takes you to the corresponding folder, which again contains the "Mail" folder that is to be deleted.
The Finder's “Go to” command takes you to the relevant folder, which also contains the “Mail” folder that you want to delete.

Manual deinstallation required

The recommendation of the support was: To completely uninstall Mailbutler and reinstall it. This works via the Mailbutler menulet in the menu bar. But I got the worm and got a message that the automatic uninstallation failed.

After emailing the - fortunately very quick - support again, I also knew how to manually remove Mailbutler from the Mac. To do this, go to this folder:

~ / Library / Application Support / Mail / Plug-ins / Bundles / Library / Mail

... and then removes the "Mail" folder, which should be in this path.

After that was done, I was able to install Mailbutler again and then under

Mail> Settings> Manage Plug-ins

activate again.

After this procedure, my Apple Mail runs smoothly again with Mailbutler - finally, because I have sorely missed the various functions of the plugin.

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