MailTrackerBlocker: Mail plug-in for Mac blocks tracker pixels

If you receive newsletters or emails with special offers, it may contain tracker pixels. These pass on information to the senders. When was the mail opened? Has it been read several times? Or was she ignored at all? Because the small and often invisible graphic provides feedback when it is loaded, these questions are answered. The data obtained can then be used to create analyzes and to develop and apply improvements for e-mail marketing. If you want to keep a secret of whether, when and how often you open newsletters or promotional mails, the mail plugin will help you MailTrackerBlocker continue.

TL; DR: You can go directly to the download page here

The mail plug-in MailTrackerBlocker for macOS on the Apple Mac blocks tracker pixels in emails. You can find the download source and tips for installation here.

The mail plug-in MailTrackerBlocker for macOS on the Apple Mac blocks tracker pixels in emails. You can find the download source and tips for installation here.

Update 9.8.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX: Plugin can crash on older systems

As two readers with the version number 9.3 of Apple Mail have already written to me, the mail program acknowledges every attempt to start with a crash. As far as I could read, they both had El Capitan installed and the plugin was supposed to be compatible.

If you have this case, you have to go to the Library go and delete the plugin there (Thanks, Peter!):


MailTrackerBlocker - Mail plugin blocks tracker graphics

The MailTrackerBlocker plug-in is compatible with the Mail app on the Apple Mac and works macOS 10.11 El Capitan. The add-on blocks email trackers, read confirmations and spy pixels. In the mail information about the actual e-mail, a small symbol (in X in a circle) appears after the installation of the plug-in, which shows with a number next to it whether and how many trackers have been blocked in the selected e-mail. Among the around 50 trackers that can be blocked with MailTrackerBlocker are those from these well-known service providers:

  • Amazon SES
  • GitHub
  • Mailchimp
  • Wix
  • Zendesk Sell

MailTrackerBlocker download and installation

The mail plug-in for macOS on Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook is open source and free. You can find the download with this link. You can also find that on the product page Link to GitHub, where the developer Aaron Lee discloses all components of the software. On the first linked page in this paragraph you will not only find the MailTrackerBlocker download and the complete list of the tracker pixels that can be blocked in emails, but also instructions for installation. This is translated into German as follows:

  1. Open in Mail Settings -> General -> Manage plug-ins
  2. Activate MailTrackerBlocker.mailbundle
  3. click on Apply and restart Mail

"Manage plug-ins" button is missing in the mail settings

With current macOS versions such as macOS 10.15 Catalina it may be that there is no button for plugin management in the mail settings. But that doesn't mean that you can't use Aaron Lee's add-on. Because with a small command in the macOS Terminal you can get the missing button back:

  1. Opens the terminal (e.g. via the "Utilities" folder or via the Spotlight search)
  2. Give the order
    sudo defaults write "/Library/Preferences/" EnableBundles 1


  3. Confirm the command with the Enter or Enter key
  4. Restarts the Mail app (exit and reopen)
  5. In the mail settings under General the button will appear

Source: Apple forum

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  1. macmarine says:

    Unfortunately, MailTrackerBlocker and MacOS 10.11 does not work with Mail 9.3. Each version of the bundle leads to an immediate crash of Mail after starting the program. In addition, there is no button for plugin management in the mail settings, although the terminal command does not help either.

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Ok, that can be. I don't have a Mac with macOS this old anymore. : D

      • macmarine says:

        Well, it's a MacBook Pro early 2008, C2D 2.5GHz, 6GB with SSD, which still runs fine, but unfortunately (without tinkering) can't take anything beyond Yosemite. Still too good to throw away.

        • Sir Apfelot says:

          Yes, unfortunately such old Macs are often not usable even as "surfing stations" because they do not meet certain security requirements and many websites are reluctant to provide anything here. I also have an old iMac that my son actually only uses as a Minecraft machine. Somehow there will always be an application that you can cover with an old Mac. : D

    • Peter says:

      Help - my Mail 9.3 now crashes immediately after starting the program! How do I get rid of the MailTrackeBlocker ???

      • Peter says:

        Uff - all clear ... found it on the GitHub page: delete the thing in /Library/Mail/Bundles/MailTrackerBlocker.mailbundle ...

        • Sir Apfelot says:

          Hi Peter! Thanks for the help with the solution. This will surely interest a few readers who have the same problem.

  2. Excellent! Installed it immediately, Jens. For me, it is mainly unwanted emails that contain such a tracker. This is a practical matter, because the senders will otherwise recognize that you have looked at the mail and then persistently ask why you don't want to have a power bank or a Bluetooth speaker for free testing ...

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Yes, I know these emails well enough. : D Unfortunately Apple doesn't send me emails with the offer to test a new iPhone or MacBook Pro ... I'm still too unknown ... ;-)

  3. Gunnar Treugut says:

    My iMac Sept / 2011 with High Sierra does not respond to the input as described above either.

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