macOS Sonoma Guides: Hardcovers, Kindle eBooks, and Apple Deals

Will there be a new Mac with macOS 14 Sonoma for Christmas or should you use the free time at the end of the year to finally master how to use the Apple machine? Then corresponding manuals come in very handy. There are different types of collected macOS instructions. In addition to printed books from various publishers, eBooks for the Kindle reader and the Kindle app as well as free online manuals from Apple itself are also offered. Below you will find an overview of some of the offers.

“macOS Sonoma manual + video course” by Anton Ochsenkühn

If you visit this blog often, then you already know Anton Ochsenkühn and amac Verlag. Because we see each other every now and then the corresponding manuals for Apple systems at. For the current Mac operating system there is again a comprehensive manual with a practical structure, screenshots in color and QR codes that can be scanned to view video instructions (internet connection required). From setting up your Mac for the first time to using macOS Sonoma every day in this book everything included. You can buy it in print and as an eBook.

macOS Sonoma manual + video course - the standard work with over 5 hours of explanatory videos; for all...
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“macOS Sonoma picture by picture” by Philip Kiefer

Philip Kiefer is also a well-known name when it comes to Mac manuals. His Sonoma manual, which was published by Markt + Technik Verlag, also covers various topics from getting started to regular use of the Apple computer. Anyone who switches from a Windows PC is offered a whole chapter with help. Furthermore, iCloud, how to deal with photos, storage locations in the Finder, security functions, the use of music and films and much more are explained. Anyone who already knows macOS can also benefit from the book, as it naturally also discusses the new features of macOS 14 that were not available before. Here more.

“macOS Sonoma Manual” by Michael Schreiner

Michael Schreiner's macOS Guide for Sonoma omits basic introductions and operating system installation. So if you don't need help with the upgrade or can find the power button on your new Mac yourself, you can get started straight away with this book. It's about getting to know the desk and its functions, a few Mac basics for everyday use, apps and settings, Apple ID and iCloud, and using Apple services (Music, TV+, Arcade, Podcasts , etc.) as well as operating aids. Finally, suitable accessories and hardware are discussed. You can take a look at the book with this link toss.

Apple's guide for the Mac with macOS 14 Sonoma

As the manufacturer of the Mac computer and publisher of the appropriate operating system, Apple also offers various instructions. You can find the online manual for Sonoma using this link: You can also search for manuals for various Apple devices in Apple's Books app. Sometimes the search results can be quite confusing because they display the offers for different macOS versions mixed up. And in the end it may be that the most current one hasn't received a manual update at all. So Apple's own offering isn't quite as good in comparison.

Mac instructions and help from Sir Apfelot

You can find simple instructions, special tips and, last but not least, tips on absolutely niche uses of the Apple Mac here in the Sir Apfelot blog. Next to the Collective article on Sonoma problems and their solutions and the monthly app recommendations There is also the opportunity for you to leave your own questions and problems. If you write a comment and describe what you want to know, we will try to collect the necessary information for you. The same goes for this Sir Applerot Forum, where you can also quickly and easily exchange ideas with other Mac users.

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