Mapify - travel photo book with location information, planner and guide

The Mapify app for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is a mixture of a kind of Pinterest for travel photos with location information, a travel guide for special places and a planner application for the vacation. According to the developers of the Mapify UG, it should be an intelligent travel platform that visualizes your trip and the route you have traveled using a map and photos. You can also access the data and recommendations of other users to discover special places along the way. So Mapify is the right iOS software for adventurous globetrotters!

Mapify is a travel app for the iPhone for sharing trips and photos, for planning and exploring. Info and free download here!
Mapify is a travel app for the iPhone for sharing trips and photos, for planning and exploring. Info and free download here!

Mapify - Digital Travel Guide

Mapify is available for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 10.3 or later. If you are traveling in an international group, you can use the app in German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch. The best part: Mapify is free. The Developer describe the application for iOS as follows:

We are developing the most aesthetic and intelligent travel platform for your iPhone, with which the visualization of travel is given a unique form. Detailed travel information complements the special places on Mapify and offers you a completely new planning experience. Mapify is your place to explore the world, share your own experiences, meet special people and plan your next adventure.

Features of the app

You can use Mapify in different ways. To share vacation pictures and the location on the map where you took them. For planning trips and planning new stations and stops that you may not have known before. To get to know like-minded people who are also going on adventure tours ... and so on. Here is a clear summary:

  • Find the unexpected: See discoveries and pictures from other travelers to get inspiration for your own vacation.
  • Personalize: Set what you like on the trip so that the app offers appropriate suggestions for the next destination.
  • Bucket List: Save locations to save them as future destinations. They can also be shared to get friends excited about the adventure ahead.
  • Share: Impressions, pictures and experiences can be shared with visual support. So-called “trips” on Mapify also help other users to plan their trip and make it unique.
  • Organize: Mapify can be used as a travel guide to plan trips and find information. In addition to sights, there is also information about transport and accommodation such as Airbnbs and so on.

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Mapify download for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Here you can get more information and download Mapify to add the finishing touches to your adventures:

[appbox app store id1229075870]

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