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I just watched Meta Connect 2023, where the Quest 3 VR glasses were also presented. I have been the happy owner of two Quest 2 glasses for two years, which I use to play VR games with my kids.

If you like computer games and are getting bored of 2D, you have to try playing in VR. When I first picked up the Quest 2, I knew from the interactive setup that VR was the next big thing. Playing in 3D, standing up or even with slight movements and a panoramic view is simply amazing. And the Quest 3 is currently the best all-in-one VR headset that you can get for “only” 550 euros.

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I linked you to the 512 GB variant above because I think it is the better choice. The 128 GB is clearly too small if you want to seriously use the glasses. This is for everyone who still wants the smaller version linked here.

The Meta Quest 3 was just presented at Connect and can be pre-ordered here.
The Meta Quest 3 was just presented at Meta Connect 2023 and can be pre-ordered here.

Presentation at Meta Connect 3

Because of my enjoyment of VR and the Quest 2, I was really interested in getting my hands on the Quest 3 early - of course also to write a few reports and guides about it here on the blog. I was even so motivated that I... Keynote Watching “Meta Connect 2023” with Mark Zuckerberg – a real sacrifice for me.

And as far as I have seen, all the rumors that were read in advance have come true. The first testers are also very enthusiastic about the high resolution and the speed GPU and the thinner design. But more on that in another post.

Where can you buy Quest 3?

The Quest 3 is scheduled to ship on October 10.10.2023, 3, but you can pre-order the Quest XNUMX now. The options where you can buy them are as follows:

If you ask me where it's better to buy Quest 3: In principle it doesn't matter. It would be great for me if you ordered from Amazon, as I would then get a few euros as an affiliate to continue running my blog. (Thanks if you use Amazon!)

Here you can see the scope of delivery of Meta Quest 3.
Here you can see the scope of delivery of Meta Quest 3.

128 GB or 512 GB of storage – which variant should you choose?

The 512 GB version makes sense if you want to have many games installed at the same time and especially if you like AAA games gamble, because these quickly take up space of 40 GB and more. Especially since the games require larger graphics files than the Quest 2 due to the high resolution, the internal memory is likely to fill up faster than you think.

Even if you want to record videos, 128 GB is far too little. In my opinion, the 150 euro surcharge for the 4x memory is a fair price for the memory upgrade.


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5 comments on “Meta Quest 3 – now available for pre-order on Amazon”

  1. I still ordered the 128s right after the performance.
    With the 512 there are still 6 months of Meta+ with 2 games per month.
    But it was still too expensive for me, but my colleague ordered the 512. Nowadays I can download a few more GB (whether at home, in the office or on the go).

      1. I bought the Quest 1, then tested the Quest 2 with a colleague and put it on the “I want to have” list, but then there were too many rumors for the 3 and then I just waited.
        So it's a re-entry.

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