Microphone recommendation for podcast makers: The Rode Podcaster Pro Kit

Rode Podcaster
Rode Podcaster
The Rode Podcaster USB microphone is available in a Pro Kit with a tripod and spider (Photo: rodemic.com).

Podcasting is fun and I admit that I enjoy listening to podcasts. However, the listener is not very happy if the recording is of poor quality. I've already given up a number of podcasts and canceled the subscription because you just couldn't hear the podcast properly. Strange sibilants with every S, very quiet recordings or the constant popping with P-words really bring a listener to the verge of desperation. Sensible audio equipment for podcasters is no longer that expensive.

For this reason, I can express a small secret recommendation for podcasters who not only want to make their listeners happy with their content. It's a set made by Rode called the Rode Podcaster Pro Kit. It contains almost everything you need to produce a podcast (except maybe the computer and the content of the podcast).

The microphone "Rode Podcaster" is a USB speaker microphone that is well suited for speakers with a cardioid polar pattern. The microphone has a high-quality A/DD/A converter directly installed, which saves costs and space for microphone preamplifiers or an audio interface - because you no longer need them with the Rode Podcaster.

The set also includes the Rode DS 1 table tripod and the Rode PSM-1 spider for mounting the microphone. Because the microphone has a direct USB connection, it can be easily connected to any PC or Mac. Another advantage: The microphone is "Class Compliant", which means that the Mac under OS X Mountain Lion recognizes it directly and no driver is necessary.

Another highlight is the integrated headphone amplifier, which can be found in the podcaster with volume control and 3,5 mm jack socket. This allows you to connect your headphones there directly and there is no latency when previewing.

Rode Podcaster Pro Kit
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Rode Podcaster Pro Kit
The all-you-need package for the podcaster with high quality standards and a small budget. The USB podcast microphone has all the features you need for podcast production.

Attention, don't get confused by the product photo: The set does not include headphones, a large stand for the microphone or a swivel arm stand. The provider built the collage a bit unfavorably.

If you want, you can also order a pop screen. This means that the wild popping while speaking is also a thing of the past:

K&M 239/56 pop screen
The stiffness of the pop protection (sounds kind of weird ;-)) is adjustable and offers all possibilities to filter out unwanted pop sounds before they come into the recording.

Rode Podcaster with monitor headphones from Bayerdynamics

Update: I have now also ordered the Rode Podcaster in this set and also bought monitor headphones with which you can immediately hear what you are speaking. The Bayerdynamics DT-770 Pro 80 Ohm was recommended to me. The 80 ohm variant for the reason that the headphones would otherwise sound too quiet when connected directly to the Mac. Here is the link to this model:

4,00 EUR
Bayerdynamics DT-770 Pro 80 ohms
With these control headphones you can check the recording directly when speaking. You can plug the headphones directly into the Rode Podcaster, as this has a built-in preamplifier. The headphones are then plugged into the Mac for post-processing. The 80 ohm variant is recommended for the Mac, as the 16 or 32 ohm variant sounds very quiet on the Mac.


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  3. Hey, thanks for the article. The Rode is definitely the ultimate podcast microphone. But do you have to climb that high if you are not sure whether podcasting is the right medium for your own message?

    1. Personally, I like these two devices, which I do already presented here as USB microphones. I would prefer the Røde, however, because it can be hung with a table holder and a spider (not included!) And so does not absorb the vibrations from the laptop fan or keystrokes. That's just a problem with Samson Meteor occurs. But I would rate this as a good mic for podcasters, too. The recording quality is otherwise good without hesitation. :)

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