Microsoft Excel: Switch on line breaks in table cells

Excel line break in table cell

In Excel, I have to import CSV files more often and then output them in a more nicely formatted form. As a rule, there are always a few table cells that are so long that Microsoft Excel wants to print a second sheet. However, this can be avoided by activating a line break in the cells or by adding it manually. There are different ways to do this:

Manually adding a line break

If you only want to quickly have a break in a cell, then you simply click in the cell at the appropriate place in the text and then press the keys "alt" + "cmd" + Return / Enter. This combination inserts a line break on the Mac. I don't know the exact combination under Windows, but I think I have read that it works with "ALT" + "CTRL" + Enter / Return. The result is a change at the desired point:

Excel line break in table cell

There are several ways to get there: A line break in a cell in an Excel table.

Activate line break with the right mouse button

The next possible way works with the right mouse button. To do this, move the mouse over the corresponding cell or mark all cells that should have a break. Then you press the right mouse button on the Mac and select "Format cells" (this can also be activated with "cmd" + "1". A window opens in which you click on the "Alignment" tab) and then check it at "Text control" -> "Line break". After clicking on "OK", the text in the cells should automatically break.

Excel line break

The line break in cells can also be activated with the right mouse button.

Switching on the automatic line break via a button

In my version of Excel (Excel for Mac 2011) there is also a button in the toolbar above which you can use to activate the line break very quickly. To do this, select the cells for which the automatic line break should be activated and then click on the button and the sub-item "Line break".

Button for the Excel line break

A simple button is also available to activate a text break in table cells.

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