Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac (macOS Catalina) - but without a subscription

The old Office for Mac 2016 version, which was still running on my MacBook Pro, got the fatal blow with the update to macOS Catalina and no longer works because of the 64-bit exclusivity. So far I thought that the Microsoft Office 365 Suite with subscription would be the only solution to use Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint under Catalina. However, this is not the case because with Microsoft Office 2019 For the Mac, Microsoft still offers a software solution with a permanent license and no subscription requirement. Here you can find cheap sources of supply.

If Microsoft Office 2016 doesn't work for you under macOS Catalina, you don't necessarily have to switch to the Office 365 subscription. With Office 2019 there is a 64-bit alternative.
If Microsoft Office 2016 doesn't work for you under macOS Catalina, you don't necessarily have to switch to the Office 365 subscription. With Office 2019 there is a 64-bit alternative.

Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business (Mac)

For example, you can get the “Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business” software package for the Apple Mac at license fox for € 174,99. The good thing about it: You can download the software directly and receive a digital product key with which you can activate it. So you don't have to wait for a DVD-Rom or a stick with the software. The package contains the following apps:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • OneNote
  • Power point
  • Outlook

Alternatively, there are always interesting offers for Office 2019 (Mac) here on amazon.

Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Student (Mac)

If you don't need Outlook because you use Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird or another client, you can also get “Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student” for macOS. There is the software package, for example at license fox for € 99,99. Here, too, the processing is digital, and you get the apps for word processing, spreadsheets, notes and presentations.

The Home and Student version is also available from Amazon. Since you can find offers from various retailers on the online marketplace, there are often interesting price variants to be found there. over this link you will come directly to the corresponding search for Office 2019 Home and Student for the Mac.

Microsoft Office 365 Personal for 1 user

If you like the subscription model from Microsoft and want to get a corresponding annual license for PC or Mac, there are of course offers for that too. For example, for a user or a computer, you acquire "Microsoft Office 365 Personal" for € 49,99 at license fox. As with the offers described above, processing is digital. However, more apps are included for the subscription price:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • OneNote
  • Power point
  • OutLook
  • Access
  • Publisher

Microsoft Office 365 Home for 6 users

If you want to equip the whole family with the office apps, you can also purchase a license package for six computers, tablets and / or smartphones. The annual subscription for the devices costs € 68,98 on Amazon (in the box) or € 71,76 at Amazon (Code by mail). There is also 1 TB of storage per person in the cloud. Also included are Word for word processing, Excel for spreadsheets, PowerPoint for presentations, OneNote for notes, Outlook for e-mails as well as Skype and Microsoft support.

Can scan again under Catalina: ViewScan or ExactSCAN

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8 Responses to “Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac (macOS Catalina) – but without compulsory subscription”

  1. Dear Sir Apfelot, dear Jens, I use MS Office 2016 for the Mac in version 16.16.16 - all components run flawlessly on my iMac Retina (late 2015) under 10.15.1. Could it be that only the MS Office 2016 installer is a 32-bit program?
    Cordially Michael

    1. Hi Michael! Thank you for your hint. That could actually be true, of course. Unfortunately, I no longer have my old Office version on my Mac, so I can no longer check it. But if you run Office 2016 under Catalina, it could really only be the installer that runs with 32 bit.

  2. Hallo,
    Since installing catalina, I can no longer sort the list in Excel, i.e. when I click on the sort button, nothing happens. Similarly in Word, the line spacing button doesn't "work" anymore (and a few other things). Do I therefore have to buy a completely new Office package? I don't really want this.
    Are there possible solutions?
    Cordially Luisa

    1. Hello Luisa! Office 2019 actually still has support for Catalina. But I don't know how this error came about. Microsoft support would probably be the better contact. LG, Jens

  3. Thomas Morgenstern

    Hello! I only recently updated to OS Catalina. Is it still up to date that Office 2019 will also run if I buy it now? Without thinking, I loaded Microsoft 365 in the AppStore because Word now (June 2020) no longer ran without an update ...
    Is it true that if you completely uninstall MS365, it works?
    Greetings and thanks

    1. Hello Thomas! Yes, Office 2019 will continue to run for a while. I think the next 1-2 macOS updates will still work, but with Office 365 you are on the safe side. Especially since the switch to ARM Macs is due in the next 2 years. If you get one like that, Office 2019 may no longer work. You have to see it.

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