What is a MOBI file?

What is a MOBI file and how can I open it? - You might ask yourself that when you find such files on your hard drive. Whether macOS on the Apple Mac or Windows on the PC, the file extension .mobi is a copy-protection-free format for eBooks. If an eBook is formatted in this way, it is often very simply designed and therefore ideal for the Amazon Kindle e-book reader. But Kobo devices and the respective computer software from the individual providers can also work with the book format. So you can open a MOBI file by, for example, the Kindle app for macOS uses. The Mobipocket Reader can also be used on old cell phones and PDA devices.

What is a MOBI file? What are the properties of eBooks in .mobi format and how can you open the files or convert them to PDF? You can find the answers here!
What is a MOBI file? What are the properties of eBooks in .mobi format and how can you open the files or convert them to PDF? You can find the answers here!

History of the MOBI files

The format for simple eBook files was developed by Mobipocket, a French subsidiary of Amazon. The associated Mobipocket Reader comes from her as reading software and with Mobipocket Creators, you can create MOBI files yourself. The successor software comes from Amazon and is called KindleGen. The MOBI format is designed quite simply, does not support any mathematical formulas (MathML), no JavaScript or any extended CSS properties. It is an old, simple file format based on PRC (Palm Resource Code) from the PDA manufacturer Palm.

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Convert MOBI to PDF

With the ability to open MOBI files on many different systems with appropriate software, there is often no need to convert them to other formats. However, if you want to edit the file, display it on special devices without MOBI reading options, or add more design to the text, then the format change can be worthwhile. There are several free apps for macOS, Windows, Linux and Co. with which MOBI can be converted into PDF, EPUB 3 or KF8 and AZW3. Since it is one of the simplest eBook formats, it is easier to convert "upwards" than, for example, from B. PDF or EPUB 3 in MOBI or AZW.

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Books download as MOBI, PDF and Co.

A number of websites offer the download of books in different formats. If you are sure that you are not violating copyrights or committing any other criminal offense with your purchase or the free download of a book, then you can definitely use the EPUB2 / EPUB3 or PDF download. Depending on which hardware you want to use for reading, you may have to install a PDF reader, the Kindle app or other software. I do not want to link pages for downloading books as PDF or in other digital formats at this point, as it takes a little more research to find out which page is completely legal and which is not.

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Questions about weird files

Do you have a file or files on your computer that you don't know what they are and how to open them? Can't find the right converter or app to open the files? Then please leave a comment on the topic and look at the other posts on rather unknown file extensions. 

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