Mobile power supply: InLine Ultrabank, laptop power bank and 230V UPS with USB, etc.

Secure mobile power supply for on the go with a power bank or ultrabank. Outdoor power supply with 230 V AC socket for traveling, camping, fishing, fishing, boats and tents. Image source: Amazon

Mobile power supply for on the go: In this article I would like to briefly show three products for the mobile power supply of smartphones such as the iPhone, laptops and other electronics - also with an output current of 230 V (AC). The individual solutions come from the companies InLine, MAXOAK and ATOTO. From the handy power bank or ultrabank to the massive power supply for outdoor adventures, everything is included;)

Mobile power supply for smartphones, laptops, household appliances and so on: the power bank, the ultrabank and the fat power box as well as details on all mobile power sources can be found on Amazon. Image source: Amazon
Mobile power supply for smartphones, laptops, household appliances and so on: the power bank, the ultrabank and the fat power box as well as details on all mobile power sources are available from Amazon.

InLine Ultrabank with 20.000 mAh for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, etc.

This power bank brings 20.000 mAh. In addition to an output of 5 V via USB, 12 V, 16 V and 19 V are also possible. With the additional battery and the 25 supplied plugs, you can also supply a laptop with power when in doubt. As an example, the Surface 2, Pro 2 and Pro 3 are named on the product page for the power bank for laptops.

InLine 01476 Ultrabank additional battery Powerbank 19800mAh, silver, output 5V USB / 12V / 16V / 19V
  • Lithium polymer additional battery
  • Nominal capacity: 20.000mAh
  • 25 interchangeable DC power plugs

MAXOAK Powerbank with 50.000 mAh for laptop, smartphone and co

You are not allowed to take this power bank with an incredible 50.000 mAh (or 185 Wh) on the plane, but it will help you charge the iPhone 6 around 17 times; or the iPhone 6 Plus eleven times. With the eleven included adapters, laptops can also be powered on the go. It is important to always pay attention to the charging status of the power bank so that you do not suddenly lose power and work progress. Unfortunately, the external battery is not intended for Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro and so on.

No products found.

Suaoki mobile energy storage with 400 W (UPS) for on the go

For camping, fishing trips, traveling by car or motorbike, for all possible and impossible outdoor adventures or if you want to move your office to the park: the gray box from Suaoki offers you a comprehensive mobile power supply. In professional circles, such devices are also often used to give computers a certain "power buffer" in the event of a power failure, so that they can be shut down cleanly. This is then called UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supply. Such a UPS used to be quite expensive, but due to the falling prices for Li-ion batteries, devices with a lot of power are available for little money today. And you don't just have to use it as a UPS, you can also use it as a 230V generator for camping - now without the hellish noise that normal 230V diesel generators deliver free of charge.

The equipment of the Suaoki UPS is also quite lavish: In addition to four USB sockets, two sockets with 230 volts alternating current and a large LCD charge display, the device also has an input via which you can connect the power bank with a solar panel, with 12 volts of a car or can charge with 230 volts alternating current. You can easily connect to the sockets USB-C power supply for the MacBook Pro and similar consumers, which together do not “tipp the scales” more than 400 watts.

I hope that you have a good power supply at hand for every purpose! In any case, I wish you that the camping weather will be good again soon so that you can try out the great gadgets. :)

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