Momondo App: Cheap flights and fun facts about your friends

Momondo flight search

I admit it ... I have those Momondo app for the iPhone rather installed because of the fun facts about my Facebook friends. However, the real purpose of the app is to find cheap flights around the world. You enter the departure airport and the destination airport as well as the number of people (adults and children) and the date for the departure and return flight and the app then looks for a list of offers that look for "cheapest", "fastest", " Let go early "and" late go "sorted. I haven't tested the function any further because I don't fly much. When I asked for a flight from Hanover to Palma, however, over 350 flights were listed - I think you can be satisfied with that. ;)

Momondo flight search

Momondo flight search - in progress ...

Momondo flight search results

... and here the Momondo results in comparison.


There is also a "Hotel search" button in the app, which can, however, simply be accessed on the mobile version of the momondo website link.

Momondo Friend Compass

The Momondo Friend Compass provides interesting information about your Facebook friends!

My favorite function of the app, however, is to connect it to Facebook and then use the "FriendCompass" to find out some fun details about your Facebook friends. The compass first shows how many friends and which friends live in which direction. If you turn your iPhone, the compass moves accordingly and you can see where each friend lives. If you click on a friend, a button "Find flight" will appear next to the profile photo and the name of the contact. Unfortunately, my friends always said "Sorry, no flights available." ... Maybe I live too rural after all. :) In the screenshot, by the way, I've touched up my friends' last names. For that reason, the display may look a bit strange. But data protection comes first ...


But the FriendCompass can do even more: a click on the asterisk symbol displays a list of friends who meet the following criteria:

  • is closest to me
  • is the furthest away
  • is cheapest to visit
  • is the most expensive to visit
  • is in the warmest place
  • is the coldest place

I particularly like the point "is in the coldest place", because as a German you can at least get confirmation that there are still acquaintances who are even worse off. ;)



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