Monoklip II clip-on lens set for the iPhone

Mono-clip iPhone lens

A few weeks ago I was able to test the mono clip set (version 2) with clip-on lenses for the iPhone 5 / 5s (found at It is a metal frame that you put on the iPhone. An additional lens covers the iPhone's camera lens and enables - in conjunction with two additional interchangeable lenses - a change in the photographic effect. The additional lenses can be used to make fisheye shots, telephony shots and [macro shots with the iPhone-> macro photos-iphone]. My test report is limited to a few photos that I took by hand with the set and my iPhone 5. To make the image quality clearer, I have also included 100% crops of photos below.

Scope of delivery and processing

The whole mono clip set is supplied with a cloth bag so that the lenses can be easily inserted. The "plug-on module" is made of plastic, so that the pulling on and off leaves no grinding marks or scratches on the iPhone. The lenses are coated and with the metal frame (coated aluminum) the whole thing makes a very solid and well-made impression.

Mono-clip iPhone lens

The mono clip set offers a quick solution to take real macro and fisheye photos with the iPhone.

I have to admit that I only tried the fisheye lens and the telephoto lens briefly. I was much more fascinated by the macro lens. That's why I made most of the recordings with it.

Here you can see a macro shot of the green dot that you can see on the top of the packaging. The magnification is so strong that you can even see the rasterization of the print.

Enlargement of the mono-clip print

Next comes the one fisheye photo that I took from the balcony. At the edge of the picture you can clearly see the color shift and the blurring that the lens brings with it. For the price you can't expect more, but the [fish-eye effect-> fish-eye effect] "works" and it is certainly a funny effect for some motifs, so that the image quality is less important than the motif.

Monoclip fisheye

The display quality is always suspicious to me in fisheye shots. I think that's just in the nature of things. Somehow I'm not a fan of fisheye lenses ... ;-)

On the other hand, my macro shot of a 1 euro piece is interesting. Here the small scaled complete photo:

1 EURO macro photo

And a 100% crop from the photo ... although you have to note that I cropped from the middle, because the edge blur doesn't "hit" there. I took the picture by hand and so it seems to be a bit out of focus in the middle. But that's more because of me than the macro lens. :)

100% crop 1 euro coin

The next photo shows a bead handicraft by our junior. The individual iron-on beads have a diameter of 3-4 mm.

Fuse beads macro

And also here a 100% crop from the center of the picture:

Fuse beads 100% crop

My conclusion on the Monoklip II

I'm a busy [iPhone photographer-> iphone photography] and I have to admit that the macro area on the iPhone was always not close enough to me. With the Monoklip, this has now become significantly better. Of course, you shouldn't expect miracles in terms of image quality, because we're not taking pictures with a DSLR and a 700 EUR lens.

Nevertheless, I find the photos very effective and presentable. The price for the set is around 30 EUR, which I find absolutely acceptable. For better shots you should maybe use a Tripod with glif use.

There is also a video from monochrom, in which the lens set Monoklip I and II is presented:

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