More creativity with the AlgoLaser Delta 22W – Smart choice for laser engraving and cutting (sponsor)

The new AlgoLaser Delta can be purchased from today. The device with 22W laser offers various options for cutting and engraving different materials on a work surface of 440 x 415 mm. There is also a strong discount for the release: instead of the 1.433,95 euros that will soon be available, you can order the device for just 939 euros. Cutting wood and acrylic is just as possible as engraving images, symbols and writing on wood, glass, acrylic, metal and other materials. Different oxidation states can be used on stainless steel to create colors.

Smart Screen Control: AlgoLaser Delta is the world's first smart laser

Using the built-in smart screen of the Algo Laser Delta, cutting and engraving work can be carried out directly from the memory or USB stick memory card can be carried out – even without a connected computer and without the smartphone app. In addition, a batch job with combined cutting and engraving processes can be started from this touch display. Do you want e.g. B. Cut out coasters and add a picture to them, then this can be done in one go. By simply selecting “Repeat” or “Again”, the job can be carried out again immediately, so that only the work material needs to be replaced - smart batch processing.

Thanks to the touchscreen and its extensive usage options, the AlgoLaser Delta is the world's first smart laser (shall we say).
Thanks to the touchscreen and its extensive usage options, the AlgoLaser Delta is the world's first smart laser.

AlgoLaser Delta – 22W laser machine with interesting specs

The new AlgoLaser Delta bundles four individual lasers to achieve up to 22W of power in a concentrated point. From a rectangular shape, this laser point is brought into an almost square shape in order to enable even more precise work compared to other laser cutters and engraving machines. Depending on the material, different cutting thicknesses are possible: 45 mm black acrylic, 20 mm linden and oak, 12 mm fiberboard, etc. Engravings are also possible extremely quickly, up to 500 mm per second. This is ensured, among other things, by the 32-bit processor with 4 cores, sufficient RAM and support for up to 32 GB SD cards and USB sticks.

Easy to assemble with plug & play ventilation

The device arrives mostly pre-installed and only needs to be assembled in a few steps. The scope of delivery not only includes the frame, the laser guide, the laser module and the cabling. There is also a display for easy operation directly on the device and ventilation. The smart ventilation ensures an automatically regulated air flow, which is intended to prevent overheating and thus prevent the formation of flames. In addition to the automatic system, manual access to the ventilation can also be achieved via the AlgoLaser app and the LightBurn and LaserGRBL programs. Multiple sensors also ensure an emergency stop if the device is moved.

Practical laser cutter and engraving machine for a wide range of projects

With the AlgoLaser Delta you bring home a versatile laser cutter and engraving machine. The fast and stable hardware speaks for the device just as much as the individual usage options. Here are a few key points that highlight this device for laser cutting and engraving:

  • Faster hardware: The new motherboard is equipped with a 4-core CPU, 8 MB of RAM, 16 MB of internal storage space and support for SD cards with up to 32 GB of storage space. The whole thing makes data upload and processing faster.
  • Smart Screen Control: Operation via the integrated screen including engraving and cutting processes, fan control and monitoring of the device status. G-code and NC files can be loaded directly via the display and sent to the laser as an order.
  • Powerful, concentrated laser: At maximum power, a laser spot of 0,16 x 0,14 mm is achieved; at 3% power, concentration to 0,06 x 0,05 mm is possible. Oxidation in over 500 color gradations is possible on stainless steel using different laser levels. Various materials with a thickness of up to 45 mm can be cut.
  • Fast engraving: 500 mm per second or 30.000 mm per minute are possible. On the large work surface, e.g. B. Grayscale images measuring 350 x 350 mm can be completed in just 39 minutes, while the competition takes up to 468 minutes.
  • Pre-installed basic structure: The stable basic structure is delivered pre-installed and only needs to be connected to the other components in a few steps. It also includes smart ventilation, which works directly via Plug&Play. It delivers 30% airflow when engraving and 100% airflow when cutting.

Additionally, the AlgoLaser Delta is perfect for use with Dremel devices. Wood and plastic workpieces cut out with the laser device can be refined and thus perfected using the Dremel tools. In addition, work with the Dremel devices is shortened, as larger projects can be prepared in advance with the AlgoLaser Delta. For example, with a complex candle arch, he can do a lot of preparatory work - you then only do the finishing touches.

Order AlgoLaser Delta with a big discount at market launch

The new AlgoLaser Delta you can now buy it for 939 euros instead of the regular 1.433,95 euros, which will be available after the introductory phase for the laser cutter and engraving machine. The first 100 orders will receive a free 400 x 400 mm Honeycomb panel valued at $79,99. By the way, the data mentioned here wasn't everything there is to know about the new device. Simply click on the linked product page to find out more about the device, the supported operating systems and file formats, usage and many other areas.

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