My iPhone 6 choice: without plus and with 128 GB

iPhone 6

I have to admit, I can always look forward to large screens. But when he's on a smartphone, I usually think smaller is better. I actually liked the screen diagonal of the iPhone 5 and so the iPhone 5 was also well in my back pocket. When I look at the cases from the 4,7 inch model of the iPhone 6 (I have a stack of them from a manufacturer here for testing - but unfortunately no iPhone for it yet), then I think they are marginally large.

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 - slim and stylish! For me with 128 GB and 4,7 inches (Photos: Apple).

iPhone 6+ - a declaration of war for every pocket

A 5,5-inch model was clearly a no-go for me. When I look at the colleagues who put these tablet-sized Samsung smartphones in their overused trouser pockets, all I can say is: a tablet is not for your trouser pocket. And I don't always like running around with a man's handbag. So the iPhone 6+ is definitely not for me. If there was a 6-inch iPhone 4: I would have ordered it ...

128 GB? Mandatory for hard-working photographers

With the iPhone 5 I already had the "big" model with 64 GB of memory. That went well for 2 years, but a week ago it complained that the memory on the iPhone was full. I then deleted some large apps from the view with the largest memory hogs, but with a minimum of music selection, a few nice games, a navigation app, a hiking and cycling navigation app with offline maps and a hard-working clipper behind the camera, the iPhone is also quickly filled with 64 GB.

I assume that I will not take fewer photos with the iPhone 6, but that I will be even more enthusiastic about taking pictures because of the better camera. The games are also likely to become significantly more memory-hungry due to the technical possibilities. For this reason it was clear to me that I would not be happy for long with a 64 GB model and I ordered the 128 GB model straight away. Upgrading afterwards is not that easy either. ;)

The price for a lot of RAM: With the "small" iPhone 6 you end up at 899 EUR if you want 128 GB. With the iPhone 6+ you have to add another 100 EUR and come to 999 EUR.

iPhone 6 models

Available iPhone 6 models: silver, space gray and gold (photos: Apple).

Your opinion: Which model do you like best and why?

I would be happy if you wrote in the comments which model you like best and why you are interested in it or why you have ordered it. Perhaps there is one or the other food for thought for other readers who are still considering which model to buy. :-)



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