Netatmo Welcome Wifi camera with facial recognition: The "smart home" starts at the front door

Netatmo Welcome big
The Netatmoe Welcome WLAN camera offers full HD resolution and can also recognize faces in the dark (Photo: Netatmo).

Video surveillance of the entrance area meets the increased need for security of many people and is simply part of a "smart home". the Netatmo Welcome WiFi camera however, it is only suitable for protection against burglars to a limited extent. However, if you want to know when your own offspring will come home when you are not at home yourself, this easy-to-use network camera is the best choice. The uncomplicated Netatmo Welcome Camera recognizes all members of the family and of course friends once they have been introduced to face recognition.

This is how the Netatmo Welcome works

The uncomplicated and attractively designed camera is easy to set up: You just have to install the free iOS app, power the camera and follow the instructions on the iPhone. Then you need a free Netatmo account (you can use the Netatmo account set up here), which organizes the communication between mobile phone and camera. If required, the camera can be connected to the network via LAN or W-LAN.

Setting up the face recognition takes some time: the Netatmo Welcome saves every unknown face, which is then manually assigned an identity. When done in different lighting conditions, the camera's face detection is reasonably reliable. The camera only has difficulties with the assignment when taking profile photos, which is why it should be mounted on the front door in such a way that a frontal photo of the face is possible. The recording angle of 130 degrees enables coverage over a wide area.

The Netatmo Welcome recognizes everyone in the house. Photo: Netatmo.
The Netatmo Welcome recognizes all people belonging to the house and, if necessary, also acquaintances who have been "taught" to the system. Photo: Netatmo.

The smart WiFi camera in the everyday test

The camera scores with full HD recordings and also takes good pictures at night. The only problem is the fact that the recordings are not stored in a cloud, not even optionally, but on a micro SD card, which is located on the back of the camera. In case of doubt, the camera and the recordings of a thief are simply gone, who can then no longer be identified. Screenshots are regularly saved in the cloud, but is there a good shot included?

When the camera takes pictures and when it doesn't, can be regulated individually. People and times can also be excluded from recordings. In the case of unknown visitors, the Netatmo Welcome sends an alarm to the cell phone. If you wish, she can also provide information about known people so that you know when the children are back from school.

Networking with other smart components in the house is currently not planned. For example, if you want to couple the Netatmo Welcome to light switches so that the house is automatically lit when you get home, you have to take the detour via the IFTT service to take.

Source of supply for "Netatmo Welcome" and "Netatmo Tags"

If you want to get the Netatmo camera, you can find the system on Amazon, for example. There is the package "Netatmo tags“ unfortunately not yet available. This pack contains three sensors (“tags”) that can be attached to doors, windows or even mailboxes. The sensors register vibrations and can thus provide information about attempted break-ins or new post and about the event in the Netatmo-App notify on iPhone. If the Netatmo tags are available, you will find them via this Amazon search for "Netatmo Tags".

50,04 EUR
Netatmo Welcome network camera
The smart Netatmo Welcome recognizes the whole family and all acquaintances you learn. The Nightvision function is also interesting, with which clear recordings can also be made at night - in Full HD.

Alternatives to the Netatmo camera

Here are two alternatives to the Netatmo Welcome. A little tip: All these cameras can act as a deterrent, but they won't really chase away stubborn thieves. This can only be achieved by coupling it to an alarm system, which works best in open smart home systems. Alternatively, you can perhaps make do with a siren on a WLAN socket, which you can then activate manually via an iOS app on the iPhone if you notice remotely that an undesired person is in the house. Instructions with components are coming soon!

Netgear Arlo with any number of cameras
Netgear's security system called Arlo can network any number of cameras. The wireless system reacts to movement and saves all recordings free of charge in the cloud. In addition, you can access all cameras via the iOS app while on the move and view the real-time recording.
Withings home camera system with 2-way audio
A special feature of the Withings camera is certainly the ability to communicate with the person in front of the camera via audio. In addition, the system offers a wide angle of 135 degrees and of course Full HD. Movements and sounds activate the camera. The recordings end up in the interactive diary. The lullaby function makes the Withings camera an innovative baby monitor alternative. Another interesting plus point of this system: You can zoom in on the video, which the other security cameras cannot.

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