Netgear Arlo Baby: HomeKit baby monitor with camera, night light & more

The Netgear Arlo Baby security camera is not just a full HD camera with night vision for the nursery, with which you can always keep an eye on your child via smartphone. In addition to the camera function, the child-friendly device also has motion detection, air sensors for temperature and humidity, music player for playing music to fall asleep, as well as a night light with a color that can be selected, noise detection and, of course, an intercom function. The Netgear Arlo Baby is, so to speak, the egg-laying woolly milk pig among baby monitors.

A feature of the Netgear Arlo Baby security camera with night vision, night light, motion detectors, air sensors, two-way audio, music player and HomeKit integration. Image source: Amazon

A feature of the Netgear Arlo Baby security camera with night vision, night light, motion detectors, air sensors, two-way audio, music player and HomeKit integration. Image source: Amazon

Netgear Arlo Baby: Smart baby monitor with HomeKit integration

Last year there was a little introduction to the blog here Netgear Arlo Pro 2 than the manufacturer's new surveillance cameras. The full HD camera for the children's room with a name Netgear Arlo Baby has been on sale since the summer of 2017 and, in addition to the features already mentioned, also offers the option of integrating the Apple HomeKit, i.e. for the smart home solution Cupertino. If you integrate this further developed, smart baby monitor at home, you can control it directly via the Apple Home App realize. These functions are available this way:

  • Live streaming of the camera (Arlo camera feed)
  • Call up the surveillance camera live stream via Siri, also on iPad and Apple TV
  • Two-way audio to talk to and hear the baby
  • Call up the last screenshot in the quick view
  • And more

Buy Netgear Arlo Baby

For the proud price of 285 EUR you can currently buy the Netgear Arlo Baby surveillance camera. The good thing about it: if it has served its purpose as a children's room camera, you can use it (without the rabbit, puppy or cat ears) as normal security cameras - in the hallway, garage, office, etc.

HomeKit baby monitor from Netgear
The Netgear Arlo Baby Full HD Security Camera (ABC1000-100EUS) with night vision, two-way audio, music player, night light, air sensors and motion detector serves as a smart way to keep an eye on the baby or toddler. Operation via power pack (included) or battery (up to 4 hours) possible.

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Cloud or Local Storage?

A local memory is not provided for this device. The Netgear Arlo Baby camera relies on cloud storage on the Netgear server. The recordings can be accessed free of charge for 7 days; there are also various subscriptions (see message on Netgear Arlo Pro 2) that allow storage and retrieval over a longer period of time. In addition to the saved recordings, which you can call up via the web interface or the Arlo app for Apple iPhone and iPad, the live stream is also possible for real-time insight into the children's room. Here is the app that, in addition to the Apple Home application, brings the functions of the product to the end device:
[appbox app store id925911312]

Cheaper alternative

If you already have a security and surveillance set from Netgear, then I speculate that you and your wallet will fully appreciate this addition for the offspring. But if you don't want to spend 285 euros on the video-monitored security of your baby, then there are also cheaper products. How about the YI Home Camera, for example, which also offers full HD, two-way audio, motion detectors, the detection of babies' crying and night vision for just under 52 euros? Usable in the smart home via the YI Home app and local storage of the baby monitor videos / pictures on an SD card (not included): Check it out!


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