New from G-Technology: external hard drives with Thunderbolt interface

G drive

The target audience for the new hard drives from G Technology is certainly not up to the "normal" end user, because the external storage media, thanks to the support of the Thunderbolt interface, are more suitable for users who require high data throughput. For this reason, G-Technology primarily appeals to amateurs and professionals from A / V production with the hard drive series "G-Drive" and G-Drive mobile ", but also to photographers and creative offices. The built-in hard drives work with 7.200 U / min and thus offer fast access times.Through the use of Thunderbolt technology, the data throughput is also very high.

Made for Macs: User-friendly hard drive solution

The two hard drives from G-Technology are aimed at the target group of creative people who work on the Mac and who want uncompromising convenience: The hard drives are already formatted for the Mac and are ready for use immediately after being inserted. The shapely aluminum housing not only looks good, but also doesn’t resent "rougher" use. In contrast to some other providers of Thunderbolt hard drives, G-Technology includes both a USB-3 and a Thunderbolt cable with both hard drives - a service that has to be noted positively, since the Thunderbolt cables are clearly expensive in terms of price .

G-Drive: Storage giant with up to 4TB capacity

G drive

Hard disk solution "G-Drive" (Photos: G-Technology).

The G-Drive hard drive According to the manufacturer, it offers a constant transfer rate of 165 MB / s, which it manages via USB-3 as well as Thunderbolt. Even if the Thunderbolt interface would actually allow a higher throughput, the bottleneck with the external hard drives is actually always the built-in disk in the housing - and in this case the G-Drive is very fast, thanks to the 7.200 rpm. So a good compromise for people who don't want to pay huge sums for external SSD hard drives, but still need a high data throughput. Particularly important for audio and AV processing: The hard drive does not have a fan and is cooled by a built-in heat sink. G-Technology puts the prices at 357 EUR (RRP) for the 4TB hard drive and 267,75 EUR for the 3TB hard drive.


G-Drive mobile: 1TB hard drive for on the go

G drive mobile

Thunderbolt and USB 3 hard drive for mobile use: "G-Drive mobile".

The G drive mobile appeals - as the name suggests - to the target group of laptop users who need a storage solution that they can quickly plug into their MacBook on the go. For this reason, the "mobile" version also has a power supply via the bus and can be operated both via the USB interface and via the Thunderbolt connection. An external power supply unit is not necessary. The data transfer rate with this hard drive is a constant 136 MB / s. The external hard drive is used, for example, as a Time Machine hard drive or as storage for backups of files, music, videos and photos. The hard drive is now available in stores for 192,92 EUR (RRP).


G-Drive PRO: The solution for professionals

G Drive PRO

Fast hard drive solution without compromise: "G-Drive PRO".

The G Drive Pro was already presented by G-Technology in 2013 and is now also available in stores. With the "PRO" version, G-Technology has managed to implement an external hard drive that can keep up with SSDs in terms of speed, but which does not have an SSD installed. In the case you will find a "rotating" SATA-III hard drive with 7.200 rpm, which can transfer up to 480 MB / s in connection with the Thunderbolt connection. The external Thunderbolt solution is available as a 2TB and 4TB variant. The two Thunderbolt ports on the housing can be used to daisy-chain multiple Thunderbolt devices together.

Due to the high transfer rate, the hard drive solution is suitable for 2K or 4K AV production. The price of EUR 761,60 for the 4TB variant and EUR 624,75 for the 2TB variant shows that the target group here is professional users who rely on high-quality and, above all, fast equipment for video editing.

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