Netflix new releases and Amazon news: films and series on Prime Video & Co

Your search for the new releases with VoD service providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, maxdome and Co now has an end; Here you get links to overviews of new films, series, seasons and other offers from these streaming services. I could tell you the news from NetflixList, Amazon Prime Video and Maxdome for 2017, but do not always keep the article up to date; long-term for 2018 and so on ... That's why I would like to link you to pages of the providers and news websites that show you new films, series, documentaries and more.

Update, February 28, 2018: The currently best overview for new films and series on Netflix offers Flixable!

New releases from the VoD provider Netflix

I have put a link to the new releases on Amazon Prime Video or Instant Video, Netflix and Maxdome in this article. You will also find a list of new books, DVD and Blu-Ray films / series, music and so on. Check it out ;)

Netflix new releases as well as news from Prime Video and Maxdome

Below you can find a list of the novelties from Amazon. Since Netflix and Maxdome, i.e. the pure video on demand streamers, do not offer such lists, I would like to take a detour to do so Newslash advise. All new Netflix series and films as well as the new top Netflix films and series are regularly listed there. You can find the new releases for 2017 - and later for 2018, too, etc. with this link. In addition to the new Netflix releases, the Amazon Prime new releases and, more recently, Maxdome new releases are listed there.

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New films, series and other new releases

When it comes to Amazon, the world's largest mail order company naturally knows how to provide comprehensive information. Amazon offers different lists for its Prime Video area or for the Instant Video offer. But not only with films and series, as well as with the new season of a series, there is always current information for Amazon friends. Anyone who wants to have novelties in the areas of books, DVD and Blu-Ray as well as music will also get an overview page on Amazon.

Overview of new publications on Amazon

Here I have listed everything for you:

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Conclusion on the subject of new releases

If you are currently looking for the best streaming service or the right video on demand provider, then you can make the decision next to the price thanks also to the upcoming novelties among the series and films on offer. Find the best offer, find the films you like and the service that shows new episodes of your favorite series. But even if you've been looking for news from the world of books, music, DVDs and Blu-Rays, I hope that I was able to help you :)


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