New update for macOS Mojave fixes problems with Safari and poor performance

Security update 005 for macOS Mojave solves problems

Last week, Apple didn't just have that macOS 10.15.7 update for Catalina but also released an update for Mojave, which was named Security Update 2020-005 for macOS Mojave. After the update was released, there were reports of messages in which individual programs were using too much RAM, the CPU was overloaded or the Finder was simply inoperable due to the high location. These phenomena were named in detail:

  • Loud fan noise (due to hot processor)
  • Mac boots slowly
  • very poor performance and severe delays in operation
  • massive RAM consumption
  • Problems in the user administration
  • constant hard drive noise as system logs were overfilled

One trigger - if not the trigger - for the Mac's strange behavior appears to be Safari 14. Obviously, Mojave users who already had the new Safari version on their Mac are particularly affected.

The new Mac operating system can do a lot. Still, some Mojave users have problems after upgrading. Do you have a problem with macOS 10.14 Mojave? Maybe you can find the solution here!

The new Mac operating system can do a lot. Nevertheless, some users have problems with their Mac after the security update 005. However, the latest update fixes this.

Escape Forward with macOS Catalina

One way to get out of this dilemma is to escape to the front and install macOS Catalina. This solves the problems under Mojave, but for certain reasons many users did not want to update to Catalina. At this point perhaps a brief reference to the article Mojave vs. Big Sur, which is also in the starting blocks.

Reinstall macOS Mojave

A second possibility to solve the problem with the miserable performance after the 005 update is to install (without data loss) an older Mojave version that can still be downloaded from Apple. The security update 005 is not yet included here and the problems can be avoided or reversed.

Apple backed out

Yesterday Apple itself apparently noticed that the 005 update triggered massive problems for Mojave users and withdrew the update. Instead there is now a new "version" of the update, which is supposed to fix all the problems. According to a reader who wrote to me yesterday and today, any troubles they had after the original update were resolved after the new update.

So if you only start the update now, you shouldn't have any problems with your Mac. All those who are currently still struggling with their Mac should download and install the new security update 005.

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  1. Nicolas says:

    Thank you Jens for publishing an article about it!

    Nice weekend ????
    Greetings Nicolas

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Nicolas! But gladly ... after reading that there were more problems with the update. So I thought it might help more readers. Have a nice WE too! LG, Jens

  2. TT says:

    Quote: "... the reference to the article Mojave vs. Bug Sur ..." - well, we don't want to conjure it up ... ;-)

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      I corrected it, but that was a nice prescriber. Let's not hope that he'll give you a taste of the new system. : D

  3. Charlie says:

    Dear Mr. Kleinholz

    I can't say that there were problems with the last update, which just annoys me, but it didn't happen with the last update, that you simply can no longer work with the graphics software iPhoto!

    Because that was always my favorite program, where you could do a lot of applications with, since there are no more, you had to orientate yourself differently, like Affinity Photo and Designer, if the iPhoto came back again, that wouldn't be bad !! !

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello charlie! Actually, the Photos app is a good alternative to iPhoto. When I had to make the switch several years ago, I was also a bit disappointed, as there were hardly any editing options at that time, but now you can edit the photos well in the Photos app as well as by "in" the photos in Affinity Designer using the Photos app. It is well integrated and there is actually nothing left to be desired.

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