Newsletter software - 4 German, GDPR-compliant providers in comparison

Newsletter software from providers in Germany has been in greater demand than ever for a month. Because on May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, EU-GDPR for short, came into force. This provides for much stricter requirements for data protection and the handling of user data, i.e. also for the contact details of newsletter recipients. If you prefer a newsletter software from the EU or from Germany instead of MailChimp and other non-European providers, I offer a comparison of Newsletter2Go, CleverReach, rapidmail and Klick-Tipp here. 

For all four providers of newsletter software in German you will also find your own extensive articles with offers, prices and further information on the blog:

Comparison of newsletter software providers. I looked at Newsletter2Go, CleverReach, rapidmail and Klick-Tipp and gathered information about the mailing services.
Comparison of newsletter software providers. I looked at Newsletter2Go, CleverReach, rapidmail and Klick-Tipp and gathered information about the mailing services.

Why do I need a newsletter software or service provider?

E-mail marketing is a good tool to provide readers, customers, affiliates and many other contacts with important information as well as news, promotions and programs. Marketing by email keeps your own name in the minds of the recipients and ensures clicks, sales and more. From bloggers to influencers to online shops or traditional retail stores, numerous entrepreneurs and companies can benefit from sending individual emails. With a larger readership / clientele, however, it quickly becomes confusing, so that one prefers to fall back on services that offer help with design, content, delivery time, division of recipient groups and so on.

And this is exactly where the aforementioned online service providers for mailing and the providers of extensive newsletter software come into play. What they all have in common is that they offer different lists and tags for assigning individual contacts to special groups. The newsletters, campaign e-mails and event e-mails for Easter, Christmas or World Cup can also be designed individually and optimized for display on Mac, PC, smartphone and tablet. Various interfaces can be used to integrate images, link the eCommerce platform and use other services. So everyone can find the right offer.

Advantages of email service providers from Germany

As mentioned above, the biggest advantage of local email service providers and developers of German newsletter software is that they implement the EU GDPR. This means that the recipients' personal data are specially secured and that they can be issued and deleted at the request of the person. I have summarized further advantages of the named providers in a list:

  • Free trial versions of the web-based programs
  • Partly free use for small mailings (up to 10 or 100 addresses)
  • Simple platform with editor software for creating professional newsletters
  • Integration of online shops via eCommerce interface, surveys, Facebook, etc.
  • Knowledge base and webinars for better emails and more effective campaigns
  • Solutions for different industries and subject areas as well as company sizes
  • Tools for editing and embedding images and other media
  • Analysis tools for the evaluation of opening, click, discharge and other rates
  • Data protection-compliant integration of Google Analytics and other third-party providers
  • Autoresponder and follow-up mailing for automatic email dispatch

Comparison: Newsletter2Go, CleverReach, rapidmail and Klick-Tipp

In the following comparison, I mainly incorporated my own research. You can find details of the information I have compiled from the individual providers of newsletter software in the linked articles. But I also have some information for the table Online retailer magazine (2nd quarter 2018 edition) - of course in paid print edition.

Newsletter2Go CleverReach rapidmail Click-Tip
Software language German, English, French, Dutch, Italian German English French German, English, French, Spanish, Italian German
Reach > 120.000 customers > 170.000 customers > 80.000 customers n / a
Free templates approx. 50 150+, including 50+ responsive 125+ ja
Definition of target groups ja ja ja ja
Clean up lists (sort out duplicates, blacklist, etc.) ja ja ja ja
Analysis of delivery and delivery rate ja ja ja ja
Open and click rate ja ja ja ja
Target group analysis ja ja ja ja
German support ja ja ja ja
Server in Germany ja ja ja n / a
Email automation ja ja ja ja
Web-based platform / software Web Web Web Web
AB test possible? ja ja ja ja
Free email test is also possible is also possible is also possible is also possible
Report on the provider Newsletter2Go CleverReach rapidmail Click-Tip

The price of the professional email

As already mentioned above, you can use free test phases with some providers and even use the newsletter software free of charge if you only have a few recipients in the mailing list and / or only send a few emails per month. But you certainly have quite a few readers and want to share updates, promotions and new offers with them on a regular basis. Then the price of all providers depends on the exact numbers. From the inexpensive 9 euro subscription for SMEs to four or five-digit amounts for several million recipients and emails from large corporations, everything is included. You can find details in the linked reports and on the linked provider pages.


The right newsletter software not only ensures that you occasionally send a mail to a list of interested parties, but also that you can implement extensive mail marketing for different target groups and recipients. A test is usually free of charge, and further use can be easily planned through subscriptions and clear models. So if you are looking for a tool for creating newsletters with free templates, drag & drop editor and German support, then you will surely find the right service provider here. Since the individual software solutions are web-based, there is no need for a large download to create newsletters and campaigns.

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