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The German newsletter software Newsletter2Go from the Berlin-based GmbH of the same name is used to create and send newsletter e-mails quickly and easily. In addition to creating and sending newsletters to recipients, the program also has functions for managing addresses, running mailing campaigns and so on. In the Lite package you get up to 1.000 e-mails per month as well as the standard features of the program for free. All the details and a practical price calculator are available on the provider website.

The German newsletter software Newsletter2Go can be tested for free up to 1.000 emails per month. What it offers, which subscription packages are available and further information can be found here.
The German newsletter software Newsletter2Go can be tested for free up to 1.000 emails per month. What it offers, which subscription packages are available and further information can be found here.

Newsletter2Go - newsletter software for mail marketing

Mail marketing is by no means a relic of the past. Even in the age of social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, XING, LinkedIn and Co., newsletters are a very good way of conveying information, news and promotions to blog readers and shop customers. However, nobody does the job of creating every single customer email by hand and sending it off individually - regardless of whether it is a blog or a large technology company, software like the one from Newsletter2Go pays for itself quickly. And below a certain size, Newsletter2Go is even free of charge.

Data protection - Newsletter2Go is GDPR compliant

The new General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, i.e. the EU-GDPR or, for short, just the GDPR, has ensured that many users have migrated from non-European providers of mailings and switched to local providers. Among other things, MailChimp is a well-known US offer from which some users switch to providers such as Newsletter2Go in order to be on the safe side. 

In addition to the secure collection and management of email addresses and compliance with European data protection laws, support and information on the provider's website also play a major role. These are completely available in German - in the Newsletter2Go blog there is this infographic on the current data protection topic along with several text contributions, for example:

Newsletter and more - services and prices at a glance

Creating and sending newsletters, these are of course the main functions that newsletter software like Newsletter2Go should have. In the following I have compiled a few more information and data for you. So if you're wondering how much a mailing service for digital marketing costs, or what else you can do with it, then take a look.

Subscription packages

Newsletter2Go offers various packages that offer different features and options. In addition, the offers differ in the scope of support, the number of address books, the design templates and the opt-in measures. What you can expect in the three packages, I have summarized for you here:

Contains ... - All LITE features All STANDARD features
Address books 1 5 unlimited
User 1 5 unlimited
Media library storage 50 MB 1 GB unlimited
layouts 40 simple templates 30 design templates everything
Campaigns Standard Automation, API White labeling
Linking Shopware ja yes with 1-click product transfer ditto
Report Overview of important key figures Detailed report as PDF and CSV ditto
additionally - Voucher pool, email attachments, spam testing, double opt-in import from 100.000 e-mails also dedicated IPs; Client testing


You can test the GDPR-compliant Newsletter2Go newsletter software free of charge and use it permanently for free up to a certain number of newsletters per month and with the basic functions. If you want more, there are of course costs. The prices listed below are per month. If you pay annually, you can get a 10% discount!

Until ... mails / month LITE STANDARD PRO
1.000 0 € 20 € 200 €
2.500 20 € 30 € 210 €
5.000 30 € 50 € 230 €
7.500 40 € 70 € 250 €
10.000 60 € 90 € 270 €
15.000 70 € 110 € 290 €
20.000 90 € 130 € 310 €
between 110 € to 395 €
50.000 180 € 230 € 410 €
between 185 € to 470 €
100.000 245 € 305 € 485 €
between 265 € to 1.565 €
2.900.000 1.255 € 1.365 € 1.625 €

More offers

In addition to the actual mail marketing and the newsletter software, Newsletter2Go GmbH from Berlin offers you further services and information. If you take advantage of this, you will be fully informed in order to be able to offer your blog readers or shop customers the best possible newsletter. Among other things, you can find this data and help content on the website of the German newsletter company:

  • Selection of offers for e-commerce, agencies, SMEs, large companies, developers and the self-employed
  • Knowledge and tips for using individual features
  • Software tips and instructions for using the Newsletter2Go newsletter software
  • Newsletter tips for different industries and types of businesses
  • Advice and knowledge for direct marketing, mail marketing and SMS marketing in particular, Outlook services and more
  • The Newsletter2Go blog with current, informative articles, tips and help articles
  • Knowledge videos with information in moving images and audio

A brief introduction - Newsletter2Go Video

In this video, the company from Berlin shows very briefly how targeted mailing with Newsletter2Go can have a positive effect on the success of your own company. The video is admittedly 5 years old on Newsletter2Go YouTube Channel you will always find new videos with help, tips and tricks, tutorials / instructions and more. And I have already compiled all the current data on the offer in the previous lines of this article;)


In summary, it can be said that Newsletter2Go is not only a free newsletter software for small mail marketing, but that it also offers large companies tailor-made solutions for their mailing with appropriate subscriptions. In addition to the software for creating and sending regular news and offers, the girls and boys from Berlin also make the effort to put extensive knowledge on top of it for free - via website, YouTube videos and so on. And the best: Newsletter2Go is GDPR-compliant and therefore particularly recommended for users in the EU.

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