Nice idea: App magnets for the refrigerator in the iPhone look

iPhone app magnets
iPhone app magnets

The small iPhone app magnets are 2 × 2 cm and stick to every refrigerator with a metal door - available from Amazon (Photo:

The home screen of the Apple iPhone is probably burned into the brain of every iPhone user. For this reason, the icons that can usually be found there catch the eye particularly quickly. I recently found all these apps on the fridge door of a friend and was kind of perplexed. The effect is really great ... of course you start playing around with the apps on the fridge and then unfortunately you notice that the power of the magnets is a bit "weak", but it is enough to hold 2-3 pieces of paper under one magnet. From 4-5 slips of paper it slowly becomes critical. But still: these things are really nicely done.

A nice gift idea for Apple nerds!

I would have liked to have bought the fridge magnets, but unfortunately we have a wooden door on the fridge, so unfortunately they would not hold up. But if you have an Apple fanboy as a friend who also has a nice refrigerator with a metal door, you should take a look at the app magnet set - it's really a great gift idea for Apple nerds or people who are constantly on their iPhone have to play around.

The app magnets are available in the "small" size and also in the XXL set. The small magnets have an edge length of 2 cm and the large magnets have an edge length of 3,5 cm.

App magnets 2x2 cm in iPhone app design
The app design of the magnets is a feast for the eyes for Apple fans and delights you every time you look at the refrigerator door.
3,55 EUR
XXL app magnets for the fridge
The 18 magnets in this set are made in the app design of an iPhone home screen and are 3,5 x 3,5 cm in size.
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