Nintendo Switch: 16+ x questions and answers about consoles, online services and more

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The hot topic of the technology and gaming scene is Nintendo Switch currently on everyone's lips, including many questions as well as the right answers here and there. In this post I have put together 16 questions and answers about the Nintendo Switch for you. In addition to the console and the Joy-Con controllers, games, the online service and the scope of delivery are also covered.

Update May 2021: Four years have passed since the first version of this article and the indications are condensing towards a Pro version of the Nintendo Switch. In addition, there are already the first indications of a possible successor, i.e. a completely new console. Corresponding questions and answers that have arisen so far are supplemented below. 

When will the Nintendo Switch go on sale?

The console will be released on March 3, 2017. Then - with a bit of luck - you can buy it in electronics stores or receive it by post, so you have pre-ordered them.

How much does the Nintendo Switch cost?

The console will cost around 330 euros to around 350 euros with different providers acted. In addition to these costs, there are also the prices of the games and possibly other accessories.

What games will be available when the console is released?

Besides The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild there will also be the party game on March 3rd 1-2-Switch, Super Bomberman R, Skylanders - Imagninators and Just Dance 2017 out. Then there is the game that many expect I Am Setsuna. What is already waiting in the eShop is not yet known.

What does the data sheet look like, what technical data does the switch have?

Here is a list of the most important and currently known technical data of the Nintendo console:

  • TV resolution: 1080p with 60 fps
  • Handheld resolution: 720p on 6,2 inch screen (touch screen)
  • Dimensions of the handheld: 10,2 x 23,9 x 1,4 cm (including Joy-Con control units)
  • Mobile battery: Li-Io battery with 4.310 mAh; 2,5 to 6 hours capacity depending on the game
  • Internal memory: 32 GB; expandable with microSD cards
  • Connection for TV: HDMI; Connections to mobile unit: Jack, USB Type-C
  • Connectivity: WiFi; LAN with adapter for the base station
The back of the Nintendo Switch docking station with the individual connections HDMI, USB C and power. Image source:
The back of the Nintendo Switch docking station with the individual connections HDMI, USB C and power. Image source:

What is so special about the Switch Joy-Con controllers?

Each of the console's two controllers (left and right) is a separate, small but complex control unit. All important buttons, joysticks, a sync button, the unlock button, the player display, etc. are located in the small device. In addition, each Joy-Con brings motion sensors, a rumble feature and so on. Differences between left and right: the capture button for screenshots, the home button and the infrared motion camera. Nintendo has details.

The Joy-Con controller of the Nintendo Switch console. All kinds of buttons, levers, displays and special functions make every Joy-Con a marvel of technology;) Image source:
The Joy-Con controller of the Nintendo Switch console. All kinds of buttons, levers, displays and special functions make every Joy-Con a marvel of technology;) Image source:

Rumble Pak or real Rumble function?

Said rumble feature is not just a funny addition to the gaming experience like the one N64but an important part of some games. The rumble function in the 1-2-Switch game is an important part when opening a safe!

How many Joy-Con controllers can you connect to the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch can be coupled with up to 8 Joy-Con controllers - according to the latest information. Nintendo also shows in the presentation of the Switch that up to 8 players can connect to the handheld. From a technical point of view, 16 Joy-Cons are used.

What is the scope of delivery for the switch?

The standard package includes:

  • Base station for connection to the TV
  • Nintendo Switch console (with display)
  • Left and right Joy-Con controllers
  • Joy-Con Grip (controller unit for TV or table mode)
  • Joy-Con Strangles (wrist loops)
  • HDMI cable
  • power cable

Are there other control units for the switch?

The console comes with a holder for the Joy-Cons (Joy-Con Grip), which thus results in a controller, including a player display (a total of 8 LEDs). In addition, additional controllers are offered by Nintendo: the Pro Controller, additional Joy-Cons, and later a steering wheel for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and similar games.

What does the Nintendo Switch Online Service bring?

From March you can use a test version of the Nintendo Switch Online Service, from autumn this will then be chargeable. Of course, all physical games can also be played without online connection. There is also access to the Nintendo eShop and other services without a subscription. But only subscribers will get the online gameplay, a NES or SNES game every month (only 1 month can be played for free), exclusive deals and voice chat App.

Details on Nintendo's Switch Online Service. The eShop can also be selected without a subscription; Special services such as free NES and SNES games are only available with a subscription. Source:
Details on Nintendo's Switch Online Service. The eShop can also be selected without a subscription; Special services such as free NES and SNES games are only available with a subscription. Source:

What will the Nintendo Switch Online Service cost?

According to this report The online service for the Nintendo Switch costs between 2.000 and 3.000 yen annually, i.e. 16,45 euros to 24,68 euros - or 16,50 euros to 25 euros rounded up.

Will the switch also play virtual reality content?

VR is currently still being explored by Nintendo and viewed as a possibility for the Switch; there are no exact or official plans for the use of VR.

Is the console backwards compatible with the Wii or Wii U?

Wii U games are offered on discs, for the Nintendo Switch come modules (similar to memory Cards) for use. Whether there will be radio or other compatibility for playing together is uncertain. So for now, the answer is no. (The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild is also coming to the Wii U.)

Should the mobile device replace the Nintendo 3DS?

No, Nintendo is sticking to its successful handheld 3DS and new games will be released for it.

When is a Mario Kart version coming for the Switch?

The game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be released on April 28, 2017.

When is Skyrim coming to Nintendo Switch?

The game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be published in autumn 2017; six years after the initial release.

2021 Update

Can you recommend the Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch?

Yes, the Pro Controller is particularly recommended for longer games in TV mode and for people who don't have very small hands. It lies comfortably in the hand, the individual sticks, buttons and buttons are easily accessible and the connection to the console is also stable. In addition, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller can be paired with the Apple Mac and Windows PC via Bluetooth in order to use it as a gaming controller - for example for Steam games.

What information is there about the Nintendo Switch Pro?

The Nintendo Switch Pro should bring more powerful hardware, a 4K resolution in TV mode and an OLED display for handheld mode. With a better processor and a more powerful graphics unit, some performance problems that exist with the current Nintendo Switch from 2017 and its revision from 2019 would be eliminated. According to rumors, the Pro model will come onto the market towards the end of 2021, probably around the Christmas business.

Which game could accompany the release of the Nintendo Switch Pro?

Matching "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", which appeared as a release title for the Nintendo Switch in 2017, the second part of Breath of the Wild could be released in 2021 to accompany its Pro version. This was announced a long time ago, but since then there has been hardly any information from Nintendo or the rumor mill. Therefore, it is now speculated that Nintendo will announce / bring out the console and the game at some point without too much announcement as a bang for Christmas 2021. 

What's Coming After Nintendo Switch - And When Is It?

The latest information says that the Nintendo Switch is currently in the middle of the product life. This means that (apart from the Pro version) there will be no completely new console from the Japanese video game giant for another four years. With the Switch, the company's offering has already been raised to a new level, especially after the flop of the Wii U. The Switch was definitely a success, and bringing it in again will be the big challenge for 2025.

What are the hurdles for a new Nintendo console?

There will be quite a few problems with everything that comes after the switch. Because the console must then at least compete with the Sony PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. But maybe there will already be pro versions of these current gaming devices that came onto the market in 2020. In terms of graphics, performance and engines, the Nintendo device has to do a lot. There is also the question of whether Nintendo wants to reinvent itself or play it safe and "only" want to sell a further developed switch. Because the console is currently very successful; a new “Wii U” could mean a new flop.

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  1. Question. I bought a nintendo switch with mario kart. Do I have to buy a separate controller so that you can play 2 against each other? If not, how do I do that with the included controller, I tried everything except the USB cable that was not included. does anyone know

    1. Johannes Domke


      Mario Kart can be played in pairs by removing the two Joy-Cons from the console and using them as individual controllers. To do this, the Joy-Cons are simply held across and, if necessary, previously defined as individual control units in the settings. The Joy-Con steering wheels should also be practical here. There is a separate article on this here in the blog: Just click here!

      I hope I could help you.

      Best regards

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