No money for Apple products? This is how you still get them...

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Are you toying with the latest iPhone, the Vision Pro or the MacBook Pro, but your wallet says no? Don't worry, there are numerous ways you can get your Apple product despite limited resources. In this article we look at various financing options that will bring you closer to Apple products without breaking the bank.

The fascination with Apple: Why are these products so popular?

Apple has a unique appeal. Whether the latest iPhone, the powerful MacBook or the practical Apple Watch - every product is a symbol of innovation and quality. Apple combines design, technology and usability in a way that delights fans worldwide.

Due to the high price of the Vision Pro, it quickly becomes apparent that you cannot afford the product (Photo: Igor Omilaev/Unsplash).
Due to the high price of the Vision Pro, it quickly becomes apparent that you cannot afford the product (Photo: Igor Omilaev/Unsplash).

Financing with an installment loan: A step-by-step guide

A popular way to get Apple products is to finance them with an installment loan. Here you can “calculate the financing in just a few steps” and thus have the flexibility to afford the device you want. With this option you can pay off the entire amount in monthly installments, which is particularly practical if you cannot or do not want to pay the full price immediately.

The most important thing is to pay attention to the conditions. Look for low interest offers and make sure there are no hidden fees. It is advisable to calculate the total cost of the loan in advance to understand how much you will actually pay in the end. Compare different lenders, as the conditions can vary greatly. Online loan calculators can help you get an overview of the monthly installments and the effective annual interest rate and you can use them calculate the financing in just a few steps.

You should also assess your financial situation realistically. Make sure that you can easily cover the monthly payments without overburdening yourself financially. Also consider whether you can make a deposit to reduce the amount of the monthly payments.

Many banks and financial service providers offer special loans for the purchase of electronics and high-tech products. These are often tailored to the needs of technology lovers and sometimes even offer special conditions for products from certain brands such as Apple. It is therefore worth looking for such specialized offers when looking for a loan.

If you are interested in the large Pro Max models of the iPhone, you usually have to expect prices over 1000 euros (Photo: Omid Armin/Unsplash).
If you are interested in the large Pro Max models of the iPhone, you usually have to expect prices over 1000 euros (Photo: Omid Armin/Unsplash).

Rent instead of buying: Apple products via Grover

An innovative option is to rent Apple products through platforms like Grover. Here you can rent devices for a certain period of time and decide later whether you want to buy them. A flexible and often cheaper alternative to direct purchase.

For example, I once Rented the Apple AirPods Max there, so I can hear if they are really worth the price. I paid less than 50 euros for the test and was sure that they were my new favorite headphones.

Grover is ideal for anyone who enjoys using the latest technology but doesn't necessarily need to own the latest model. For example, if you just want to try out the latest iPhone for a few months, you can rent it through Grover and return it when the rental period is up. This gives you the opportunity to always stay up-to-date without incurring high acquisition costs.

Another advantage of renting is the flexibility in contract design. You can choose how long you want to keep the device and adjust the rental period accordingly. This is particularly useful if you only need a device for a specific period of time, such as a project or trip.

Renting also eliminates the need to worry about resale value. When you purchase devices, you have to think about how much you will get back when you sell them later. There is no such stress when renting - you simply return the device as soon as you no longer need it.

When renting through platforms like Grover, it's also important to check the terms and conditions carefully. Be aware of possible fees for delays, damage or loss of the device. It is advisable to find out about insurance options in advance in order to be protected against unforeseen events.

Grover has a lot of interesting discounts this week and of course the 1 month free code BF100. If you ever wanted to rent something, now is the right time.
Interesting discounts are often available at Grover. If you want to rent something instead of buying it outright, Grover is a good option.

Save smartly with refurbished devices from Apple

Refurbished devices from Apple are an excellent way to save money. These refurbished products are tested and certified by Apple, often offer the same warranty as new devices and are significantly cheaper.

“Refurbished” refers to products that have been returned and then carefully refurbished, tested and certified by Apple. These devices may have been returned for a variety of reasons, such as cosmetic defects, technical defects, or simply because they were not wanted by the original purchaser. However, after refurbishment they are in a condition that is almost comparable to new devices.

A major advantage of refurbished devices is the price. You can purchase high-quality Apple products at significantly lower prices than new models, which is particularly attractive if you're on a budget. This price reduction allows you to gain access to advanced technology without overcharging your account.

Additionally, purchasing refurbished appliances is also an environmentally friendly decision. By recycling and reselling products, Apple helps reduce e-waste and optimize resource use. So you're not only doing your wallet a favor, but also the environment.

When you buy refurbished products directly from Apple, you can also rely on the quality. Apple ensures that these devices meet high standards and typically offers a warranty equivalent to that of new products. This gives you additional security and confidence in the product you are purchasing.

Apple's refurbished shop is a good place to go if you're looking for a cheap, last-generation MacBook (Photo: Iewek Gnos/Unsplash).
Apple's refurbished shop is a good place to go if you're looking for a cheap, last-generation MacBook (Photo: Iewek Gnos/Unsplash).

Used equipment from dealers: An alternative?

Buying used Apple devices from reputable dealers can also be a money-saving option. However, make sure you buy from trusted sources to avoid scams and disappointments.

This option is particularly interesting for those of you who are looking for Apple products at a cheaper price, but at the same time value a certain level of security when purchasing. Reputable dealers often offer used devices that they have previously checked and, if necessary, repaired. These devices can come from leasing contracts, trade-ins or even remaining items.

An important aspect when buying used devices is the warranty. While private sellers offer no or only limited guarantees, reputable dealers often have their own guarantee conditions that offer you additional security. Before you buy, find out about the warranty conditions and check to what extent the dealer is responsible for defects.

Another advantage of purchasing through a dealer is the ability to inspect and test the device before purchase. This way you can be sure that the device meets your expectations and has no obvious defects. In addition, many retailers have a return policy that allows you to return the device within a certain period of time if it does not meet your expectations.

When buying used devices, you should also pay attention to the technical specifications. Make sure the device has the performance and features you need. Sometimes older models are no longer compatible with the latest software updates, which can limit their functionality.

A used iMac is not difficult to find on classifieds markets, but there is always the risk of running into scammers (Photo: PolaroMagnet /Unsplash).
A used iMac is not difficult to find on classifieds markets, but there is always the risk of running into scammers (Photo: PolaroMagnet /Unsplash).

Risks when buying from private sellers

Although it can be tempting to buy Apple products from private sellers, doing so often involves risks. Fraudsters are often active in such markets. Our advice: Avoid buying privately unless you are absolutely sure.

Purchasing Apple products through classified advertising markets or from private sellers can seem temptingly cheap, but there are a few pitfalls. Scammers use various tricks to deceive unsuspecting buyers. Here are some common scam methods:

  • Fake products: Imitations are sold as genuine Apple products. These fakes can look deceptively real at first glance.
  • Defective or damaged devices: Sellers deliberately conceal defects or defects in the device. Sometimes the device works during a quick check but later shows problems.
  • Fraudulent payment methods: Some sellers require advance payments or use unsafe payment methods where the money is gone without the goods being delivered.
  • Shipping fraud: The seller claims to have shipped the device, but it never arrives. Fake shipping receipts are often used to feign credibility.
  • Stolen devices: There is a risk of unknowingly purchasing a stolen device, which can have legal consequences.
  • Fake ads: Sometimes ads are placed for non-existent products to trap buyers.

To protect yourself from such scams, we recommend taking the following precautions:

  • Meeting in public places: If possible, meet the seller in person in a public place to inspect the device.
  • Serial number verification: Checks the device's serial number on Apple's website to ensure it is legitimate and has no locks.
  • Avoiding advance payments: Be especially wary of sellers who require upfront payments and use secure payment methods.
  • Documentation of purchase: Get a receipt and document the purchase and all communications with the seller.
  • Pay attention to gut feeling: If an offer sounds too good to be true, it often is. Trust your instincts and be skeptical of unrealistically low prices.

Overall, buying Apple products from private sellers should be treated with caution. It is often safer and less stressful to use tested alternatives such as certified refurbished products or reputable dealers.

Apple's payment plans and financing offers

Apple itself also offers financing options. Visit the Apple website to learn about payment plans and financing offers specifically tailored to Apple products.

The financing options offered by Apple are often a convenient solution to purchase the latest devices without having to pay the full amount right away. These payment plans are typically designed to spread the cost over several months or even years, making them an attractive option for many buyers.

One of the main advantages of Apple financing is that you buy directly from the manufacturer, which brings a certain level of security and trustworthiness. Additionally, financing plans are often interest-free or offer very low interest rates, making them attractive compared to traditional loan options.

Another plus point is the flexibility of the payment plans. Apple offers different terms that you can choose depending on your financial situation and needs. For example, you can decide whether you want to pay off the device in 12, 24 or 36 months. This flexibility allows you to better plan and control your monthly expenses.

An Apple Store is probably the best place to go if you want good advice and low risk (Photo: Chris Nagahama /Unsplash).
An Apple Store is probably the best place to go if you want good advice and low risk (Photo: Chris Nagahama /Unsplash).

Summary and Conclusion

Let's be honest: Apple products are awesome, but they're not exactly cheap. Luckily, there are some clever ways you can still get your dream device without spending a fortune. Whether you choose an installment loan, which offers you flexible and manageable financing, or you opt for the modern version of renting - for example through Grover - there are suitable solutions for every budget.

If you want to lower the price even further, how about a refurbished device directly from Apple? These are like new, but significantly cheaper. Or you can look for used devices at trustworthy dealers. A bit of caution is required here, but you can often find real bargains. However, I would advise you to stay away from private sales - there is too great a risk that you will end up with a fraudster.

And don't forget, Apple itself also offers financing plans that are often quite attractive. So take a look around, compare and find the way that best suits you and your budget. In the end, it's like this: A little clever planning and you can enjoy your Apple product without having to take on financial strain. No matter which option you choose, be well informed and choose wisely - then nothing will stand in the way of Apple happiness!

FAQs about financing Apple products

Is it safe to buy used Apple products?

Used Apple products can be safe when purchased from trusted dealers with good reviews. It is important to check the product thoroughly before purchasing to ensure there are no hidden defects.

What are the benefits of refurbished Apple devices?

Refurbished Apple devices are often significantly cheaper than new models and undergo strict testing procedures to ensure quality. They also usually offer a guarantee, which provides additional peace of mind for buyers.

What should you consider when financing with an installment loan?

When financing with an installment loan, you should pay attention to the amount of interest, the term of the loan and any additional costs. It is also advisable to set the monthly rate in relation to your own budget in order to avoid financial overload.

Can Apple products also be rented?

Yes, it is possible to rent Apple products through platforms like Grover, which offer flexible rental terms for different periods. This makes it possible to use the latest devices without making a long-term financial commitment.

Are there special financing offers from Apple itself?

Apple offers its own financing plans, which often come with benefits such as low interest rates or interest-free periods. These offers are specifically tailored to the needs of Apple customers and can be taken advantage of directly via the Apple website or in Apple Stores.

How can I avoid fraud when buying from private sellers?

To avoid fraud when purchasing from private sellers, you should check the device in person and ideally carry out the transaction in a public place. Also, use secure payment methods and be wary of offers that seem too good to be true.

We hope this article helped you get an overview of the different options for financing Apple products. Don't be discouraged if the budget is tight - there is always a way to get your dream device.

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