NordVPN Back to School Offer: 2 years effective from €2,88/month

If you're currently looking for a versatile VPN for your computer, smartphone, smart TV, console, and more, NordVPN's new Back to School offering could help. Various packages are still available for a short time with a discount of up to 69% and four months free of charge. This results in effective monthly prices of only EUR 2,88 to EUR 4,81. Depending on the package, the password manager "NordPass" and the cloud storage "NordLocker" are included in addition to the VPN solutions with over 5.500 servers in more than 60 countries. Below you will find all the details.

You are currently benefiting from the NordVPN "Back to School" deal - 2 years + 4 free months from effectively only €2,88 / month. Details, functions and prices can be viewed in detail here.
You are currently benefiting from the NordVPN "Back to School" deal - 2 years + 4 free months from effectively only €2,88 / month. Details, features and prices you can find here.

NordVPN - Anonymous, no geoblocks and safer surfing

The main feature of a VPN is disguising one's IP address by connecting to a remote server. This prevents online services from being able to identify your actual location. The advantage: You can use web content that is not available at this location, for example when you are on vacation and want to watch streaming offers that are only available in Germany.

In addition to the advantages of the virtual location, the encryption of the IP can be used for anonymous surfing. Furthermore, NordVPN protects you from cyber threats, trackers, malicious websites and downloads equipped with malware.

New features at NordVPN

In addition to the often already known functions of a VPN service, new features are currently being added to NordVPN. In this way, secure connections to individual devices can be established using "MeshNet". Similar to the use of VPN servers for using the web, direct point-to-point connections to other devices can be implemented more securely here.

Another new feature of NordVPN is the "dedicated IP address", i.e. a static IP that e.g. B. when accessing business servers or university and school servers has a higher reputation than constantly changing IP addresses shared with other users. This leads to fewer exclusions, security questions or even blocked accounts.

For a limited time: Big discount and up to 4 months free

NordVPN's latest Back to School deal gives you your choice of the standard 2-year plan, the Plus plan, or the Complete plan at a lower price. All three plans come with four months free of charge, which makes the effective monthly prices particularly attractive. For a better overview, you will find the total costs for the first two years below:

  • Standard package – 4 months free of charge, resulting in costs of effectively only 2,88 euros per month (a total discount of 63%), 80,73 € plus VAT are charged for the first two years
  • Plus package – 4 months free, effectively resulting in costs of only EUR 3,65 per month (a total discount of 63%), includes the additional password manager NordPass, EUR 102,33 plus VAT will be charged for the first two years
  • Complete package – 4 months free, resulting in costs of effectively only 4,81 euros per month (69% discount in total), includes NordPass and the encrypted cloud storage NordLocker, you will be charged 134,73 € plus VAT for the first two years

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One license is valid for six different devices

No matter which package you choose, you can use each license on up to six different devices. NordVPN applications are available for macOS on Apple Mac, for Windows and Linux on PC, for iOS on iPhone, iPadOS on iPad, Android on various devices, as an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Edge, for Android TV and some other systems, apps and devices.

Behind the offer are ten years of experience in the field of virtual private networks and 14 million customers to date. In addition to 24/7 support in German, there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee in case of problems.

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