O2 campaign: iPhone 15 Pro + Watch Ultra 2 included in the contract (sponsor)


I receive offers for mobile phone contracts every day and 95% end up in the email trash because they don't manage to arouse my interest. However, there is currently a deal at O2 that could be interesting for people who wanted to buy an iPhone 15 Pro and an Apple Watch Ultra 2 anyway. I'll give you the details here in bullet points:

  • Apple iPhone 15 Pro Titan Blue (128 GB) for €1 additional payment
  • plus Apple Watch Ultra 2 (with Ocean strap in blue)
  • plus o2 Mobile M Boost (50 GB+ with 300 Mbit/s) for 103,99 € monthly
  • watch here on O2
The obligatory euro additional payment, a high monthly contract payment and the bottom line is that the deal is still worth it if you wanted to buy the devices and had to look for a separate contract.
The obligatory euro additional payment, a high monthly contract payment and the bottom line is that the deal is still worth it if you wanted to buy the devices and had to look for a separate contract.

The is-the-deal calculation

If you now want to calculate whether the deal is “worth it”, then here is the appropriate calculation:

  • Tariff costs over 24 months: 2.495,76 € (no connection price)
  • Hardware costs (one-time): € 5,99 (including € 4,99 shipping costs)
  • Total costs over 24 months: € 2.501,75
  • Calculated price per month: € 104,24 per month
  • Effective price for the mobile phone contract (including €1.177,26 idealo price for the smartphone and €861,98 for the watch): €19,27 per month

Of course, the offer is only exciting if you want to buy the two Apple products anyway. And unfortunately it comes with the restriction that both the iPhone and the Watch band are only available in the color blue.

This is how you get the O2 deal

If the matter is interesting for you, you will find the promotion here at O2.

This is how you proceed if you want to book the contract with the watch and the iPhone

  1. Order the iPhone 15 Pro (128 GB, “Titanium Blue”) from O2.
  2. Then you will receive the bundle consisting of your smartphone and smartwatch by post.
  3. Done, that’s it… ;-)

Important to note: The offer is only valid while stocks last.

Information about the tariff “O2 Mobile M Boost with 50 GB+ at a glance”

  • 50 GB high-speed data volume (max. 300 MBit/s)
  • In the German O2 Mobile network with up to 300 MBit/s in download and up to 50 MBit/s in upload (on average: in the 5G network 221,7 MBit/s in download and 35,3 MBit/s in upload; in 4G/LTE Network 69,3 MBit/s in download and 28,4 MBit/s in upload.
  • 5G is already available at selected locations and will be expanded gradually. More information about network expansion and the respective locally available mobile communications technology can be found at: www.o2.de/netz. A 5G-capable device is required for 5G use.
  • Telephone calls: €0,00 (Allnet-Flat): Free calls to all German networks and mobile networks
  • SMS: €0,00 (Allnet-Flat): Send SMS for free to all German mobile networks.
  • MMS: €0,39 per MMS to all German mobile networks

EU roaming

Other EU countries (world zone 1)

  • You can also surf in other EU countries with the data volume included in your tariff*
  • You can make calls and text messages in other EU countries and from there to Germany at no additional cost
  • You don't pay any roaming charges for incoming calls within the EU

Switzerland (as well as in Andorra, Gibraltar, Isle of Man)

  •  Data usage: 300 MB/day for €2,99 (only when used on the respective calendar day)
  • Incoming calls: €0,26/min
  • Outgoing calls: €0,54/min
  •  SMS/MMS: €0,39/€0,69

* Additional notes and footnotes
The tariff services (calls, SMS, data) can also be used in world zone 1 (EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein). If the services are used excessively in World Zone 1, surcharges will be levied in accordance with the EU Fair Use Policy. For information on this see here.

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