Oculus Quest VR - rent and test stand-alone VR glasses

At the technology rental company Grover you can Oculus Quest VR rent to experience virtual reality without the hassle of cables or cameras. Whether games or other programs in VR, the device has 128 GB of memory that you can fill with your favorite titles. The monthly rental price is manageable and a good alternative to buying. Because maybe during the test period you will find out that virtual reality is not for you after all - then returning it to Grover is much easier than if you want to exchange the device or resell it. To rent and test the Oculus Quest VR, have a look here: Go to the offer page.

Oculus Quest VR - Do you want to rent and test the stand-alone VR glasses cheaply in order to get to know virtual reality without obligation? You can do that with Grover.
Oculus Quest VR - Do you want to rent and test the stand-alone VR glasses cheaply in order to get to know virtual reality without obligation? You can do that with Grover.

Rent Oculus Quest VR and put it to the test

If you want to get a taste of the VR world cheaply, you should take a look at Grover's offerings. Depending on the rental period, the headset with two controllers is available from € 39,90 per month. If you look at the new price of the set of € 549,00 in comparison, it is extremely cheap. On the product page you will not only find the prices for the different rental periods, but also other Oculus devices and an FAQ about technology rental. Questions that are answered there are, for example:

  • In what condition are the products?
  • When does the rental start and end?
  • What if my device is damaged during the rental period?
  • Do I have to worry about signs of use?
  • What if I want to keep my rented device forever?

Renting various technology at Grover just keeps getting better

I once looked at various reviews of Grover (Website of the provider) watched. Some from 2018 and 2019 were quite critical, but some were provided with the latest updates. These state that the service was improved in 2019 and 2020, the reimbursement of costs for defective devices is more comprehensive and that otherwise strong work has been done on the offer. However, the experience reports also state that - depending on the device and its age - you have to deal with signs of use. Since you put the VR glasses on your face, I would a silicone coating Recommend as protection. Of course, this is not necessary if you rent a MacBook, a PlayStation, an iPad or the like - Grover has that too.

Eyglo Silicone VR Cover for Oculus Quest VR Headset Sweatproof Waterproof Replacement Face Pads
  • It was specially developed for the Oculus Quest VR headset and is made of high quality silicone material. Silicone is ...
  • The mask recess is specially designed so that your glass frame can move freely without being pressed. Can...
  • The silicone mask replacement is easy to attach and remove to match your face.

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2 comments on “Oculus Quest VR – rent and test stand-alone VR glasses”

  1. You only pay 39 if you book directly for a whole year, otherwise 89 is due for a month. With 12 months a 39, - you then pay a total of 468, - ... and with 14 months rent you pay 546, - ... and suddenly the purchase price of 549, - looks really nice next to it ...

    1. Hello Enc! Yes, renting a year really does seem a little pointless. But so far I've only used Grover for rentals up to 3 months. And the rental price is still reasonably ok compared to the purchase price. Especially when I want to write about some kind of technical device and can't buy it, Grover is an interesting opportunity for me to get material for test reports.

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