On sale: Artillery Sidewinder X2 3D printer for $249 instead of $299 (sponsor)

In the shop of the manufacturer Artillery you can currently get the 3D printer Sidewinder X2 in a bargain offer. The price is currently $299. You can also save $50 if you use the discount code when purchasing ABCD50 used. So you only pay $249 and get a 3D printer with 30 x 30 x 40 cm working area, touch display and a spool with 1 kg filament (random color and separate shipping). If you're in a hurry, you can grab it right here: Website with the savings offer.

Learn about the Artillery Sidewinder X2 3D printer

The Artillery Sidewinder X2 works quietly and brings a few interesting technical innovations. One of them is the synchronized double guide for the movement of the print head on the Z-axis. This makes the print more fluid and the structure of the workpiece more attractive. Furthermore, this 3D printer automatically detects when the filament is running low. A beep indicates this and ensures that the print is continued in a timely manner. In addition, the current progress is saved in the event of a lack of material as well as in the event of a power failure or disconnection. Started print jobs therefore do not have to be aborted. You can simply continue after the problem has been resolved. 

Incidentally, the base on which the print is made does not have to be compensated for manually. It is automatically raised and aligned. It can also be heated to make it easier to start printing and remove the print at the end. An ideal temperature of 110°C is reached within two minutes. The Artillery Sidewinder X2 3D printer also offers easy and fast operation. From inserting the filament to using the touch display, many steps are self-explanatory. All the necessary tools and aids for assembly and operation are also included in the scope of delivery - including a roll of 1 kg PLA filament. More information and the discount deal: here!

Many advantages of the Artillery Sidewinder X2

In addition to the footprint of 30 x 30 cm and the working height of 40 cm for large 3D projects, the Artillery Sidewinder X2 offers even more advantages that make use comfortable and precise. This includes the extruder Titan, whose design with Vulcano nozzle and 0,4mm outlet offers faster printing, easier refilling and more precise handling of soft printing material. The automatic alignment of the printing surface also facilitates precise printing without manual adjustment. This automatic technology was developed by Artillery itself under the name “Matrix Automatic Bed Leveling”.

If the 3D printer is in the same room as you, then of course it should not interfere with the printing process. And the Artillery Sidewinder X2 3D printer offers a solution for this as well. In fact, its design and technology allow for silent 3D printing of 55 decibels or less (depending on the project). But that doesn't mean he's slow. In addition to the fast printing, there is also a fast heating of the printing plate. The print head is also up to operating temperature within a short time. For safety, there is overvoltage and overheating protection. Short-circuit protection is also one of the safety functions of the device.

As briefly mentioned above, a double and parallel running construction is used for the precise movement on the Z-axis. The double lead screw and the synchronizing drive belt ensure the same performance on both sides. This coupling technology, which is exclusive to the Artillery Sidewinder X2, ensures that the 3D printing is finer and has a higher overall quality. The well thought-out and light cable management also ensures more stability and balanced pressure. This enables stable and fast printing at 100mm/s; the maximum speed for urgent projects is 150mm/s. 

A few technical details about the device

Artillery's Sidewinder X3 2D printer comes 95% assembled. So it takes very little effort to get it up and running. According to the manufacturer, the simple installation steps should only take three minutes. If there are any problems or questions, you can contact Artillery professionals directly, who will reply within 48 hours. However, the operation should be very intuitive and simple - for example through the integrated touch display with the easy-to-understand operating system. In addition to an SD card, a USB stick or the USB connection to the computer can also be used for data exchange.

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